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Taarey os: Tere Nakhre

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Taarey os: Tere Nakhre…



Scene: Taani in her room.


Taani: Why is it just so difficult to forget you?

 Just  so difficult to accept the fact that you don't love me anymore?


Every day I make a resolution , not to think about you, but as soon as I am alone or idle, the resolution breaks, I yet feel that you love me Rey, I can just pray that it is true, even after you hurt me so much I love you , I don't why ???


I am not supposed to ponder so much over you.


Voice: Good you realized.




Nikita: ahhh, sorry babes your wrong….

Its Nikita , The Great!!!!!!


*Taani hugs her*


Taani:*breaking the hug* You know I am so happy to see you here…


Nikita: Ok , par mujhe thoda awkward feel ho raha hai..


Taani: Kyu???


Nikita: What kyu?? Why are you so formal ?*imitating Taani* Happy seeing you n all…

 All ladylike stuff yaar, chal koi nai, come here I know that brat Rey , usne tujhe bahut bigaada hai…

Woh abhi bahut pachtaega, you see…*making revenge waala expression*


Taani:Chod na, but wait a minute, Tu aayi kaha se?? I mean darwaza to open nahi hai and…..


Nikita: Haan female Einstein, bahut jaldi bulb jala tera, chal let me see, wheter Shivam is right about you or no, dekhte hai, tum kitni intelligent ho, ccause according to him, you are very smart.


Taani: Nikita, haan Shivam se yaad aaya, where is he?


Nikita: don't change the topic, actually usko koi aur kaam tha, he will come after some time.

Ok, now guess where did I come from.*looking at her continuously*


Taani: *under her breath* wahi toh nahi kar paa rahi hun…


Nikita: *grinning * Kuch kaaha???


Taani: *thinking*nahi, *then looking around the room* WINDOW!!!

Tu window se aayi!!!!!!*shocked but happy*


Nikita : haan mai Window se ayyi…*proud of myself expression*


Taani: Kyu?? Yaar phone kar deti koi darwaaza nahi khol raaha tha toh..


Nikita: Nothing like that , voh actually mujhe window se entry maarne ki practice karni thi and waise bhi, ye Shivam ki girlfriend hone ka side effect hai

Both laugh



Scene shift.


Scene: Rey's house


(Rey and Sharon are in Rey's room)


Rey: Sharon, I think I should reveal the truth to Taani, my plan has worked and now I am tired , I really want to go and talk to her.

Sharon: I think you are right Rey, you can tell her what was the actual reason for the break-up.


Rey:*a wide smile on his face* You serious Sharon, Ok I will go now only and tell her , yippee!!!

Taani, here I come…


Sharon: Rey, not now, tomorrow in the morning, look at the time it is 10 o'clock.


Rey: it is just 10 o' clock, its ok I am going.


Sharon: No Rey, she might be sleeping.


( Rey was about to answer when he heard a knock )


Sharon: Where did the sound come from??


*knock knock*


Rey: From the window, wait a minute* looking around the room*


Sharon: Kya hua??


Rey: This is my room , not yours fir mere room ke khidki se kaun aa raha hai??


Sharon:*to herself* Shayad Swayam hoge, I had told him I will leave in 5 min, maybe he could not wait, oh cutieee

Rey: par uska enterance to my house is through the door, but yet


Sharon: *shocked* haan….

Rey: chill I can understand, do the honours ,now go open the window…


Sharon: *blushing* Ok…

Sharon goes to open the window, as soon as she does it


Person: Hey !!!

Sharon: Arrrggghhh………………*screaming loudly*

Rey, Rey , Swayam Swayam mujhe bachao….


Rey runs towards the window..


Rey: Sharon, kya hua * looks at the window**shocked * Tum???????

Person: Umm…. mind pulling me in, its cold out here you see…..*smiling*

Rey: Umm yeah………*still confused*

Rey pulls the person in.

The person sits on Rey's bed and Rey and Sharon follow.

Rey: Par Shivam, tu window se kyu aaya tujhe pata hai har ghar mai door naam ki cheez hoti hai…


Shivam: Yaar aadat se majboor, hehe ,chal forget that, Swayam ne mujhe tum logo ke plan bare mai baataya.


Sharey: What?????????When??


Shivam: abhi niche, and haan Sharon, bichaara kabse tumhara wait kar raaha hai, go fast.


Sharon: Ok , Rey, Shivam will help you, I gotta go, bye, bye Rey bye Shivam..


Shivam and Rey: Bye…


Rey: haan Shivam since you know the plan I just want Taani back mera plan successful  tha and now I really want her back.


Shivam: You sure??


Rey: haaan.


Shivam : ok chal Uske room mai.


Rey: ok ,Chal  .



Scene shifts to Taani's room:

Nikita and Taani were having a pillow fight.


Taani: Niki, mai paani laati hun.


Nikita: Ok….


Taani enters the room with water .


There is a knock on her window.


Taani and Nikita : Shivam…


They open the window and Shivam enters.


Taani is in front of Shivam and is drinking water when Rey enters through the window, and Taani sees this, she is shocked and she spits the water out which falls on shivam who is in his NIKITA world.


Shivam: Yuck…..Taani, what is this??? Mai aaj nahake nahi  aaya doesn't mean, tere room ko ashud *impure* karunga , yeh fountain ki jarurat nahi thi…


Taani: Sorry Shivam.


Nikita is giggling.


Nikita: Taani that was the best fountain I have ever seen* still giggling*


Shivam : Haan haso haso, chal now pass me the napkin.


Nikita: Here.


Taani: Par Shivam..


Shivam: apologies accepted maam.


Taani: No , not …


Nikita: arre Taani chill, kuch nahi hota..


Taani: But guys ..


Shivam: Chal chod de usse, its ok…..



Taani:* screaming* ARRE NOT THAT, WHAT IS THAT????


Pointing towards the window.


Shikita: Your window.


Taani: * gritting her teeth* yeah my geniuses , I know that, but who is over there??*glaring at Shivam*

* Shivam moves uncomfortably in his seat*



Nikita; Let me see.


Shivam:* to himself* Ye impatient personality, wait nahi kar sakta tha kya, Nikita will surely kill him now.


Nikita:* looking from the window* Rey!!! Tum yaha …


Rey; umm Hi Nikita, he put his hand on the window sill and tried to climb in, but Nikta was hitting him on his hands


Nikita: Get lost Rey, don't you enter Taani's room,* hitting harder* Gooo!!!


Shivam: *pulling Nikita away from the window* Babes chill, I have called him here.


Nikita: * angrily * Why???

Taani is hell shocked when she sees Rey, as he enters he room, till then Shivam explains everything to Nikita.


Nikita: Ok, but yet I don't like him.


Shivam: Its ok babes, now come on help him.


Nikita: Sorry, I wont help him, but I wont disturb him also when he is wooing her ok, Its just that I don't like him, so….


Shivam: Ok babes, but I am helping him.


Nikita : Ok.


Our dear Taarey are lost in an eyelock, they are disturbed by Shivam.


Shivam: taani, I know you are upset with Rey, but just listen to him once.


Taani; no Shivam I can't do that.


Rey: taani, plz just once..


Nikita: Tanni, haan Taani plz, ek baar.Please meri baat toh manegi…* pouting and making puppy faces*


Taani: thike, * looking at Rey with a stern expression*jo bolna hai, make it short.


Rey explains everything to Taani.


Rey:Taani, I have always loved you , and forever will.

I love you Taani.


Taani, her face was expressionless, she didn't understand wheter she should be happy or sad, she was happy inside that her prince Charming cared So much for her, but then, she was  hurt too, how could she just let him go off, he had to get a punishment for hurting her, so she decided that she would make him woo her, she wont forgive him easily, well she had forgiven him mentally but, he didn't know that.


Taani:* after thinking for long*Ok , I realized my mistake and got my punishment, but Mr.Reyaansh singhaniya, even you ought to get your punishment for not trusting me.


Saying this Taani leaves the room.


Rey: What did she mean??


Shikita: WOO HER!!!!!!!!!


Rey: what??


Shivam: matlab usko sorry bol.


Rey: but maine bol diya..


Nikita: waise nahi, thoda acche se, you know naach gaana and all…. Thoda

filmy style I mean tu hero , woh heroine….


Rey: Ok, waise thike,it is easy for Reyaansh Singhaniya , so miss Taani, aap ka challenge manjoor, ab dekna tum kaise mere paas aati ho *winks*


Taani was in the hall watching TV


Rey: Guys get ready to see my magic and Charm …

Nikita says "whatever"


Rey starts singing.


Koi hasina jab rooth jaati hai toh…


Taani lifts her head ,looks  at all three of them, with a questioning and shocked, disapproving expression…


Aur bhi haseeen ho jaati hai.


Taani turns to the other side.*gosh*


Nikita: Rey shutup….


Rey tries to sing but shikita cover his mouth.


Taani looks at them with an expression that- wont – help-and-it-was-horrible


Shivam: *removing his hand* *sarcastic*Rey, tujhe aur thoda puraana gaana nahi mila, is this  your charm??


Rey: no yaar, actually woh I thought she will like it  ??


Nikita: Urggghhh, Shivam ab pata chala why I don't like him…

Shivam: seriously  dude, common some other song, otherwise I will have to change my opinion of you..


Nikita: Shivam, you are yet helping him, he is so dumb, dumbo, koi accha romantic gaana ga, jisse who impress ho jaye…


Rey*putting his hands up, adjusting his sleeves and getting prepared* ok, now I will pass.


He goes near Taani.


Taani walks away and tries to go to the kitchen , but


Rey *singing*

Rukh Rukh Rukh

Arre baba rukh

O my darling give me a look

Dil mera dhadke tere liye

Gussa tera wallah wallah

Nakhre tere

Uff Uff Ufff


Nikita: * hitting her forehead* Ufff, situation kya hai , gaa kya raaha hai ye gadha….


Shivam: *acts as if fainting* iska mai kya karun , kya karun * sighs*???


Nikita: As of now, get him out of Taani's sight and here…go* full on commanding expression*


Taani here was just staring at Rey


Taani: Seroiusly Rey????* turns and shakes her head like 'inka kuch nahi ho sakta' *


Shivam pulls Rey before he starts again.


Rey: Rukh Rukh Rukh….


Shivam: *folding hands* Please Rey , not this song please..


Rey: I am not singing mai tujhe bol raaha tha rukhne ke liye…


Shivam : haan to you say wait na…


Rey: arre but……ok sorry…


Nikita: I give up, I cant help you Rey I am sorry…


Shivam: Nikita , yaar waise gaana bura nahi tha , he could continue…


Nikita:*angrily*Shivam, you are mad, who gaana bakwaas tha, urghhh

I am losing my temper, jaane do, guys I cant help you so I am sorry, bye!!!!


Shivam: Nikita, listen , sun toh….


Shivam: Dekh tere affair ko bachaane ke chakkar mai , maine apniwaali ko kho diya….


Rey: *shocked* Tu nikita se pyaar karta hai???????*wide eyes*

Uss volcano se????????


Shivam: *blushing * haan, *suddenly getting angry*but you dare call her volcano, she is sweet and smart, unlike you…


Rey: Ok chal sorry, ab hum dono ek dusre ki help karte hai to get our girls , ok…


Shivam: But no gadbad ok…


Rey: yeah no gadbad * smiling nervously*



Taani and Nikita were in the hall , sitting on the sofa and trying to watch tv…




Dhishkiyaon Doom Doom

Dhichkyaaon Doom Doom


Taani and Nikita look around for the source of the sound , but find no one



Dhishkiyaon Doom Doom

Dhichkyaaon Doom Doom


Rey and Shivam enter from Taani's room, both look at their respective girls.



 Haan Dekha Tujhe To Tasalli Hui

Chal Aakhir Maa Ko Bahu Mil Gayi



* Rey and Shivam are kneeling before Taani and Nikita respectively*

Rey(to Taani) and Shivam (to Nikita):

Haan Dekha Tujhe To Tasalli Hui

Chal Aakhir Maa Ko Bahu Mil Gayi




Haan Baat Yeh Teri Acchi Lagi

*looking at Shivam* Kya Hai Tera Bhai Koi


Rey:*pulling her towards him*

Saathiya  Leja Mera Dil Tu



Nikita: (to Rey)

Pehle Ban Ja Issske Kaabil Tu


*Shivam , Taani and Rey stare at her*

Nikita: What??????? Maine sahi hi toh kaaha ki Rey Taani ke kaabil nahi hai..


Taani: Who mere kaabil hai nikki..


Rey: *happy* Really ???????


Taani: No , I mean yes, No..urgghh Start again and this time Nikita don't interrupt. * giving her a glare*


Shivam(to Nikta) :


Haan Dekha Tujhe To Tasalli Hui

Chal Aakhir Maa Ko Bahu Mil Gayi


Nikita*smiles and blushes* :


Haan Baat Yeh Teri Acchi Lagi

 Kya Hai Tera Bhai Koi


Shivam and Rey to their respective ladies:


 Saathiya  Leja Mera Dil Tu



Nikita to Rey and Taani to Shivam:


Pehle Ban Ja Issske Kaabil Tu



Rey and Shivam dance ….


Are Jab Tu Bhadkti Hai Dil Pe Chale Goliyan



Hey Dhishkiyaon Doom Doom Doom Doom Doom


Dhishkiyaon Doom Doom Doom Doom Doom Doom

Main Aur Tum Tum

Dhishkiyaon Doom Doom





Are Thode Hum Seethe Saade Hain*straightening his collar*

Are Thode Chichore Hain Hum *adjusting hair*




Ittni Baate Kyun Karte Ho

Are Hoti Nhi Hai Hazam * acting as if puking*




Kya Karun Acchi Tu Lagti Hai *smiles*



 *thinking* Baat Yeh Jhuti Kyun Kagti Hai * raising eyebrows as if questioning him*





Are Jab Tu Bhadkti Hai Dil Pe Chale Goliyan Haaye

Hey Dhishkiyaon Doom Doom

Doom Doom Doom Doom

Dhishkiyaon Doom Doom

Doom Doom Doom Doom

Main Aur Tum Tum


Shivam(to Nikita , who was not ready to listen to him ) :


Are Tu Jo

Mujhko Dil Na De

Hai Doosri Ka Pataa


Nikita:* shocked*


Hai Kaun Kaisi Wo Dikhti Hai

Haan Sachi Sachi Tu Bata * glaring*


Shivam:*looking at Taani*


Aata Hu Ankhiyan Ladake Main



Nikita:*sarcastic smile then action*


Nooch Lungi Teri Ankhiyan Main *again sarcastic smile*




Shivam and Rey:


Are Jab Tu Bhadkti Hai Dil Pe Chale Goliyan Haaye

Hey Dhishkiyaon Doom Doom

Doom Doom Doom Doom

Dhishkiyaon Doom Doom

Doom Doom Doom Doom

Main Aur Tum Tum



Shivam: Nikita I love you !!!!!!!

Nikita: I love you too……*blushing*

Rey* about to say I LOVE YOU to Taani when*

Taani: *blushing * Rey I love you!!!!

Rey: *super happy* Love you tooo!!!!!!!!! 

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nice and cute

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cute os...Day Dreaming

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Really Cute and Sweet OS !

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super funny!! loved it

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