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Jodha adjusted her dress. She tied up her in a lose ponytail and she was ready to go.Jalal was waiting for her on the car as he had to give her "the good news" Putting on the black shades Jalal looked at Jodha through the reAr view mirror. Jodha opened the door and slid inside the car. As she entered the car, she gave a cute smile to Jalal, which made Jalal's heart skip a beat. Concentrate Jalal, he thought to himself."Jodha, i have something to tell you and I think you will like it."he spoke with a sly grin. Jodha understood his indication and spoke in a soft manner" Jaldi buri khabar de dijiye(Quickly give me the bad news.)

Jalal smirked at Jodha's remark. He sighed deeply and spoke "We are going to our very own Honeymoon to Thailand and that to tonight."Giving out a victorious smile Jalal removed the shades and enjoyed Jodha's change in expressions.

Jodha was blown away with Jalal's last sentence. Honeymoon? That to with him?Why is he taking me there?Is it his new ploy to ruin her?There must be a hidden motive behind this Honeymoon Jodha's chain of thoughts were broken my Jalal "Dont get ur hope high my love.Its just a business conference and we are starting tonight." Jodha raised a brow at him and in an irritated tone "Uggghhh.. Then I can't come to the office today. I have to pack my bag." Jalal with a smirk "Darling then you have to pack my one too as I will be busy in the office." "Why would I pack your stuff? Look mister I don't have time for nonsense." Jalal shrugged his shoulders "Suit yourself. Then enjoy the rest of the day reviewing up a huge pile of files right infront of my eyes." Jodha put a thought to it. It would be better is she stayed back home and packed his suitcase rather then going through all those files and that to right in front of him.

"I'll pack your junk." The door flew open and in no time Jodha was out of the car. Jalal shouted at the top of his face "Dont forget to take my Handkerchieves."with a little smirk he added "Honey.."

Jodha spent the entire day packing "Their" luggage. She mentally cursed Jalal as she packed his luggage. It was almost the time for Jalal to come.Jodha remembered the last thing Jalal had said her. The handkerchieves.Jodha rushed back to the room and pulled open the cupboard and took four handkerchieves.On this process, a photo-album fell from cupboard.

It was a pink album with a white ribbon on it"Memories". "Arey yeh kya hai?"Jodha picked it up and just when she was about to open it, the door bell rang "Ting Tong." Jodha kept the photoalbum back to its place and rushed inside the washroom. "Crap! I'm late! Jallad is definetly going to eat me alive."She heard Jalal entering the room"Jodha.. Aren't you ready yet??"

"I'm almost done. Wait for me downstairs." "Alright. But be quick." Jodha sighed a breathe of relief. But she had to be quick. She quickly changed herself up in a blue shirt with black pants. She quickly stroked her hair and one looked one last time in the mirror and dashed out of the room.

Jalal watched the clock ticking by and there was no sign of Jodha. She appeared in the staircase and rushed downstairs. She almost tripped twice which made Jalal twitch abit. Such a clumsy Girl she is. He glanced at her and noticed how beautiful she was looking. The Royal blue color had totally suited with her. Jodha snapped Jalal out of his thoughts. "Aren't we running late now??" Jalal ignored her and turned to leave. Both of them got inside the car. Jalal kept telling Jodha how important this deal is for him and that they had to get it by any cost. "Ugggh! I get it! I get it! The deal is very important for your company and you don't want anything wrong to happen. How many times will u repeat the same old thing??" Jodha said, now very much annoyed with the on and on deal talk. Jalal said coolly "Until you get it locked inside your brain." Jodha didn't even bother to roll her eyes. The reached the airport and within an hour they had passed the immigration and boarded on the plane. Obviously Jalal and Jodha were traveling on business class. They sits were really comfortable and just when they entered the plane they were served with a glass of juice by a pretty air-hostess who was charmed by Jalal'a handsome face. She gave a cute smile to Jalal.

This wasn't unnoticed by Jodha. Of course she didnt have any feelings for Jalal and especially love. But he was her husband and no woman in the world would want another woman to eye their husband. Jodha glared at the air-hostess giving her the "You better stop what you are doing now" look. The air hostess dragged her eyes away from Jalal, who had noticed this and gave out a cute chuckle at Jodha's antics.

They plane took off. Jalal was busy with his IPad whereas Jodha engrossed herself in an intense lovestory "Dead Love" by Nancy. In the two hours flight both of them ignored each other. Just exchanged a few words and glances at each other.

The flight landed safely and it took about an hour to complete all the procedures and they were finally off for their hotel. It was already 11 pm and Jodha was really tired. The hotel was abit far from the airport. Jodha closed her eyes and soon sleep took over her. Jalal on the other hand was discussing business with his employee on the phone. Suddenly he felt someone's head against his shoulder. Jodha's. "Abhay hold for a minute." Jalal looked at the sleeping beauty who was sleeping comfortably, resting her head on his shoulder. Jalal smiled inwardly. He noticed that a strand of hair had fallen on her eyelids and it was disturbing her nap. Jalal moved the hair from her face. His warm breathe on her delicate soft skin. Jalal moved away and cut the call as it might disturb her. Jodha opened her eyes and moved away from Jalal "Im so sorry.. I didnt mean to rest my head on your shoulder. Ummm.. Sorry.." Jalal smiled at Jodha. She was indeed very pure and innocent. "No need to say sorry. Look we reached the hotel." Their car entered a very luxurious hotel "The Grand President." It looked Royal from the outside but the inside was more beautiful. It had a royal touch to everything. Jodha looked around her surroundings and waited in the waiting room while Jalal checked in a room. Both entered the lift and Jalal swiped the card and pressed level 11. They walked to the room and found their room. The door had a big tag on it "Honeymoon Suite" engraved in italic. Jodha didn't actually mind it as she had figured that this trip is going to be a torture for her.

Jodha changed her dress up and slipped inside the warm blankets and dozed off. Jalal "sleepy head." After watching a little T.V Jalal dozed off beside Jodha. The sun made their way through the Elegant Golden Curtains and fell on Jodha's face . Jodha opened her eyes and yawned. "Ufff! Why is this Jallad beside me???" Jodha threw the blanket away from her and took a quick shower.

By the time Jodha had finished her shower Jalal was up. Both of them got ready and prepared themselves for the busy day full of presentations. At the end of the day Jodha-Jalal had completed all their task. "Jodha you take some rest in the room while I meet up with a friend. One more thing, we have a little party in the Hotel's club tonight. Come down by 9.Alright?" Jodha nodded. Jalal left the room while Jodha took a power nap.

Taking a sip of his drink, Jalal continuously kept looking at the entrance of the club. He kept checking the time on his wristwatch. "Women, I tell you." Jalal heard his friend. "Waiting for your girl huh Jalal?" Jalal smiled at him. Somewhere he was proud that Jodha was HIS girl. "Yeah waiting for my wife. Why do women take so much time dressing themselves up?" His friend gave a chuckle. "Did I say something funny?" "No
Yaar.. Women dress themselves nice to tempt men." "Jodha is different. She is not like those type of girls."

The Club's door flew open and every single living soul had their eyes glued to the beauty who just entered the room. The red cocktail dress suited with her tall slender body. The smokey shadow complimented her hazel Doe like eyes. Her long Jet Black hair left open with rings at their end. The pink gloss made her lips look desirable. She wore a pair of black earrings, with no other jewellery except for her mangalsutra. Jalal's eyes caught sight of the beauty standing by the door. He was lost. Most of the time she looked beautiful and cute, but now she looked hot and very much desirable. Who would not want a wife like her? Just then realization struck his head. The other men I. The club must've been eyeing Jodha.

Jalal went up to Jodha and protectively wrapped his arms around Jodha's waste and said"Come with me my love." Her smell was more divine. Jalal walked Jodha to the sit."This is my Jodha." He introduced Jodha to his friends and they chatted for awhile. Then Jalal with his friends parted from Jodha. She sat on the bar stool asking the bartender for a glass of orange juice. The bartender himself had bad intentions. The moment he saw Jodha entering the Club he wanted her for the night. "Here you go Ma'm. Your orange juice." Jodha took a sip of the juice and it tasted weird. She gulped down the entire glass and asked for one more.. Then one more. Then one... On and on it went...

"Jalal have this." Spoke his friend "Nah man! I don't want to drink now." "Come on Yaar! Don't be such a baby! One! Try one! Just one!" Jalal sighed "ok fine. But just one." Jalal gulped down his drink. But then he went on and on and finished up an entire bottle.

"Leave me you son of a bit**h!" Jodha protested in her drunk state while the bartender tried to force himself on her. "In your dreams." Jodha struggled but the man was too strong for her. The bartender felt a blow right across his face and fainted. "Don't you dare touch my wife!" Jalal in his drunk state tried to control his anger.

"Chalo Jodha!" He held Jodha by her hand and left from the Club.

*In their Suite*

"Jodha can't u stay away from trouble??Why do you always get into a mess?" Jalal spoke. Jodha had a hiccup "aah... Now you are shouting at me! Will u live me too?? Like my parents did?? I'm so lonely In this world." Jodha broke down. LOLJalal wiped her tears "don't cry baby... I was just worried. I will always be with you."

He planted a soft kiss on Jodha's forehead. Jodha hugged Jalal tightly.Desire filled up in both of this body. Jalal broke the hug and slowly drew his face closer to Jodha's. Jodha closed her eyes. Jalal stopped and then kissed Jodha with passion. His kiss was demanding and it had
Revealed all the hidden desires inside Jodha's body. All kind of sensations brushed inside her body, making her crave for more. She kissed back Jalal with enormous amount of passion. Jalal groaned. They were soon out of breathe so they broke apart. Jalal's next kiss target was her neck. He held her up and kissed her. His tongue drawing patterns all over her neck. Jodha's has frisked through Jalal's hair, making it a mess. The shy Jodha was gone by now. Jalal's attention return rd back to her lips. A soft moan escaped her lips. "Jalal" Jalal smiled at Jodha. His eyes filled with lust and love both at the same time. She felt his warm breathe on her skin. "Her breasts ached, her nipples bruised against the cool silk of her dress. She sagged in his arms. He just held her up.Jodha unbuttoned his shirt and threw it away. He went on exploring her lips. She dug nails on his bare back making him go crazy with the desires.His thumb caressed her throat, cupped deliciously over her breast. They were beautifully shaped... fitted perfectly on his palm.He kissed the hollow of her throat, she gasped. His mouth worried at her cleavage.He slowly unzipped her dress, her delicious, well rounded breasts were bra less.His head lowered to taste them. His hands traced a path over her waist, her naked belly, the curve of her hip. Her body arched towards him. In no
time all there clothes were on the ground beside them. Jalal brushed his manhood against her feminity as if to tease her. She wanted him now! Desire was at its peak. She cried out "Jalal." That was when he thrust inside her. Making themselves one. At first Jodha was crying out of pain.. But later she started enjoying it. Both of then were drenched in sweat. After reaching the ultimate peak Jalal collapsed on Jodha. Jodha hugged him, she felt she was Home... Home sweet home..

Jeene laga hoon..
Pehle se zyada..
Pehle se zyada
Tumpe marne laga..

Main, mera dil
Aur tum ho yahan
Phir kyun ho
Palkein jhukayein wahan
Tum sa haseen
Pehle dekha nahin
Tum isse pehle the
Jaane kahan..

Jeene laga hoon..
Pehle se zyada..
Pehle se zyada
Tumpe marne laga..

Precap: Jodha-Jalal wake up and realize ahem ahem...


Hello ladies! Before you kill me for this Chapter I would like to say that I dedicate this Chapter to my cupcake sweetu Bhavi di selvi and Shreya.. They encouraged me.. Mehak my dil u too Heart

Do hit like!

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CryCry Yeh dil mange moreOuchLOL

Thanks for the wonderful update... tani we love you... and i loved it so much when you included nancy book 'Dead Love' it...StarClap

he asked her to pack his bagLOL and she found his albumEmbarrassed kuch toh haiLOL

he was looking at herDay Dreaming haaye and she gave that wifey look to air-hostessLOL awesomeROFLhow cute they are togetherLOL

and then sleeping on his shoulder and how sweet jalal did not mindEmbarrassed he is bewitched by herLOL
and jo also cant deny the fact that she likes him..and cant see someone else drooling over her hubbyWink 

awww how he was waiting for HIS JODHA... His wife.. how he introduced her as HIS JODHAHeart

that waiterAngry good jallu good..

both were drunkTongueLOL

aww she craves for Love and he also heart other than what he thinks Embarrassed made for each otherEmbarrassed

Thanks again SR ke liyeLOL
SR huaROFL badhaiya ji bhadhaiyaaaLOL
lol chotu kyun diaHug par accha tha...Wink it was awesomeBig smile

Please update sooner rather than laters pleaseeeEmbarrassed

aaj hi update karde 

P.S: You were supposed to PM me something ahem ahem ahemLOL jaldi kar

Love you taniHug

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Awesome update, dear.
Loved the SR update.
I hope they remain like this forever. No more fights.

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Res BlushingBlushingBlushing Love you my strawberry HeartHeart

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Omg this was so ahem ahem... but y did u end it so soon Tongue Next time i want a longwala Ahem ahem... pretty please *puppyface*

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precap gosh

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OMg wht a hot SR...
Ufff Ufff Ufff..
Thnkx fo Pm...

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