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Akdha ff: Destiny CH 15 updated (Thread Closed) (Page 109)


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Awesome update

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The heroine in the hero's arm and the hero saving the heroine and the cherry on the top the soothing breeze...Day Dreaming
"Suryanbhan it would be better if we don't hug each other. You see Im already married and its not that Jalal would feel bad, but the thing is that I would not like any other man except Jalal touch me. I hope you understand." ... SUPERB!!!Approve
simple n nice update!!
continue soon!!

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what a cute update but u didnt pm me pls update soon and pm me pls 

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Its was really supeeerb Clap ...just loved it ...plz PM me d nxt update Smile

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very good, but too short

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VowBig smileBig smileBig smile this chapter is about their beginning  realization of their feeling for each other... Softness in Jalal's eye for Jo...awww... She felt warmth in his touchEmbarrassed... and he is thinking ... What is happending to me?Shocked Buddhu aur kya loveLOL... EYE LOCKEmbarrassed...Stupid waiter... galat vakt pe entry kar di... Jodha still has doubt... He took her out for shopping... awww... He is trying to make it up to her... Poor Jallu can't see her sad face... The only thing I want in life is love and happiness which I think I don't have in my fate." she said sadly. Poor Jo... wants love... but so wait...soon it's on his way...Big smile

He tightly grasped her wrist and pulled her towards him "WATCH IT JODHA!" Jalal shouted at the top of his voice. Jodha on the other hand got frightened and dug her face on Jalal's chest,her hands tightly clutching his shirt.A cool breeze blew pass them and the scenary was very filmy. The heroine in the hero's arm and the hero saving the heroine and the cherry on the top the soothing breeze.  ( Vow so U R writingClapClapClap )

My Jalllu bought Ring for JoBig smileBig smileBig smile SR ON HIS WAYEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed... So sweet... Yaar they are coming close... Can't wait for more..

JealousyShockedShockedShocked ...Suryabhan...Thank god there is no misunderstandingBig smile... Jalal bechara jal gayaLOL... I am glad Jo kept distance from him... and also Jalal heard thatClapClapClap...  Then Jalal hold her like his possession and invite him for dinner...omg... what he wants to prove... CAN'T WAIT FOR MOREShockedOuchBig smile... 

Yaar U R amazing writerStarStarStarStarStar... Superb ChapterClapClapClap ... I can't wait for SaturdayOuchOuchOuch... Please Jaldi update de dena please... I think I am going out for 5 days...If it is confirm tonight then leaving tomorrow... Jaldi update de dena... LOVE U SWEETYCool... I am in love with your both story...ClapClapClap

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 After giving a thought to it Suryabhan finally agreed. "Alright!" They bid each other goodbyes and they parted. Jalal thought to himself "Ill show you Suryabhan that Im the only man in Jodha's life and heart."







After the meeting with Suryabhan, Jalal somewhere felt relaxed.A burden had been removed from his heart. Jodha's words ringed in his ears. "Only Jalal can touch me."Oh! How he wished to hear those very words from her mouth one more time! Walking past the park, Jodha's eyes caught something and she immediately remarked "Chiii!!!" Jalal, who was behind Jodha, increased his pace and came to Jodha "What happened?" he said in a worried tone. "Its nothing. Just that the couple sitting on the bench are kissing publicly." Jalal chuckled and glanced at the couple once. The girl was sitting on the boy's lap and they both were lost in the kiss. Love was evident between them. They had no tension about the world or people around them. They were just two souls madly in love with each other.


Jalal could picturize Jodha and him sitting so closely with each other, her rosy lips on his. Her divine smell, her long black hair falling on his face, her cute smile and not to forget her hazel eyes. Just the thought of it send down shivers to Jalal and he smiled. Jodha on the other gave a confused looked to Jalal, who was smiling sheepishly at her. Before she could speak he spoke out "Jodha, you see, the couple over there are madly in love with each other. They neither care about the world or the people in it. The thing what matters to them is that they have each other and they don't give a heck to anything. This is called true love. Being carefree in love proves to the fact that how much you love your mate." Jalal spoke in a soft tone leaving Jodha surprised. Her mouth was slightly open and her eyes were protruding. "Don't look at me like that! It seems like you will swallow me up just about now." Jodha "Are you okay Jalal? I mean you are saying that about love. I mean is something wrong? You can definetly share it with me if you want to."


Jalal laughed at Jodha's reaction to his words. He slowly moved closer to Jodha. He moved his face closer to hers. His lips brushed against her ears. Her divine smell reached his nostrils and he was lost in it. Jodha closed her eyes, feeling his warm lips on her ears. Jalal spoke in a low tone "You are not the only one who knows about love." He slowly moves his face away from Jodha and began walking forward. Jodha was left behind and was lost deeply in her thoughts. " What does that suppose to mean? What is with him? Is he in love? And that to with ME?" Jodha smacked her hands on her forehead and cursed herself for her foolish thoughts. "Wouldn't that be good if he loves me?I mean a wife deserves to be loved by her husband. Does he love me?" these thoughts came rushing back to her but she was adamant that nothing in the world could make her believe that Jalal is in love with her. She matched her pace with Jalal and without saying a word to each other both of them reached the hotel.


"Aadha ishq aadha hai

Aadha ho jayega

Kadmo se miloka

Vada ho jayega.

Aadha ishq aadha hai

Aadha ho jayega

Kaadmo se miloka

Vada ho jayega."




Jalal had his lunch on the hotel's restaurant and Jodha had her's on the room itself. Jalal went out after lunch for a conference. He told Jodha to get ready by sharp 7 as he would be picking her up from the room. There was no time to take rest. Jodha had decided that she would try to look her best as she wanted to see Jalal's reaction. She wanted to confirm whether he was really in love with her or not. Just to clear up the doubts. Jodha picked up a dress from her suitcase. She went inside the washroom and found a note waiting to be read.


"Jodha I want you to wear a dress chosen by me. Its inside my suitcase, wrapped in a pink wrapping paper. Hope you like it.







Jodha smiled faintly and threw the dress she had piched and almost ran to Jalal's suitcase. She opened it up a saw a gift neatly wrapped inside the suitcase. It had a card sticked to it. Jodha read out loud "For My Jodha." She carefully opened the wrapping paper and saw a black sari inside it. It was beautiful! "He wants me to wear a sari!" She found a note attached with the sari.


"This Sari would look stunning on you. But something is missing. Check the bedside drawer and you will find a red box.




Jodha was enjoying the notes game. She immediately went to the bedside and opened the drawer. It had a red box inside it, just as Jalal had mentioned in the chit. She opened it up and found a pair of earrings studded with Diamonds. "Perfect."exclaimed Jodha. She felt like a princess at the moment. "Is it a trick? Am I falling into his trap?" Her heart and mind wrestled with each other. Finally her mind won over her heart. "He is probably doing this to win over my trust so that later he can shatter it into pieces. Let him play whatever he wants to play. I will just go with the flow."


Jalal swiped the card and entered the room. He was too excited now! He couldn't wait o see Jodha in that black sari. He entered the room and his breathing stopped. His heart stopped beating and his eyes were fixed on the beauty in black. The black net sari looked beautiful on her and the earrings made her look even more hot. her waist was exposed, her hair left open and she had minimal make up. He could just take her up in his arms and kiss her senselessly. "You look beautiful Jodha! You made the sari and the earrings look even more beautiful. They suit you a lot.." He stuttered in his sentence. He was married to a Goddess of beauty. How silly of him that he was irritating and plotting against this pure soul just because she had slapped him in front of a group of people! Shissh Jalal! "I think we better get going. Your friend has been waiting for us for the past fifteen minutes." Jalal took his coat and both of them left for the restaurant downstairs. Just before the lift reached the lobby Jalal put his arms around Jodha's waist. " Just to make sure that you are only mine. I mean that your friend over there doesn't consider you as a friend. I just want to make him understand that you are married to me and that you are only mine." Jalal gave out his explanation in a protective tone. Jodha thought to herself "Go with the flow." She spoke " You don't have to give me an explanation Jalal. Im ok with it."



Jalal was surprised. Did she just say that? Has she started to get feelings like im getting for her? Time will tell Jalal. He thought to himself. The lift door opened and the couple got out of it. Jalal saw Suryabhan standing by the counter. He let out a grin and thought to himself "I'll show him to whom Jodha belongs." Jodha went up to Suryanhan and spoke "Hey Surya! Sorry we kept you waiting." Jalal spoke in between " The thing is that my wife and I got busy in something."Emphasizing on the word busy. Jodha felt a bit uncomfortable and spoke " I think you better get inside the restaurant. Im starving!" Jalal " Yeah sure Jodha." They entered the restaurant and Jalal said to the manager "I had reservations on the name Jalalluddin Mohammad." The manager gave out a friendly smile " Yes sir, Your table for three is ready." The maanger directed them to the table. They made themselves comfortable. Suryabhan and Jodha were going through a flashback of their college times. The laughed and giggled together. Jalal was loving the way Jodha was laughing and her cute giggles. On the other hand Jalal was hating Suryabhan's laughs! "Aisey bhi koi hasta hai." spoke the jealous husband. His plan was not working. Jodha was totally ignoring him as if he was invisible.


She was giggling away with Suryabhan and Suryabhan was giving him such looks as if Jalal was disturbing them. Intruding them in their privacy. As if Jalal was the friend here and Suryabhan-Jodha the married couple. Jalal clenched his fist in anger. Just then an idea clicked on his head seeing the couples heading towards the dance floor. Jalal got up from his sit and asked for Jodha's hand. "May I take a dance with you My love?" A blush crept up on her face. She put her palm on Jalal's and he prtoctively held it. He caressed her hand with his thumb and looked at Suryabhan who was burning in jealousy. Jalal grinned. He eyed the manager and he nodded. As Jalal and Jodha reached the dance floor, the lights around them dimmed. Jalal pecked his lips on Jodha's hand. The manager played the song which Jalal had asked for. The music played.


(This is a very nice song and I think this goes with the update. This is from the movie Raaz 3 Zindagi se churaka. Those of you who have not heard this song can hear it on the given link. Hope You enjoy it!)





"Zindagi se chura ke

Zindagi mein basa ke

Zindgaani banaya hai tujhe"


Jalal took Jodha's hand in his hand. He put her other free hand around Jodha's bare waist. Jodha's hesitantly kept her hand close to Jalal's chest. They started dancing in tune with the song.


"Roothe rab ko mana ke

Aasmaan ko jhuka ke

Zindgaani banaya hai tujhe"



Jalal swirled Jodha around. Her hair was hitting his face on and on as he kept swirling her around. His eyes were fixed on Jodha.


"Tu mila jis tarah saba mile

Tu mila jis tarah sila mile

Tu mila jis tarah duaa mile, bakhuda

Tu mila toh jaise main jee gaya

Tu mila mukammal main ho gaya

Tu mila toh phaila hai noor sa bakhuda"



Jodha was about to fall when Jalal tighlt helo her up. He slowly brought her closer to him. The space between them was decreasing every passing second. Jalal lifted jodha in his arms. His face and Jodha's face were really close now. His lips brushed against her ears. Jodha closed her eyes. Love was in the air.



"Zindagi se chura ke

Zindagi mein basa ke

Zindgaani banaya hai tujhe


Mehfoos tu mehsoos kar"

"Tere paas hoon main sada

Tujhse nahi ho sakta main

Pal bhar bhi ab judaa

Ab saath hain hum iss tarah

Aankhon ke sang palkein

Aa waqt ko yeh baat hum

Ik baar phir se kehde"



He put her down and they started dancing in rhythm. Every eye in the restaurant were fixed on the heavenly couple. Suryabhan glared at them. His anger was risinh every passing second. Jalal moved his face closer to Jodha's and pressed a kiss on her cheeks. Jodha's cheeks flushed into red.


"Saare ghum se chupaake

Har nazar se bacha ke

Zindgaani banaya hai tujhe"



Jodha rested her head on Jalal's chest and closed her eyes. Both of them were lost in the song. Jalal had completely forgotten about Suryabhan. His concentration was fixed on Jodha and he was loving it.Jodha moved her face from Jalal's chest. They both shared an intense eye lock. Their eyes were filled with love. Jalal moved his face towards Jodha's face. They were like the couple in the park. They didn't care who was watching them or what would they say, they were just lost in each other and wanted to stay like this forever.


"Tu mila jis tarah sabah mile

Tu mila jis tarah silah mile

Tu mila jis tarah dua mile bakhuda

Tu mila toh jaise main jee gaya

Tu mila mukamaal main ho gaya

Tu mila toh phaila hai noor sa bakhuda"




They were about to kiss but came back to their senses when they heard people clapping around them. Jalal didn't budge from his position. His eyes were fixed on Jodha. He e lowly put his lips on her forehead. His heartbeat stopped. His mind screamed to him "YOU ARE IN LOVE JALAL AND YOU HAVE FOUND YOUR HEART IN JODHA."

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