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TaaRey FF ~||Biggest Mistake Of Life||~(Ch-5 UPD) (Page 8)

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Chapter two is amazing, Rey think Taani betrayed him

Cant wait for Taarey to meet and for Rey to realized how wrong he was about everything...
Plz continue soon

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Hello peeps I'm really very sorry for being late''. U know what mera college start ho gaya hai and at 5:30 in the evening I'm back at home''..So I seriously don't get any time to write my updates''. But right now I'm back with my next chap of this FF''. U know what I'm so happy to see such response on my this FF''..I really feels so good'' I'm very thankful to all those who commented and liked my this FF'' So here I go with the next chap and I hope that it would be upto ur all's expectation'..So here u all go'' Enjoy''.




It was 10 o' clock of that day''. Taani was in her cabin working on her lappy and on some files'' Actually she was again and again cross checking everything that either everything is fine or not coz today is her life's biggest day'.. She was getting nervous'' She wanted someone on her side at that point of time''. But from past 4 years she had no one and she actually lost that right to have someone on her side'' Once this thought came to her mind, she was lost in her thoughts'' She was lost back to those days where her life was always their on her side at any point of time''. Remembering all those she had tears in her eyes''.She remembered everything''.Their first meet, their confession, the way they both supported each other, and then the last incident took place between both''.She remembered all and dint wanted to live any more but she have to because of her son''

She was so engrossed in ''.. Tears were continuously flowing down her cheeks''. She was brought back to this earth when she heard the sound of opening of door'' Soon she wiped her tears off and shouted without seeing the person as the person dint enter yet "What The Hell is this'!!! Who is their??? Who allowed u to open the door without a knock on the door and who said u to enter my cabin??? And'." She was no able to continue as she heard a voice from the other side of the door and was shocked "Mam I knocked the door many a time but u dint rply so I opened the door'.!!! May I get in???" She was shocked and asked "Who is there???" Soon the door got opened wide and a person entered the cabin, which made Taani totally shocked and she did not believe her eyes''. Her eyes were wide open and tears were forming in her eyes'' And those were mixture of many things pain, happiness and many'' She stood there and was trying to gasp what she was seeing''.

The person standing there smiled seeing her and knew that now after few minutes what was going to come''. So he started counting in his mind "10'. 9'.. 8'. 7'.. 6'. 5'. 4'. 3'.. 2'.. and 1" And here came a loud scream from Taani's mouth'."Ahhh!!! BHHAAIII'" She said, no actually screamed and ran towards him and hugged him as tight as she could''.. She missed him so much for all these 5 long years'' She had tears in her eyes'' 

[   :  Hey guyzz do check the pic... He is Taani's bhai in this FF...]

Her bhai, Mr. Karan Shergil, worldest biggest business Tycoon, also hugged her as tight as he could'' He so missed her all these years'' He was not able to attend her marriage also'' His business dint allowed him to have some time for personal works''.. Both were having tears in their eyes''. Karan was happy to see his sister after so long and that too so successful'' And Taani actually dint knew how to react'..

After a long time Taani spoke still hugging her brother "I so missed u bhai'.." She had tears in her eyes no actually she was crying but silently making sure that her pain should not be known to her bhai''. Karan broke the hug and hold her through her shoulder and said with a naughty smirk "Oh really'!!! Agar aisa tha toh mujhse last 4 years se baat kyun nai ki'.." This sentence made her totally silent and she dint knew how to react'.!! She dint knew that whether she should let out everything in front of him or not'' Here Karan continued "Ohh ya main toh bhul hi gaya ab tumhara life partner aa chukka hai so tumhe hum kaha se yaad aayenge'.." He said naughtily''. She wa not able to control so she turned to opposite direction'. "Ai'. Aisa nai hai bhai'." She tried to control herself'' "Oho see someone is blushing on mention of her life partner'." Karan said to tease her but poor soul he dint knew that it was hurting Taani more'' But still she tried to control herself'..

"Dekho main aaya hun itni dur apni behen se milne aur mujhe toh yaha sirf khada rakha jar aha hai'.." Karan said dramatically'' Taani bit her tongue and soon wiped her tears and turned to him and made him sit by saying "Kya bhai aaj bhi aap itne dramatic baan rahe ho'' Aap yaha baitho aur yeh lo paani pi lo'' Main abhi aapke liye kuch khane ko mangvati hun'.." She said and called her assistant and ordered her to bring something for her bhai'' Then she came and sat beside her bhai and started talking normally "Vaise bhai what a pleasant surprise!!! Aap yaha India aaye kab'.??? Mujhe inform kar dete main aapko pick up karne aa jati'." Karan looked at Taani and felt something is wrong but soon chuck it off and answered "No Taani main tumhe surprise karna cahta tha so maine inform nai kiya and main aaj hi morning yaha kissi bahut important meeting ke liye aaya that oh socha tumse mil lun'.. Vaise tumhare carche haar jagah ho rahi hai haa'.. Varna mujhe pata hi nai chalta that tum iss office ki owner ho'.." Taani smiled and said "Yeh toh aapka mom and dad ka sapna tha na bhai toh main aise kaise fail ho jati" She had tears in her eyes'' "Hey tumhare annkho me aansun'.. Main toh tumhari tariff kar raha tha re pagli and main itni door yeh aansun dekhne nai aaya hun Ok so stop crying'.." Karan said wiping her tears''. Taani was feeling so low and was really guilty that she cant say anything to him'' "Ok sorry'" Taani said wearing a fake smile''

Karan can clearly see that something was wrong with Taani'' It was clearly seen in her eyes'. The pain!!! And the tears which she was trying from so long to stop''. But Karan what to hear it from her only'' He don't want to start about that topic until and unless she herself talk to him about that''.He respects her and her privacy''. SO he talked about various things and in between also talked about Rey but she used to divert him from that topic and this made him think more about it but he cant say anything'' "Vaise bhai aapne mere liye bhabhi dhundi ki nai!!!" Taani said to divert her mind and her bhai's mind from REY'S topic'' Karan blushed a lil listening to the word she said which was obviously caught by Taani'' She naughtily said "Bhai aap blush kar rahe ho that means meri bhabhi hai'.!!!"Taani said to tease her bhai more'.. "Stop it Taani'. Actually main tumse iss baarme hi baat karne vala tha''" Karan said with a cute smile on his face'.. "Toh bolo na bhai deer kis baat ki!!!"  Taani said naughtily'' "Voh actually''mmm'Voh mujhe ek ladki mili hai'..jisse main'..ummm'.main pyaar karta hun'..And she too loves me a lot'." Karan said blushing and Taani was so happy that her bhai is in love'.."WHAT!!!! WOW bhai!!!! I'm so happy'!!" Taani said no actually shouted out in happiness and started jumping''

Karan was happy seeing his sis like this''.He tried to control her but she was so happy that she hugged her bhai very tightly''. After sometime she broke the hug and said "Bhai I'm so happy that I got a bhabhi and u got ur life partner'." "I know Taani but pehle meri puri baat toh sunno'." Karan said making her sit on the chair and he too got seated beside her''. "Kya hai bhai'.???" Taani asked confused that what now??? Karan said it "Taani hum 2 months ke baad shadi karne vale hai and that too here in India only'' So for next 2 months I will be here with u'" Karan said making Taani more and more happy'' "What??? What a gr8 news bhai!!!! But not fair bhai aapne mujhe baataye bina hi sab kuch decide kar liya'.." She said making a cute pout'' Karan smiled seeing her like this and said "Sorry my princess actually yeh sab bahut jaldi ho gaya so dint got any time to tell u'.." "Its Ok bhai'' I'm so happy u know'." Like this they started their talks about Karan's marriage''

While they were talking Taani's secretary came and said "Mam in half an hour we have to leave for the venue'." Taani looked at her and said "Ok do make everything ready and plzz recheck each and everything properly and then I'll be there in half an hour'.." Sanaya nodded her head and went from there'' Karan looked at Taani who got up and started doing some work'' He finally asked her "Where are u going Taani???" Taani looked at her bhai and said "Oh I'm so sorry I forgot to tell u bhai'.. Bhai aaj mere life ka sabse baada day hai''I have a show where foreign designers who r world's best r going to judge and if my designs will be the best amongst others then they will offer the biggest deal to me''.which will start after 2 months from now'." Taani said and her eyes sparkled'' Karan was so happy'' He said "Wow Taani'.. Its really a gr8 opportunity''. And I know that u will only win this''"He said and hugged her tightly''.. She too hugged him back and said "I know bhai''" Soon they broke the hug and Taani started doing her work and was nervous in between which was noticed by Karan'..

 He felt something weird now so now he broke the ice "Taani???" "Ya bhai!!??" Taani asked still engrossed in her work'. "Where is Rey???" She was brought back''Till now he talked about him but he dint asked this question''When she heard it she was not knowing that what she will answer''"Kyun bhai kuch kaam tha kya???" She asked trying to act normal'' Karan looked at her carefully and said "Arey mujhe apne jija ji se milna hai aur tum aise bool rahi ho'.." Taani was still trying to act normal "Woh'.woh' bhai unhe kuch jaruri kaam tha toh voh out of country gaye hai'.." She made an excuse'' Karan looked at her and now asked her "Taani wats the problem???" Now Taani knew that her bhai would have caught her but still she tried to act normal'.."Nothing bhai and why u asked this???" Karan looked at her and went to her and made her face him by holding her by shoulders and asked "Taani tell me whats the problem between u and Rey???? Cause aaj jab se main aaya hun aur kabhi bhi Rey ka naam leta hun toh tum topic change kar deti ho and the weird thing is that he is not with u today'' Jab bhi tumhara koi show ho ya kuch important day ho toh voh hamesha tumhare saath rehta hai'.. Infact apne saare works cancel karke sirf tumhare saat rehta hai and today is ur biggest day and he is not here with u!!! Maine socha that koi bhi problem hogi toh tum khud aake baataogi mujhe even I saw that something is wrong from ur face and eyes'' But ab bahut huva''Tell me whats wrong???"

Now Taani was not able to control her tears so she cried and hugged her Bhai tightly''. She was crying badly'' Karan was shocked seeing her like this'' He also hugged her back protectively caressing her hair'' Taani was not able to control'.. She cried out more and more letting her pain out'' She was so hurt''  Karan was trying to console her but thought let her take out all her pain by crying only so her caressed her and hugged tightly''.. After a long of 15 minutes Taani somehow stopped crying but tears were still coming out her eyes''. She broke the hug'' Karan hold her by her shoulder and looked at her worried'' She looked at him'.. He asked "Are u fine princess???" Taani clearly see care for her in his eyes'' She somehow wore a fake smile on her face and nodded slightly''. Karan again asked "What happened Taani??? Plzzz tell me!!!" Tears again took their way out of her eyes but this time she tried to control herself and said "Bhai I did a big mistake on trusting the one who actually ditched me'' The one whom from my childhood I trusted'' Cause of him I hurted Rey'.. But'. But Rey is also not right'' He too took me wrong and he too believed that all those things I did'.. And'and for this I'll never forgive him'' I thought to die the day only bhai'' But'but I couldn't because Ayan was there in my womb'.. He gave me a hope to live Bhai''" She said crying all the time'' Their was silence'..

Karan was trying to gasp up what ever Taani said'' The misunderstandings and all'' But he don't know what happened that time'' Still he dint heard about Ayan so he again asked "What happened Taani???" Taani was silent and Karan was eager to know'' After a while Taani broke the silence and said "Plzz bhai I don't want to talk about it''. It will hurt me more and right now I cant take it because I have to give my best in my event'' Plzz bhai don't take me wrong but I really cant tell u what happened'' I hope that u will understand what I want to say'' I'm really sorry bhai'." She was again crying'' Now Karan understood that something major happened and if he will ask her again then he will either lose her by some or the other way'' So he somehow convinced himself for not forcing her and said "Ok ok Taani I'll not ask u again about it'' But remember Taani'..agar koi bhi baat share karne ka maan kare toh I'm always there for u''.mark my words koi bhi matlab koi bhi'.. Ok!!!" She nooded her head and Karan wiped her tears and said "Now go tumhara time ho raha hai'." Taani looked at him and asked "Aap nai aaoge???" Karan smiled and said "How can I miss my princess's biggest day'.. I'll surely be there but right now have to go to some work'' But ya I'll be there before ur show Ok'!!!" She nodded and hugged him and said "Thanxx for understanding me bhai'." Karan smiled and said "I'll always understand u Taani'.. Now go and all the very best for ur show'." He said and broke the hug'' Taani smiled and went from there to get ready for her show and soon left her workplace for the venue'..

Here Karan got seated on the coach and tears were continuously flowing from his eyes''. He felt really guilty cause he thought the time when his sister needed him he was not there with her''. He felt all her pain and remembered how she cried her heart out which meant that she was badly hurt'' "How can I be away from her at the time she needed me'' Already bachpan me she suffered a lot and now again she is going through all the pain''. Even though its different but she is back to that phase only'' And how can Rey misunderstand her'' He promised me that he will take care of her but he broke it up''." He again remembered the words she said'' Now he remembered about Ayan''.. He couldn't believe it'' He couldn't believe that he is mamu now''. He was happy now''. He was thankful to god that Ayan is the reason who made Taani to live'' He was damn happy now'' He was eager to meet him up''. So he soon went to complete his work and after completing it up he went to see his sister's show'''

So here I end Chapter 3'.

I really hope that u guyzz liked it cause I wrote it in a hurry and as I was busy so I dint came up with a nice update'' I hope that I did justice with my readers by giving this chapter'' And I have to tell u that it is an important chapter as in further chaps it will help''. I hope u all will like it'' If u all think that its 0.0000000000001% also nice than plzz like and comment'..

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OMG I am first..!!Dancing
wow amazing update..!!Clap

loved taani and karan relation to the core..!!

eagerly waiting to knw what happend between taarey that rey hate taani so much..!!

do update soon and thanx for the pm..!!

P.S. love ur writing style..!! Big smile

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res...will unres after exams.

p.s : Dancing me second.

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gr8 update dearBig smile
thnx for d pm n cont soonSmile

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