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TaaRey FF ~||Biggest Mistake Of Life||~(Ch-5 UPD) (Page 4)

-.QTPie.- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 30 June 2013 at 1:27pm | IP Logged
loved the epi.
update the nxt part soon...

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dynamic_doll IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 30 June 2013 at 1:59pm | IP Logged
awesome start...loved the first update
continue soon
nd please pm me about the updates Smile

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jeslinathomas Newbie

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Posted: 03 July 2013 at 2:03am | IP Logged
U r a fantastic writer.I really need to know what happened between taarey.Curiosly waiting for the next update pls PM me.

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samspriyanka09 Senior Member

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Posted: 03 July 2013 at 3:40am | IP Logged
interesting pls continue

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Posted: 07 July 2013 at 3:30am | IP Logged

Hey guyzz!!! Here I'm back with the next chapter…… Firstly I'll thank all those who have liked and commented in my FF……. It really means a lot guyzz….. Ok so here in this chap I'll take over the scene to other side showing our hero and this will be starting from the morning only, from where I started the last chap….. So here it is….. Enjoy guyzz…..




                It was early morning and a flight was going to land in India within half an hour…..Announcement was made for it for at least 2 times……. But a person was lost in his world while sleeping…… He never wanted to come back to India, which he left and went to USA before 4 years…… He thought coming here will remind him all his good and bad memories which are related with her…… But as we say, before our destiny we can never win….. So he had to come to India, as he had a very important event and a very important business meeting too, which his brother asked to attend as he wont be able to go to India….. Now as he is back here all his memories are getting refreshed again……. He is feeling like again he is betrayed…… This was the cause due to which he left this place…….

                "Your wife is a cheat Rey…… She betrayed u…" He woke up with a jerk…… He looked at his surroundings and found himself sitting in the plane…… He adjusted himself on his seat…… Here again an announcement came that the flight is going to land in sometime…… Now he totally came back to his sense….. Soon the flight landed….. He took his belongings and came out of the plane….. He entered the airport….. He was as usual wearing suit, in which he managed to look hot and handsome……. As he entered inside the airport, many pair of eyes turned towards him…… All girls were drooling over him and his physique…… He dint cared for that….. Now he is not that flirting Rey……. He is the gr8 dancer and choreographer in this world, The Reyansh Singhania, who sometimes handles his family business also….. He has a dance academy which was and actually is his and his friends dream…….. They had it only in India first but then to make himself away from this place, Rey said he will go to USA and develop this academy there also……. And today it is famous world wide…….. But somewhere that first Rey was lost……… He now lost all those charm from past 4 years…… He never had smile on his face from past 4 years…..

                He came out of the airport and started searching for someone near exit……. He stood there searching when he heard someone calling his name….. He turned to the direction of sound and found his best buddy calling him standing at the other side of the road and waving……. He too waved back…… Then his buddy came to him and hugged him tightly and said "Hey Rey!!! How r u???" "Hey Swayam!!! How I will be buddy….. I am fine…." He said passing a fake smile….. Swayam knew its not real at all but he cant help for it…… Rey look around and was searching someone else…… Swayam understood that whom he would be searching so he said "She dint came Rey…" Rey looked at him with confusing look….. "U were searching for Sharon right..!!" Rey was shocked that is he so predictable that Swayam understood what he was searching…… He just nodded his head and Swayam said "Rey u know that she is not interested in talking to u, so she dint come here…… I tried to convince but she is really very angry on u…" Swayam said this with sadness in his face and Rey was also sad knowing that still his best cum childhood buddy dint understood his state and his problem and is angry on him, and dint came to pick him up from the airport……. But he somehow forced a small smile on his face and said "Its ok dude….. Not a big deal…" Swayam knew him that he always trys o hide his pain but he dint knew that his best buddy can always feel anything about his feelings…… Swayam said "Ok cool then…. Lets head to ur house….. Actually I asked servants to clean it as u will come….. So now its all set…" Rey interrupted and said "Dude its fine I'll manage in a hotel…." "But yr u have ur own house then y will u move to a hotel..?" Rey said again "Listen dude being in that house I'll remember everything back and u know it very well…… And its just the matter till the event gets over and my business meeting…… Then I'll soon leave to USA…." Swayam was going to say something but again Rey interrupted "And I don't want any argument on this…." Swayam knew what he will feel or what he is feeling right now so he thoughts its better to be quite and agree to him so he said "Ok then lets leave…." Rey and Swayam took the luggage and went to Swayam's car and made their way for the best hotel which will get a room for the period they wanted……. And Rey got the room so he went there and Swayam left for his home…..

                Rey went and got into his room…… Kept his luggage and went towards the window…… He opened the door of window and le the fresh air get inside the room……. He was lost in his past…. "Your wife is a cheat Rey…… She betrayed u…" These words were ringing in his ears…… He had tears by now….. "Y Taani….. Y u did this to me…… I loved u unconditionally and u betrayed me just for ur friends success…. U r so not the one whom I loved…… And one day u has to pay for what u has done….. The Biggest Mistake in ur Life….." He said in a sarcastic tone…… But he dint knew the full truth that actually what happened and he dint knew that he had also committed the Biggest Mistake in his Life……. He moved from there to his luggage….. Took his belongings and went to washroom to get ready…..

                He went to the dance academy in the car sent by Swayam…… After 4 years he saw his dream his first dance academy and he had tears in his eyes……. He saw that the academy got very much improved….. Now its is been built larger than first….. Swayam and Sharon has really took very well care of the academy…… He went inside the academy……. The staff recognized him and wished him as he made his way inside…… Some were new one who were taken after Rey left, but still they new him and wished him…… He made his way towards Swaron's cabin……. He went to the door and knocked it….. There was only Swayam inside the cabin….. As he heard the knock he ordered the person to get in….. He was busy in his file…. Ry made his way inside and found only Swayam there…… Swayam looked at Rey and stood and hugged him….. Rey too hugged him back….. "Welcome back to ur academy Rey…" Swayam said breaking the hug….."Thanx dude…" Rey said looking to the cabin which is now well developed….."Hey sit na man…." He said making Rey sit on the chair…… Rey got seated and first thing he asked is "Where is Sharon???" Swayam was going to reply but soon someone barked into the cabin saying…… "Swayam we got into a damn problem…." Sharon said barking inside the cabin while looking at the file she holded….. "What happen babes??" Swayam asked concerned for whats wrong…. "Woh the…." Sharon was going to say when her eyes caught Rey…… She looked at him….. He stood up and smiled saying "Hey…" Sharon dint gave any heed and continued to Swayam… "Swayam the designer we approved for the costumes designing is now cancelling the contract…." Rey said worried "But why???" Sharon dint looked at him and continued to Swayam "Yr he got some event at UK and he is saying that its really important and its just before our event and he cant make our costumes…" Swayam and Rey both were shocked and said in corus "WHAT!!!" Sharon continued, looking at Swayam "Ya and now we have to find some other designer…." Rey felt bad that Sharon is at least not looking at him…… "Sharon.." Rey tried to talk to her but she again said to Swayam "Now what to do Swayam..???" Swayam said worriedly "I don't know Sharon lets think about it….. Still we have 1 month for the event so don't panic OK…." Swayam trying to assure her and himself…. Rey again tried to talk to her "Sharon…once" But again Sharon turned and looked at Swayam "Think Swayam…" Swayam saw that she was ignoring him so he said "Sharon first listen to Rey…. Who tab se tumse baat karne ki koshish kar raha hai…." He said holding her by shoulder….. She jerked his hands and said in a sarcastin tone "Why should I Swayam???? did he heard my best friend for once before letting her out of the house…." Rey got irritated and said a lil loud "Why should I had heard to her Sharon….. When I saw everything through my eyes and I had proof against her….." Sharon turned to him and shouted "A person have full rights to defend himself/herself……. Taani was doing the same thing but u dint gave her a single chance to prove herself…" Rey smirked "Ya I dint gave right….. So what was she doing…… She was defending him even she saw all proofs and that means the same right that she betrayed me…." He shouted…… "She can never betray anyone Rey…… I don't know exactly what happen and u also doesn't know that exactly what happened…." She shouted at top of her voice…… Outside the cabin the staff was getting collected to hear what is going on….. Swayam heard sounds outside the cabin so he tried to calm them down….. "Sharon u r my best friend and u r taking side of hers from the first…." Rey said in disbelief that his best friend dint took his side….. "I'm her best friend also Rey and u don't know exactly what she did to me and y I trust her so much…." She said in a firm tone….. There was silence in he cabin…..

Swayam went to the door and opened it and saw staff standing there…… He glared at everyone and the people putting their heads down went from there…… Swayam closed the door and went towards Sharey….. Gave both of them glass of water…… There was total silence in the cabin….. He made both of them to sit….. Sharon dint atleast looked at Rey…… Rey felt really very bad that Sharon does not understand him…… Swayam tried to cool the atmosphere so he got an idea and said "Sharon and Rey I have an idea for the designer…." They both looked at him with "WHAT" look…… He said "See today an event of fashion show is going to take place and in that gr8 fashion designers are going to take part…… Its actually about the deal that who will win the judges expectations they will get the deal from them….. And the judges are from foreign I mean foreign fashion designer….. The gr8 ones….." Sharon looked at him puzzled and asked "So what about that….???" "So the one who will win in this we can get our contract with them……" Rey shooted "That's a gr8 idea…." Sharon said "But Swayam the one who will win have the deal already then why will they accept ours???" "I knew u'll ask this….. So listen according to my info they will get the deal and it will be starting after 1 month of our event……. So we can talk to them and get the contract done…." He said looking at both Sharon and Rey in believe that they will accept….. Sharon was thinking about it cause she don't want that in this event any problem should take place…… Rey looked at Sharon and then at Swayam….. Swayam asked him with looks that what is his decision…… Rey told him by looks that what will be Sharon's decision, they will proceed with that only……

                Sharon thought for sometime…. Then she came to a conclusion….. She looked up and saw Swayam and Rey both watching her keenly…… She turned to Swayam and said "Ok fine its done but when is the event…..???" Swayam was happy and said "Just after  2 hours…." Sharon again said "What ??? But we have problem…" Swayam and Rey said "Again what???" Sharon was really not at all looking at Rey which hurted him a lot and Sharon just looked at Swayam and continued "We have meeting with the event manager now after 1 hour and we both have to go its really very compulsory….." She was worried…. "So what happen only we both have to go right…!!" Swayam said and Sharon looked at him confusingly….. He continued "Sharon Rey is there now with us so he can go and look for the event and the designer…." Rey said "Ya sure I'll go u both continue with the meeting…" Sharon without looking at Rey and turning towards door "Ok fine Swayam but tell ur friend that there should not be any problem" She said in sarcastic tone and started to leave…… Rey was hurt that now she dint at least called him her friend….. He stopped her and said "Why are u behaving like this Sharon???" Sharon without turning "Swayam be ready for the meeting and tell ur friend to go to event on time…." And left the room….. Tears were continuously flowing from his eyes….. He fall on the couch and cried putting his hands on his face….. Swayam was feeling really very bad….. He went and sat beside him and kept his hand on his shoulder and said "Dude she is really badly hurt…." Rey looked at him and asked "U also think that I'm at fault???" Swayam said in a low tone "I really don't know Rey….. I cant find out who is right and who at fault….. That day I saw something in Taani's eyes which said that she was not wrong…… And those proofs also I cant ignore…. So I don't know anything…." Rey looked at him and then turned his face at front and said in anger "She is the damn reason for all the things happenin….. Neither she came into my life nor I get married to her…… She has to pay for it" He said and went out of the cabin and went o his cabin…..

Here Swayam was witnessing all this and he said "Rey I guess Taani is not at all at fault…… I found it in her eyes…. I think something wrong happened due to which all this is going on and I think someone is behind all this misunderstandings…… God plzz plzz make everything all right…." He said and went to his work…… Here Rey was badly hurt because of his friend and the incident "Your wife is a cheat Rey…… She betrayed u…" All the memories came to his mind that how he met her and how they started loving each other and then the last and the worst incident….. "I'll never forgive u for this Taani….. U made my friend go away from me…… Firstly u pretended to love me and then all that…… And now Sharon is away from me…… U did the biggest mistake Taani….. I''ll never forgive u for this….." He said this and banged his hand on the wall…..


So here I end Chapter 2….

I hope U all enjoyed it….. Plzz do like and comment…. I request u all plzz guyzz do like it and comment…… Last time I got good response this time also I want that only and better than that….

Note : In this FF Swayam is not Taani's brother….. Sharon is her best friend and she knows her from her school day and something happened due to which Sharon respects her a lot and trusts her a lot….. And ya still nothing is out……. Sorry for not giving Taani in this……

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chand91 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 07 July 2013 at 3:40am | IP Logged
cnt blv ki 1st aai
awsm updat
apcily shani bond
plz cont soon

Edited by chand91 - 07 July 2013 at 5:23am

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Sona_loveVD IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 07 July 2013 at 3:53am | IP Logged
awesome update
looking forward for the next chapter

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taani.priya1997 IF-Dazzler

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it was really beautiful waiting for the story toreveal

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