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TaaRey FF ~||Biggest Mistake Of Life||~(Ch-5 UPD) (Page 18)

khwaish_taarey Groupbie

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Posted: 26 October 2013 at 3:31pm | IP Logged
update chapter 5 plzzz...

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Hello peeps...!!! How r u all ??? God plzzz don't attack me guys...!!! I seriously am sorry for late update...!!! I dint got time to write the update...!!! I know then u must me asking that how I wrote my new FF then let me tell u all that I wrote it a long time ago so I thought to update it...!!! Now after so long I'm write the update...So I hope that u all will like it...And ya some thins r to be cleared which I'll do it at the end of the update...So here is the update...Enjoy..!!






Taani was damn angry with her tashan meet with Rey...But somewhere deep inside she was happy to see him and that too safe...She had a fear that where Rey would be for all this long 5 years...Now that he is fine, she is relieved...But was at the same time hurt also...How can a girl or woman be happy or not be hurt after she hears all those bad words from her lover's or husband's mouth...??!! Same here Taani is also hurt because of his harsh words...She is hurt that he broke his promise...The promise in which he said the he will always trust her and will always love her...This badly hurt her...

And here Rey was also damn angry as he saw her...After that incident he thought he will never ever see her face in his life but unfortunately he had to...He was angry that again all those bad memories and all were coming to his mind...He never wanted to remember them but destiny never lets it happen with him...But deep and deep inside his heart where his feelings are being suppressed there he felt happy to see her in front of his eyes after so long...The time when she fell in his arms he wanted to hug her tightly close to his heart and let her know that how much he missed her and also never let her go away from him...He was happy that now she is famous and is living her life safely...But his ego and his anger is suppressing this feeling of his...

Taani left from there to the green room allotted to her, after Rey went...She just barked inside the room as she was damn angry at that time...She saw some were gossiping and some were dig inside their phone...This view made her more angry...It was like "jale pe namak chidakna"..."WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE...???" She shouted on the top of her voice which made everyone present there to get up at a jolt...All were shocked at her sudden change of behavior...She looked like a lion..."I asked what the hell is going on here...??" She again shouted but not like before...Everyone's head went down..."Are u all here to sit and gossip and dig ur phone...?? If it is so then u all may leave RIGHT NOW...???" She again shouted on them...

Here Sanaya heard some voices from the green room so she went there soon and saw her boss, Taani was very angry and shouting on the models...She went to her and asked "Mam what happened why r u shouting???"...Taani turned to her and glared her and asked "Where the hell were u??? And cant u supervise them and ask them to get ready soon...??? And u r asking me why I'm shouting...???Do u even know what they were doing...??" Taani started to shoot question like a shoot gun and at the same time glaring her...Sanaya was totally aware of her anger so she tried to calm her down "Mam plzz calm down...!!! Mam can u come with me plzzz...have something important to talk with u...!!!" Sanaya requested her...Taani glared her and went to her cabin which was there in the green...

Sanaya also followed her and closed the door of the cabin...Taani was facing her back...Sanaya kept her head down and said "I'm so sorry mam for their behavior...But mam if u shout on them like this then at the last moment we will not have any of them...Plzz don't get me wrong but I'm saying it for ur good only...Plzzz think about it with cool mind...!!!" Sanaya tried to make her understand...Taani somehow understood her point and calmed herself...She turned to her and said "I'm so sorry Sanaya for all this but its just because I was worried and tensed up about the event...I want it anyhow...Plzzz make sure they work hard and plzz say sorry from my side for now as I'm busy...I'll go and apologize for this after the event...!!!" Taani said as she felt guilty about her act which she did just few minutes ago..."Mam plzz don't be sorry...I can understand u...Ok mam now I'll take leave as I have to supervise them and ya I'll convey ur msg to them...!!!" Sanaya assured her and left from there...

Taani went and sat on her chair and was lost..."See Rey what kind of affect u have on me...U r the only one who can bring good and bad out of me...But this time u only brought bad out of me...Aisa kyun kiya Rey aapne...??? Maine aapka aisa kya bigada tha...??!!" Tears were making their way down her cheeks..."Aapko yaad bhi hai Rey ki aap mujhe kitna support karte the...??!!!"




Its last year of college and here Taani have to present her designs in front of the great fashion designer Mr. Rehan Charles...She was damn nervous...All her designs were ready in fact her models were also full to confident that she will win it as her designs were so awesome...In fact Rey was totally confident that she will only win, his love will only win...

It was the day of event...She was damn nervous and was getting very hyper...Many of them tried to calm her down but it was not at all possible...In fact Sharon, her best friend, tried to calm her down but was not at all possible...Only one person can calm her down and he was not there..."God yr yeh Rey kaha reh gaya hai...He should be here with Taani right now and he is not here...Aur upar se apna phone bhi pick nai kar raha hai...!!! God, Rey where r u??" Sharon was also getting hyper as its her best friend's show and she was not able to calm her down...She was also getting nervous now...Even though she know that only Taani will win the show but still seeing her state now she is also getting nervous...

"Sharon ab tum hyper maat ho...!!! See he will be here at anytime...So calm down...Agar tum bhi hyper ho jaogi toh Taani ko bhi ab sambhalna mushkil ho jayega...!!!" Swayam said while trying to calm her down..."Arey but Swayam main hyper kaise na ho...Taani ka show hai aur voh bahut hyper ho rahi hai aur yah ape Rey abhi tak aaya..." Sharon was saying this and was cut by Rey "Kisne kaha main nai aaya...Toh yaha kon khada hai...!!!"...Sharon and Swayam turned to see Rey standing with a bouquet in his hand...

"Kaha reh gaye the tum Rey...??Tumhe pata bhi hai Taani kitni hyper ho rahi hai abhi...!!!" She asked him as she went to him..."Arey Shar maine bahut try kiya tha ki apna work jaldi complete kar lu but dad ki vajah se bahut time ho gaya tha...Anyways where is she???" Rey said and started looking around the green room to see where she is..."She is in her cabin Rey...!!! But make sure voh nervous na ho coz ab thodi der me uska turn aane vala hai...!!!" Swayam said as he showed her cabin to him..."Thanx dude...!!!" Rey hugged Swayam and went to her cabin...

"God.!! Aaj mera itna bada show hai aur pata nai Rey kaha reh gaye...Voh kabhi aisa nai karte...!!! Mujhe bahut dar lag raha hai...Plzzz Rey jaldi aa jao...!!!" Taani said as she was very nervous and was pacing around the room fastly and was playing with her fingers...Rey stood near the door and heard her...He was leaning to the door and sang "Tumne pukara aur hum chale aaye...!!!" Taani turned to see Rey standing near the door and smirking...She felt relief as at last he came...She ran to him and hugged him tightly and said "At last Rey u came...Aapko pata nai hai mujhe kitna dar lag raha tha...!!! I love u Rey..!!!" She hugged him more tightly digging her face into his chest more...He too hugged her back with same passion..."I love u too darling...!!! And I'm so sorry baby voh kaam aagaya so..." Rey started to say but was cut by Taani...She kept her finger on his lips and said "Don't be sorry Rey...!!! bas aap aa gaye toh mujhe aur kuch nai chahiye...!!!"

He kissed her finger and removed it and kissed her forehead..."Don't be hyper baby...!!! Mujhe pata hai tum hi jeeto gi...!!!" Rey said as he cupped her face..."But Reu main hyper kaise na ho...The great Rehan Charles a rahe hai...Agar ek bhi galti huvi toh main iss show se out ho jaungi aur voh toh totally perfectionist hai...Rey bahut dar lag raha hai...Agar unhe meri designs pasand nai aayi toh...Agar mere designs me koi gadbadi huvi toh...Agar..." Taani was continuously saying and saying and here Rey couldn't control and he kept his lips on her's making her shut...

He kissed her softly at first...Taani was shocked to know that what happened suddenly...After sometime when Rey was pulling her more close to him she came to know and smiled between the kiss and she slid her hands to his hair and started kissing him and pulling him more close to her...Now the kiss became passionate...Their lips were moving in sync with each other...They were so lost in the kiss and were deepening the kiss every second and by now their bodies were totally plastered to each other, at least air dint got a lil hole to move between them...It was very long kiss...After 15-20 minutes when Taani felt short of breath she clutched his hair tightly to let him know that she cant breath now...Rey understood and pulled away from the kiss but never left her...He kept kissing her whole face and then her collar bone and now started kissing her neck and shoulder...Taani was breathing heavily but was enjoying the pleasure...She was pulling him more close to her by keep her hand inside his hair and playing with it...

They were got disturbed with their beautiful moment by a knock on the door...They got parted from each other...Rey set himself and set Taani's top properly so that no one knows what happened between them...Taani blushed on what happened between them just a moment before...Some one again knocked on the door..."Come in...!!!" Taani said..."Miss. Taani...Ur show is next one...Be ready with ur team in the back stage...!!!" One of the volunteer of the event came and informed her..."Ya sure...Thanx for the info..!!" She smiled..."My pleasure..!!!" He too smiled and left from there...As soon as he left Taani hugged Rey "I love u Rey...!!!" He too held her close to his heart and said "I love u too baby...And all the best for ur show...I know u will only win the show so don't be nervous...!!!" He said as he caressed her hair..."Thanq Rey...!!!" She pulled out from the hug and smiled...He kissed her forehead and said "Love u...!!! See u on the ramp...Main audience main betha rahunga...Ok!! Now cheer up and do ur best...!!!" He said and left from their...




Taani came back to the world when she heard a knock on he door...She wiped her tears and said "Come in...!!!" Sanaya came and informed "Mam our show is the next one so we have to be there with our team at the back stage...!!!" "Ok say every one to be there...I'll be there in few minutes..!!!" Taani said and Sanaya nodded and left from there...

"It's the time Taani...!!! Show him that u can do anything...!!!" Taani assured herself and left from there to the back stage...Her team was there...She encouraged everyone there and wished them all the best...

Now it was her turn "So now the last show...But as it is said last but not the least'...So here presenting the world's best designer MS. TAANI SHERGIL...!!!" The host announced...As son as she took her name, somewhere between the audience one person was totally shocked...Yes it was Rey...He was shocked that now Taani has changed her name...The girl who would loved too be called Mrs. Singhania even before their marriage, has changed her name...This was the great shock for him...But it dint live for long as something strike to his mind...Of course how can he expect such a bitch to keep Singhania' as her surname after they had been DIVORCED...!!! Yup, they were divorced the same day when Rey asked her to get out of his house...He actually forgot about the divorce from the time he saw her today...Now cant even live for a second more in this event...His eyes were showing many feelings hurt, pain, betray, anger and what not... He stood up from his place and left from there as soon as possible...

But but not only he someone else was also shocked to death...And it was non other that Mr. Karan Shergil...Taani's brother...He just entered the venue and had his seat and when he heard the name he was shocked to death...He thought how it could be possible...Were they divorced??? Or is it something else??? Many questions were going on in his mind...Now his curiosity knew no boundries...But he kept it to a limit and thought to concentrate on the show and after the event is over he will clear all his doubts...

Here the show continued...All her models gave their best and the designs of hers were out of the world...It was mixture of many styles...Western, Indian and what not...They were so amazing that everyone present there were mesmerized by the designs...It was now obvious that Taani will only win this event...All the models completed their ramp walk...At last the two main models of their team came to he back stage and brought Taani with them to the ramp...She was happy to see this...They bowed together and went back stage...

"After such an mesmerizing show its turn to declare the name of the designer who is going to work with these foreign world's best designers for next 2 years...!!!" The host announced as she came to the ramp..."So now I have the name in my hands...!!! So any guesses who it could be...!!!" The host bounced back the question to the audience who were constantly thinking the same question...Many of them hooted and said Taani's name..."So here I announce it...And it is...MS. TAANI SHERGIL...!!!! Give her a big round of applause...!!!" The host cheered making hall filled with applause...

Taani heard it and was more than happy...She cant believe that she won it...She did it...Tears were brimming in her eyes...Of course they were of happiness...She proved herself...She went to the ramp and received the contract from the judges...She signed them happily...She stood there on the ramp and looked around to see him...But he was not there at all...She became sad but when he spotted her brother she was more than happy...He was giving applause to her continuously smiling...She too smiled and waved to him...She could see confusion in his eyes...Now she knew she had to face all his questions...


Ok so guys I end this chapter here...Hope that u all liked it...

NOTE : Ok so guys here r some important things...Firstly I'm so sorry for that word BITCH I used for Taani...I know many of u r hurt...Even I dint like to add that word but I had to...Its from Rey's POV...Plzzz don't misunderstand him and get angry on him...Something major happened because of which he lost trus on her and is thinking she is a bitch...So sorry for that...And ya in next part I'll reveal why Sharon trust Taani so much...So keep waiting for future updates...They will be interesting...

PS : Plzzz like and comment ur views for this chap

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priyal_TaaRey Goldie

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Posted: 27 October 2013 at 9:01am | IP Logged
Mind blowing update dear Tongue
Flashback where really cute the way Rey made Taani so comfortable that she can do Heart Heart
Taarey kiss Embarrassed
Divorce Cry
No ayaan in this update Unhappy
Waiting to see KARAN reaction Shocked
Please add ayaan in next part Big smile
Update soon Smile

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tamanna-azaan IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 27 October 2013 at 9:17am | IP Logged
awsum update...
feeling bad for taani...
flashback was so cute..
i knw rey was hurt..but atleast he should give a chanc eto taani..
pls update soon..

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Missu_TR IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 27 October 2013 at 9:17am | IP Logged
fabulous update ...
flashback awesome ...
rey full support taani cute 
.romantic part lovely...
wow ...taani win ..yupee
taarey divorced ...nhiii  yeh nhi so skta h 
plz dear realved part soon ...ab wait nhi hota h 
update soon

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yoyoaishwarya IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 27 October 2013 at 9:19am | IP Logged
=]Loved yr perrrfect update dear
Too emotional n loving taarey pov excellent
I cried to feel how much they miss eachother
Loved the flashback part too much
Taareytoo romantic , I was like][/url]
Loved yr emotional full of feelings update very much
Pr , yeh secret kaise solve hoga , rey apni babydoll aur princess
Ko kab vapis apni life ka part banayega , I m feelig sad with word divorce
Can't see taarey like that , but wants to see taaran love n emotions next
Good yr eagerly waiting 4 next chappy
Love u]<img src="" alt="" />[/url]

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taani.priya1997 IF-Dazzler

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awesome track loved it but i would love to  see the secret revealed and rey filling guilty

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