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TaaRey FF ~||Biggest Mistake Of Life||~(Ch-5 UPD) (Page 12)

monikasaxena05 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 22 August 2013 at 11:23am | IP Logged
Awesome concept yrTongue
Just read all the chapters they are mind blowing 
I m speechless yr
Eagerly waiting for the next part 
Plz update soon

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ayeshataareyd3 Newbie

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Posted: 19 September 2013 at 4:20am | IP Logged
Dear ! plz update other chaps fast !!! t w8 ! baar bar cm here  eck whether  updated or nt 

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zulfinazi Senior Member

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Posted: 19 September 2013 at 9:23pm | IP Logged
update update update plzz...

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koochiepoo Senior Member

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Posted: 21 September 2013 at 4:45am | IP Logged
in love with this ffTongueTongueTongue

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Posted: 22 September 2013 at 12:16am | IP Logged

Hello guyzzz!!! Ghuccha ho mujhche!!! Plzzz solly na...I know I'm damn late...But u know mera college n all...Yr bilkul bhi time nai milta...Jitna bhi milta hai usme main baki FFs n OSs padti hun...Aaj kal toh res bhi karne lag gai hun cozz I don't get that much of time to comment... Anyways jab bhi time milega me paka update karungi like I did now!!! Ok now I want to thank all those who loved who liked my last update!!! Chalo now I will stop my pachar pachar n let u all read the update.. So here u all go with the update!!! Enjoy everyone...




Here Taani soon reached the venue making herself comfortable, confident n ready for the show...But still she cant ignore the fact that  she is not confident...She is still feeling nervous...She wanted him to be at her side right now...But the present situation never allowed that to happen...She stood in front of the venue...Looked at it nervously...She was playing with her hands which she always do whenever she is nervous...This would not be gone whenever he was by her side...She felt her eyes getting wet...She looked at her surrounding...Suddenly her eyes fell on someone...She saw her life standing beside her taking support of the car n looking at her lovingly...She was shocked at the sight...She wanted to see that whether it was true or not so she started moving towards him...She came close to him...N tried to touch his cheeks but he held her hand in his and intertwined her fingers with his...He smiled at her assuring that he is always there by her side...Tears were continuously flowing down her cheeks...Now she was feeling good...She was feeling confident...

"Close ur eyes Taani!!!" Rey said will looking into eyes deeply...She was confused..."Plzz close ur eyes!!!! I want u to be confident today...I want u to win the show...I want u to feel my presence every time by closing ur eyes!!!!" Rey said as he held her face between his palms... She smiled n felt all her confidence was rebuilding in her...She slowly closed her eyes n felt the moment...

N after sometime she felt the touch on her face getting off...She opened her eyes only to find no one beside her or in her surroundings... She looked all around only to find no one there and to feel that the Rey she saw was her imagination...Tears were now flowing like a cascade through her eyes...Again she felt alone...But when the words of Rey which he said 4 years back came to her mind she felt anger fill in her...She wiped off her tears soon and said "Why don't u leave me alone Rey!!! From past 4 years u made my life hell by ur words n ur action so y r u now coming in front of me as an imagination...I don't want u to be my side now(even though she wanted deep inside her heart)...I don't want u to make me confident...I can be and I am confident...I will win this show on my basis only...N I bet u that..." She said all this in full confidence and fully ready for show...She went inside the venue to get ready for the show...

She stepped inside the venue only to be greeted by everyone present there and her assistant Sanaya followed her from the entrance, she was already present there waiting for Taani...She smiled and greeted them back...She was so famous that everyone started surrounding her...She responded nicely... She was happy that she is famous among all...She never thought that she would be so much famous...It was like her parents, her bhai's and Rey's dream got true...It was, is and always will be her dream only...but more than her's it was their dream...She was more than happy...She always get this treatment but every time she feels it to be new... She takes this feeling as new...

She was welcomed by everyone...The event manager personally welcomed her and showed her the room... She went inside the room and started her work with her designs and last moment rehearsals and all...The show was going to start in next half an hour!!!

In mean time Rey calmed himself with the anger he had...But to be frank he cant n also he cant overcome the hurt he got in his life!!! But still being confident and ensuring himself that just after 1 month when the event will be over he will soon leave this place and get back to USA...This place is haunting him...This place is driving him mad...This place is giving all those bad moments back to him...This place is horror land for him...Mainly horror land brings fear in a person but this horror land is bringing anger in Rey...!! He want to get out of here ASAP...!! But destiny had planned something else for him...!! Destiny had thought that it will make this horror land in heave for Rey within this 1 month...No matter what happens!!!

Rey got ready for the event...He again got back into his same attitude and personality which kills a person into good and bad also!!! But who knows that this one is fake and this is not at all Rey!!! Anyways he got out of his workplace and made his way to his present destination, which will change his destiny without his knowledge...

Soon he arrived the venue...It was really a very big event which is being hosted at a very big place...As he came out of his car, he felt something weird...He felt as if his past is following him and is here with him...He had fear to face it but more than that anger was building...He shooed this weird feeling and stepped inside the venue where he soon was crowed by many people to get an autograph of him and to meet him...He kept his attitude on and greeted all of them with fake smile as well...Soon he got free from the chaos...

He started having a look around the venue...He was near the green room...He dint know anything but he was having a very different feeling...A feeling of getting his love back or in his words getting his worst past back to him...But he was somehow ignoring that feeling and thought as he don't want to disturb his mood right now... He got more near to the room and soon there was a   *****CLAASH*****

Here Taani was really very busy...Within half an hour her show was going to start...Even though it was at last but still she was getting hyper on getting everything worked on time...She was roaming along with her assistant...She was instructing her what what to do...Sanaya was listening carefully...They came out of the green room and Sanaya went in the other direction and Taani to other...She was not seeing were she was going as she was busy in her file and soon there was a                    *****CLAASH*****

She was going to touch the ground but soon someone grabbed her through her waist saving her from falling... She was scared that she would have fallen...But more than that when she felt the touch she was scared to death...She thought she must be dreaming like she did when she came here...But no she was not...It was him only...But she dint want it to be true...

She slowly opened her eyes to see whether it was him or someone else... When she opened her eyes she got the biggest shock in her life...He was there...He was there in font of her...That too holding her and saving her from falling...She dint at all expected it to be him...Or wait is she again dreaming, was the thought came in her mind...After looking at him for long she thought to confirm that whether it was him or someone else...She took her hand from his shoulder and started to move her finger towards him...

Here when Rey saved the girl from falling he got the biggest shock...He dint at all expected this...He saw her...It was her...According to him his bad past...He was holding her...Many things were going on inside him...Anger, disgust, pain, hurt, and of course happiness too to see her after so many years...But it was less at that moment of time...Anger was over powering him...When she opened her eyes...He was lost in her beautiful eyes...But his ego and anger both brought him out of the imaginary world when he saw her moving her hand towards his face to touch him and see whether it was him or not...It was her old habit...Whenever she wants to confirm whether the person is present or not she always applies this trick...He smiled inside...But outside he showed all his anger...And before she could touch him, he left her which resulted Taani landing on the ground abruptly...She let out a cry of pain "Ahhh!!!"

But Rey was least cared about it...His anger was on top...He looked at her angrily...As if he would eat her any moment...Taani also looked at him with equal anger...She also suffered through all those pain...He was not only the one...Even she suffered a lot...She had to listen all those words from him even though she dint did anything else...They passed strong glares to each other for long...Taani thought he would at least help her in getting up...But poor girl she dint knew that his anger and ego was so high that it blocked his soft corner in his heart...

After sometime Rey felt like its useless to glare a heartless person and waste his time...He saw here and there and before leaving he again passed a glare to her and let out a word to her "BITCH!!!" and turned to leave...

Taani was shocked with his behavior...She never ever in her life thought that Rey will ignore her and will call her 'Bitch'...It was high time now...Firstly he dint trust her and is blaming her and now he is calling her Bitch'...She stood up from the floor and stopped him saying or should I say shouting "What the hell do u think about urself Mr. Singhania!!!!" Rey stopped at the spot and turned towards her...He looked at her in disbelief that she called him Mr. Singhania'...She always used to call her either Rey or by any of the sweet names...But today for the first time she shouted on him and that too calling him Mr. Singhania'...He looked at her angrily now and said "I think what I am right now!!! And by the way I'm not at all interested in talking to bitch like u!!!!" He said the last sentence with evil smirk on his face and turned to leave with anger filled in him...

Taani was now really badly hurt...The one who always used to call her Sweetheart', Baby', Darling', His life' and with many more sweet names, and also would always love to kill the person who ever call her something wrong, is today himself calling her Bitch'...Now she felt to be useless person of this world...Tears were now continuously flowing...

Here Rey stopped before taking a step forward and turned towards Taani and looked at her angrily and said "What the hell r u doing her!!!! I told u right that don't ever show me ur face in my life then why r u here???" He almost shouted on her...She looked at him blankly first...But then thought of Ayan and her past came in her mind where it was not her fault and she was accused...She composed herself and passed the same glare to him and said "Its my concert today so I'm here and BTW I'm a famous designer who can be anywhere at any time...So I don't need ur damn concern and ur damn command...N BTW it an event so I should ask that what a dancer is doing here in an fashion event...!!!!" Now she is becoming strong...She again don't want to loose herself in front of him...Even though this is not at all her behavior but still she is doing this so that she can let him know that whatever happens nothing can ever effect her about him...

Now Rey is even more angry with what she said ...She is answering him back...He was not able to digest it...He turned his palm into a strong fist to control his anger...He looked at her angrily and said "Its not my business to tell u everything...To a bitch like u who never cares about other's emotion and only lives to fulfil her bad needs...!!!" He said and turned to leave...But before leaving he says "BTW my bad luck is with u so that u can never win this event and will always loose in everything..." He said and left from there...Even though deep inside his heart he wanted that she should only win this event...

Taani was left there shocked...She never thought that he would be so rude to her and he will misunderstand her to this extent...Now her anger for him was growing...She looked him walking out of her sight...Even though tears were coming out of her eyes but now anger was filling in her...She turned her palm into a fist and said "Mr. Reyansh Singhania...Now just wait and watch I'll only win this event and I'll show u that I can do anything and I'm not a bitch at all!!!" She was angry...Now she wanted to prove herself...She left that place in anger...


Ok so guysss I stop here!!! I know short update but I'm writing according to my story line...And ya I hope I did some justice to TR meet according to the story line...Hope that u all will like it...If u all like it then plzzz I request u all to comment big...It will inspire me to write more...And ya for later updates...Let me tell u those will be interesting...So plzz do like this update!!!!Bye guys!!!

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unitatoxo. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 22 September 2013 at 12:36am | IP Logged
res Tongue

Superb Update..
Awh..Poor Taani.. Cry
The story is really going good.
Well done..

PS - Me first Dancing

Update jaldi.. LOL


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-GoluGudiya- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 22 September 2013 at 1:17am | IP Logged
Haila Dii !!
Itna Anger Se Bhara Meet !
Hawww ... Dono ne Kya takkar diya Ek Dusre ko
I feel bad for Taani and Rey Yaar !
But story dhamakedar chal Raha hai

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Muskan_TR Goldie

Joined: 01 January 2013
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Posted: 22 September 2013 at 1:18am | IP Logged

Hiii dear...Smile

Welll taarey meet was nyc n taani's dream was d best part...Big smile

Ufff taani's attitude was just wowww...Cool

I loved it...Big smile

Bt I don't liked rey to call her a "bitch"Angry

I mean tum usse koi bhi naam dedo...for instance-cheater,dhokebaaz,etc,etc...Unhappy

Bt plzzz nt a bitch...Cry

Update sooonnn n thanxx fr d pmBig smile

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