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TaaRey FF ~||Biggest Mistake Of Life||~(Ch-5 UPD)


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Posted: 26 June 2013 at 5:18am | IP Logged

Hey guyzz!!!! I'm Prasanna and I'm back with another new FF''Few of u know me as I'm already writing two FF'' TaaRey FF : love began unwantedly and TaaRey FF : ~!!?WHO ARE YOU?!!~'' I'll not give any CS in this FF'..Cause I feel that through CS most of the things could be predicted and I don't want that to happen so I'll directly start my FF''So here one thing is there to tell u all that this is totally different from the show''Not a single bit will be added from the show''Ya characters may be same but not the scenes''.Thoughts will be different''Some relation will be different also''Few new characters will also be added as the story proceeds'' And main thing the story will only proceed when u people will like and comment cause I really want ur all support in this''I'm totally loosing inspiration''In my recently running two FFs(names mentioned above), I'm getting very less response which is making me sad''Other writers know that how it few but still they are not commenting and liking''..So plzz guyzz I really beg u all to support me by commenting and liking'..Even if all want to criticize no problem''U all can put them in ur comments cause they will help me in improving my self'..So plzz do comment and like'.Enjoy







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                It was early morning 5 o' clock and a girl sleeping on her bed was sweating badly and only one thing was ringing in her mind "Get Out Taani''.Get Out of my house'.. and Never Ever Show me ur Face'.. in my life" She woke up with a jerk''She was totally drenched in the salty liquid which was continuously forming on her face''.She was engrossed in her own world which was broke with alarm clock which was kept beside on the table''She hurriedly stopped it''.She took the glass of water kept beside the clock and drank it in one go''Oh god it was bad dream'..wait not dream it actually happened in real which she can never ever forget in her life''It was her daily way of waking up from past 4 years'..She can never forget that worst day of her life''The day when she did her biggest mistake of life''.She actually never thought in her bad dreams also that that day would have come in her life, but she experienced it in true'..Now also she feel like it's a bad dream that she is watching from past 4 years but when she always sees the child face who is sleeping beside her, she comes to know that its actually true''.Alarm clock again rang breaking her chain of thoughts'..The child sleeping beside her got disturbed by the sound and moaned in sleep "mmm" and made himself comfortable again''.Taani saw this and stopped the alarm and saw the child''.She kept her hand on his hair and ruffled''Again the child got disturbed and turned to the other side''She smiled watching his action'.."U are exactly like ur dad Ayan'!!" She thought and a tear drop came out of her eyes'..

                Making her son comfortable in his sleep she stood up from her place and went to washroom'' She took shower and got ready soon''Coming out of the washroom she saw that her son is sleeping peacefully''It was 6:30 at that time''She smiled and went to the dressing table''.She still looks young and beautiful even after 5 years of her marriage''She was wearing a designer top and jeans''She put her small ear rings, then braclet in one hand and watch in another''She put some kohl and lipstick'..No more make up except this, still she was looking more beautiful''.She was combing her hair when her phone ring''.She saw her phone and saw that her assistant Sanaya was calling her''.She pick up'."Good morning mam' "Sanaya spoke from the other end'.."Good morning Sanaya'..So is everything ready as I instructed everyone??" Taani asked her to confirm whether the work given by her is over or not'."Yes mam'..Everything is ready'..All the dresses are ready and models will be here by 8 o' clock mam" Sanaya informed her about the work''"Ok'..Are they ready for the show'..Listen if not then make them come soon and practice cause I don't want any problem to take place today as it is my biggest deal ever and if any problem takes place then I wont spare anyone'.. And mainly u will be in a gr8 problem Sanaya" Taani said in firm tone'."No mam every thing is perfect'. All of them are doing their work properly'' Nothing wrong will happen mam.." Sanaya said in confident tone but still she was scared for her job'.."Ok good'..then I'll be there after 8" Taani informed her'' "Ok mam'." Both of them hung up''Yes Taani is a fashion designer''Not small one, she is a gr8 fashion designer''She has her own company''She is in this field soon after her college got over'.. From then only she manages her own company''.Everyone there respects her a lot'..She is very strict but at the same time soft at heart''.Today is her biggest day'..She has a show in which world's gr8 fashion designers will be there judging''And few more designers are there to show their presentation '.. If they like any of their work then they will make their deal with them''..Taani don't want to loose it at any cost''Its her dream and she don't want anything bad to happen''

                She combed her hair and got ready''.She went to the bed side window where her son was sleeping peacefully''.She slid the curtains a side making the sun rays make their way inside and fall on Ayan's face''He again got disturbed and moaned "mmm'" and pull the blanket up to his face'' Taani saw his action smiled and went to him and sat beside him'..Pull the blanket down and ruffled his hair "Good morning camp'" Now Ayan was totally disturbed so opened his eyes and saw his mama sitting beside him with a smile on her face'..He too smiled and replied "Good morning mama'.." "Come on Ayan now get up soon" Taani said trying Ayan to wake up'."Mama plzz na more 5 min" Ayan said trying to pull blanket which Taani was holding'."No Ayan'.see its already 7 o' clock and u have to go to school also right!!! Today is ur 1st day beta'." Taani said in a sweet voice'.."Mama I'll go from tomorrow na plzz let me sleep''I'll feeling so sleepy'." Ayan said trying to convince his mom'' He is actually not ready to go to school''"Ok fine then mama will not talk to u'." Taani said leaving the blanket and turning to the other side with fake anger''Now Ayan cant see his mom angry with him and not talking to him so he had to give up now''He woke up from the bed and stood in front of his mom ..'.. Taani was seeing all this from corner of her eyes and knew that now his son will agree to her soon' He stood in front of her and kept his small and soft hand on her cheeks to make her look at him'.. " Mama sorry na'.. See agar aap mujhe angry rahogi toh mujhe ready kon karega school ke liye'.." He said pouting his lips''He was looking so cute that Taani smiled "That's like my champ'" She pinched his cheeks and took him in her arms and made her way to washroom to make Ayan ready'' They had their cute talks and Ayan did his naughtiness''After half an hour Taani made Ayan ready fully with his school dress and all''And she too got full on ready''Now they made their way to the dinning table down'..

While coming down stairs "Mama school me toh teachers bahut scold karte hai na'." Ayan said a lil bit scared''Taani smiled on his innocence as she know that he is scared for getting scoldings'."No beta'..Aisa aapse kisne kaha??" Taani asked while making him sit on the chair'."Voh Sam hai na unhone kaha" Ayan said pouting'."Voh toh tumhe daara rahe hai beta and u r my bahadur beta right(Ayan nodded in yes) So tum toh kisi se nahi darte'." Taani said making him understand'' An old Servent came and served them with breakfast''"Good morning kaka'." Taani said in a sweet tone'.They treated him as their family member only'..Always gave him a place of elder in their family''"Good morning betiya'.." Kaka wishe her'..He too loved them a lot' his family only'.."Good morning Kaka'" Ayan wished in his sweet and cute tone'. Kaka caressed his cheeks and wished him and served him with breakfast'.."Aaj aapka bahut bada show hai na betiya'??" Kaka asked Taani'.."Haa Kaka mere liye bahut bada din hai mujhe ye deal kisi bhi haal me chahiye'..Ye mera dream tha kab se''Mere liye pray kariye ga kaka ki maine ye deal hasil kar lu'." Taani said having her breakfast'.."Main toh tumhare liye hamesha bhagwan se prathna karta hun beta''.Tumne iss ke liye bahut mehnat ki hai toh tum jarur jeetogi beta'." Kaka said assuring her that she will only get the deal''Here our cute Ayan was not getting what they are talking about so he confussing pouted and said "Mama Kaka aap log kya baate kar rahe ho mujhe kuch samajh nahi aa raha'" Taani and kaka saw him and giggled seing him confussed'.Now Ayan got angry and asked "Aap log mere upar has kyun rahe hon??" "Hum has nahi rahe hai beta hum toh tumhare iss cute se face ko dekh ke smile kar rahe hai'" Taani told him by pulling his chin'.."Ok chalo beta do fast hum late ho rahe hai'.." Taani said completing her breakfast and making Ayan to complete fast'.. Soon they completed and bid bye to kaka and moved to their destination''

                Firstly Taani drove to Ayan's school '' made him go inside his school without any fear'' When she confirmed that he went inside his classroom, she drove to her company'' She reached on time''She walked inside'..Everyone saw her and wished her good morning''..She too replied gently''Then made her way to her cabin''She went kept her bag on the table and went to window and opened it letting the cool breeze caress her face'' She was lost in her thought for some time'' She was brought back when she heard a knock on the door'' She ordered the person to come in and she took her place''.. Sanaya, her assistant came in with a file'' She wished her morning'.."Ok so is everything properly ready Sanaya" Taani asked her taking the file from her hand'.."Yes mam everything is ready'" Sanaya answered'.."Models have come or not'..??" Taani asked checking the file'.. "Yes mam they are here in the green room trying the dresse'.." Sanaya answered'"Hmmm'Ok ask them to be in the rehearsal room in 15 min'..I'll come to check'." Taani ordered keeping the file on table'.."OK mam" Sanaya nodded and left the cabin'. After 15 minutes she left for the rehearsal room''On the way instructing people and ordering'' Soon she reached rehearsal room'..All the models were present their wearing the dresses which they have to present in the show'' They were standing in a line'.. Taani checked them one by one that is the dress ok or not''."Ok girls now show me the ramp walk'." Taani ordered the models'.They agreed and went back side of the ramp'..The rehearsal room was really very big''It had the ramp the same way which the fashion shows have'.. She got seated on the chair in front of the ramp'' All the models were showing her their performance'' She watched eached and every thing carefully''..She made some improvements and instructed them'' Like this it took 1 hour for her to watch, instruct and correct them''"Ok girls so now its perfect'.." Taani said entering the green room'."I don't want any chaos there'.Everything should be perfect'." Taani ordered them and they nodded in yes'."Ok so get changed to normal dresses we are heading to the venue in 1 hour'.." She said and left to her cabin'..


Here I stop this chapter''Hope u all will like it'..Plzzz guyzz do like and comment it really encourages me to right more''I request u all'..If u all want to criticize then also u all are most welcome''But plzz do comment'.

NOTE : Here Taani is rich'..She has a big house and her own company''.She lives with her son who is 3 and a half years old, very sweet and cute and naughty'..Other things will be revealed in next chapters'..

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chpter 1 is nyc... continue me plz..

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--taareylove--- IF-Sizzlerz

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yipeee me second 

loved the concept and update its too awesome 

loved it to the core 

omg i am really excited to know what happened 3 and half years ago 

but love ayan and taani bond they are so cute 

umm. taani so rich really excited to read further 

plz cont. thanks for the pm and do it again 

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It's really nice... U didn't give CS..Concept...Nothing..Hmm..That means...This FF contains so many twits, turns... Right???? Anyway...I am excited for this story...
Taani's dream/nightmare... OMG!! I fall in love with story... I know..Only one chapter... I have done reading..But, I get a little idea..This FF is going to rock... Aww..Ayaan is so cute.. and the way you described his antics..reactions..expression... Loved it... Seriously... and Taani is a fashion!! Interesting...
Update was nice... The name of this FF is different.. and it shows that this story is also different... Update soon! Pm me!!

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awsm atrt

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Ooohhh god ausum start taani designer yiiipppeee and who was that shouting rey?? what misrtake?? can't wait to read more plsss update soon

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awesome starting Clap

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