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V DaY TrippinG LovE!! A VrushaN 2shot pt 2 pg 6 (Page 4)

DanCing_DiVa_SK IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 26 June 2013 at 11:49pm | IP Logged

Hey Mehek 

Awesome work...I liked the start with Vrinda and Taanu arguing  about his cute zoolfe Embarrassed

Vrushika admiring them...Awiiee how cutee Embarrassed

Aur yeh kya Vrushika neh toh ladkiyo ki izaat meeti mein miladi ...Tannu ke zoolfe ko cute bholke... LOL 

Then the gang teasing them...luved it Big smile Vrushan is choo choo adorable...luv them Heart

So all in all Cute update...continue soon Embarrassed


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sonakshigupta Goldie

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Posted: 27 June 2013 at 4:12am | IP Logged
Hey mehek somthin different n nyc...
BhaviJas IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 27 June 2013 at 4:43am | IP Logged
edited on pg 1...
p.s. bandar nai lagai kyunki vo me nxt part ke coment me lagaungii...Embarrassed
dazzlingmanavi Goldie

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Posted: 27 June 2013 at 7:11am | IP Logged
it was so awsm
i really loved it
the fight scene was fab
shaan's zulfe are  really very cute
loved vrushun <3
concept is really interesting and different
pls. update soon
Sweet.Sarcastic Goldie

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Sweet.Sarcastic Goldie

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Posted: 28 June 2013 at 2:08am | IP Logged

guys... thanks...Smile

read note at the end..Cry

i have tried to make it romantic..Embarrassed

i dont know how has it turned out..Confused

i am chetan bhagat reader .. so tried from his work..EmbarrassedLOL

Part  2



it ended with the tiresome actors getting back home..

A memorable trip to india's first international theme park..

And the cute vrushika shaan..

The trip was the best for them..

As they could steal more glances at each other and for clicking pics.. would be near each other..

They tried level best to sit near each other everytime..

In short.. both were in full mood to make the other fall for themselves..

Shaan tried 2 get her attention by all boyish ways and she tried to get his by  taking girls near boys.. again and again coming in front of him and blah blah blah...




"Khopoli is really nice.. and adlabs is the best.. isn't it??"started shaan a conversation when he and vrushi were going home from sets of D3..



The channel bus dropped 'em to their shoot locations and they had to go to their respective houses from there..

Alisha was dropped by archie..

Sneha amar bharat sam and priyanka stayed in the same direction.. so they went together..

Vrinda met priyesh so they were busy in their mad masti as priyesh would later drop her ..

After they were sure about all girls..

Amar shaan and vrushi were left..

Amar said that he has to go to charlies place

so shaan said that he will drop vrushi cos its late night and any girl should not stay till then..

before leaving from there..

shaan again took a hault in front of vrinda and confirmed whether she would reach home safely and she simply replied..

"my pagal body guard.. im okkk.. aur ye dusra bodyguard hai na' wo mujhe drop kardenga" pointing towards priyesh..

And then she continued.. "tu vrushiii ko drop kar" she said stressing on vrushi making it clear  what she was indicating him And gave him a naughty smirk..

While he rushed behind her to catch her and had a huge mad fun time.. vrushi felt jealous.. but also adored him..


"yaa.. its really nice.." said vrushika trying to break the awkwardness..

Again a chain of silent walk continued..

Soon they reached vrushi's society..

Vrushi was getting inside when shaan called her.. "hey vrushi'"

"yaaa.."she replied turning..

"thanks.. "he said trying to smile'

"for???" interrogated vrushi..

"ummm.. ummm for that compliment u had given me.. that's really very sweet of u'" said shaan in a weird note..

Vrushis cheeks turned dead red on the spot..

She wanted to hug him..

But controlling her emotions she simply said "kchh.. its ok'" smiled winked and flee..

shaan was pretty sure that  she liked him..

After all in real life when a girl calmly replies like this on a gesture like that.. it surely has 2 be something..

Out of his sight when she reached.. she felt like dancing..

Wowowowowow!!! He likes me.. he really likes me.. she wondered in pleasure'

Yes.. he has to like me.. no guy would remember that if he wouldn't like u..

And the way he told thanks..

Yes for sure he likes me..

God.. that is so crazy' I m in love.. she yelled throwing away all the pillows..

And fell  in deep sleep soon..

Ting tong.. rang the door bell late night and she woke up to open the door'

Irritated for whom it might be.. she became contradictarily excited to see shaan standing there with his billion dollar smile..

She let him in and asked as to why had he come so late at night..

To which he simply replied' because I was missing u'

She blushed at his compliment and told that she will get some tea or coffee but he simply pulled her with her wrist resulting in her falling on the couch near him..

Then he said' " I could have made coffee at my place.. I said I was missing YOU..

In response.. she gave him weird+yawn looks'

And he switched on the t.v..

She dint ask and just sat there near him watching t.v.

She was busy watching repeat telecast of D3 while he murmured..


"hmmm"she replied engrossed in the t.v..

"I want a kiss'"

"buffphhh' what???" she asked shocked and getting up from the sofa..

He took her wrist and pulled her down making her to sit on the couch again..

"what what kyan.. ?? I said I want a kiss'" he repeated..

"have u gone bonkers' or are u drunk.. yes.. show me ur mouth.. u seem to be drunk.."she said in the highest pitch..

"neither have I gone bonkers nor am I drunk.. now stop behaving as though u don't know anything'" he barged yet calmly..

"what do I know..??"she asked raising her left brow..


"haaan that????"


"haaan.. what that???"


"arrey say na what that that.. ??" she yelled irritated..

"that I like u.. or maybe love u.." he said in a breath..

She stood there shocked'but without thinking twice she just hugged him tight and said.. "I love u too'"


years later...

after the high profile marriage of the famous shantanu and vrushika .. there she was..miss vrushika shanatanu maheshwari.. on the bed covered with rose petals..

with her legs hugged by her hands to the chest'

waiting for her hubby to come and make her his'

to make her  vrushika shantanu maheshwari for real..

maybe she wouldn't change her name cos of the new era..

but she surely was his' only his..

wondering  about how her first night would be..

the beautiful room.. the sheer awesome dcor' the costly candles..

the expensive cake.. the huge maheshwari mansion.. her authentic Indian lehenga of the same red color..  and the dimmest lights..

wow.. she just looked so beautiful..

he walked in the room as she composed herself..

he removed his pagdi and threw it in a corner..

next came his typical Indian and irritating shoes.. thanks to amar and vrinda for this arrangements..

after that he marched towards her..

the girl whom he loved.. the girl who loved him' the girl who was his..

not the girl the lady..

without any hesitation..

he picked up her big pallu covering her face..

her eyes still looking down and her blush letting out the make-up..

god she looked drop dead hot..

even if he would want.. he would never be able to control his desires anymore'

but before turning the uncontrollable lover boy.. he had to remove the big precious ornaments that his lady had put on..

he slowly removed the maang tika.. kept it safely aside.. he then removed her nose ring purposely touching her cheeks .. and then the earrings..  keeping all of them safely aside .. he reached towards the big pin that holded the plits of her big lehenga..

as soon as he removed it the plits came falling down and she shut her eyes tightly..

he saw that smirked widely..

he then got close to  her and did the same 2 her by pulling her by her waist.. a small voice came out of her mouth.. barely audible..

with his hands still on her waist he dug in his face near her shoulders he placed slightest kisses on her neckline.. she tilted her head  and her eyes remained shut in response..

he then increased his pace of kissing and placed wetter kisses on her shoulders till her neckline. . .

she blushed the hardest this time..

and then he bit her on her neckline..

ghosh.. that one love bite.. their first love bite..

she gave soft moans and clutched on his thighs to control herself'soon his hands from her waist reached her back.. and he kept playing with the strings there still kissing her neckline.. finally.. finally he reached her cheeks and kissed on her cheek near her chin..

he then took his head up and taking one  hand'he pulled her from her neck..and took her in a wild kiss..

ufff.. the hotness. .. not that they had never kissed each other..

infact they almost daily did that.. sometimes twice sometimes thrice sometimes infinitely.. and sometimes shaan use to pull her in a corner to kiss her just because he loved seeing her blush.. but this felt new.. completely different..

she obviously responded back with the same passion'.

They sucked each other's  lips  until they felt short of  breath..

They broke apart.. but he didn't want to let her go..

He puled her in a kiss again..

And started playing with the strings of her choli..

As he wandered his fingers on her bare back..shivers went down her spine'

He slowly untied one of the strings  and gradually undid her top..

Without giving a second thought..he removed the pallu from her chest and then removed her top.. still kissing her..

This time he started laying on her  with his work  still in progress..

She gave soft moans signaling a yes'

He then slowly pushed himself on her bare chest and started untying her ghaghra or lehenga..

God.. why had this clothes need to be so big'

after lots of struggle he finally  was successful in removing it..

after he had threw away the choli before.. he now was throwing away that never ending ghagra or saadi or whatever.. and "huh.. finally.." came out of his mouth'

to which she chuckled plufully'

he then pulled her in another kiss and played with her thighs while she undid his kurta buttons.. after long hot romantic session..

he pushed away all his clothes and p

ulled a blanket over them..

she kissed him on his bare chest giving him love bites and he placed kisses on her growth and cleavage..

he placed hot kisses all over her body from her neck to her thighs and then finally..

finally he was in her.. he was with her' he made her his.. only his..

passion  repressed for years came forth unleashed.. they made love to each other for the rest of the night marking each other theirs'

 and slept together peacefully in love' with love'



"Tirrr' tirrr'"

Rang the alarm to wake her is then she realized that it was her dream..


She sat up straight in shock..

"did I really dream that.." she questioned herself'

"how cheap.." she yelled..

But then she calmed herself and said "but wo dream tha.. how can I control a dream.."


But her thoughts were broken by him..

Shaan calling.. her mobile screen flashed..

She rushed 2 pick the call and replied..

"haan shaan.. bolo.."

"vrushi.. get I'll pick u up" he said..

She felt really nice from within and replied..

"ya.. thnks.."

And they hung up..

It was his habbit from so long to pick her up daily..

New bahanas every morning.. and she loved it.. she loved this special treatment..



"u know what..?" asked vrushi breaking the silence in car..

"what??" he asked..

"I saw a dream of urs.." she said not looking at him..

"what dream??" he asked happy and curious..

"nothing much' u were cute in was ur marriage.." she said trying to hide her blush..

That was it.. he couldn't hide any more.. 'my marriage.. my marriage..!' he thought..

"vrushi..i want 2 tell u something very important.." he said looking forward in the car trying to drive properly..


"what??" she said trying to be calm hiding her excitement..

"ummm u see' I like some one.." he said calmly..

Her heart filled up with disappointment..

"who??" she asked sounding low..she dint feel any good now..

"I'll pakka tell u.."he asked..

"yes baba.. tell na' jaldi bol.. m waiting.. Whos that lucky girl..????"

"ummm' u.." he said calmly not looking her..

"what????? She asked shocked but very very very happy..

"hmm.. he nodded in a yes..

"I have liked u from long and now I can t keep it to myself..

Its perfectly ok if u reject.. after all I cant force u right..

But I just din't want 2 keep it to myself anymore..

Ya I think there is a high probability of u reverting my feelings' yet..

It is upto u at the end of the day.."

She calmly listned to him feeling the best..

He started driving again..

After a long while she said'

"shaan..?? u know what??"

"hmmm" shaan asked questening'

"even I LIKE YOU.." she calmly completed ..

He stopped the car in shock and stared her..

"are u serious.." his expression said that..

While he just kept num..

She got up from her seat and placed a big peck on his ckeeks..

And then said..

"don't ask me are u serious..!! cos I m,.."

She winked'

"five 'clock hotel marzorin.." he said with enthusiasm..

"sure.." she replied

And silence filled the car and content filled their hearts..




U know what vrush..we liked each other from so long but couldn't tell each other..

But that one compliment of urs and blush of urs made us confess.. funny isn't it.."

Said shaan as he sat opposite to  vrush in the hotel..

"yess.. funny.." vrushi replied lovingly..

"waise u were telling u dreamt of my marriage.. abhse aisa sapne mat dekhna.." he teased'

"theek hai nahi dekgungi.. waise maine bataya nahi.. sapna humari shaadi ka tha..

But if u say its okkk.." she teased him more..

"really.. our marriage.. aur kyan kyan sapne dekhe hunnn'"

"kuch nahi.. kal pehle baar dekha.. tripping ke baad.." she said in a I AM UR GIRLFRIEND NOW tone'

"V Tripping Day love after all.." cracked shaan a joke phrase'

And both shared a laughter..

And spent the evening with each other having fun..

The perfect beginning.. a fresh beginning.. a new beginning..



sorry guys i think i am leaving IF..
atleast till my dad is here...
no more torture 2 u guys...Cry
ofline reading hosakti hai..Sleepy

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main tere dono updates pain first hoon... Big smile Big smile
itni kushi kbhi nahi hui... LOL

coming to the update
loved it

for the first time i'm loving offscreen OS's EmbarrassedBlushing
varna aaj tak kabhi ache nahi lage the ..

my god vrushaan... Blushing
how can they be so adorable.. Embarrassed

and u make sure that i don't hate vrinda.. LOLLOL (vause i don't hate her i hate someone else.. Wink )

In response.. she gave him weird+yawn looks'
yeh toh dhasu tha... LOLLOL

after the high profile marriage of the famous shantanu and vrushika .. there she was..miss vrushika shanatanu maheshwari..
the huge maheshwari mansion. EmbarrassedBlushing
this one was actually BONKERS..

yeh kya kar diya tune mehek LOL LOL
aaj na tu saachi pe ke likh rhi hain
kya chadaya hain ??? WinkLOL
vaise i loved it...  Embarrassed

and uske bad ka update 
i cannot comment
im so sorry.. Blushing Embarrassed
couldn't handle it...

WTH vrushi was dreaming... Confused Ouch 

amazing end
thanks for the pm.

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double post
im so sorry...

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