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V DaY TrippinG LovE!! A VrushaN 2shot pt 2 pg 6

Sweet.Sarcastic Goldie

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Posted: 26 June 2013 at 4:21am | IP Logged

part 2 page 6..

!!!V DaY TrippingG LoveE - A VrushaN TwO ShoT!!!

Hollla pollla guys'

M back..

With another vrushan two shot..

My last three shot had got a really good response so I hope to get the same for this one'

Basically this was [vrushan] mhanje bhavikas request for an OS..

But I made it a two shot..



And special thanks to [swaron_pk] aka palak who gave me this idea..Hug

thanks pagal..Wink



"Heyy guys'

Lets sit and check out the pics .. I m super tired.. break badly needed.." said archie as to which all agreed'

"hmmm.. see this one is so nice'after all  girls effect u see' the more the merrier'"

Said  sneha.G after viewing almost all pics from everybody's cell'

"wateva.. girls effect.. buwahahaha!!!"dis agreed archie'

"isme kitni moti lagri ho tum sneha.." said shaan teasingly to which vrushi just observed..

"haaan haaan.. aur tum toh  taylor lautner dikhre hon na.." joined vrinda with a naughty yet sarcasm filled note..

"mujhe koi taylor lautner banne ko zaroorat nahi hai.. me shaantanu maheshwari hoon shantanu maheshwari' haaan na.." replied an overconfident shaan while setting his flicks..

"my my.. itna attitude.. apna physicue dekha hai.. u luk like somebody in negative figure.. like a slat screen..yes LCD TV'

Aur apni zoolfe dekhi hai' mujhse zyada toh teri zulfe udti hai' chokri kahinka.." said an angry vrinda this time..

"first of all.. me teri tarha mota nahi hoon isliye jal mat samjhi'  abh sabh teri aur sneha ki tarha fatty'ies to nahi ho sakte na..

Aur meri zoolfe.. well that's a style.. aur usssi pe hazaro ladkiya marti hai'"

"wateva' style.. so mr. that's a very girly style..

And ladkiyo ka attention hi chahiye tujhe' jerk'

Anyways.. let me tellyou ki girls tujh pe islie marti hai  kyunki unhe apne jaisa koi milgaya na.." mocked vrinda..

While the rest kept staring at the crazy duo'

   Before vrinda.. it was only shaan who use to do everybody's leg pulling but after vrinda's entry.. he had a really though competition with vrinda being a yed-bhagao[mad-karo] queen..


"oh I see.. matlab u agree that the boys  do die for you because unhe unke jaisa koi milgaya' right boys..




"u know what shaan..u don't sound funny at all.. Sleepy'


"neither do I want 2 ..

Tu hongi joker.. ma nahi hoon.. LOL"

"whatever' just don't change the topic..

We were  talking about ur julfe if u remember'"

"so I said na.. meri zulfo pe nazar mat daal.. don't be jealous moti.."

"WTH!!! Me moti nahi hoon.. normal hun' teri tarha malnutrition patient nahi' so u don't be jealous.. n by the way' ur zulfe are the weirder than  the weirdest things' isn't it girls'."

With this.. all the girls and all the boys bumped into a big  argument'

While amar-archie-shaan-amar-bharat-mac-fahad-kunal-etc etc were  busy figting with vrinda-sneha-alisha-priyanka-sam-bharti-palak-smriti-etc etc..

Vrushika was busy observing..

She was new.. she was shy.. she was calm.. and she din't know.. but she was in love'


While observing  everyone in this fight.. she just kept staring him..

His actions.. his reactions.. his antiques.. his madness.. his crazyness'

She looked to it that no one caught her staring him and that's why she did that from the corner of her eyes..

She wanted to look at him the whole time'

But no.. she din't want to..

No she wanted to.. no she din't want to..

But no.. she wanted to'


Urrrghhh ' She herself    din't know what she wanted..

But she knew that even if she said her brains that she doesn't want 2 see him..

Her eyes stole glances at him..


A big enchanting smile on her face.. and twinkle in her eyes' and not to forget.. the vrushiness of hers'

She looked beautiful.. just beautiful..


"urrrghhh' tum boys kyun nahi maan lete ki iski julfe hum se zyada hai aur sabh se weird'" yelled a super irritated vrinda''

"kyunki wo nahi hai" fluttered amar his eyes with some cute expressions on his face'

"ghosh' are u guys mad.. thodi si bhi akal nahi hai kyan?? Why don't u understand that his zulfe are yukkks '" continued bharti sounding more like kiya gujral..

"why don't u girls ask anyone out here..

Pata chal jaaenga'" suggested the smart archie..

"why not' kissi se bhi puchlo' as long as wo intelligent hai.. ur zulfe will be eliminated'" said Alisha this time..

"fine.. then lets ask palki mam'" told the one and only maccy..

"NOOO'."yelled the girls in unison..

"why???"interrogated kunal'

"because iski zulfe palki mam ki favorite hai.. aur ye palki mat ka good boy..

So there no way she will say anything against her shaan.. and rahi baat iski  zulfo ki judging ki.. toh palki mam ne hi isse apni zulfo ko sawarna sikhaya hai'samjha.."

Cleared vrinda..

"okkk'." Raised kunal his hands up indicating U R RIGHT I M WRONG..

"so lets ask vrushika'"suggested sonal[rukmini from TBP] this time'

"YES' that's th best option"yelled both the herds in unison..

"me.. but why me?? I don't know.. don't irritate me" blabbered a hypered vrushi..

She dint want to  get in the fiasco..


"u have to show this boys.. cos u r the nly honest one we all trust.." vrinda gave her a dhamki'



"no buts and vuts vrushi' say fast" asked a curious amar'

"ummm only if I don't have an option'"started vrushi..

"yes u don't!!"said sam..

"then ummm.. ummm pchhh' ummm I mean..

His zulfe are.. ummm..

Kinda' ummm'.

CUTE!!!!!"said vrushi making confused faces in the start and then doing action  of pulling baby cheeks on the word cute'

"vrushiii''''''"yelled vrinda as vrushika got upto run and the rest of the girls joined vrinda in chasing her..

While the boys let out a victorious "YES'."

But somebody was really happier than the rest'

He felt on the 7th sky..

It had been months since vrushis entry and he had made a real good bond with her'

Even in lunch times he always tried to sit near her'

While she did her scenes.. he simply kept looking at her and standing around like a best friend..

Infact he missed no chance to be the best one for her..

And today she calling him cute was the happiest compliment for him'

Throughout the day.. they weren't able 2 spend much time due to all the actors being together'

But this was something that made him wonder.. "it means she also likes me.. maybe" he wondered'

After the running within a radius of  a kilometer..

Vrushika rushed to were they were with vrinda Alisha and sneha still chasing her..

"arrey me kya karu.. jo sach tha wo bola'

Abh  isme meri kya galti hai.." said vrushika as she went and hid behind kunwar..

While the girls reached there and started taking deep breaths as they were tired of chasing the miss.speed in the whole ground of adlabs imagica..

"shut up'"said an irritated vrinda."

"ladkiyo ki izzat mitti me mila di.."continued sneha..

"tum logo ki izzat bhi hai'" said amar teasing 'em'

"yes.. aur tumse zyada' abh side me hatto"told Alisha this time..

"nahi jaunga' meri bacchi ko bachana hai'" said amar joking..

"tujhe aur teri bacchi.. dono ko aisa punch padhenga na.." showed vrinda her fist'

"arrrey girls chod do use'

Bechari bacchi ko.." yelled shaan in a high pitch trying to get her attention..

Vrushis attention'

"arrey waah.. tum dono ke ed dusre ki bohot zyada fikar nahi hai'" said archiemaking it adamant what he meant..

"right archie.. agreed!!!"joined amar..

"is baat me toh even I agree. Tum logo ka chalky raha hai huh'"said the naughty vrinda

"cute and all huh'" all boys said together stretching it on the sentence and specially huhh'

"awww' how romantic'" said the girls this time..

"there is nothing as such' shut up guys'" said vrush giving a colgate smile and leaving from there by banging her feets to show some fake anger..

But god her cuteness'

Everyone saw that million dollar smile and it was turn to irritate shaan now'

"haaan haaan shaaannn' tu to CUTE bangaya hubh!!"mocked vrinda on her best FRENMY forever'

"oh please vrinda.. there is nothing like what ur gutters are thinking.." said shaan trying to hide his happiness after what had just happened..

And before anyone could comment..

Even he left from there..

Leaving everyone sure about some lafda..

As soon as he left..

All the channel V actors broke into a big laughter'

After all .. this trip was their best one..



 The End!!!!



so guys..

next part chahiye...Big smile

then please..Angry

please hit the like and comment..Angry

warna bhool jao...Sleepy

please... do not comment nice update and updt soon and etc etc..

please.. either appreciate me or criticize...SleepyEmbarrassed

precap- full on romance.. kaise.. wo to update me hi pata chalenga..LOL

bhavika.. ur duty .. agar accha feedback nahi toh update bhool ja...




i am super proud to be a puneree.

the park were all these channel V actors had gone is here..

on pune-mumbai highway...

adlabs imagica..

another reason 2 love pune...

i dont know why but felt like sharing...


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BhaviJas IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 26 June 2013 at 4:27am | IP Logged
u r such a Censored
well yeh tha kisliye...
Sweet.Sarcastic Goldie

Joined: 04 March 2013
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Posted: 26 June 2013 at 4:33am | IP Logged
Authors Note-

all my works are purely fictional and my mad thinking..

please do not  take it as a reality...

 These Are My Works

neither have i copied  nor are they anybody else's ideas...
if u feel that they look like somebody elses works..
then that is purely  co-incidental


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BhaviJas IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 26 June 2013 at 4:59am | IP Logged
maggi n payal...Hug
abi res kr rahi hu n dats fr sure bohot lambaa coment krungii...Embarrassed
soo maggii n payal really ossam idea...Embarrassed
m impressed magii se tho thi hi ab payal se b...Tongue
n magiie from where to start...u made my day sweetheart...mene 3 days back hi mere demand ki thi n tune puri b krdi...I LUV U FOR THT...
I LUVD IT DEAR...Embarrassed
vrinda n shaan ki ladai is a treat to watch n vrushii staring shaan was like...Day Dreaming
aahh an shaan too feels for vrushi...Embarrassed
nw waiting for next part n waiting for romance too...
p.s. plsss maam jaldi update karo...i m waiting...Embarrassed

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-Jasmita- IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 26 June 2013 at 5:13am | IP Logged
Wow maggie !!! 
kya likha hai !! amazing work waiting for d next part

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Lavender_Luna IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 26 June 2013 at 5:30am | IP Logged
it was sooo nice... vrushi was soo cute... so even vrinda...
pls update soon...

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_Deepika_ IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 26 June 2013 at 5:36am | IP Logged

AMAZING WORK swthrt...

I loved cutely u showed the whole gang chedofying tannu...ahyeee..tannuEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
Vrush admiring him...julfein is tannu's cutest USPTongueTongueTongue
I like the way u portaryed vrinda,amar,archie,sneha in ur OS...
I am loving VruShanDay Dreaming
Continue soonSmile

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taarey_vrimar IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 26 June 2013 at 5:40am | IP Logged

If you think this is an error please Contact us.

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