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~~*Punarvivah-ZMD Appreciation Thread #1*~~

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Punar Vivah is the story of two individuals Yash & Aarti, set in the Indian city of Bhopal in the state of Madhya Pradesh .Aarti is a divorcee with a son, Ansh. Yash is a widower  with  two daughters, Payal and Palak. It has been  four  years since Aarti's  husband  Prashant  left  her. Yash's  wife , Arpita, died  three   years  ago. Aarti's  in-laws  from her previous marriage and  Yash's family want them to get married. Initially Yash and Aarti  get  married  for  the  well  being of  their kids after a lot  of  hesitation . Aarti and Yash  begin to fall in love as time  moves on. Now , they  have  a  son  Aayu. Thus , the  story   revolves around  their  life  after their Punar Vivah.

Punar Vivah  is Indin soap  opera  that aired on  Zee TV. It  premiered  on  20th February, 2012  It aired  every Monday-Friday at 10:30 pm. The show completed one  year of  run on  20th February, 2013  and 300 episodes  on 12th  April, 2013. This  season  ended  17th May , 2013 and  replaced  Punar Vivah  from 20th May, 2013






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                              Love smileysLove smileysGurmeet Choudhary--Yash Suraj Pratap Scindhia

                                                 Love smileysLove smileysKratika Senger--Aarti Yash Scindhia

                                             Love smileysLove smileysShweta Munshi--Arpita Yash Scindhia

                                Love smileysLove smileysSarwar Ahuja/Vineet Raina--Prashant Satyender Dubey

                                             Love smileysLove smileysDishank Arora--Pratik Suraj Pratap Scindhia

                                                   Love smileysLove smileysLeena Jumani-Paridhi Pratik Scindhia

                                                  Love smileysLove smileysChetan Pandit--Suraj Pratap Scindhia  

                                       Love smileysLove smileysZahida Parveen-- Gayatri Suraj Pratap Scindhia

                                         Love smileysLove smileysDolly Minhas-- Radha Suraj Pratap Scindhia

                                                  Love smileysLove smileysPallavi Rao/Ananya Khare-Maya [ Bua ]

                                       Love smileysLove smileysRakesh Kukreti--Pankaj Suraj Pratap Scindhia

                                                   Love smileysLove smileysSamraygi Nema--Vidhi Pankaj Scindhia

                                                Love smileysLove smileysAkshay Dogra--Akash Suraj Pratap Scindhia

                                                    Love smileysLove smileysHeena Parmaar--Ishita-Akash Scindhia

                                                     Love smileysLove smileysAmit Singh Thakur--Satyender Dubey 

                                                Love smileysLove smileysGeeta Tyagi-Shobha satyender Dubey 

                                                                 Love smileysLove smileysPankhuri Jain--Mansi

                                                                   Love smileysLove smileysAmita Udgata--Tai Ji

                                                                 Love smileysLove smileysAshish Kapoor-Mr. Khanna

                                                                 Love smileysLove smileysRoma Bali--Mrs. Khanna

                             Love smileysLove smileysDivyam Dama--Ansh Prahant Dubey/Ansh Yash Scindhia

                                                    Love smileysLove smileysPalak Dey--Palak Yash Scindhia

                                                       Love smileysLove smileysDhriti Mehta--Payal Yash Scindhia

                                                  Love smileysLove smileysAayu Yash Scindhia/Prateek Scindhia

                                                                   Love smileysLove smileysVedant Pankaj Scindhia

                                                                     Love smileysLove smileysVedika Pankaj Scindhia

                                                    Producer--Shashi Mittal ,Sumeet H Mittal

                                                               Editor(S)--Jay B Ghadiali

                                                Cinematography--sudesh Kotian,navneet Beohar

                                                             Camera Setup--Multi Camera

                                         ProductionCompany(S)--Shashi Sumeet Productions

                          Written By--Shobhit Jaiswal, Anil Nagpal, Seema Mantri, Usha Dixit

                  Directed By--Manish Khandelwal , Hemant Prabhu , Arvind Gupta,Amit Gupta

                                            Opening Theme--Punarvivah By Kamaal Khan

                                                                No. Of Episodes--325

                                                                   Original Language--Hindi

                                                                 Original Channel--Zee TV

                                            Original Run--20th Feb 2012 to 17th May 2013


    Hailing from Bihar, Gurmeet was brought up in Punjab, Kashmir, Tripura and Jabalpur as his father was in the army. Gurmeet was always keen to get into acting and was also a model before joining TV. In 2006, Gurmeet debuted as the negative character in Indian television's first 3D TV series, Mayavi, a Tamil production for Jaya TV. His next appearance on television was as Lord Ram, for Ramayan, which made Gurmeet a recognisable face in the country and his co-star Debina ended up becoming his life partner too. Star One's Geet Hui Sabse Parayi further enhanced his popularity while the current serial Punar Vviaah as well as his win on Jhalak Dikkhla Jaa have made Gurmeet one of the most desirable stars on TV.

    What makes you look hot?
    I think it's my eyes. Lot of people comment about them.

    What your fans say - good and bad?
    My fans are always commenting about my acting or my style in a particular episode while I get blasted for overworking and not taking care of my health at times.

    The kind of role you would love to see yourself in?
    An action oriented role where I could do some parkour perhaps.

    Three things you do for looking hot?
    I am very regular with my gymming regime and also make sure to have only homemade food as far as possible. I try and lead a disciplined life and also maintain different looks for the different kind of work I do so that it gives some freshness to my work.

    A little bit about the role in Punar Vivaah. What makes the role interesting?
    The serial brings to light the social issue that remarriage is possible. What makes my role interesting is the fact that my character has to go through this inner fight to accept the new wife by erasing the memory of the dead wife and then subsequently accepting her and falling in love.

    Previous serials
    Ramayan and Geet Hui Sabse Parayi
    New offers
    For me my next day is always a surprise. So keep guessing.

    Favourite co-star
    Debina, Sita in Ramayan and now my wife.

    One way in which you think you can improve yourself?
    There are loads of ways. Every day I feel that I'm better than yesterday

    The best and the worst critical comment you got from someone from the industry?
    The best comment came from Karan Johar, when he said I'm either mad or psycho or have a split personality, else how could I just transform into extremely different characters so easily.

    Who are the other guys ton TV that you think are hot?
    Don't get to watch TV. Apoorv Agnihotri for sure.

    Do you have any fear or regret about the fact that you are completely recognized by the character you are playing?
    Well, my name keeps changing every two years. But when people call me by a certain name, I understand that the person has been watching my show and that makes me feel good.

    Link: http://www.hindustantimes.com/Brunch/Brunch-Stories/Hot-off-your-television-sets/Article1-988762.aspx


    Gurmeet Choudhary-Talks of Yash, Marriages and acting with Kids.mp4


    Gurmeet on Telly Talk : Zoom TV


    *Gurmeet Choudhary* Punar Vivah India Forums Segment 22/08/2012


    SBB - Gurmeet & Kratika's Talk On Yash & Aarthi's Marriage - 2nd April 2012


    Sheela, Shagun and Meenakshi chat with Kratika

    9.Punarvivaahcompleted a Glorious 1 Year Run & actor Gurmeet Choudhary brought in his 29th birthday

    The sets of Zee TV's Punarvivaah saw a double celebration recently when the primetime show completed a glorious 1 year run and the lead actor of the show, Gurmeet Choudhary who rules millions of female hearts turned 29. We chatted up with the television heart-throb.

    Q. Happy Birthday, Gurmeet and heartiest congratulations on the successful 1 year run of Punarvivaah. What is the feeling like today?

    A. Thank you for your wishes. It's been a great celebration on the sets with so many fans landing up - some from Europe and Pakistan too. It's a feeling of accomplishment. Punarvivaah is a show that has actually made a difference to the way people think about remarriage. It's a feeling of satisfaction when a crew member recently came over and told me that he considered and is actually getting remarried after working on the show. Scores of people write in to me telling me how the show has inspired them to give marriage a second shot after a divorce or having lost their spouse. More and more women have begun to assert their right tohappiness after a failed marriage or widowhood.

    Q. What do you think has worked well for the show?

    A. The show delivers a strong message without being too preachy. Right since its launch, it raised very pertinent questions as to why there is a separate set of rules for men and women when it comes to remarriage. The idea of a mother-in-law taking a vow to get her own bahu remarried after her son has deserted her for no fault of hers, appealed to fans all over. The gradual adjustments of two people who have been married in the past, their teething troubles before they slowly come together were depicted in a realistic manner and people could relate to it.  

    Q. How has the journey from playing Ram to playing Yash been?

    A. It's been an exciting journey, without a doubt! Each role has had so many shades, layers ... I have been able to bring forth so many aspects of my own individual personality in front of the audience with each role. And the appreciation ... It's all been so overwhelming. It's the love of my fans and their blessings that have brought me to where I stand today. I hope my well wishers and fans continue to appreciate my work and shower me with affection in the coming years. 

    Q. How are you celebrating your birthday? Any special plans with Debina?

    A. Debina had a surprise for me at midnight. She initially said that it was going to be just the two of us. And she sat in front of me and asked me to close my eyes. Within moments of my closing my eyes, so many of our friends landed up in the room ... it was a pyjama party of sorts and we all chilled and had a great time!

    Q. What do you do between takes when you are on the sets? What is your bonding with your co-stars like?

    A. Oh, this is something everybody will tell you on the sets. I am well known for my naps. As soon as there is a break between takes, I instantly get horizontal and catch up on some much needed sleep. I do bond well with my co-stars. When you work as a team, it is important to share a good chemistry and warm vibe with those around.

    Q. Any other movie or television projects in the pipeline?

    A. There are some projects in the wings. But I would rather not divulge too many details of that at this stage. I choose my projects very carefully and I am currently deliberating on a couple of them. 

    Q. What do you enjoy more? Acting or dancing? 

    A. I am an actor who dances, not a dancer who can act. I love both acting and dancing as I enjoy both the forms of expression. They both call for creativity and imagination.

    Q. How do you maintain such a fit physique? Is it a strict diet or a lot of exercise?

    A. It is a combination of being genetically blessed, a lot of meticulous hard work in the gym and controlling the diet too. I am glad my fans appreciate my physique!

    Tuesday, February 26, 2013

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                        ZRA ~ Gurmeet won Popular face (Male) Award



                                                   Best children 


                         ZRA - Kratika won Popular Face (Female) Award



                                          Popular Parivaar - Punar Vivah


                                    Star  Best Dialogues - Punar VivahStar


                                   Star  Best Saas Sasur - Punar vivahStar


                                       Best story- Punarvivah ZMD



         View gcs and KS's Pics and Do Comment twice a day on                                     Their Profiles.. Link For



                 Ye Dil Ye Dil Hai Ye Dil Hai ,Sab Ess Dil Ki Hi Tho Mushkil Hai


                                                             Isya (IsYaRoCHeR )
                                                           Miti  ( KrantiGuru_JKR )
                                                                Priyasi ( Priyasi )
                                                                    trisha 163

    plz tell me who wanna added in list but plz see you have to be active at the thread

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                                    Yash & Aarti Scene - 10th April 2012 - Suhaag Raat *HQ

                                  Punar Vivah 13th September 2012 Episode Watch Online

                                 Yash Scindia 2 - 6th August - Yash & Aarti making mataks

                              Yash Scindia 2 - 10th August - Yash, Aarti & Kids at the beach

                                         Yash breaks his fast - romantic HD

                               Yash & Aarti's loving moment in the Karv videotapiing bhi

                                 Punar Vivah 7th January 2013 Video Watch Online Pt3



                      Very Thankful To Sahar n Anu for her siggies n whose avis are
                      Thankful to our CM who allowed me to open the thread
      Also very very thankful to all my frnds who helped me n encouraged me
                              I am also thankful to you all lovely PVIANS


    P/S: Jo bhi ess thread par sase active rahega [who will be most active at this thread] n will provide the best Siggies n Avis  will  post on 1st  page at  next PVAT  Big smileBig smileBig smile  so  dat  every one  get  d chance to be at first page ,but d entire decision will be mine EmbarrassedEmbarrassed


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    1-telugu  on Zee Telgu

    2-tamil..on Zee tamil

               Very Thankful To Sahar for her siggies n whose avis are
                      Thankful to our CM who allowed me to open the thread
      Also very very thankful to all my frnds who helped me n encouraged me
                              I am also thankful to you all lovely PVIANS


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    Awesome Thread.. 
    Its really appreciated.. 
    PV rockz...

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