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VIRIKA: Bleeding in Love = ch.27 on pg.120 (Page 79)

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Chapter 16

While Riva continued sleeping on Viren, he kept looking at his phone to get a call or even a message from either Jeevika or Rohan. He was going insane trying to find out if everything was going fine, especially if Jeevika was going to be able to be a donor for her daughter. Finally there was a message from Rohan saying everything was okay and that Jeevika was resting right now. Viren breathed a sigh of relief. He wanted to go call Rohan, but couldn't move because of Riva. He slowly and carefully moved her onto the pillow allowing him to get up from the bed and leave the room. As soon as he got out he called Jeevika who wasn't picking up the phone. He turned around to then see Rivera walking out the room. 

r - "Is my mom okay?"
v - "Yeah she's fine" he said smiling to her
r - "Can we go get her now?"
v - "You sure you want to go? Its really cold outside"
r - "You promised me"
v - "Okay lets go then" 

Riva quickly got her coat and gloves so she could go meet her mom as soon as possible. Viren could just see how anxious Riva was. He hoped Jeevika wouldn't be mad seeing Riva there at the hospital. Viren walked inside the hospital holding Riva's hand and they asked the nurse to direct them to Jeevika's room. When the two of them got there, they saw Rohan there already. While Riva went to sit near her mom, Rohan came towards the back of the room to talk to Viren. 

r - "She's fine don't worry. I just got the results and Jeevika can be a donor for her daughter. I'll try to schedule the surgery as soon as I can but it may take some time due to some formalities. For now you can take her home and just let her sleep" 
v - "Thank you so much Rohan" he said happily. 

Viren walked near Riva holding her on her shoulders. She looked back at him hoping to find out her mother was alright. 

v - "Don't worry she is okay. We're gonna take her home as soon as she wakes up" 

Riva held Viren's hand and clung onto him tightly while seeing her mother. They both just looked at her and waited till she got up. Jeevika finally woke up almost an hour later and saw Viren sitting on the couch with Riva next to him. Jeevika tried to make a brave face and sit up on the bed just to show Riva she was okay. Riva got up from the couch immediately and sat on the bed and waiting for her mom to take her in her arms. Jeevika just held onto Riva tightly and Viren just adored the two even more. The more time he spent with them, and the more he saw the bond between the two, he just wished to become a part of their lives somehow, and that too permanently. Viren quickly went to get a wheelchair from the nurse and brought it to Jeevika's room where she got up from the bed. Riva and Viren both held her hand and helped her get onto the wheelchair. Viren didn't fail to notice the smile on Riva's face after so long. He didn't know what to take that smile as a sign of though. Riva wanted to wheel her mom out so she did with Viren by her side until they got to his car and they both helped her into the car again. When they got home, Riva and Jeevika both refused to sleep so they all sat out in the hall on the couch. As Viren helped Jeevika sit down, Riva got a blanket for her mom and put it on her then cuddled with her. 

Viren saw both of the smiling and laughing with each other. It was probably the most beautiful site in the world and he wished to see it forever. He decided to leave giving both of them there space so he went to pick up his coat and bag. Riva saw him packing his belongings so she got up right away and walked near him. 

r - "Why are you leaving?" she said holding his wrist. 
v - "I have to go back to my apartment and get some work done"
r - "Why can't you work here?"

Viren smiled at her question because he really did want to stay. He wanted to spend time with the both of them and see them laugh, and most importantly prove to Jeevika he could take care of her and her daughter. Viren looked at Jeevika who smiled at him and then he put his bag back down. As soon as he kept his stuff down Riva took his hand and took him to sit on the couch with her and her mother. She sat right in between the two of them and finally seemed to be in a decent mood leaving behind all the tears she had shed since morning. Jeevika and Riva just seemed lost in their talks, but Viren was even more lost. Even though his laptop was open on his lap in front of him, he didn't want to pay attention to anything but the two of them. Though he loved Riva a lot already, he just wanted to talk to Jeevika. He had a gut feeling she was going to say those three words soon. He just did. 

v - "I have a surprise for you two"

Riva and Jeevika looked at Viren with a sudden excitement on their face. 

r - "What? I want to know"
v - "For that you will have to wait for tomorrow. And for tomorrow to come you both have to get some sleep"
r - "But I want to know right now"
j - "Me too" 
v - "You will find out tomorrow" 
r - "I'll go to bed as soon as you tell us, please please please?"
v - "Okay okay fine. Well the thing is I'm going to be starting my new job soon and tomorrow night is our office holiday party. And everyone is going to be there and of course I have to go as well, so I was wondering if you two would join me maybe?" he asked nervously. 

Riva looked over at her mother who seemed a little scared and apprehensive. 

v - "Its okay if you don't want to. I don't want to force both of you to go. Actually yeah its better if I just go" he said to himself
j - "No" she said firmly

Viren looked up and at Jeevika who was staring right at him. 

j - "We both will go with you, together" she said smiling. 

Viren never felt happier, and never more at ease. He was so glad the two of them were going to join him. Not only would he have someone as his family, but hopefully the party could distract both of the ladies' minds. Maybe distract them enough so Jeevika could think about giving her relationship with Viren a chance. 

j - "Riva should we go to bed. I'm getting quiet sleepy" 
r - "Yeah" she said getting up. 

Riva helped her mom get up giving out her hand. Viren also got up and lend out his hand to Jeevika who was very sore from all the tests today. Jeevika took both of their hands and leaned more onto Viren for support. He dropped her inside the room and on the bed making her lay down. Riva quickly got right next to her and fell asleep on her mothers arms right away. Viren didn't feel like going so he sat on the edge of the bed right next to Jeevika. As Riva fell asleep, it gave Viren and Jeevika a chance to talk to each other finally. She got up slowly sitting right besides him on the bed. She was waiting herself to talk to him alone. 

j - "Why did you tell her I was in the hospital?"
v - "She knew. You both cannot lie or hide things from each other and you know that" 
j - "Yeah I guess" she said looking down. 
v - "Are you still in a lot of pain?"
j - "This pain is nothing. I would do it over and over again if it got my daughter to be alright. And anyways I've experienced much worst than this" she said referring to her past. 
v - "You know whats your problem?" he tried asking her blatantly while she stared at him. 
j - What?"
v - "You're getting a chance to let go and forget about the past, but you choose to hold onto it. If you know he's never going to come back to your life or even her life, why do you drag onto it. You say you have moved on, but ask yourself have you indeed?"
j - "Its not as simple as you think Viren" 
v - "Its not as difficult as you're making it" 

Jeevika was going to answer, but she didn't have it in herself to explain her decisions and thoughts. She knew her circumstances but he didn't. 

j - "Can we talk about this later? My stomach" she said holding onto herself. 
v - "Whats wrong?"
j - "Just a little sore"
v - "Here lay down" 

Jeevika lay back down and Viren covered her up. He kissed her on her cheek and then checked on Riva once. 

v - "I'll see you tomorrow, okay?"
j - "You're not staying?"
v - "I have some things to catch up on. Don't worry you both won't miss me too much" he said smiling. 
j - "I will miss you" she said with her eyes half closed. 
v - "I will too" he said giving her a last kiss and a last look before leaving the apartment. 


Sorry for the long wait! Finished my semester and caught up on some sleep Smile Hope you guys enjoy this long update! Please Like and Comment!!!!! Heart 

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Yay!!! LOL Dancing I'm The First , I'm The First, I'm The First!! LOL Dancing 
Whooohhhooo!!!! I'm First On BIL!!! Dancing Party

OMG!! My Day Just Brightens Up After Your Updates! Dancing Big smile Thumbs Up LOL 

Goodness! Every Update Of Bleeding In Love Makes me Fall In Love With It All Over Again!! Heart 
And More Over, I Fall In Love With Your Writings!! Can Anyone Be More Perfect Than You? I Wonder If The Answer To It Can Ever be A 'Yes'!? You're At It's Peak! Wow!! 
I Can't Even Tell You What You Make Me Feel When I Read Your Updates! 

These Pretty Little Words Of Appreciation From My Side Just Can't Be Enough To Tell You What A Splendid Writer You Are! 'Splendid' Is Just A Tiny Word in Front Of The Huge Tree You're Grown Into!! A Tree Growing With No Limits, A Tree Who Is Doing It's Best To Shower Such Good Stories On Us, And Put A Smile Onto Our Face Through It. Who Expects just Some Good Appreciation In Return! But You Deserve A Lot More Than It! What Do I Say More? I'm Running Out Of Words!! 

Finally Coming To The Update!! Big smile It Was Stupendous Update!! Embarrassed Big smile
Every Bit Of It Was Just Amazing!
I Just Can't Name Any Particular Scene I Loved In The Update Cause As I Said, I Love Every Bit Of It! Start To End!!

That's All I'm Able To Say!! Dead Sleepy Confused

Love You Loads Writer Ji!! Heart Big smile
Take Care! Smile Heart

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millee18 IF-Sizzlerz

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res :)
waiting fr the thing u know!!!

so I m second... nt bad!!
keeni bil is really amazing ...
like seriously..
u r such an amazing writer... who can bring life in words...
every single word u write is amazing flawless phenomenal perfect nd a lot more...
I think there should be a separate dictionary I need fr ur appreciation .
gosh u r freaking amazing...
nd their bond is immensely strong...
Riva is a grt child .. who care fr her mom more thn anything in world..
their both r each other strength nd weakness...
nd viren trying to be a part of their small lil world is amazing...
I m still lost in ur update...
doo Cont soon... cz I don't like waiting :)

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Angelic_Doll Goldie

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it was cute hope jeevs will confess soon
Syed695 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 28 December 2013 at 5:44am | IP Logged
Superb Update.,.! Waiting for her confession..but like the Update:)
Thanks for the PM!!
girl97 Goldie

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Posted: 28 December 2013 at 6:23am | IP Logged
Omg that was legit surreal
It is out of this world
It is wonderful
I was litterly smiling like a fool in the end part of the update
I couldn't believe she said she is going to miss him
Hope she is going to confess soon
Wonderful job
Never fail to make us happy and excited
_Ammukryan_ IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 28 December 2013 at 6:38am | IP Logged
A big hug for this updateHug
OMG!!!!!!! I can't stop reading this diLOL
VirikaHeart They drive me crazy...
Luvd it a lot n lot n lot!!!!!!!
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Posted: 28 December 2013 at 6:44am | IP Logged
sry me not able to unres on first one..
wil unres soon...

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