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VIRIKA: Bleeding in Love = ch.27 on pg.120 (Page 38)

Kays94 IF-Stunnerz

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Chapter 7

As she was unable to keep her eyes open longer, she slowly drifted off to sleep. Viren couldn't stop staring at her, just trying to wonder what he could do to make her feel better. He hated admitting it, but he had a strong feeling that something major was wrong. The stuff happening was not normal, but he didn't know what it was nor what he could do to make this little angel feel better. He looked at Jeevika who just kept staring at Riva and perhaps even how her daughter was holding this strangers hand. Once Viren noticed her looking at that, he slowly moved his hand away trying to make it as less awkward as possible for her. Jeevika's phone started ringing and she quickly got up and went outside to take it while Viren just stayed inside the room looking at Riva. Her face looked calmer than before and she looked nothing less than an angel. He then heard a tune starting to play. He looked around trying to find where the noise was coming from so Riva wouldn't wake up. He got up and looked around and found a cell phone under the pillow. He put the phone on silence and then looked at the adorable photo on the wallpaper. It was Riva smiling as she was being kissed by her mother. Viren smiled as he could feel the strong mother daughter bond displayed in just one picture. He placed the phone on the end table and was about to sit down near Riva, until he heard Jeevika's loud voice coming from outside. Viren just tucked Riva in more securely, and left the room to make sure everything was okay. He saw Jeevika walking back and forth from the kitchen to the sitting area getting stressed and yelling at the phone. Viren just stood there trying to understand what was going on. He could just tell that she was talking to someone from the hospital which made him freak out a bit. He didn't know why or what, but all he wanted to do was see the Riva better. As soon as Jeevika got off the phone she looked up at Viren and wiped away a few tears she had. 

v - "Is everything okay?"
j - "Yeah, I'm really sorry about today and all the trouble I've caused"
v - "There's nothing to be sorry about. Was that the hospital? Did something go wrong?" he asked curiously.
j - "My insurance isn't covering the payment for a few medical tests. Just don't know what to do. I need to go sort it out, but..."
v - "But what?"
j - "I just can't leave her alone. I'll just wait till she gets up and then take her along" 
v - "If you like I could stay here, I mean these kinds of things should be taken care of right away"
j - "I've already asked for enough from you today. I'm sorry to have so much time"
v - "You didn't waste my time at all. Don't worry, I can sit here with Riva while you go fix things out"
j - "Are you sure?"
v - "Yeah"
j - "Okay, thank you so much. I'll be back as soon as I can"
v - "Take your time. Hope everything gets sorted" 

Jeevika quickly left their apartment and Viren went back into the room and sat on the couch. He sat there catching glimpses of her every few minutes while checking his emails on his phone. As it got closer to the evening, it started becoming more dark outside and Viren was finding it hard to keep his eyes open. He fell asleep within a few more minutes taking a break from this stressful day. Viren woke up an hour later and saw a blanket on himself. He removed it and got up to see Riva not on the bed. He went outside and saw Riva trying to warm something up to eat in the kitchen. He quickly glanced over again to see if Jeevika was back, but there was no sight of her. 

v - "Riva why are you here? Come on lets get you to bed" 
r - "No... It..s... Okay..." she said shivering. 
v - "No, you're clearly having a fever again. I'll get you something to eat" 
r - "Do you know where my mom is?"
v - "Uhm she had to go do some work"
r - "Can you call her? I want her here" 
v - "Yes I will but first you need to lay down. Please" 
r - "Okay"

Riva walked near the room and Viren behind her holding her on her shoulders. He helped her lay back down and went to find another blanket to put on her as she was shivering. He then remembered the blanket on top of him. He went to the couch and picked up the blanket covering her with that. He realized that it must have been Riva who covered him up while he was asleep. 

v - "Stay here and I'll get you something to eat"
r - "And my mom please"
v - "And your mom too" he said smiling to her

Viren went back outside to the kitchen and saw the stove on. He looked into the fridge and saw the canned soup. He took it out and put it to warm up while he went to go contact Jeevika. He then realized he didn't have her number, but as soon as he was going inside to ask Riva for the phone number the doorbell rang. He went to open it and saw Jeevika whose clothes were wet due to the heavy rain outside. She quickly came in and closed the door. 

j - "Sorry it took too long"
v - "Thats okay. Did everything get sorted?"

Jeevika was about to answer when she heard Riva call her out from inside the room. Jeevika ran inside to see her daughter. She kneeled down near the bed and touched her face. Viren stood near the door just looking at the two of them. 

j - "I'll go change and be back in two minutes okay" she said touching her face. Riva just nodded and wiped her tears away. Jeevika went to change and Viren went back outside to get the soup for Riva. As he walked back inside the room he saw Jeevika sitting on the bed with Riva hugging her tightly. Her eyes were closed, while Jeevika kept looking down at her daughter trying to keep her warm in her arms. Viren walked in with a bowl in his hands and he smiled sitting on the bed. Riva opened her eyes and saw Viren there with her soup. 

v - "Some hot soup to get you feeling better"
r - "I don't feel like eating anymore. Mom please can you make me sleep in your lap"
j - "After you eat. Its almost time to take your medicines again"
r - "I'll take them tomorrow, I want to sleep right now" she said placing her head on her moms chest. 

Jeevika looked at Viren not knowing what to do or how to convince her daughter to drink the soup. He gave her a look and Jeevika did as he told her without him having to say anything. She made Riva sit up on her lap and hugged her tight to make her feel warm while Viren moved closer to the two of them on the bed. He took the spoon and tried to cool the soup a little before making Riva drink it. 

v - "You know Jeevika, we have to make Riva get better very very soon"
j - "Why?" she said going along with him
v - "Because she has a competition in two weeks and she needs to represent her school. I mean without her, her school has no chance of even winning at the Speech and Debate competition" 
j - "Well then I guess, she needs to get better soon"
v - "But before she needs to finish this" 
j - "She will. My daughter always listens to me you know" 
r - "Mom please don't" she said starting to cry. She knew what the two of them were doing, but she had no control over her emotions right now. Jeevika just let her cry on herself and Viren just sat there pondering what he could do. All he wanted was one smile on her face, just one. 

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RiddhiShetye Goldie

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RES!! Smile

Well It's For The First Ever Time I'm Commenting On The First Place!!! And That Too...On Your FF Keany!! Tongue I'm In Seven Heavens!!! Tongue

Cry You Know What? This Story Just Soothes My Soul...And I Missed Riva So Much...Cry Heart i was Not Able To Bug You Because Of My Exams But After 24th...Keany You better Don't Be Late To Give Me Updates...!! Confused

Coming To The Update...
It was really FANTASTIC!!

The Way Viren Feels Some Strong Connection With Riva...Heart
The Way He Knows Something's Major Wrong...Cry
The Way He Let her Sleep Just As A Dad Would...
The Way He Tried Helping Jeevika Staying Their For Riva...
Then Riva Covering Viren up With A Blanket...
Viren Trying To Fed Riva The Soup...
How He Just Wants That One Smile On Her Face...

How My Poor Riva Is Suffering...Cry Gosh Keany..You Make Me Cry...Cry I Can't See That Poor Girl Anymore Like This...Cry
And Can You Please Soon Reveal What's Wrong With My Poor Baby? Cry That Little Girl Is Suffering So Much In Just This Small Age...!! Cry Cry 

I Reeaalll Wish For A Update Real Soon!!! Cry
And Do Reveal The Secret Of Riva's Suffering Soon Please!! Cry Disapprove

Sorry For The Short Comment Even Though Being The First one To Reply...!!

Thank You For The Update! Cry Smile

Love You Loads!! Heart Hug Keep Writing More...

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kottappady Senior Member

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Posted: 21 October 2013 at 3:56am | IP Logged
thanks for the update...and i am the first peron who commenting  here loved it..coming to the update egarly wanted to know what her disease and jeevikas past..riva is exactly like jeevika when she put blanket over viren..please update other stories also..and can u please pm me becz i dnt know why but i can't able to send buddy request to anyone

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romanticgurl070 Goldie

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Posted: 21 October 2013 at 4:09am | IP Logged
awesome update
want to know abt what riva is suffering from...
riva is as caring as jeevs as she put that blanket for viren
viren wants to see a smile on riva's face...
plz update soon 

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avni_19 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 21 October 2013 at 4:14am | IP Logged
awww.. thts reallyyy sweettt of Viren... :) loved the bonding of Viren - Riva and Jeevika-riva...
looking forward for moreee... eager to read the next updatee... 

keepp continuinggg. plsss...

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millee18 IF-Sizzlerz

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Keeni I was at mistake this time fr ressing so late..
nd fr tht I hate my Phn!!!
hate my phone****
res Cool

first of all promise me whatever I wI'll rite u will believe on tht!!!!
promise !!!!!!

so let me start...

first of all u r one of the bestest writer...
believe me on this!!!!!
u write so flawlessly tht I keep reading Ur stories again nd again!!!!!

nd u know I read wfl all over again...
which took my whole day...
but I love spending my day like this!!!!!

coming to this update!!!!!

u r a good student.   .
listen to me everytime ROFL
good girl...
but still u r idiot!!!!
u always say this update is crap...
nd I m out of ideas...
nd still come out with a master piece...
I still wonder...

u emote every single thing so beautifully...
tht I m falling fr Riva!!!!!
she is the best child ever...
I know u have taken her inspiration fr me ROFL
nd jeevika is so perfect mother...
who care abt her daughter endlessy
loving viren nd Riva bonding!!!!!
cont soon!!!!
soon means very soon!!!!!

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NishuM IF-Dazzler

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Superb Update!!
Loving the way Viren is getting all protective over Riva...bringing in the much needed fatherly touch
But i really wonder, what happened to Riva. She seems to be really reallyy sick! But i hope she gets well ASAP!!
The mother daughter duo is soo beautifully put up...absolutely love the bonding Day Dreaming
The story has much suspenses to be unfolded...can't wait to read more!

Loveed it! GOOD Job!

Next update...a little soon please and a lil longer...tho i know ur busy..but u can take ur time Smile

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RiddhiShetye Goldie

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Posted: 21 October 2013 at 6:15am | IP Logged
God!!! Dead This Time How Did I Forget To Mention That How Flawless Writer You're!! Confused

But...Better late Then Never! LOL Big smile

You're The Bestest Writer Ever!!! Heart

I Keep On Re-Reading You're OS,SS & FF's Again And Again...Because It Is This When I Could Get A Lot Of Happiness...!!!

And You know What? WhenEver you Update Late...I'm Super Annoyed...Angry...But Then Reading Your Updates...I Instantly Melt!!  Embarrassed LOL

So You know You Can Easily Guess What Level Of Writing Skill You Have! Tongue

And You know What...? I Could Spend My Whole Life Reading Your & Mumma's Stories Over And Over..!! ^_^ LOL Tongue 

Crazy I'm; Ain't I?? LOL ROFL Silly I Know...Tongue

Love You Always...Hug LOL
Keep Writing...More & More...!! ^_^ Big smile Heart 
Take Care!!! Wink 

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