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VIRIKA: Bleeding in Love = ch.27 on pg.120 (Page 17)

koolgurl IF-Rockerz

Joined: 11 December 2009
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Posted: 02 July 2013 at 5:06am | IP Logged
aww :( poor riva n jeevika
I want to know wht happened btw virika y they r separate
it's interesting to read
thnxs for the PM

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sushmakryan IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 02 July 2013 at 6:46am | IP Logged
awesome update thanks for the pm

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kk.princess Goldie

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Posted: 02 July 2013 at 8:20am | IP Logged
Nice update...
Hope Riva is f9...
Want to knw wht happened to jeevs...
Eagerly waiting for the hero' s entry...Viren
Absolutely fantastic. ...
Continue soon...

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Kays94 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 02 July 2013 at 6:09pm | IP Logged
Chapter 3

Riva woke up after two hours with Jeevika by her side on her laptop. 

j - "How are you feeling love"
r - "Fine"
j - "Do you feel like throwing up? Or is your throat hurting?"
r - "No I feel better" she said moving her mom's laptop and placing her head on her lap. 
j - "Okay I don't know about you, but I'm starving" she said strolling her hand through her hair. 
r - "What do you want to eat?"
j - "Whatever you want. We have a doctor appointment to go to at 3 PM so we have to eat before"
r - "Doctor appointment?"
j - "Yeah why?"
r - "Nothing"
j - "Okay so what are we eating?"
r - "I don't really care. I'll go shower"
j - "Ok go fast" 

Riva went to the bathroom taking her clothes inside and Jeevika cleaned up their room. Even though Riva had her separate room, she liked being close to her mom. Riva and Jeevika had transformed the other room to a mini office with plenty of space for the two of them to work. Riva would do her homework there and Jeevika would catch up on her job related work as well as other stuff she had to take care of being the head of the family. 

r - "Mom I'm done. You can go freshen up now. I'll make the bed"
j - "No you go eat a bite of something in the kitchen first. And take your meds please"
r - "Okay fine" she said walking to the kitchen

Jeevika came out the bathroom soon and saw Riva waiting for her on the bed. She seemed to be thinking something as she wasn't watching TV nor was she on the phone or laptop. 

j - "What are you thinking?"
r - "Just a little scared to go to the doctors office"
j - "Why?"
r - "I don't know"
j - "Riva go put a jacket on first. It's raining outside and you're wearing shortsleeves"
r - "Mom can you get it"
j - "Okay angel. Go put your shoes on"

Riva went outside the room and Jeevika came with a jacket, scarf, and a beanie for her daughter. She put them on not wanting her to get more sick outside. 

j - "Ready?"
r - "Yup"

With both of their smiles on, the two left their apartment. Jeevika quickly got a cab and made Riva sit inside first. She told the driver to go to their favorite cafe three blocks down the road. As soon as they got there the mother-daughter duo quickly entered inside. Riva saved a table while Jeevika went to order their favorites. 

j - "I got you a your half sandwich and tomato soup. You want anything else"
r - "Nope. Did you get your favorite coffee so I can steal some from you" she asked cutely
j - "I surely did. Only two sips though. Coffee is not good for a growing girl like you" 
r - "But its so good" 
j - "So is your soup. Drink that and you'll feel better also"
r - "Okay. Mom are your working this weekend?"
j - "Nope"
r - "Really?"
j - "Yes really. Why?"
r - "Just happy you'll be with me"
j - "Of course. Why do you want to do something special?
r - "I wanted to go for that new movie and I wanted to go for a walk along Central Park and'"
j - "How much do you want to do gosh'" 
r - "Lots and lots and lots" 
j - "Okay but first eat up" she said as the waitress brought the food.

Both of them smiled eating their lunch together. It had been a while the two were out and enjoying each other. As usual Riva would sneak in a few sips of Jeevika's cappuccino and Jeevika was always unable to say no to her. Her daughter was perfect, she never demanded anything but time. And sometimes the presence of a third member in the family, but always indirectly. 

j - "By the way how is that guy doing. Uhmm what was his name again.. Jake right?"
r - "Mom really"
j - "Yeah come on you won't tell me"
r - "I don't know"
j - "What do you mean you don't know. He's in your class right"
r - "Maybe"
j - "Does he sit next to you?"
r - "Uhm" she tried avoiding the question and blushing but was unable to.  
j - "Hello' waiting for an answer"
r - "Yeah whatever he sits next to me in our science lab"
j - "Oh reallyyy' is he still cute?"
r - "Mom eat your lunch please"
j - "Okay.. jeez. I was just wondering"
r - "You wonder and daydream too much"
j - "Why? I want to see my daughter having a boyfriend. Wouldn't that be so awesome"
r - "Oh my god. What is wrong with you?"
j - "Nothing" LOL 

The two enjoyed their lunch and headed off to the doctors now. Riva was starting to feel feverish again in the taxi as she was shaking, but Jeevika cuddled her and hugged her trying to keep her warm. They quickly entered the doctors office and Jeevika asked the nurse if she could request the doctor to meet them first since Riva's health was getting worst. The nurse told her she would do her best. Jeevika sat next to Riva in the waiting area keeping her close to her. She removed her own coat and covered her daughter with it. Her eyes were watery and becoming red and Jeevika wanted to get her some medication and take her home right away, but the doctor and nurse weren't listening at all. She got up and went to the desk again.

j - "My daughter and I have been sitting here for more than 45 minutes. Let alone getting to meet the doctor earlier, her appointment time was half an hour ago. She is getting worst by the minute and I need to take her home. Is the doctor going to check her up or no?" she said getting frustrated to the nurse

nurse - "I'm sorry, we are trying"

j - "Trying? Can you see how bad she looks right now? If you don't have time I'll just take her to the hospital where they can start her on something right away"

nurse - "I'll go request the doctor again, I'm sorry"

Riva smiled at her mom even though Jeevika was raging in anger. She was so strong and so bold and always ready to go to any length for her daughter. The nurse finally called the two of them in and personally even helped Riva walk inside. Both the nurse and Jeevika helped Riva lay down on the bed and she even made sure to grab her a blanket trying to make her as comfortable as possible. Riva was falling asleep and Jeevika was just standing holding her hand. This is the time she wished Riva had her father. The male figure who could handle the outside world while Jeevika could focus on the inside world, her daughter. But it didn't matter what she wanted, she had to deal with what life had given her. If it was destined for her to be the male and female figure in Riva's life' then so be it. She couldn't change a thing. The doctor finally came in looking apologetic. Jeevika gave her a fake smile. 

dr - "Hows her asthma doing?" she whispered to Jeevika since Riva was asleep. 
j - "Its on and off. She has bruises all over her body and has been throwing up more often lately"
dr. - "How long" she said holding Riva's hands and observing carefully"
j - "Few weeks"
dr. - "Have you noticed any patterns. Like if she eats something and vomits. Something not suiting her so much?"
j - "Haven't really payed close attention"
dr. - "Well I'll schedule an allergy test for her plus a simple blood test to check a few things out. I think its normal with her age right now. She is a growing girl and her body is changing frequently. If you want you can take her down do the lab right now so we can have the results by tomorrow or so"
j - "Sure"

The doctor gave her a prescription of the medicine as well as the prescription for the blood and allergy test. Jeevika put the two in her purse and picked up her daughter carrying her in her arms. She didn't want to wake her up. The doctor helped Jeevika by keeping the door open and then the nurse opened the door once again. Jeevika placed Riva in a chair waking her up slightly. She went to pay the nurse the due fees and then went back to pick up Riva. She carried Riva to the elevator where they headed downstairs to the lab. There wasn't any wait here so the nurse quickly took the two inside. 

j - "Riva we have to give a blood test and an allergy test. Just wake up for five minutes please"

Riva opened her eyes in vain and the nurse was nice enough to come outside in the waiting area to take out her blood. Riva tightly squeezed her mothers hand as the nurse drew the blood. 

nurse - "You're all set to go"

Riva smiled lightly and got up. She walked outside clinging onto Jeevika the whole time. The rain had stopped, but it was quite chilly outside. Both of then walked till they found a cab. 

j - "Still want to go anywhere Riva" she said sarcastically
r - "No mom. Straight to our room and to sleep"
j - "Thought so love" she said kissing her cheek. 
r - "No movie no walk at central park no nothing. Just my bed and me and you of course"
j - "And some medicine and some hot ginger tea as well"
r - "I never agreed on that"
j - "Somethings I decide and something you. Oh shoot we need to get your medicine first from the pharmacy. Uhm could you please take us to the pharmacy down the block from our apartment" she asked the driver. 

The driver said yes and finally got them to their destination. Jeevika and Riva walked inside the pharmacy. At the back end of the pharmacy was where they had to drop off their prescriptions. The pharmacist said it would take 20 minutes so Jeevika decided to wait. 

j - "You want any snacks or anything to take home"
r - "No. I'm going to the bathroom. I'll be back"
j - "I'll come with you"
r - "No its okay. I can go"

Jeevika smiled and Riva went to find the bathroom. She didn't tell her mom, but she felt like puking again. She hurriedly tried finding the bathroom and entered inside. She ran to the toilet to let out everything she had inside her. She wanted her mom to help her up but she wasn't there. She just sat down on the ground closing her eyes hoping her mom could come to her rescue as always. Riva felt some strong arms helping her up. It wasn't a familiar feeling, she knew it wasn't her mom for sure. This person, or this man it seemed got her out the bathroom and into a chair. 

 "What's your name and where are your parents?" - he asked 

Riva didn't have anything left to answer. Her tears were her answer. Its not like she even wanted to cry. It just came out without her trying. This stranger, called upon some worker to help find this girls parents while Riva's eyes shut not remembering a thing at all now. 

          Heart Likes and Comments Please Heart 
                                A Virikalicious Index by Kays94

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girl97 Goldie

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Posted: 02 July 2013 at 6:17pm | IP Logged
That was amazing
Mind blowing 
And wonderful
Loved every bit of it 
I just adore the bond between the mother and the daughter 
It's spectacular 

I am really eager to know what's happening to riva 
That's too sad 
Feel bad for them
Specially for jeevika 
Being the mom and dad to her girl

I don't know why but I feel that the man who helped riva is her dad 
But they will not be able to recognise each other and all 

Ps I was about to sleep but saw your pm so your story came before my sleep lol 

Do update soon please 
As I am very eager to read more and more
Can not get enough of it 

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alonelove IF-Dazzler

Joined: 01 October 2012
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Posted: 02 July 2013 at 6:24pm | IP Logged
Sry for being late.

Loved it,
Jeevika is the best mom ever n
Riva is the cutest daughter.
I hope riva gets well soon
N waiting to know who the stranger is?

Edited by NeetuHarshi - 05 July 2013 at 4:32am
PEACE4Life Senior Member

Joined: 27 December 2012
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Posted: 02 July 2013 at 7:06pm | IP Logged
That was amazing
Superb update
So who's this stranger
Update soon
Can't wait to read more
Thanks for the PM

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--Iqra-- IF-Rockerz

Joined: 31 July 2012
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Posted: 02 July 2013 at 7:45pm | IP Logged
I'm so excited for the next update!! Is Viren's entry soon? Very excited, it's getting better every update! Thanks so much for the PM!

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