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Mayur Love Never Looses#4 Note/Pg-100 (Page 18)

shafy_MN IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 29 June 2013 at 11:19am | IP Logged
Originally posted by ratibob007

Awesome update.
I loved it.
Thanks for the pm.


shafy_MN IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 22 July 2010
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Posted: 29 June 2013 at 11:19am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Humayra

Tick tock tick tock tick tock
Where's the update??

2 mins
shafy_MN IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 29 June 2013 at 11:28am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Irum.

WOW!!! !!!
Kitni gehma gehmi ha  ghar mein. sb kisi na kisi kam mein busy hein.
Everyone wants to make this wedding a perfect and memorable.Or sb dil se kr rahein hein.
Nupur k Mon Dad, Gunjan and smarat sb.
Or yeh bachey ... hehehe...chahy kesa bhi mahol ho in k ps games ki kabhi kami nahi hoti.
Dekho yahan bhi Shriya and Avni r playing.
acha kiya Nupur ne jo sb se pehle shriya ko ready kiya.
Shriya ne kese soch liya k os k liye dress nahi hoga.
Os k  Mama and Dadda esa honey de sktey hein...never.
Kitni kush wo yeh surprise  pa kr.Bohat beautiful dress tha.
Ek dum Parri lg rahi hai Shriya.
Awww... pali pali shoni shoni bangles bhi pehni hein humari nanni parri ne. 
Bt yeh  dress Nupur ne chupke se lia kb.
Od dekha yahan bhi ose apney Dadda nahi bhooley... Dadda ki  dollHug
Kini khushi khushi sb ko dekha rahi hai.Avni ko, Nannu ko,,, Nanni ko...and Gunjan ko.
Acha kiya Nanni ne jo ose nazar ka tika lagaya.
Acha howa shriya ne yeh nahi kaha" Baloon ko mat chovo Nannni"LOL
Chup chap lgwa liya.
Kitni excited hai apney Dado ko miley k liye.
Zara bhi saber nah ho raha is se.
Lo bhai Mayank ko tu jese din bn gaya.
Esa kese ho skta hai k os ki shadi shuru ho jaye pr os ki beti, os ki angel , os ki parri na aye.The Hug scene ws so beautiful.
Esa lg raha tha jse dono sdyon baad miley hon.
Loved it.Smile

Thank you IRU...

AND Loved your dangeet dress...
mayuloveu IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 29 June 2013 at 11:35am | IP Logged
waiting waiting
shafy_MN IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 29 June 2013 at 11:44am | IP Logged
Here is my update hope you like it

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shafy_MN IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 29 June 2013 at 11:45am | IP Logged

Love Never Looses

Part 64

Their talks were been broken by Mrs.Sharma,"Dono baap-beti baad mein baat kar lena abhi rasam shuru kare'fir Nupur ko bhi teri haldi ka paani bhijwana hain'

Mayank:Haan haan Maa..kyu nahi.. mene kab mana kiya'.turning to Shriya..Shriya..Dadaa..ko haldi lagogi'.

Shriya:Haan Dadaa'

Mayank:Maa'mujhe pehli haldi'Shriya Lgayegi'


She moved forward..held Shriya's Hand and asked her to do as she does'she nodded her head in affirmation..while her Dadi'took her hands to bowl filled with haldi..than putting them on feet on her father..followed my knee..,elbow ,shoulder'and than on face'.she made her to do three times'than Diya move forward and does the wise..other's also'put haldi on her dear Mayank'.

Shriya was enjoying a lot..seeing how her poor Dadaa..was getting painted'.she was smiling..and laughing..Benji had put her up in his that she could enjoy the scene'very well'

Mrs.Shamra..handling the haldi's water to Samrat..


The girl who was sitting besides her Dadda sharing laugh..her face fell down..when she heard that now she has to go''

Shriya:Chachu..thodi der wait nahi ker sakte kya'

Samrat gestured to Mayank through his eyes to explain her..he blinked it..conveying let-me-handle'

Mayank:Shriya..Baccha chale jaao na..jab tak aap nahi jaaoge to Mamma ko haldi kon lagayega..Mamma bhi to kab se aapka wait kar rahi hongi'jese aapne pehle Dadda ko haldi lagayi..vese aap Mamma ko haldi nahi lagoe kya'

Shriya:Uff..!!! to bhul gayi thi'turning to Samrat..chalo chahu'coming to him she grabbed her hand but before going she turned towards Mayank and said"Dadda shaam ko jaldi aa janaa'"



Same like in Mayank's house'Shriya did the haldi to Nupur..first'everyone enjoying the moment'after all it came after so many years'.happiness was reflecting on everyone's face..

After her haldi she took bath..and was resting on the was really hectic and she has to get ready for the evening sangeet function also'She glanced at the mobile near by'she' thought to talk to Mayank'

He was busy completeing his some of the important work so that he could able to spend some "Quality time" with Nupur after their marriage..and was completely engrossed in it..sitting in his study..after taking his bath'.as after few hours they have to go her house for sangeet celeberation'his concentration broken when mobile rang enabling to break the silence in the room'.

He glanced at his  phone which was flashing Nupur's number'


He said in mild voice'.but didn't get any response'hearing his voice..she want the time to stood still'these moments are again coming back in her life all possible because of him'she want to absorb these moments'and thus when she heard his voice'on phone..her voice'refused to came from her mouth'her trail of thoughts were broken when Mayank's panic came'

Mayank:Hello'!!!...Hello'!! Nupur are you there..Nupur..sab thik to hain'

Gaining her composition'she said calming him down,"Mayank'sab thik hain'mein yahin hoo'."

Mayank:Tum kuch bol hi nahi rahi thi'.

Nupur:Vo mein'..a charied smile appeared on her face. a little annoying tone':Kya Nupur jo baat hain jaldi Bolo'

Somewhere she's hurt..but composed herself and asked him,"Kya hua'aise kyu keh rahe ho.."

Mayank:Kyunki mein busy hoon Nupur..isliye'Koi baat thi'"



Nupur:Bas aise hi'.

Mayank:Nupur mein abhi busy hoon'shaam ko mil rahe hain hain na..fir jitni chahe utni baat karna' aur..he was about speak furthur..when he heard engaged tone..showing him the call is cut'

He asked himself confusingly,"Ye..isse kya hua'baat sune hi bina phone cut kar diya'"

He was in his deep thinking when his father came to his room and said in little scolding tone,"Koi apne sangeet k din office ka kaam karta hain kya'"

Mayank:Dad ..!!! Bahut important presentation to bas wahi complete kar raha tha..almost ho gayi hain..aayi

Mr.Sharma..Grabbing a chair'besides him and said:To bata kesa lag raha hain'.khush a hain..

Mayank:I am really very happy Dad'!! But something is wrong with Nupur'

Mr.Sharma:What happened.!!!

Mayank:No..nothing serious about..but she just called up..and when I asked why she called she says..just like that only'and when I revert I am busy will talk in evening..she cut her phone'she never does this'God knows what you have any idea'

Mr.Sharma..hitting his head from his hand and said,"Tu na..ek number ka Idiot hain'.

Mayank:Dad..!!! aap please batao k kiya hua'

Mrs.Sharma:Abe..gadhe..she wanted to talk to ..share her feelings from you..and you told her to talk after that case you yourself think what she is going through'.

Mayank:OMG..!! She must be very very angry from me'.

Mr.Sharma:Obiviously..who wouldn't be'

Mayank:What will I do now'.

Mr.Sharma:It's fact you have to manafoy her'

Mayank:I know it..but how Dad..

Mr.Sharma:C''s your mistake..she is your  fiance..and would be wife..think your self'

Mayank:Yeah'!!! I have to figure out something'

On the other side..

Nupur was really furious from she wanted to share some of her unshed and usaid feelings  with him..and what response she get I am busy'!!! 

"What he think of himself..that I am not busy..??? I want to share some of my feelings to him'but what I got..Nupur I am busy'he doesn't realize I wanted to talk to him..does it necessary that I'll only call him when it is there any important talk 'I can't call be like that 'what has happened to him'let him..come..I won't talk to him..this evening..this is his only'punishment'."

Everyone were ready'

Nupur's Dress

Mayank's Dress

Shriya's Dress

Mehendi girls have been arrived and had applied mehendi'on her hand..even they put some of it..on Shriya's palm also'on her cute request'just than groom enters..with his friends and family'

Shriya'running towards Mayank:Dadda'

Mayank:My baccha'he took her in his arms and said,"Shona tum to bahut sunder lag rahi ho'"

Shriya:Thank you Dadda'aur ye dekho'she showed her tiny arms to him..having a small shape of a design on it'and asked,"Kesi hain'"

Mayank..kissing both her palms said,"Ye to bahut bahut sunder hain'."

Shriya:Vese aap aaj bahut ache lag rahe ho'.

Mayank:Thank you darling'aur tumhari Mamma..kahan hain'

Shriya'Pointing to the direction where she was sitting':Wahan'

He approched to her..and before he could speak to her..she turned her face to the other side and said to Gunjan who was sitting besides her in her stern voice,"Gunjan'zaraa inse keh do'mujhe inse koi baat nahi karni hain'"

Mayank:Gunjan inse bhi keh mein inse baat karke rahunga'

Nupur:Gunjan inse keh do'.inta asaan nahi hain'

Mayank:Gunjan zaraa tum bhi inse keh mein apni dulhan ko mana ker hi rahunga chahe vo mujhse kitna hi rooth kyu na jaaye'"

A small curve appear on her face but soon she hide it..while Gunjan who was supressing her laughter'she said pressing her lips hard as it was certainly difficult for her'."Ye tum dono ki problem hain khud solve karo'mujhe beech mein la ao'"

Nupur:Beech mein aane bola hi kisne hain Gunjan..inse bol do'mujhe inse koi baat nahi karni hain'nahi jana hain kahin ab inke saath'"

Mayank:Gunjan tum inko keh do'leker tu inhe'mein hi leker jaaunga'saying in a dramatic style..vo kya lehta hain ye dilwala apni dulhaniya to leker hi jaayega'

Saying he moved to wards the group of boys and girls..and asked samrat to say something in dholwala's ear'

Nupur was keenly watching to him..of what he is upto..where Shriya and Aanvi were sitting besides her..seeing her mehendi and were talking themseleves'

Suddenly light went off''

Hope you like it

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Humayra IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 29 June 2013 at 11:46am | IP Logged
Chalo ji agaye hum ek dum ready hoke aur wo bhi sabse ageBig smile

Fabulous update...

Awww..Shriya apni Dada ko sabse pahle haldi lagaya, Hayeee kash humme bhi mauka milte Mayank ko haldi lagane kaBlushing Shriya baby apni Dada ko nahi chor ke Jana chahti hain...

Uff!! Ye Mayank bhi na, ek bachchi ki Baap baan gaye par abhi tak akal nahi ayaD'ohGussa dila diya na Nupur ko..

Loved their dressesClap.. Hayeee Shriya ki dress kitni sundar hain, kahi main uske samne phiki na lagu...

Would be Mrs. Sharma aap jitna bhi try kar lijiye but Mr. Sharma ke charm se aap Bach nahi sakti... Hassi matlab phassi...

Continue soon and thanks for the pm..
Looovvveee you*hugs*, muuuah!!

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mayuloveu IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 29 June 2013 at 11:53am | IP Logged
cute mayur moment. lovely. plz continue soon

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