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A TS based on last Friday's episode

HamariAduriKahn Goldie

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TS: Part One

This takes place right after Friday's episode. The parts with Zoya and the parts with Asad occur at the same time. Enjoy and please do comment. And I can't think of a name for this so if you have any ideas please tell me!

Dilshaad walked over to Zoya's side and helped her stand up.

"Zeenat, Najma. Let's go home." she said while shooting a dirty look at Asad. They headed out the door. Asad's tears couldn't stop flowing.

"Bhai, control yourself and tell me what happened. How could you make such a big mistake? And that too with Zoya?" asked Ayaan, heartbroken that his elder brother, the one he respected so much, could do such a despicable thing.

But it was as if the words never reached his ears. Asad sat on the ground, numbness surrounded him. Everytime he closed his eyes all he could see were her tears and how much he'd hurt her.

How could I make such a mistake and with my childhood friend? I disappointed so many people and also broke many hearts. But then why can't I remember anything?

Rashid told Ayaan, Humeira, Noozat, and Nikhat to go home; he would take care of Asad.

"Asad beta, calm down. Tell me what happened. How could you and Tanveer…" Rashid gently asked. Asad could tell that he genuinely cared this time, but he still pushed him away.

"Why do you care after all these years? Anyways this is all your fault; my mother compared me with a disgusting man like you. And…" he stopped when he realized what Rashid had just said.

How could you and Tanveer…

"Tanveer! That's it! Tanveer can tell everyone what really happened!" Asad exclaimed as he ran out of the door to find her.

***Khan House (Zoya)***
"Bas beta, if you cry so much you'll fall sick. Don't waste your precious tears on people who don't even deserve." said Dilshaad silently crying, while gently stroking Zoya's back.

"Phoopi you're so nice. You… trusted me and went… against your own son. Thank you." Zoya said in between sobs. The two devastated ladies reached in for a hug.

Zeenat entered the room and sadly looked at Zoya and Dilshaad, who were sitting on the ground.

"Zoya. We're going to New York tomorrow night. There's nothing that we should stay here for anymore." Zeenat announced, clear that she didn't want any arguments on this topic.

She helped Zoya to her room then returned to the living room and sat down next to Dilshaad.

"I can't thank you enough Dilshaad bi. Thank you so much for taking care of Zoya and for everything."

"Zeenat, Zoya is as good as Najma to me. But please don't go. We're all so used to having her around." replied Dilshaad.

"I wish I could but I already told Zoya's Jiju to book our tickets. Anyways the longer she stays, the more she's going to be reminded of the events that just took place. I hope you understand. I can't watch such a happy-go-lucky girl crying all the time."

"I'm so ashamed of what Asad did. I know sorry won't be able to repair anything but still please forgive me. I guess my upbringing had some flaws but that's probably what happens when you're a single mother." said Dilshaad sadly.

"Don't blame yourself. Please. We're going to give Zoya some time in New York and then get her married to a guy of our choice." Zeenat glanced at the clock. "It's getting late. I'm going to sleep in Zoya's room tonight, if you don't mind, and try to help her sleep."

Dilshaad said she had no problem and everyone went to sleep—or atleast they tried to.

***Dargah (Asad)***
Ya Allah, please help me find Tanveer. I need to know what happened between us. I don't want Zoya to hate me all our lives if I turn out to be innocent. And I'm sure that nothing happened. Please help me. Please Asad prayed, as he started to cry again.

As he left the dargah, Asad tried calling Tanveer. Her phone was apparently switched off, so he began to make a mental list of the possible places Tanveer could be.

Asad checked all those places, but had no luck finding her. With lost hope, he decided to head home.

***2 hours later at the Khan House (Zoya)***
The door slowly creaked open. A petite shadowy figure tip toed past the door. Dilshaad tossed and turned all night. She heard the creaking and immediately woke up. She turned the lights on and walked to the door.

"Tanveer? Is that you?" Dilshaad exclaimed.

"Uh…yes Khala…" said Tanveer, clearly embarrassed and shocked. She struggled to put her contact in, before Dilshaad could see her glass eye.

On the other hand, Dilshaad's face was flushed with anger and before she could think, she walked over and slapped Tanveer.

"How dare you come back here? As much as everyone blamed Asad, you're equally to blame. Go away from here! Just leave! Get out of here before I lose control!" she screamed while pushing Tanveer out the door.

"Wait Phoopi" said Zoya as she walked towards the two women.

"Zoya beta, you should go inside. I'll handle everything."

"I won't be able to rest until I do this." and she proceeded to tightly slap Tanveer, resulting in her loose contact falling out.

Zoya pushed her out of the house and slammed the door on her face.

"Come Phoopi I'll explain everything about Tanveer to you." said Zoya to shocked Dilshaad.

Meanwhile Tanveer was plotting yet another revenge, silently mumbling curses to Dilshaad and Zoya, when she heard someone calling her name…

***Outside the Khan House                  (Asad)***
Wait, Tanveer has one glass eye and she told us that that glass eyed person is the one attacking her. But…she herself is the glass eyed person…so that means she tried to attack Zoya instead? Asad gasped in realization. After thinking for a while, he was able to connect the dots and figured out how his so called childhood friend tried to harm the love of his life.

Asad immediately took out his phone.

"Hello? Ayaan? I need your help. Only Tanveer can tell all of us what really happened and she's outside my door. Please, I need your help. Do as I say and come here quickly." Asad told him the plan.

Without meeting Asad, Ayaan quickly came and went in his position.

"Tanveer?" Asad called.

Recognizing Asad's voice, Tanveer didn't even bother to put her contact back in.

"I want you to tell me everything that really happened that night. I know deep inside that I can't do something like that, I can't hurt so many people on purpose. You have to tell me." demanded Asad.

She put her hand to the cheek that was still stinging from Dilshaad's slap and her eyes burned with flames of anger, but she tried her best to keep her cool.

"What everyone knows, that's the truth Jammy. You may not remember but something did happen between us that night."

"Cut this Jammy crap, ok? You were the one who told me that you had a glass eye and that means that you were trying to destroy my family and trying to hurt Zoya." growled Asad.

Knowing her game was now all revealed, Tanveer transformed into her Billo Rani form.

"Oh so you figured everything out huh? Well that means that you're not as foolish as I thought you were. Yup nothing happened that night. And I caused everything that went wrong in your house." and Tanveer continued to reveal everything she did.

"But ufsos now no one will believe you, especially not Zoya." she smirked.

Asad clenched his fists and had to control himself from punching her right then and there.

"Thanks to you, now everyone will know that I didn't do anything. Thank you Tannu." he said mockingly.

Behind them, they saw three tall men, with flashlights.

"You are under arrest Ms. Tanveer for several attempts to murder Miss. Farooqui and trying to defame Mr. Khan." said the police as they took her away.

"Ayaan you can come out now! Our plan worked! I don't know how to thank you!"

Asad ran to hug his brother, who's
face couldn't be seen due to the darkness.

Ayaan was shorter than Asad and was a lot skinnier too. But the man Asad was hugging was taller and had broader shoulders than Ayaan.

Asad gasped in realization.
"Rashid Ahmed Khan."

"I'm so glad I could help you out Asad. I always knew you were innocent and now you can prove that to everyone."

"Why are you here? Where's Ayaan? Did he tell you to come?" scrowled Asad.

"How would he, when he never picked up your phone?" Rashid gently chuckled. "I was walking by and realized Ayaan wasn't at home when you called. So I picked up the phone and before I could say anything, you began to say your plan and I followed every word you said. I know I haven't been around for you but I want to and need to make it up to you." Rashid handed Asad the recording he was told to make of Tanveer's confession.

Asad realized that he was still hugging his father, the one he hated so much. But today was different. He knew it was the same man, but he could feel different emotions towards him.

Embarrassed, Asad let go and sheepishly went home. On the outside, he showed his father that he was a strong man and the deed that his father did made no effect on him, but on the inside he was really touched by it.

Asad turned around to see his father once more and smiled at him, knowing that he couldn't see in the darkness.

Part Two on the bottom!

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HamariAduriKahn Goldie

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TS: Part Two
***The Next Day at the Khan House (AsYa both)***
"Ammi ?" Asad asked as he opened the door to his mom's room.

Dilshaad ignore him and continued getting ready for the day.

"Ammi I need to talk to you."

"How many times do I need to tell you? After what you did, forget talking to you, I don't even want to look at your face anymore." she got up to leave the room.

"Tanveer-confessed-everything-and-i-called-Ayaan-to-help-but-instead-Rashid-Ahmed-Khan-was-there-and-Tanveer-is-now-in jail-because-she-tried-to-hurt-Zoya-and-now-I-have-proof-of-my-innocence-please-believe-me-I-need-to-convince-Zoya-too." Asad said fast, under one breathe.

Dilshaad turned to face her son, her eyes shining bright with hope.

"How do I know you're telling the truth? And Rashid? Where did he come from?" Asked a now curious Dilshaad.

"Please Ammi just hear me out once."

Dilshaad sighed and sat on the bed, listening to Asad's explanations and hearing the recording Rashid took of Tanveer.

Her eyes welled up tears of joy.

"Khuda ka lak lak sukar hai keh tumne kuch galat nahi kia" Dilshaad exclaimed. "Now you just to tell Zoya! Wait…but I don't understand one thing. Why did Rashid help you?"

"I don't know but he said it was because he wanted to make it up to me." replied Asad

Dilshaad smiled.
"See he's not all that bad. Try to hate him a little less now ok?" she said while gently stroking Asad's head.

Asad had dedicated the rest of the day into proving himself in front of Zoya, knowing that that was the only time before she left forever. He took advantage of every opportunity he could get.

The first place he tried to tell her was in her room, where he saw her packing.

He walked straight in without knocking because he knew that she would slam the door on his face.

"Zoya, I need to talk to you."
said Asad quietly, knew that Zoya wouldn't listen to him.

Instead, she kept quiet, and kept packing.

"Zoya! Please just listen to me once."

Zoya stopped packing, threw the clothes she had in her hand on the ground, and sat on her bed.

"Ji Jahanpahan tell me. I'm just an emotionless doll lying over here right? You'll play and do whatever you want with my feelings and I'll just let you right?" she paused for a breathe and let out a sob "Anyways what can anyone expect from such an emotionally challenged man? I don't want to deal with this right now just leave!" she stopped to wipe her tears.

"Zoya! Just once!"

"Leave! Before I loose control over myself! Just get out!" her face was all red, with stray tears on her cheeks.

Feeling a pang of guilt, Asad decided it was best to leave her alone for a while.

After lunch, Dilshaad had told Zeenat and Najma about Asad's innocence and forbid them to tell anything to Zoya. They all had to act like they were still mad at Asad. Meanwhile Zoya tried to get her mind off of things by doing chores with Najma.

Asad stood behind them and rehearsed what he was going to say to Zoya in his mind.

"Zoya...c'mon..." he cleared his throat when he realized that his little sister was also there. "Uhh..Tamatar can you please leave?" Asad asked awkwardly.

"No Tamatar stay here with me."

"Zoya...I need to talk to you alone."

"Najma, tell your brother that I have no interest in talking to him anymore. Anyways I'm going to leave tonight so tell him to leave me alone until then."

Najma looked at both of them and sighed. "Bhaijaan Zoya said..."

Frustrated, Asad left for his room. He continued to try to tell Zoya the truth, but she wouldn't listen.

Back in his room, Asad picked up his ringing phone.

"Hello Asad? How are you?"

Asad's face pinched up in realization of who he was talking to.

"Mr. Rashid Ahmed Khan. Why did you call me?" he said, ready to hang up.

"Don't hang up. Please! Just hear me out once. Did you show everyone Tanveer's confession?"

He hesitated to answer but remembered his mom's advice.

"Umm yes, everyone except Zoya"

"Why haven't you told her yet? Oh she's probably not willing to listen to you right?"

"Uh…yeah. She's heartbroken, she still thinks I…"

"Ok that's all I wanted to check in with you. Keep trying Asad. Zoya's a keeper, don't loose her."

***A Few Hours Later***
Zoya and Zeenat's bags were packed and they were ready to leave for New York.

"Zoya! Please don't go!" cried Najma, saying what everyone wanted to say.

Asad stood there, grinding his teeth and crying silently.

"Oh Najma, you know why I have to go." Zoya replied with tears filling the brims of her eyes. She shot a quick look at Asad. "I'm going to miss you and Phoopi so much!" she said as she hugged them both.

After having flashbacks o f his dad's words, Asad mustered up the courage to finally stop her.

"Zoya! Please stay. I need to-"

"Let's go Appi. We're getting late." Zoya said, clearly ignoring him.

"Just hear me out once!" Asad screamed trying his best to stop her, but Zoya was determined to leave.

Zeenat and Zoya were just about to step out the door, when Asad remembered that he had Tanveer's confession recorded in his pocket.

"Oh so you figured everything out huh? Well that means that…"

Zoya and Zeenat turned around.

"...foolish as I thought you were. Yup nothing happened that night. And I caused everything that went wrong in your house..." Tanveer's voice continued on, revealing that Asad was innocent.

Zoya's face brightened up and her eyes twinkled, filling with tears again. She dropped her bags and was shocked for a while.

"Yes Zoya, he's telling the truth. Now go, hug him now" Zeenat whispered, elbowing Zoya towards Asad.

Zoya ran in Asad's arms and both hugged each other, not wanting to ever let go. Tears streamed down their faces while everyone else were smiling happily at them.

Dilshaad and Zeenat cleared their throats loud and clear to get them to stop hugging.

Embarrassed, both of them awkwardly ended their hug.

"Umm Appi... what are we going to do with our tickets now?" Zoya asked to change the topic.

"Oh don't worry about it. When Dilshaad bi told me about Tanveer, I immediately called Zoya's Jiju and told him to cancel our flight, and instead book a flight for him to come here."

"Asad, don't you have something to say to Zoya?" asked Dilshaad.

Asad mentally smacked himself. How could he forget such an important thing?

"Uh yes…um Zoya first of all I'm sorry for hurting you and uh…"
he looked at his mom for guidance. With Dilshaad's consent, Asad kneeled on the ground and took out something from his pocket.

Holding out a ring he said

"Miss Zoya Farooqui, will you become Mrs. Zoya Ahmed Khan?"

Zoya put her hands to her mouth and once again began crying.

"This is the real proposal right? Not like our airport one?"

Everyone laughed and Najma spoke up
"Nope and I can guarantee that. Bhaijaan here has spent 3 hours trying to find the perfect ring for you." she giggled.

"Yes, I'm ready to become Mrs. Zoya Ahmed Khan. For sure this time right?"

Asad laughed
"Yes for sure. And I'll be with you forever and always."

Wow ok what was that? Even I have no idea. I just kept writing and writing and couldn't post it because I was out of town with no Internet. I'm sorry for any and every mistakes. As I mentioned before, if you could think of a name for this please tell me! I hope you enjoyed and please comment in how it was!

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starsinmyeyes IF-Sizzlerz

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kaash aisa sach mein hota...
Ceon IF-Rockerz

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wow! I wish if it could happen in show
mochhug IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 25 June 2013 at 11:58pm | IP Logged
kash, sach mein, kash aisa kuch ho. 

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KulfiBai IF-Sizzlerz

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This is very good Smile If only something like this happens soon and that billa gets kicked to the curb! LOL Thanks for the PM!

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mamathasridhar Goldie

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Very nice, but i bet aisa kabhi nahin hone wala hamare show mein :)

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Chahat_A_Doshi IF-Stunnerz

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Wow only if the QH ppl have hearts and brains like us

Everthing was fantastic But one blooper Jammy already knows Tannu was the one eyed person. 

They should have not revealed this thing in front of Asad so it could have been used perfectly like you did.

I wanted more of Tannu torture.

WE churn out wonderful pieces every time someone sits to write.

Lots more coming our way?

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