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Pyar To Hona.....-FF LAST PART!!!PG. 55

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ok, i'm starting a new fanfic about how i'd want Kasamh se to be like. Hope you guys like it, there are some changes, but most of it is the same. HEre is part 1 and 2. I will continue if you guys want me to.

part 1:


Bani wakes up from the irritating sun light that keeps on hitting her eyes. She stretches and rubs her eyes. She sighs deeply thinking about her dream. Bani slightly smiles to herself. She dreamt about her wedding day, it was marvelous! Beautiful decorations everywhere, tons of guests, excellent food, took place in a mansion, it was the perfect wedding any girl could wish for, the only thing she didn't dream about was who was her prince charming. She didn't get that far, because Pia had come into the room and woke her up.

Bani is an ordinary, but very beautiful girl, from Mount Abu. She lives with her two sisters and father. After her mother past away, bani has pretty much been taking care of everyone. It is her responsibility, because her father is to busy drinking and doesn't really pay any attention at all to his kids. Bani is the oldest, 24. She always takes care of Pia and Rano, her sisters. She loves them to death. Her family's happiness is very important to her.

Pia: Come on di, get ready!

Bani becomes confused. Ready? On a Sunday morning? She didn't have to go to work, so why does she have to get ready for?

Bani: for what?

Pia: (looks at bani with disbelief) you don't know?

Bani: yes, I don't know.

Pia: di, how can you forget?! It's rano's birthday!

Pia's words hit bani in the face. She begins to feel extremely guilty for forgetting her little sister's birthday. She slaps her hand onto her forehead.

Bani: oh, I completely forgot!

Pia: Vijay is already at the hotel, getting the decorations ready. He's waiting for us.

Bani: wait, Vijay?

Vijay is a childhood friend of bani, rano, and pia. He is 25 and quite handsome. Well most girls fall head over heels for him. Pia and Rano have been crushing on him, since forever. But they very well know that Vijay is deeply in love with bani. He told her so, three years back. It was Valentine's Day, they were strolling in the park, when Vijay suddenly just confessed his feelings towards Bani to her. Bani was stunned because she had never thought of Vijay in that particular way, because he is just a friend. Yeah, he was handsome and all, but she wasn't very attracted to him. She told Vijay the truth that she only thinks of him as a good friend. Ever since then, Vijay tried to forget his feelings, but just couldn't. Bani has never been the same around with Vijay after that incident.

Pia: yes, di. Vijay!

Bani: why is he coming?

Pia: what do you mean, why is he coming?! Rano is like his little sister also!

Bani rolls her eyes and gets out of bed to go to the bathroom. She passes Rano's room, who is still sleeping. Rano has no clue that they are throwing a surprise party for her, so it will be fun to watch her reaction. The only thing missing is their father, who is in Mumbai.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~

Bani and Pia walk into the hotel and are lead into a huge hall which is halfway decorated already. There is a huge banner on the side saying "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" in silver writing. The color scheme is blue and white. Vijay is busy telling a guy how to place the centerpieces on the tables. He turns his head to the side, slightly and his attention immediately falls upon Bani. She is wearing a green and light blue suit, with silver designs and her silver hoop earrings and her B necklace. She looks very nice. He can't help but smile. She always does this to him, make him woo over her.

Bani notices Vijay's gaze and looks the other way. She feels extremely uncomfortable. Pia tries to get Vijay's attention towards her, but fails.

Vijay: you're here? (talking to bani, not taking his eyes off of her)

Bani: no, Vijay. You're just hallucinating.

Vijay: (laughs) well, I guess you could help us?

Pia: we'll gladly help you! What needs to be done?

Vijay tells pia and bani everything he has planned for the big party. Everyone in Mount Abu is attending it today.

Vijay: ok, so pia, you can go and bring out the chairs. Bani could you help me with the balloons, over there?

Bani is about to say no, but is grateful for pia's intrusion.

Pia: no, I'll help you, Vijay!

Vijay: (hesitates) uuuuuuhhhh. Sure I guess.

Pia takes Vijay's hand in hers and drags him over to the left side of the hall. Bani decides to do pia's job so she goes over to the stacked up chairs, unstacks them, and put them next to the tables. Bani looks up to see Pia and Vijay blowing up the balloons. She immediately looks the other way, noticing that Vijay keeps staring at her. She begins talking to herself.

Bani: why does he always have to look at me?! (frustrated)

A man interrupts bani's thoughts and asks if he can help her. Bani agrees. After about 30 minutes or so, Vijay's cell phone rings. He picks it up, it's from rano. Rano tells Vijay to hand the phone over to Bani. HE gladly does. Bani takes the phone from Vijay, carefully trying not to touch his hand.

Bani: hello? Rano?

Rano: di! Where are you and pia?!

Bani: uh, I told you, we're shopping.

Rano: I'm all alone at home.

Bani: I'm sorry, rano.

Rano: anyways, I actually called to tell you something about papa.

Bani: what's wrong with papa?

Rano: I got a call from Mumbai saying that papa is at some Walia Mansion and we need to go pick him up.

Bani: Walia Mansion?

Rano: yeah. They also said that he is extremely drunk, and he just crashed into their party that they are having. So they contacted us to let us know.

Bani: (rubs her forehead) oh my god. (sighs) I can't believe he did that.

Rano: I can. So what do we do?

Bani: um, I guess I'll go.

Rano: ok, try to make it back on time.

Bani: (smiles) yeah. Bye, I love you.

Rano: I love you too.

Pia is waiting eagerly for what rano said on the phone, but bani doesn't say anything. She looks very worried. Bani walks over to a table and picks up her purse.

Pia: where are you going, di?

Bani: I have to go to Mumbai. We need to bring Papa over here. He is at some Walia Mansion, and he's really drunk.

Pia: (mad) he wanted to go to Mumbai, so just let him be. Why should we go get him, if he's gonna refuse to come back.

Bani: (shocked) pia, you're talking about our father!

Pia: I know who I am talking about.

Bani: no matter what, he's our father and we need to respect him. Now, I have to go to Mumbai and get papa.

Pia: then I'll come too!

Bani: no, pia. You stay here with Vijay and get the decorations on time. I promise I'll be back before the party begins. It's not gonna begin until like 8 hours or so.

Pia becomes stubborn and refuses to stay. Bani gives up hope and agrees to let her come with her.

Vijay: here, you're gonna need some money to buy the tickets.

Bani: thank you so much, Vijay. You don't have to do all this, you're doing way too much for us.

Vijay: hey, what are friends for?

Bani gives him a weak smile and leaves with pia.


part 2:

Bani and Pia have reached Mumbai by a train and now are asking people for the decorations to Walia Mansion. Bani and Pia take a rickshaw, and hope that the driver knows where the Walia Mansion is. The driver does know where it is, and gladly takes them there. Bani pays him and he leaves. They are in front of the gate looking at the beautiful Mansion.

Pia: oh wow! IT's so beautiful!

Bani: yeah. Yeah it is.

Bani continues to gaze at the mansion and is reminded of her dream. It's funny, but the exact same Mansion was in Bani's dream. That was where her wedding was taking place. Bani smiles to herself and spots the watchman. She asks him to let them in, but he refuses to do so.

Watchman: you are not invited.

Bani: no, they called us over here, for our father.

Watchman: (refuses to believe her)

Pia: at least contact them and ask them.

Watchman: teek hain.

He calls someone and gets the permission to let them in. Watchman leads Bani and Pia inside.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

There are many guest around the mansion partying, laughing, and talking. Bani and Pia knew right away that they were snobby rich people. The watchman makes them wait while he fetches the owner of the house. Bani and pia are seated in a different room waiting impatiently. Bani hears footsteps and looks at the floor. She sees nice polished looking back shoes enter the room. She slowly looks up and sees an extremely handsome man gazing down upon her. He is dressed in all black, but looks ravishing. His muddy brown eyes, stand out and his jet black hair, gelled down. He has his hands in his pockets. Bani can't help but blush a deep shade of red. Pia gets up and Bani follows.

The owner: no, sit down. Please be seated.

Pia and bani look at each other before sitting down on the comfy couch.

The handsome man keeps on looking at Bani, not paying on bit of attention to Pia. He looks at her up and down, examining her. Bani's body heats up, by the staring of the man. The man smiles at her.

The owner: you don't look one bit like him.

Bani: (confused) excuse me?

The owner: him, …your father?

Bani: oh. Yes, I've always been getting that. Everyone says that I look more like my mother. (stops her self from talking further on)

He nods his head. He touches his clean shaven jaw and continues to examine bani with his breath taking eyes. He then realizes that he hasn't introduced himself.

The owner: oh, I am sorry. (he says gently) I forgot to introduce myself. (clears his throat) I am Jai Walia, the owner of this house.

Jai walia is an extremely rich businessman, lets his sister and her kids live with him. Aditya, his best friend and his mother are recently staying with him also. Jai is 30 (decided to make him a tad younger. It's my fanfic) , currently got out of a relationship with Anjali (he broke up with her) a lonely man, but he doesn't think so. He's not really into marriage and doesn't really understand the meaning love. Jai is an extremely attractive man.

Jai extends his hand to bani. Bani shy fully shakes it. She can feel her cheeks going red.

Bani: I am bani. And this is Pia my sister. (looks around the room) You have a beautiful house.

Jai: (grins at her) Thank you.

Bani's heart did a flip right when jai gave her his wonderful smile.

Jai looks down at bani's hand which is still shaking his hand. He looks at bani to see if she notices, but she clearly doesn't, she's too busy looking at jai. So he decides to point it out.

Jai: um, my hand?

Bani: hand? (looks down at their hands still shaking, well her still shaking it. She immediately lets go and blushes0 oh, I'm sorry.

Jai: (chuckles) it's ok.

Jai can't take his eyes of this beautiful person sitting across from him. "She looks so innocent…..and she's so beautiful", jai thought to himself. Pia interrupts his thoughts.

Pia: I'm sorry, bit we're kind of in a rush, so can we see our father now?

Jai: oh yes, of course. I totally forgot. (he gets up) He's in the guest room, so just follow me.

Jai leads them right away to the guest room and enter in. On the bed is their unconscious, drunk father. Bani and pia both shocked by is condition run over to him. They wake him up.

Bani: papa! What have you don't to yourself?

Nikishant: bani?! ….pia?! (laughs) what are you too doing in Goa?!

Pia: papa, we're in Mumbai. Not goa. Come on and get up.

Nikishant: but, we just got here. The party isn't over.

Bani and pia's eyes begin to form tears by seeing their father like this. They were sick and tired of seeing him always like this. He began drinking right after their mother died, because of cancer. It was hard for all of them, but their father lost all hope in life.

Bani: (helps him up) come on, papa. We have to go.

Jai calls in two men to help carry Nikishant. They have his arms on their shoulder and take him out of the room. Pia follows them. Bani stays behind with Jai.

Bani: I am so sorry for all of this. I feel so asham-

Jai: it's ok, you don't have to say sorry.

Bani: Thank you.

Jai: your welcome.

Bani is about to leave when jai stops her from dong so. He reaches into his coat pocket and pulls out his business card, he hands it over to her. Bani takes it from him, and accidentally touches his hand.

Jai: if you ever need anything, just contact me.

Bani: thank you, but I wont' guarantee you that we'll need anything.

Jai: just incase.

Bani gives him a grateful smile and leaves. Jai watches her leave and smiles to himself. "nice girl", he says.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Bani, Pia, and Nikishant return on time in Mount abu. They take Nikishant home and let him sleep, they tell Rano to take care of him, while they go out. \

Vijay: so, is uncle ok? (talking to bani)

Pia: we've brought him home, but he's really drunk. I haven't seem him this drunk before. I felt so ashamed when we went there to go get him.

Pia looks over to bani and sees her against the wall and in deep thoughts, smiling to herself. Pia walks over to bani and decides to tease her, she knew everything.

Pia: I know that face.

Bani: (wakes out of her thoughts) what face?

Pia: somebody's on your mind.

Bani: (blushes) no.

Pia: yes.

Bani: (giggles) no!

Pia: no.

Bani; yes! (realizes that she has been tricked, covers her mouth and continues to blush)

Pia: di, he was very handsome.

Bani: I know. (smiling to herself)

Pia: you know, he looks around 29ish...30ish.

Bani: yeah, I know. But age difference doesn't really matter I mean. It's not that big.

Pia: I saw you blushing like crazy over there.

Bani: oh my god.

Vijay is confused and interrupts into the conversation.

Vijay: what are you guys talking about?

Bani: (quickly says) nothing!

Pia: Bani di, really likes that Jai walia guy.

Vijay: (hurt) ….what?

Bani: (glares at pia) pia?!

Vijay: jai walia?

Pia: yeah, and he is extremely rich!

Vijay: silent.

He walks away from pia and bani. Bani feels bad for Vijay, but then happily talks to pia about jai. Vijay is extremely hurt and sits down on a chair. He remembers the Valentine's Day, three years back, when he confessed his feelings to bani.


Bani: pia has been getting so many chocolates and roses from all the little kids. It's so adorable!

Vijay: (something's on his mind) oh really?

Bani: yeah. We've got tons of them all over the house!

Vijay: (gives a fake laugh, he's extremely nervous from what he's about to do) oh.

Bani: Vijay, what's wrong? This whole day, you've looked so down, and kind of nervous. What's on your mind.

Vijay: yes, you're right. I am very nervous and I do have something on my mind, since the last 2 years.

Bani: (laughs) two years? That's really long!

Vijay: see, there's this girl, and…I really-really love her. But she doesn't know that. I love being around her, doing things around her, laughing with her, having fun with her. I've been meaning to tell her how I feel for ages now.

Bani: then why don't you?

Vijay: because, I'm scared if she doesn't like me back.

Bani: (thinking that he's talking about pia) maybe she does (says it in a sort of flirtish way)

Vijay: (exhales) ok. (reaches into his jacket and pulls out a small red rose)

He turns to bani and gives her a weak smile, he's extremely nervous.

Vijay: I love you bani.

Bani is paralyzed with shock. She doesn't move, but continues to look at Vijay holding the red rose towards her. She looks like she can't breathe. Bani wasn't expecting this at all.

Vijay: I've loved you since forever.

Bani is silent, she's in way too much shock to say anything. Bani turns away from Vijay and moves towards a tree. Vijay follows her with the rose, still in his hand.

Vijay: please, bani tell me how you feel!

Bani puts her back against the tree and covers her face with her hands. She shakes her hands and begins crying.

Vijay: why are you crying, bani?

She uncovers her face and opens her mouth, but no words come out. She looks the other way.

Vijay: what's wrong?

Bani: (whispers) I thought-….I thought you were talking about pia.

Vijay: (laughs) why would I love pia?

Bani: (shrugs her shoulders) I don't know. ….oh my god.

Vijay: what?

Bani: (breathes in) Vijay….I have never, ever, thought of you in that way. I've always thought of you as a good friend. I'm sorry, ….but I don't feel the same way you do for me.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Tears falls out of Vijay's eyes and he quickly wipes them away. He looks over at a smiling bani talking with pia. "All I wanted from life was you, bani. But I guess…I can never have you", he says to himself.


how did you guys like it? should i continue? Confused


part 3 on pg. 2


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OMGGGGGGGGGGG plz cont soon.. its differentttt.. i mean vijay luvs bani.. AND jai seems to have a crush on bani and vice versa.. awww i feel bad fo vijay.. plz cont soon Clap
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WOW!!! U shud def continue!!!! This is such a great start!!! It's so different!! Please continue !!!!! Big smile
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wonderful Clap
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kewl plz continue Clap Clap Clap
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That was amazing.
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plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz cont soon
so love at first sight for jai and bani
that was cute
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my god!!! that was awesome!! contiue plzz! Clap Clap Clap

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