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1. Anmol Jaswal

Name: Anmol Jaswal

Pet Name: Nannu

Age: 14

City: Jammu

Family Background:-
Father- Singer and teaches singing to children. Mother Housewife and also a singer and gives training to children from home. Family- parents and 2 younger sisters.

Sangam Kala group competition-3rd prize, Bollywood music academy-1st prize, Inter-school competition-1st always, Rangbhoomi-1st prize, Devotional song competition-1st prize. He has gone as a Guest of Honour for Rangbhoomi competition and Bollywood Music academy. He has recieved a Jammu star award. He also does local shows.

Dislikes: Doesn't like people with negative attitude

Personality Traits: He defines himself by his name- A-

-Awesome, N- Naughty, M- Musical, O- Obedient, L- Lively. He is also very sensitive by nature.

Favourite Colour: Blue

Singing background: He started singing since he was 2 & half yrs. of age. He learns classical from his father who is also a music teacher.

Favourite Singer: Sonu Nigam

Favourite Judge: Vishal Dadlani

Biggest Dream: He wants to take Lata ji's blessing once

What do you want to be when you grow-up: He wants to be an all-rounder in music ( playback singer & music director). 

 2.Nirvesh Dave 


Name: Nirvesh Sudhanshubhai Dave

Pet Name: Nilu

Age: 14

City: Ahemdabad

 Family Background: Father is an accountant at a pvt firm and mother is a house wife. Father and mother sing sometimes. Elder brother plays the synthesizer.

        Achievements:  Performs at local functions. Has given a lot of stage performances. Has done play back singing for 5 Gujarati films. He is well known in the Gujarati music industry.

 Likes/ Hobbies: Loves craft & origami .Also likes to sing, dance, make new friends, play with friends & watch cartoons.

        Dislikes: Doesn't like Karela (bottle guard)

        Personality Traits:  Very friendly and calm, but at the same time is very talkative at home.

 Fav Colour: Blue

        Singing background: Learning since he was 4yrs. Had learnt classical from Preetiben Vohra. He is now learning semi- classical from Aniket Khandekar

        Favourite  Singer: Sonu Nigam

        Favourite  Judge: Shreya Ghoshal

  Biggest Dream: To meet Sonu Nigam

        What do you want to be when you grow-up: Wants to be a successful Music director & a singer

3.Debanjana Karmakar

Name: Debanjana Karmakar

Pet Name: Reema, Gunu, Shona, Gulu, Huntu panch.

Age: 14

City: West midnapur, WB

 Family Background: Her father works in a bank while her mother is a housewife. Her father is also a music teacher and teaches children from home.

Likes/ Hobbies: Loves doing makeup, likes to shop for dresses, bags & shoes. Love to spend time with her sister. She paints, sings, watches horror movies & reads horror stories during her free time. 

Dislikes: Doesn't like watching news channel or reading the news paper, doesn't like people who talks unnecessarily.  She is scared of insects

Personality Traits: She is a sensitive & bubbly Bengali girl. She considers her voice as her USP. She gets irritated and angry very easily, and when scolded she cries. She wants to make people aware of preserving nature & environment. She always re-use her bio-degradable wastes in her kitchen garden.

Favourite  Colour: white, red & pink

Singing background: Learning classical music from her father, since the age of 4. She is learning from Sri Joyonto Sarkar (Kolkata)since the age of 10.

Favourite  Singer: Shreya Ghoshal, lata ji & Sonu Nigam

Favourite  Judge: Shreya didi

Biggest Dream: Wants to meet Lataji & get some good tips from her. Also get famous as a playback singer


 4.Sonakshi Kar 

Name: Sonakshi Kar

Pet Name: Sonu, manna, Sana, Shukhonthi

Age: 9

City: Kolkata

- See more at:

' Family Background: Father is into service while her mother is a housewife.

' Likes/ Hobbies: Sonakshi loves bags. The more the better. Like all other girls she also likes to dress up, have a huge wardrobe full of clothes She loves eating mutton biryani, pani-puri (puchka ' in Kolkata) & her mother's special baigan ka bharta. She also enjoys watching Tv and playing with her sister.

' Dislikes: Drinking water especially when her mother constantly reminds her to do so & also when her mother doesn't allow her to put makeup. She also doesn't like it when her cheeks are pulled out of affection.

' Personality Traits: This cute, chubby singer is very short tempered but cools off also very easily. Extremely focused & hard working when it comes to her singing & studies. Has learnt Bharat natyam but quit dancing to concentrate on singing (since there was a lack of time). She is talkative in front of people she knows, but hardly talks to those who she doesn't know.

' Favourite  Colour: Orange

' Singing background: Started learning classical when she was 5yrs. from Joyonto Sarkar

' Favourite Singer: Lata Mangeshkar

' Favourite  Judge: Shreya Ghoshal

 ' Biggest Dream: To meet Lata Mangeshkar & Kajol (actress)

' What do you want to be when you grow-up: She wants to become a hindi & Bengali playback singer.

5.Akash Sharma 

Name: Akash Sharma

Pet Name: Shankara

Age: 13

City: Kanina Khas, Haryana

 ' Family Background: Father is a fruit seller (sits with his cart of bananas, at a busy market street) and his mother is a housewife.

' Likes/ Hobbies: Likes to sing & study, playing kabaddi in school, watching horror movies and cycling. Loves to eat bajra roti  made by his grandmother. He also likes lassi, tomato chutney. 

' Dislikes: Hates over confident people and people with bad temper

 ' Personality Traits: He is a very shy and sensitive boy who can adapt himself in almost every situation. He is very religious & has very few friends. He watches tv regularly to update himself about different competitions and also practices while listening to songs saved, on the phone, by his father.

' Peculiar Habits: He claims to sing well in female vocals.

' Favourite  Colour: Red & black

 ' Singing background: Never had any formal training. He trains himself by practicing at home and also by participating at various competitions. 

' Favourite  Singer: Sonu Nigam

' Favourite  Judge: Shreya Ghoshal

' Biggest Dream: To do something so great that makes his parents proud & make all their difficulties (financial troubles) disappear.

 ' What do you want to be when you grow-up: He wants to be either a playback singer or a science teacher

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6.Anjana Padmanabhan

 Name: Anjana Padmanabhan

Pet Name: laddoo, kuttima

Age: 10

City: Bangalore

' Family Background : Her father is a chartered accountant at a big firm while her mother is a housewife

' Likes / Hobbies : Anjana loves watching Movies on TV, eating junk food. She enjoys playing carom with her family. Apart from that she likes playing Basketball, Tennis , Table Tennis, Badminton, Swimming, Golf, Cricket. She also likes playing pranks on everybody.

' Dislikes : Barbie Dolls and eating healthy food.

' Personality Trait: Anjana is a very carefree and happy go lucky girl, who likes doing things her own way. She is very bubbly and naughty and extremely friendly. She is also a confident, focused and a hard working girl, who is quick Learner and someone who can never shy away from Challenges.

' Favourite Colour :  Golden , Violet

' Singing background : Has learnt Carnatic music for 1 year from Akila ,and has been learning Hindustani Classical  for the last 3 months from Shriman Pandit Hegde. The bollywood songs, she learns from her father.

' Favourite  Singer :  Shreya Ghoshal , Lata Mangeshkar , Asha Bhosle

' Favourite  Judge :  Shreya Ghoshal

' Biggest Dream :  Wants to go to the Hong Kong Disneyland and also wants to sponsor her parents a trip to the USA. 

' What do you want to be when you grow up? Singer and a Pilot

7.Aryan Das 

Name: Aryan Das

Pet Name: Dhana, Om

Age: 11

City: Cuttack, Orrisa

' Family Background: Father is into government service and Mother is a house wife.

' Achievements : Has been a state level champion of Cyber Olympiad for two years (also qualified for the international level.)He is also a recognized All India Radio child artist. Aryan has also done playback singing for Oriya films. Won many awards for singing like Akhaya Mohanty State Level Competition and Uday Bhanu Puraskar in Orrisa. Aryan also does devotional performances since he is a Sai Baba bhakt.

' Likes / Hobbies : He likes making new friends ,  Singing,Drawing, Studying, Playing cricket,Watching TV especially Cartoon ' Ben Ten , Spiderman

' Dislikes : Selfish people , Liars, Does not like to eat Bitter things

' Personality Traits : He is a complete Sai baba bhakt. He is also very Sensitive and emotional and does not like to leave his work unfinished. Aryan is a pampered child who is fed by his mother.

' Favourite Colour :  Red

' Singing background :  Since he was Four years old he has been learning Classical from Pradeep Patra and  Light Singing from Sarada Prasann Sahoo

' Favourite Singer :  Sonu Nigam, Shreya Ghoshal

' Favourite Judge : Shreya Ghoshal

' Biggest Dream :  As his father was fond of the Royal Enfield Bullet bike , but due to some problem in his foot he had to give his bike away, Aryan wants to win Indian idol  and gift his father a Bullet and wants to take his parents on a World Tour.

' What do you want to be when you grow up ? Wants to be a Pediatrician as he will sing songs to the little kids who are generally scared of Injections.Or he wants to be IAS officer with singing as a career.

8.Priyam Borpatra Gohain

 Name: Priyam Borpatra Gohain

Pet Name: Pompi

Age: 14

City: Sivasagar, Assam

' Family Background: Father is into service(electrical department at ONGC) and mother is a housewife.

' Likes / Hobbies : Clothes and Shoes Shopping , Eating Junk Food and Cakes, Modeling & Self Photography, Car Models , Music, Movies, Stickers, Flowers, Crafts, , Honesty

' Dislikes :  Studies, People who are Liars, Betrayers and Show Offs

' Personality Traits : She is funny, bubbly and loves to talk. She also likes to bully people and is also very short tempered.She is also cheerful, humble and a positive Thinker. She also gels well with everyone

' Favourite Colour :  All Dark colours, especially Purple and Black

' Singing background :  Has been learning singing for the last 6 years, Classical from Kajal Mohan and Modern Folk from Prabin Mohan.

 ' Favourite Singer :  Lata Mangeshkar, Dr. Bhupen Hazarika , Asha Bhosle, Shreya Ghosal, Mahalaxmi Iyer, Zubeen Garg, Papon, Ghulam Ali

' Favourite Judge :   Shekhar Ravjiani

' Biggest Dream :  To make a huge museum in her hometown, where she can keep all varieties of Musical Instruments from all over the World. She also wants to make her family popular through her talent and take them for trips abroad.

 ' What do you want to be when you grow up ? Wants to become a Playback Singer as well as a CA.

9.Sankalp Yaduwanshi

Name: Sankalp Yaduwanshi

Pet Name: Bittu, Kanha

Age: 12

City: Moradabad , Uttar Pradesh

' Family background:  His father works in agricultural dept, mom is a housewife and younger sister is in 4th standard. He also has a dog who he adores.

' Achievements: He has participated and won a lot of  singing competitions. He stood first in Sangam Kala Group and Sur Sangams all India competition. 

' Likes / Hobbies: He loves cars, Food, Dogs, Singing, Making Best Friends, Plays badminton, cricket, Cooking, Watching TV, Video Games, Dancing and Travel

' Dislikes:  He does not like selfish people and does not want anyone to hurt him emotionally. He is not fond of studies. Also hates his classmates pulling his cheeks

' Personality Traits: He is a fun guy. He is a jack of all trades and is good at almost everything he does. He is a bully, extremely short tempered, he gets angry on almost every little think but it's easy to calm him down. He has a younger sister with whom he constantly fights. He is very sensitive and extremely helpful. Trusts people easily. 

' Favourite Colour :  Red and Black

' Singing background :  Has been learning Music from last 5 years, he has learnt in many different places since they have to shift houses every time his dad got posting to a new city .He adds "main bachpan mein rote waqt bhi alap leta tha" mom recognised the talent in me.His grandfather and father are passion singers. Currently  he is learning from his father.

' Favourite Singer:  Sonu Nigam , Kunal Ganjawala , Mohd. Rafi, Lata Mangeshkar

' Favourite Judge :  Vishal Dadlani

' Biggest Dream:  Wants to go on a World Tour , Wants to own the  most expensive and coolest Cars in the world.

' What do you want to be when you grow up : Wants to be a Big Playback Singer

10.Eman Chaudhary

Family background: Her father is into business (builder) and mother is a professor in a college 

Likes / Hobbies : She loves playing Guitar, likes to go on Long drives, loves eating paani puri, she is crazy about shoes, also likes to dance, paint and write.

Dislikes: She hates nosy and ignorant people;Smelly Food and people who like to show off are a big turn off for her 

Personality Traits: She is extraordinary and excels in everything she attempts. She is an all rounder and is good at studies and extracurricular activities too. She is extremely lazy and also short tempered. Eman is the only child so she is pampered by everyone in her family.

Favourite Colour : Black,Turquoise 

Singing background: She has been learning classical from Sujit Roy and Sushant Chowdhary from past 4 years

Favourite Singer : Shruti Pathak , Sunidhi Chauhan

Favourite Judge : Vishal Dadlani

Biggest Dream: To become Worlds best Singer and get an opportunity to record a song with Rihana

What do you want to be when you grow up: She wants to be a famous playback Singer in bollywood and also get recognition internationally as a Singer.

Credit :



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They are talented. They really deserves to be in top 10. Thanks for sharing.

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thanks for the info. so proud of emon n priyam...

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^ Thanks for sharing. Smile
These kids are really good in their singing and they deserve to be in Top 10 .. Thumbs Up

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Very talented kids.  Hopes to see some good singing.

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Why all girls of them are so fat? Are Indians always fat?
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Thanks for sharing. Smile

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