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Anomic_loner Goldie

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Posted: 25 June 2013 at 7:02pm | IP Logged

Well, today is a special day...the day an angel was born...

She is a perfect friend, an ideal sister, a rhetorical writer and above all the most amiable person in IF...
Any guesses??

It is none other than our very own muffin aka Aruba(sweetcherry95)...


                     credits: Tania Embarrassed

Blow the candle and cut the cake...We all pray that you always look great Big smileBig smileBig smile

Enjoy This Day To The Fullest Heart Heart Heart

Scroll down for more surprises Embarrassed


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Anomic_loner Goldie

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Posted: 25 June 2013 at 7:03pm | IP Logged

Credits: Marium Embarrassed

Credits: Anandita Embarrassed

Credits: Sakshi Embarrassed

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--Tanzz-- IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 25 June 2013 at 8:18pm | IP Logged

           Check it out,what your nautankian partners wanna say!Embarrassed



Aru Hug 

Wish u a very happy Birthday, May this birthday turn out to be the best birthday ever and wishing you all the happiness and success in your life.

Your truly a wonderful being and an amazing friend, who never fails to makes me smile with your angry cute talks Tongue You get irrritated very quickly which i find very cute Embarrassed 

Nowadays we don't get to talk a lot as your inactive on IF and am also not much active Unhappy I seriously miss those days yaa when we use to chat often, are talks were senseless yet funny LOL 

I never knew when we first started chatting that you will become one of my closest friend, but thnkx to nautankian group as through it only we got to know more about each other, and ended up being such good friends ahaan correction VERY GOOD FRIENDS Big smile Embarrassed Your very you loads Embarrassed 

Hope you enjoy your birthday to the fullest and may this birthday be the most memorable one to remember...Party Hard!! Hug 

Trust me Aru, am very bad at expressing myself and writing this wishes and all, so  hope tu isse se kaam chala lengi Tongue

Have fun!!


Ur Billi Embarrassed 


hey muffin  HugHugHug

happy birthday Heart

You are an amazing friend, with a good heart.Heart Embarrassed
 May God pour his love and warmth on you, in all walks of life.Smile
 I wish all your dreams and desire come true And you reap happiness in whatever you do.Embarrassed
There is no doubt friendship is a sheltering tree and I am lucky to get a true friend like you.Hug 
No body is perfect but friends like you make each other perfect and special. A very Happy Birthday to you Heart

luv u Heart

urs shrutx Embarrassed


Hey Aru Hug HeartHeart

I still remember the first time u introduced urself..."i m kinda reserved"...this is what u told me...:)
Never knew that this reserved girl will be one of my good friends in IF...
You were one among those ppl whom i first chatted with in IF...
making fun of u, rish and sadiya...the 3 muskeeters...Tongue
what they used to call u? encyclopedia yeah? Big smile

Then later on came out one of the best phase in my IF journey...
forming a group called "nautankians"...Big smile
Talking about our nautankians will never be enough...
our meetings, chit chats, our crazy editing era and above all our emotional dialogues...Wink
Hell there are lots of memories attached with u...which makes u special...Embarrassed

So for my special friend, here is wishing u a wonderful birthday with loads of fun and laughter...Smile


Yours always, 
Binj Embarrassed

PS: miss chatting with u nowadays...:/


My cutie-pie...Hug Hug Hug

                           Party  HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!Party
                                       I wish your birthday
                                               is filled with
      Sunshine of love,Rainbow of smiles and Rainfalls of Laughter.
              I also pray that for every extra candle on your cake
                        You receive an extra reason to Smile.

Dear..what would I have always been a very special friend of mine..Heart
A sister who is bold,straight forward yet has a very soft core...Embarrassed
I have always found a special bonding with you... Big smile

Chatting with someone like you is really a treat...specially our silly nautankian chats!!! I am sure ,no body does more nonsense talks like we both do...LOL...'tu pedh pe charegii..mai tujhe niche khich dungii'...isike upar we had more than 30 scraps or so!!!ROFL wo bhi itna silly kii koi padhta toh for sure direct 'pagalo ke hospital' pe admit ho jata!!ROFL
aur abhi taq to mai apne ghar ke chat se tere ghar pe kud kud ke itne holes bana diye honge kii terrace nai bacha hoga...poor baby!!!ROFL
Tanzz se dostii karegii to yahi haal hoga!!!Cool
abhi bhi pet me butterflies daur rahe h tujhse 'BAKWASS' chat karne ke liye..aur list lamba karungii abb to friends log thread dekte dekhte behos ho unhe BAKSH DENA HII SAHI HAI!!!!Approve Warna...ROFL ROFL ROFL
Bohot bakwaas kar liya...aab fir se sun le!!!

                                         DancingHAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!Dancing
                                                       Party hard!!!!
the very coool tanzzie..Cool

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--Tanzz-- IF-Dazzler

Joined: 23 June 2012
Posts: 2748

Posted: 25 June 2013 at 8:20pm | IP Logged






                                      Night of Omega 

Sharon was sitting on a bench under the tree, drenched in rain water. Her black silk and satin glittering dress was shining more in the dark night, enhancing her delicate and glowing complexioned figure more. The ring in her left hand's finger was brightly glittering like it was shouting for attention. The small yet stone cut colorless diamond was beautiful, trying to show off the night that the girl the is owned by someone but the tears in her eyes were showing the mirror of her delicate and might be broken heart.

Sharon wiped the tears which couldn't be gone unnoticed even in the night full of heavy and scary rain. Her hairs were messily tied in a bun but few strands were willing to be touching her plump, pink cheeks which were almost red due to cold and her sobs. She shivered hearing the sound of thunder and curled her fist to stop herself from screaming; more tears rolled down from her eyes as the fear and loneliness surrounded her.

Sharon shifted her position and looked at her back as if wishing to see someone. Her face fell when she found no one but the lone darkness and empty road with that the street light which was about to burst due to electric current in it due to water, burst. This made Sharon squeeze her mouth with her palm and sobs louder. She looked at her cell phone covered in water drops and searched for signals again, in vain.

She rested her head on the pillar of the bench and closed trying to calm down her fragile heart which was beating at the speed of roller coaster right now. She sighed and tried to inhale fresh air. After few second, she heard a faint of growling sound. Her eyes jerked open and she tried to find the source of the voice but found no one. The sound was like someone is hissing and growling very lightly but still noticeable and that cleared the fact, that someone is here and she is alone here now.

She stood and walked towards the nearing forest like area from where the sound of coming. She touched the trees and the sand upon them irked her palms. She slightly rubbed them on her dress. She found another sound, a bit near and a bit more, scary! It was some animal, sure thing. Living in a place like Dehradun was always risky but she came here few weeks ago for her boy friend. Her love, because she couldn't spend 4 years of her life just talking to him on cell phone and seeing him on video chats.

Few days ago, she made a friend here named, Simi. She called her today at the party to her farm house, even after Swayam's constant insist that she shouldn't go. She went, but of course he promised that he do be coming to pick her up after the party ends but a leech boy tried to took advantage of her and without even informing Simi, she ran out of a party. After half an hour when she ran, she got a call from Simi scolding her for running away like that and the bottom line was has she was upset because she couldn't even come to find her because of this heavy stormy rainfall in town.

She knew Swayam must be on street finding her but he don't know where she could be gone in Dehradun. Shit, she just came here 3 weeks ago and she regretted going to the party now. It was super scary because she have heard lots of horror stories about Dehradun and the wolves or vampires here, though she never trusted them but the girl who was sitting right here alone, in the dark, under the rain, almost in the forest can only answer it.

She was in her deep thoughts when she heard her phone buzzing. She quickly got the look of it and it was Swayam. She picked the phone, "Swayam?" She tried to sound clear but the signals were pretty abnormal at the moment. "Sharon!? Are you there, babe? Hello? Sharon?" Swayam kept asking as if he didn't hear her saying in the very start. "Swayam, I am here!" She yelled a bit, "Thank God, Sharon, tell me where are you. I will be there in a minute?" He asked sound totally worried and shit scared.

Before Sharon could tell him that where she was a loud growling sound came and seconds later her cell phone shut down, batter dead. If only Sharon could cry and cry till there are no tears left then she would have done that because the only hope to get back to Swayam was dead now and this made Sharon scream in fear.

Something suddenly made Sharon stand and walk inside the forest, deep inside. She kept walking, her heart was bursting with fear but her legs didn't support her. It was like someone was calling her, someone close to her heart. She looked at her hands which were sticky suddenly and saw them covered in blood. Thick, deep red colored blood but it doesn't stink. It has a sweet scent in it, seeing this strangely her fear vanished and she was shocked that rather than shouting and screaming she is fine, totally. Blood was somewhat making her feel like she is feel and nothing will going to happen to her, something is protecting her or rather someone, who is the person whom blood is on her palms right now? She didn't touch any human being!

"Sharon." She heard a faint chanting of voice, not recognizing yet a bit recognizing. It seems like someone she knows is calling her name out with the voice is suddenly so heavy and scary that she can't recognize the voice, it could be scary for other but she wasn't scared of it. She felt a slight breathing on her nape which made her freeze with due to the intensity and warmness in the breath.

"Run, Sharon!" that voice in her ear but before she could analyze the depth of the words a growling thundered from behind her, turning back she looked a black wolf with almost red eyes howling at her. She was stunned and terrify, her legs were stuck to the ground, shaking. She didn't have ability to even overcome her scare for few seconds and run, run? Suddenly she realized that this wolf was the reason that the voice instructed her to run! But how did that voice knew? Who was he? She started taking slow steps backward while facing wolf. He growled ever louder, louder than thunder which couldn't be heard with outmost hearing in this high thundered rainfall. Wolf started taking slow and steady steps Sharon while she was taking back steps, even running couldn't help. She knew!

She knew he was just not the wolf but a human being in disguise of wolf. She turned around with a jerk and started running as fast as she can. After few seconds she looked back but found no one, as soon she looked front again the wolf was in front of her sight and attacked her on her arms which got highly stretched and soon she was laying on the ground, blood oozing out of her arm and wolf was bending over her. It seems like he was not going to kill her but was going to keep attacking her till she gets in the position to die, mercilessly and painfully. Wolf barked again at her face and soon tears were rolling down from her eyes, which led her to scream as loud as possible which only got lost in the deep surrounds of forest and heavy rain. Wolf bend more and Sharon closed her eyes, thinking of Swayam for the last time she could.

Before anything could happened she heard a howled screaming of paws clutching and painful growls in her ears. She jerked open her eyes and set on her elbows only to be get shocked again, only shocked this time. Another wolf was there killing the wolf which attacked. This wolf was beautiful covered in think and soft light brown furs. His eyes were pure and deep brown, it looked like heaven, home! She kept looking at the wolf until he finally finished the life out from the one tried to hurt her. She was standing now, and walking towards the brown wolf whom arm was a bit hurt.


That wolf slowly and hesitantly walked towards her and stood in front of her with his head bowing down in front of her with sadness. Sharon sat on her knees on the muddy ground of forest. She looked deep in his eyes and ruffled his furs of hair. He looked at her and rubbed his head beautifully in her palms making her smile. She knew who he was, her life saver, her life, her love, "Swayam." She said and that wolf nuzzled his soft furry face in her palms.



Every year she waits for him at the same place,same day just to get a glimpse of him,to meet him expecting him to be there fulfiling his promise... 'I promise' he said when he left for US...he promised Sharon to meet at the same place where he proposed her after he returns a year less she knew that her wait would be 5 years long n he would never return...
It has been 5 years n he has not turned back...
Two days later it will be the same day he left her...and she would again wait for him at the same place expecting him to be there to feel him again to be close to him to embrace him...
Bt she knew that it was nt possible bt yet the hope never died... Never ever...
Some where in the same city:
A guy was sitting in his room lost in thoughts as usual when he heard his mother call him... As he went to her she handed him a invitation card and told him to attend the party... He agreed and went back to his world of thoughts...and his mother stood there admiring him...remembering the day when she a got son like him...
She n her husband were returning from a function 5 years back when they found a boy lying on the road unconscious. They both hospitalized him... Bt when he regained his conscious he had lost everything... His name his identity...everything and since then he lived with this couple as their son...she came out of her thoughts and smiled at him...
'Mr Gautam rai prakash why does this sound so familiar' he thought someone was very angry as she was forced to attend the party... Sharon had stopped attending all the functions since he was gone...she used to live all alone n kept herself in a shell...
Sharon tried to oppose bt gave up as she came to knw abt the venue ...
It was the same place where she had to be on that day... Their beach house where he had proposed her...
As the party time arrived Sharon became very restless... She could feel something is one the way...something she waited for so long... Bt the time she saw the house she was sure that today is a big day...the way the house was decorated it felt as it was for them...the lights,soft music everything was perfect...
She came neha the veranda and pool of emotions flowed within her as she had many memories with was the place of their confession and even separation...
She stood there and remembered the old peaceful days when she felt something, something which she never felt in last 5 years she felt his presence...
That was the moment when the guy entered the party...when he entered the house he felt very happy he felt alive there...he came near the veranda where he could see a girl standing there facing her back towards him...
He unconsciously went and stood behind her...she could feel him and the moment he entered the veranda she felt here breathing rise...she felt happy as well as was afraid that it would turn a dream...
Bt the moment she felt him behind her she could nt control and slowly turned towards him...
And yes that was the moment for her...she saw him standing there in front of her...she felt her heart skip a beat and felt numb...
Her trance was broke when she heard him say 'SHARON'...
When he saw her his mind got clouded with his thoughts his old memories...their memories...her mera sight was enough for him to regain his memory back...
He touched her face and she relaxed against his touch...this was the moment they embraced each other like there was no tomorrow...'i love u Sharon' he said... Tears rolled down her eyes...she waited for this moment from so long...she finally said 'i love u too swayam'...these 3 words waited for ages to be said by them to make them feel complete...
This was the same day when he proposed her they got separated n now their beautiful reunion...
Their love is so strong so pure that it was witnessed by the whole universe...
And their union was for ever n ever now...!!!!   


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ShrutikaSwaRon IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 26 June 2013 at 4:27am | IP Logged

The only time you Cried And your mom Smiled was on this particular day few years ago,that was the moment you were born.Happy Birthday.Itna Kuch accha likha hai chal ab party banta hai boss!!!
Happy Birthday Aru
Hey Aru,wish you a very happy birthday and a great life ahead...dont forget that we are a part of the same family - the star parivar
Wish u happy BIrhtdayY


Happy birthday Aruba. Have a great day and an awesome year ahead. Wish you all the success and happiness.




Wishing you happiness..To welcome each morning,

Wishing you laughter..To make your heart sing.
Wishing you friendship..Sharing and caring,
And all of the joy..The birthday can bring!

Happy Birthday Dear!! Hope your day is filled with lots of love and laughter! May all your birthday wishes come true.Party Party

-Divya ( sweetdivya)


Happy Bithday ARBUParty

wish u a very very happy walla happy bithdayDancing
wish dat all ur wishes come true n have n awesome year ahead

bar bar ye din aaye
barbar ye dil gaye
tum jiyo hazaro saal Hug
saal ke din ho pachas hazar happy birthday to uClapClap
happy birthday to u ...Clap

i have always loved ur works especially ur trio with ria n shrutz di Star
ur best one for me was ss soul partners n i wish u complete dat ss soon...

once again janam din ki badhaiya Party
enjoy n party hard Dancing
always keep smilingBig smile[LIKE TANNU]


Happy birthday Aruba di
You are an amazing writer as well as very sweet person ...have a blast today hard ..
Once again happy b'day
 Big smile


Wishing you all the greatest things in life, my beloved friend, because someone so special as you are deserves the best. Happy Birthday my mate! May every dream of yours come true.

with love Beeny

Hey Aru!!! You are turning a year older and wiser too!!! Hope you get all the happiness and success that you deserve in life! Hope the rare pagalpanti that you have within yourself remains intact all your life!! And I really hope you will come to India someday so that we can all meet up!! And yes, before I forget, Happy birthday!!!

Hope this birthday is as awesome as it deserves to be! Hope you get a lot of gifts and get to eat loads of tasty food!!!

Aur kya bolu??? Bas humein time pe party de dena bas!!!
Loads of Love,


hey AruHug
wish u many many happy returns of the day...
may all your wishes and dreams comes true...

aww aj mera bhi b'day hai aur tera bhi
hum dono ek hi din pe is dharti pe bhoj banne ayi hain
sorry bhot bura mazak tha i know
aru ur sooo sweet frnd am so lucky k mere pas tere jaisi itani sweet frnd hai...god tujhe 500 saal ki zindagi de
Tongueplz vampire mat jana warna sabse pehle mujhe hi kategiEmbarrassedchal ab tu apna b'day enjoy kar meri baatein sunke pak jayegi...

Happy B'Day Aru
party sharty hard
enjoy you are b'day with family and friends
happy b'day once again

love Nisha


[/center]Many many happy returns of the day, Aruba.[/center] 
May God bless you with good health and all the happiness.
May all your dreams come true.
And may you have beautiful memories to look back.


birthday wishes

"Fly in the plane of ambition,

and land on the airport of success,

Luck is yours,

wish is mine

may ur future

always shine. . .



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ShrutikaSwaRon IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 26 June 2013 at 4:27am | IP Logged



AUR TU TANNU SE MILR...Embarrassed


Wish you a very Happie B'day Aruba! We haven't talked but it doesn't matter! Approve
Its your birthday today! Clap
So have super fuhn and be with your loved ones! Big smile
Hope this year brings you success and happiness! Heart
Take care and God Bless Smile


hey Aruba...Hug
HAPPY B'DAY dear:)
i hope hamari gupshup tujhe yaad ho..!
HITLER DIDI!!!!hahaha
bless u my sweetheart!
luv uHeart



Dearest Aruba! :)

Wishing you a very very happy birthday and a year filled of joy, love, happiness and enjoyment. I wish you have a very long life, and you keep dazzling all the way! 

Your works are a treat to read, and of course, you are a wonderful being! Keep smiling always, and cherish each moment.

Enjoy your Day!





May ur birthday bring
each special thing

that u have waited 4

& everyday ahead holds

lots of happiness in store.
I wish U simple pleasures in life.
Evergreen happiness.
A truly bright future.
Most of all I wish a Birthday.
Full of smiles and cheers.


Happy Birthday Aruba

May u achieve all ur dreams
May u live long years
My best wishes for u




May all your wishes come true and this year always see you happy .

You are a brilliant writer and an even better person.I know this though i have never interacted with you.

You deserve the best and I'm sure you'll get it.

Keep smilingSmile



Happy Birthday Didu !!!

Aaj, bahot aacha din hai' one of the best days of MY life. Kyu? Toh, wo isliye because aaj meri Didu ka Happy Wala Birthday Hai. <3 Aaj, ke din bhagwaan ne kuch saal pehle Didu ko humare liye is world Mein Bheja. And Hume Lucky People Banadiya. I hope Didu, aaj ka din, is the best days of your life. And I wish You All the Happiness in the World, You Achieve Great Heights, and Aap ko Jo chahiye wo aapko mile. And You have A ROCKING and FANTASTIC Year ahead.

I Still Remember, When We First Talked (through scrap) on, 11th December 2012. I still remember the date. ;) we started as strangers, and the way you said "will you be my frnd" was like awww'  phir  dheere dheere we became sisters. Main kab sirf Mini se, aapki Baby Doll ban gayi mujhe pata hi nahi chala. Aapki fiqr, mere liye was always touching. Lagta tha ki, koi hai jo meri chinta karta hai. And the journey from Baby Doll To Baby, just Baby, YOUR ONE and ONLY baby, was So Amazing. Aap kab mere liye, Diii se Didu ban gaye pata hi nahi chala. You were my first friend On IF. When I wrote my first OS, and posted it, was so nervous about it, par jab aapne bola ki, it's a really SWEET Os, then I got a little confidence ki , itna bura nahi ho sakta. In so less time you have become, a very very very Important part in my life. You don't know how much I value you, even I don't know, wo Infinity Measure nahi kar sakte na isliye. ;) I LOVE YOU, Didu :*

I have never, Hated DISTANCE so much, but humare beech jo physical distance hai, ho jata hi nahi. You know na, meri kitni wish thi ki aapse milna hai, but its not possible. Damn! Mera bas chale toh main udd ke aapke pas aa jau, par mere pankh nahi hai, so my Bad. L 

I always, wanted an elder sister, who would baby me. J And there, I got you. <3 <3 All I wanna say, is ki I LOVE YOU A LOT. Like A LOT Se Bhi More. And I am gonna be there, always, and forever. Whenever you need me, or not you will always fine me behind you. I always have your back. Ab,Bahot bak bak kar li maine, and the end bas itna kahungi ki, I LOVE YOU Didu, and Many Many Happy Returns Of the Day. Happy Birthday. May You Have An Awesum Year Ahead. And Keep Rocking! You Are An Angel, My Angel.

PS: Aap ka gift, that is an Os wo aapko jaldi milega. Pakka! I did not get the time to write it, as I have school and tuitions, but jaldi post karungi. Ek special wala Os. Just for you. :*

Love You.

-Your, Baby

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pehlanasha. IF-Rockerz

Joined: 02 October 2012
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Posted: 29 June 2013 at 11:07am | IP Logged

Happy Birthday my kamini friend! Hug

Many Allah bless and you be happy for all the lifetime, get what you wish for and stay blessed with all happiness of colors. I love you sweetie, a lot. Muah, have a lovely lovely and fun day and don't miss me much, Otay? Kidding! Have blast, and party babe. Cut chocolate and cake and at least mail me pictures like i always do. I love cakes and i want to celebrate your birthday with you so you better at least show me cake! Muah muah, enjoy the day and life!  Party

Well everyone knows how set of crazy and mad she gets all the time when it comes on friends. She is the best thing even happened to me, for on IF or on real. We used to do text messaging 24 hours, all day. Even in night when i used to need to drink water or something i have always seen her text in the middle of night. Embarrassed Like we are seriously called chat friends! I have never texted so much in life.. and we will start doing that again after my exams ends! Evil Smile

She is the world's sweetest and cutest person if you spend time with her.. she is so stubborn and lazy too! Lazy, is like underestimating her, she is much more than we can call lazy! ROFL But again she is sweetheart! And i love this amazing sweetie! Approve

Love you a lot, Aruba! aka my aurat and Aru! Approve

Happy birthday once again! 

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ShrutikaSwaRon IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 29 June 2013 at 11:29am | IP Logged

heyya partner Hug

happiest birthday to you Party  Dancing for Happy Birthday Cards, Orkut scraps, Orkut Images, Orkut Graphics and Orkut Greetings

partenr i still rememebr our initial stages of interection LOL
mujhe laga yaar yeh ladki badi sidhi hai, sehmi si
par i was wrong Ouch
tu toh ek dum opposite nikli LOL
shuru shuru mein hamari zyaada baat nai ho pati thi
tu bolti thi "main aapse baat toh karna chahti hoon par kya baat karu" LOL
and aaj dekho- hum partners hogaye Cool Hug
tu mast hai partner
hum dono hamesha ek hi nav ke savari hai, nav kab doob jaye iska koi bharosa nahi
par hum saath mein dobenge Cool LOL for Happy Birthday Cards, Orkut scraps, Orkut Images, Orkut Graphics and Orkut Greetings

"you are special in your own way girl
eccentric, crazy, totally mad
little sweet little sour
an amazing friend by my side
you've been my partner as each day passes by
happy birthday partner
may you smile always
be the way you are
dont change girl
coz we love you for what you are
happy birthday to you!"

it feels really nice talking to you partner, love you lots
happy birthday once again Embarrassed Big smile
love you partner
lalita Hug for Happy Birthday Cards, Orkut scraps, Orkut Images, Orkut Graphics and Orkut Greetings

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