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Nakusha IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 05 July 2013 at 11:16am | IP Logged
Originally posted by twinkle-star

Hi DayaHug
Wow...What an awesome update dearDay Dreaming...Loved it a lotHeart...Enjoyed reading a lot.Day Dreaming...Wow...Loved Dutta-Naku's Convo dear.Day Dreaming..Its really awesome..Day Dreaming..You described Naku's feelings very wellDay Dreaming...I loved her confidence.Heart...She don't want Dutta's acceptance just because of  the BabyThumbs Up...She wants true love from DuttaDay Dreaming...Loved baaji-Shrusti's FriendshipDay Dreaming...This cute little girl is really nice.Day Dreaming...Jagdap didn't find the truth.Embarrassed...Wow...Dutta carried Shrushti.Day Dreaming.I love his care & concern dear..Heart..He felt something by her touchHeart...Who is that person who sent these letters & flowers to Naku???ShockedShockedEmbarrassed...Dutta will definitely find him & give some punches on his face...Awe..Can't wait now dear.EmbarrassedEmbarrassed..Its really a wonderful update .Day Dreaming...Please update soon..EmbarrassedEmbarrassed..I'm Eagerly waiting..EmbarrassedEmbarrassed..Thank you sooo much for your mindblowing update dearHug...Take careHug

hi star
all the best for your well ...Smilegood wishes

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afzal7861 Senior Member

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hi daya wonderful update very nice story finally dutta met his daughter and naku i  like  dutta naku convo 
very well writing daya like the ud very much 
thank you so much for the ud waiting for next 

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sona89 Goldie

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Posted: 06 July 2013 at 10:15am | IP Logged
Hi daya
awesome UD! dutta met his daughter...naku was honest .dutta has a handful  daughter to deal,naku & stalker...enjoying the twist & turn ...ud soonSmile

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.iridescence. IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by -bharti-


Hi daya
Oops! almost missed the bus.. Embarrassed    
Hey Bharti, Good to see you! 
Dutta worried of naku,s reaction seein him, basically he,s guilty of his actions n the consequences thereof..  But the reluctant casanova had made it clear for naku from day one of his aversion to commitment.  
If He knows her in n out, then why hadnt he guaged reason for her sudden disappearance from his life, how reckless of him Tongue   Now he,s raged that someone dared to stalk naku?  where was he all these days? Ouch
Lol what stupid mistakes people make because of their stubborn beliefs. His mind would reason that she probably left because of the way things ended...not because she was pregnant...he never wanted anything permanent with her..and when it seemed as though that's where it was heading he bailed...and assumed it was better that way. Now with a stalker his feelings for her sort of play forefront. 
But Dutta very particular with the secrecy n rightly so..  jagtap pleased with his commitment.  Have to wait n watch how long ? Lol..
Keeping out of sight is to not raise awareness and warn whom ever is their for Jagtap's character and his thoughts on Dutta...i guess the next chapter will show you where they all sort of stand with his sudden entrance. 
So Shrishti the little bundle of joy hasnt let naku forget the man who fathered her, ofcourse its expected she would be carrying his physical n emotional traits atleast to some extent... aww daya the way you describe the mother daughter duo brings out a smile and warmth.   Atleast there is no animosity inside her with regards him which is a plus point for reconciliation.  
To be honest i enjoy writing stories with kids. I remember my second FF had a four year old as well and that was one of my better FF's. So i do like writing their interaction...and yep she's not against the idea of D being a part of Srishti's life. 
Ooh think of the devil n here he is,  the shock surprise, the confusion was beautifully written... naku,s racing heart, no wonder she fell for his charms then n looking at her situation if he remains any longer she,s a goner.  But i was waiting to see any hint of feelings in him, blank Shocked I gues He has it all covered up behind his under cover job lol..  It was amusing how he was trying to force himself in n naku hoping against hope he would somehow vanish n inbetween you have the little one asking her mum to move aside .. Lol..  If naku is blanked out by dutta, dutta is blanked out by shrishti, he had no answers, only questions... Its hard to imagine what a person goes throu when he/she comes face to face with a child they didnt know existed.  Naku has no respite, its raining surprises..Big smile   Baji barging in n moreso his familiarity with his curly locks., Thats a very "cute na" moment  Approve
Lol you got it ! Naku tho reacted as she always had to him, didn't want to go through everything all over again. Dutta on the other hand is too stunned and confused and in wonderment about Srishti that it sort of surpassed his feelings about seeing Naku. Also the reason he was there is a serious matter too. And Srishti being the innocent one acted as their ice breaker...
So Baji is naku,s childhood friend ? Yet he let her disappear ?? Shocked    But he,s all ears n eyes with the current situation.. quick to notice, his observation of nisha saxena,s expressions does raise suspicion, good goin baji.. 
Baaji did try to find her...but failed...and tho they were childhood friends...Baaji wasn't always around, he's ex-military...he was gone more so than not...and their lives independent tho they're good friends...

They're professionals lol they have to keep all their senses alert and mind sharp...anyway this little tid bit was added by me for much later actually. Its just sort of setting a foundation. 
Oh what a palava LOL the biological parents having a tuff time answering curly locks simple question  "what should i call you"   poor little thing or should we sympathise with the adults lol...
haha probably sympathize with the adults. How do you tell the little one her father just popped out of nowhereLOLLOL esp when the father is too stunned with her...
Yes, it must have been like bein hit by bullets, those words from naku when he asked if shristi was his...  God!  I luvd the simple question, "is shristi mine"   Its so profound..    
Its point blank question... but the fact is he wasn't expecting this sort of turn in his life. He's been determined to live alone...enjoy his time but ultimately stay unattached and alone and then baam he has a little girl he didn't know about.
Hain?  Dreams of House full of children ??  Lol .. which century he belongs to, enjoyed his time with women ahem ahem.. Thumbs Down   yaar daya this piece of info is hard to digest, he sounds more like a M&B male or a james bond, a playboy for sure.. He is uttering all the wrong words for starters,  as if a daughter was some kind of a burden, an obligation... Instead of rejoicing or atleast regretting for missing out on the joy of becoming a father,   or for inflicting unintentional mental, physical, financial trauma on naku..  she,s has had to deal so much all alone. Unhappy
Lol not literally a house fill of children but just the idea of having a home a family his own kids used to be something he it isn't hence the whole shock and confusion and inability to think straight what it all means. He's not rejoicing, that's true...but its just a matter of time. Normally one does not react well to change and this is a huge one for him. Something he didn't plan for his future but voila there it is...he'll come aroundWink as for him enjoying his female company...that's more so a defensive mechanism...easier not to get hurt if he's not even expecting much out of it. What is M&B male? lol Bharti maybe its hard to digest because there is a pre-exisiting image for from the show...
But whats amazing is that the two were dealing with the whole thing in a mature way,  very candid bereft of any display of emotions.. 
Gosh! Shrishti is the target n this stalker is no joker, he means every word which is making things worse than imagined.., oh no, colateral damage.. pakhi mehta,s hurt but heartening to see her calm, unperturbed by the bullet injury.. All the while watching Dutta n his anguish, lot to explain for dutta lol... 
Yep we have a psycho to deal with and Pakhi will be fine. Dutta tho who knows he's got a little girl who's working to reach that heart of his and succeeded quite easily...just you watch...i have some simple moments between them that speak lots for their relationship...
Daya would luv to see our dutta drop his cool cucumber exterior, a peek a boo into his vulnerabilities... But thank you for a brilliant update, waiting eagerly for the next.  Take care Clap
And maybe you shall get a peek Tongue thank you so much for reading and commenting. I love hearing your thoughts :) Glad you're liking the UDs ...! 

Take care...phir milenge chalte chalte

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.iridescence. IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by meriyaar


OMG that was sooo effing AMAZING!
so much happened, seriously loving this story! 
You are just pure genius! 
I love how much of a wonderful person Dutta is, he's so understanding <3
Sorry for late comment Embarrassed

update soon,
take care

Hey meri yaar! 
Glad you thought it was 'so effing amazing' LOL I always have a smile reading your rather enthusiastic comments. Great to hear you're loving the story...thank you for such lovely comments. And thank you for always reading and commenting. No problem on being means a lot that you do find time to come around :) 

Take care, phir milenge chalte chalte.

Originally posted by stranger2rose

hey daya , wonderful update ...really loving the pace of this story , as you said everything shall be point blank so indeed it is . One thing that i forgot to mention in my last comment, the fact that dutta thought that the little girl could be his daughter impressed me a lot ..i hate it when a woman has to prove to a man that the child belongs to him ..its so demeaning ..i mean the guy may go around and sleep with anyone but it is the girl's responsibility to prove that the child is his ..ridiculous ..therefore i am so happy that despite of dutta having so many flings still at once he thinks that child might be his ...thanks daya 
okay so tasha have met and their meeting was beautifully written this stubborn and strong headed nakku ...she has self respect and is not throwing herself at the man she who is this creep who wishes to eliminate this beautiful girl of tasha's ? the father daughter scene was also heart touching ..very well done 
waiting for next update 

Hiya Rose, thank you for the lovely feedback. Glad you liked the UD. Lol yep, the story is supposed to be point blank...but i have a feeling it may stretch an UDLOL sometimes i just have too much to say. Oh, yeah, shows when the guy gets all suspicious and the woman has to prove herself pisses me off too. If it was up to me I'd want the woman to show him the finger and walk awayLOLLOLLOL but its a show...and its indian one...can't get that hopeful. Yes, Naku tho loves him isn't about to lay her heart on the line for him...again. She's learned the pain of that...but he is Srishti's father and there is defo room for him in her life if ony for her daughter. Lol we'll find the worries...and there will be more of that father-daughter me i had fun writing the next ones with them...they're more emotionally linked. Anyway. Thank you again for taking the time to read and comment. Take Care. Phir milenge chalte chalte. 

Originally posted by dilse14

Hi daya

Awesome ud! Dutta should have searched for nakuOuch

when he realized he had feeling for her'.srishti had to grow without dad'
dutta has to deal with two women naku & stalker..story is awesome ..ud soon

Hey Dilse, Yeah he should have but there is still a little bit of donkey in himLOL He much rather assume its better she's out of his life than in it. Since he had no intention of going further in their relationship. Now Srishti puts a new spin on his perspective of life...and believe me she will and then there is also the attraction and chemistry that'll reignite btwn our lets see how he sorts out the puzzle. Thanks for reading and commenting! Its much appreciated. Take Care. Phir milenge chalte chalte

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.iridescence. IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by Nakusha

hi curly locksSmile
thanks for anno..loved reading it

Lol you're going to call me that now aren't you? LOL and no problem, about annotations :) 

Originally posted by afzal7861

hi daya wonderful update very nice story finally dutta met his daughter and naku i  like  dutta naku convo 
very well writing daya like the ud very much 
thank you so much for the ud waiting for next 

Hiya Afzal, long time no chat. How are you ? Hope everything is well on your end. Thank you for reading and commenting. Glad you're liking the uds...and thank you for the compliments too :) 
Take Care. Phir milenge chalte chalte

Originally posted by sona89

Hi daya
awesome UD! dutta met his daughter...naku was honest .dutta has a handful  daughter to deal,naku & stalker...enjoying the twist & turn ...ud soonSmile

Hey Sona, Glad you thought so. Yep seems Dutta has a lot to sort out...lets see how it all pans out. Thank you for reading and commenting. Always appreciated :) 

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-bharti- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 07 July 2013 at 8:56pm | IP Logged

 Thank you - stock photo   For the annotations,  looking forward for the bullet train to roll on the platform.. With the next updateBig smile  

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afzal7861 Senior Member

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hi daya 
thank you so much for  the annotations dear waiting for udSmile

Edited by afzal7861 - 08 July 2013 at 1:09pm

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