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Originally posted by tamanna1391

superb updatee
Originally posted by tamanna1391

awsem update case proceeding with there love stories

Hi Tamanna! Thank you for reading and commenting. Glad to hear you like the way its proceeding. Happy New Year! 

Originally posted by jedy25

 hi daya
superb udSmile

Hey Jedy, thank you for reading and commenting. Glad you're liking the SS...
Happy New Year! Hope you have a fantastic year! 

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Originally posted by meriyaar

Hello my dear friend, hope you had a great holiday and my very best wishes for the new years! May it be filled with success, good fortune, love and affection, and prosperity!
This is getting sooo interesting. So much stuff going and everything links together somehow? I love it! I'm glad to hear it! There is a lot going on and a lot of characters tooLOL but somehow they do link me when I say the how part is as much a mystery to me as you...dunno how i even got it this far lol sometimes i'm just winging it.
I have a feeling Nisha's ex is going to try and create some problems for them.. or he's going to try to turn Baaji against Nisha? Which won't work..
There won't be much of him but yeah he'll defo rise some BPs
I can't wait till they find out who the culprit is.. I love how you're writing it coz I seriously have no clue as to who is behind everything.
That's good ...its supposed to be confusing! 
Hope the next one is soon, I can't wait to read on!
well i'll post it right after i am done annot. It's a BN special this one
Thanks for the pm
Thanks for reading and reading your thoughts. Take care.
take care,

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Originally posted by uwith

hi daya
awesome udSmileinvestigation is proceeding good...baji & nisha in hotel...lets see where it lead...pls ud soon

Hey Uvi, 
Glad that you're liking the story progress. Yes lets indeed see where it leads...the next one is a Baaji-Nisha none of the others ended up in itLOL not on purposed it just sort of spilled out that way. Anyway thank you for reading and commenting. Greatly appreciate it!  Happy New Year! 

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Originally posted by dilse14

hi daya

awesome ud...nisha is in a hotel & mystery is unfolding...dutta & naku are sweet...continue soonSmile

Hello DilSe...
Yep mystery is definitely unfolding...and I am bringing it closer to the end but I'm not rushing anything...not even sure yet just how it'll come to a full circle but we'll see. Glad that you like it. Thanks for reading and commenting. Happy New Year! 

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Originally posted by Nakusha

Hi curly locks

Lol your using my usual changing to pink nowLOL you'll be the only one with a special color :P

The wait was too long ...finally the Bajai& nisha put up a great act searching for a venue...the feeling of nisha on prospect of meeting her ex...she was really treated bad...the scar of which haven't healed...baji is extraordinary in putting her at ease...he is caring &doesn't want to rush into things

Aww, yes I am sorry about the long waits...there is only two things that cause the prolonged wait period. One, I don't have a laptop so getting a hold of something to type on is hard. Second, well I am not inspired to write some times...if I don't know what I am doing in the next UD it becomes difficult to write...but hey it came out and the next is ready too...the next is a Baaji- Nisha special so I'm moving them up in the worldLOL you'll see their relationship move now...hopefully it makes sense...

Maya has feeling ...tarak is the only person she can count on...girl should no she stand chance coz its only professional problemLOL ...thankfully doesn't have a girlfriend

LOL itz good thing yes but convincing a stubborn man with such control is going to be frustrating...because even if he does start to like her he has the sort of determination and stubbornness to keep everything professional. He'll be a hard nut to crack that's for sure...

Dutta & naku are doing fine...naku is learning trick or two abt profession...

Yep, she's a good match for him huh...glad your liking their interaction.

Liked the part & this murder mystery with missing characters ...suspicion & guess what I can think of...pls ud soonSmile

Lots of things yet to link up but when it does you'll know we're winding down.

Thank you for reading and commenting. I greatly appreciate it.

Happy New Year Nakusha!

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Originally posted by twinkle-star

Hi DayaHug

Hey LalliHugHappy New Year darling! 

Aweee Such a mind blowing update dear...Enjoyed it to the core...Totally mind blowing...Fabulous job dear...Soo sweet of you...

Thanks a lot! Glad you loved the UD.

Loved Nisha& baji's part to the core...Awee baaji's gently manners took Nisha's heart away...They are a sparkling couple...Truly made for each other..They have a wonderful chemistry between them...Baaji wants a firm relationship with nisha...But Nisha's wounded heart needs more time for cure...Hope she overcome from her bitter past soon...

Oh she will...because of Baaji...and you'll see that in this next its only the two of them

OMG  Poor Nisha...That evil Samir saw her...But Thank god baji has come...Loved the way Baaji talked with samir...Awee Cutie pie...Samir has stunned by baaji's wedding announcement..Nisha blushing a lot...Loved baaji & Nisha's close moment at the elevator..Nisha almost let baaji to kiss her...She tried to stay away from Baaji...But inside her heart she wants Baaji's love badly...She hide her feelings inside a  strong wall.Hope baaji will break her  stone wall soon...

Yes, Samir is a character but let me just say he's not a bad guy per say...just an idiot and blind to other people's emotions and body language. He's all about business. That's what life is to him and therefore everything else is little or beneath it..hence he comes across as an ass...which he isLOL but he isn't evil...

Loved baaji's sweet talk with her..No one didn't talk sweetly with her except her mom & baaji..Poor Nisha...This girl deserves more love...

As for BN well there are more moments to comeWinkEmbarrassed

Tarak Mehta worried about Maya...Yes Poor girl she couldn't identify the attacker..Hope her memory back soon...Waiting for their love story...Hope Tarak realize his love for Maya...I think their relationship is more than profession...

Their relationship is straightforward and not at the same time...its a matter of respect and trust come love for Maya but for Tarak she's a job...though he's not heartless and is understanding he's also very focused. Is stubborn and determined to keep himself unattached. Maya threatens that...and he knows it but his control is very strong and he's got a strong will. It'll be interesting with them ...

Loved Dutta & naku's sweet moments..Its really treat to read their sweet parts...Naku is improving her detective skills...Clever woman..Loved their convo... waiting to know the culprit...Can't able to make any guess...Your story base is so strong...Love this suspense thriller soo much dear...Hats off to you...Eagerly waiting for the next update...Please update soon...can't wait you buy  a new lappy dear?...please buy it sooon..Eagerly waiting for the next part...soo sweet of you..Lots of hugs from Lalli BabyHug

Thanks for reading and commenting Lalli. Love reading your thoughts. Glad your liking the mystery and all ...and thank you am glad you think its a strong base...


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Originally posted by Hamlet53

reserved...I.ME , MYSELF.. IS HERE... WILL BE BACK..
aaand me is back..
Oh La La, Oh La La! Oh La La...Tu hai meri nightmare! LOL
SBHS~ Chapter 5.
First of all can I say.. great job pappy to come up with a FF with a different  flavor and a great style of narrative that compliments the tone..
Has a very urban modern day feel to it. There is a constant presence of a work based environment. One gets to see people involved in their works.. yet connected to each other in some way.. as it is in day to day life.. Not  fantasized  situations but  related to life..
Why thank you, I am glad you like it. It's definitely different from what i've written before but I find that I actually enjoy writing such twisted plots with the romance element...
so regarding this chapter.. it was fun to read, especially the first bit .
I loved the words used. spark! zap! electrify! danger! all of which defines what  Baji  does to the nervy prude nisha!
Haha yes they have a connection that starts with basic zapping chemistry to a soul deep connection..but we'll get to that soon
 baji's words, "we can make better memories " made me chuckle .. daya like this randy andy Baji Rao!  
I knew you'd like this line haha ROFL
AS for Nisha , fancy meeting her first kisser, the muscle man sam sinha Samson! 
You re-named him? chal who cares...he's not important..
loved the treatment he got at the hands of Baji,certainly  got him thinking.. wedding??
OHH loved the elevator..Baji getting husky.. would have loved to see that on screen..*sigh* so would I ...but did it happen? NO! 
well he very nearly landed oneon her lips.. but smart guy..  figures out dame not ready for this kind of interaction.. yep.. better date her first. Just you wait till the next UD...thanks to you ...there is uhmm moreWink 
Enjoyed  the scene between taran and  maya.. I like taran.. stiff and stern, fighting off what he sees as Maya's come  hither  approach.
That he is...guy has a very strong resolve...tough nut to crack thats for sure
Dutta and Naku find it difficult to make time for them selves... yet as is with this couple  they are content, they are beside , and around each other..
That's long as the other is there they're good...
so two girls .layla and renu missing;some clue? Yep
yes good idea,  baji should take her on a date.. and I think he will  probably say  he fancies her.. and I sincerely hope that smarty does not pass out  !
well why don't you just wait and see what does happen :P 
thanks my dil and jigar , a joy to read  FF.. do continue, much love .. roarrr..  giving  you that look!
Thank you, for reading and leaving your remarks! 
Change that bored of it

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Originally posted by sona89

Hi Daya
Awesome ud...sorry for late reply ...coz of exam...baji is doing everything to help nisha...enjoying the way investigation ...luv btwn is developing...looking frwd to next UDSmile

Thanks Sona for reading and commenting. Don't worry about being late. Its all good the UD isn't going anywhere and neither am I. Hope you did well on exams. Anyway glad you liked the story progress. Will UD soon. Happy New Year

Originally posted by mirage123

Hi daya

Fab ud...nisha needs time...she is lucky to have baji...investigation is girpping...many layers ...ud soonSmile

Hiya Mirage123,

First off, Happy new year! Hope you have a great one. Glad you're liking the many layers...hopefully the unraveling is winding down...sooon...anyway thank you for commenting! 

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