Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2


Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2
Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2

Musings over Mystifying Mysteries of Monuland-84

devilsadvocate IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 25 June 2013 at 5:18pm | IP Logged
Hiya peeps...I is here...Imma be smart today and make copies of this If IF  crashes and kills my Musing...I will have a copy and I can do Gabbar Laughter to IF and say in yo face!!! in a ghetto accent Big smile

Oh it was sooo Dramatic...Wasnt it??

Lets begin with a Dramatic song of our own...just to set the Mood right...Kay Big smile

Its for our Darling Monu...The Abhla Nari Bahu of this soap opera to his Gabbar and Mogambo type children...Ouch

I wonder If RJ will turn into Kancha Cheena in the future?? Ermm

That would be disturbing!!!!

Imagine How Monu's  lil heart would break if there are no hair on RJ's head to braid Ouch

Ah well...I have wasted enough time...I am learning from the NBT dragfest peeps LOLWink

       Oh How my heart hurt today for him...he screamed, he shouted, he cried the truth with everything in him...but once again...Nanhi chose not to listen to him...The way he stood there when she was taking those pheras...he kept looking at her...just like before...he looked at her and he saw exactly what was happening...committing every moment to memory, so he can torture himself with the details later...another profound moment was when he averted his eyes...when Nanhi offered Beera the sindoor...he could not bear to look at his darling daughters humiliation and heart break...and most of all, he could bear to look at the moment which would be forever etched in his memory...the moment where his daughter chose someone else over him...and he stood there...she willing jumped off this cliffs edge and he stood there helpless...couldnt save herBroken Heart

        Addu and his schemes and his plans...Does anyone ever believes this guy? wheneve he goes on a hate tirade...he says so many things...but his actions says otherwise...he kept saying that he would see to this wedding happening...and he did...his linear explanation was revenge...but I dont believe him...I still think that he is delusional about his feelings for his family...No matter what he says...He tried to save Nanhi, his sister...He warned Mohan...He stopped the wedding in the middle and let the truth come out...he could have let Nanhi's humiliation take place...that would have been his revenge too...But he chose not to...why is that?? Why was he so desperate?  Just to inherit sole control over DaddaSaurus empire of Lego castles?? I doubt it...If he really wanted Daddas empire...all he had to do was kill the dirty old man...and use his own clout to get the Gang to follow him...coz Thugs are just bullies who need a smart strategist to follow...he could have easily done it that way...I loved the fact that he was smug about beating DaddaS at his own game...Dadda aliented Addu from his family, his best friend Munna...he made Addu feel worthless no matter how good he was...So today Addu alienated Dadda from his beloved a fantastic Master stroke, he managed to make Mohan( who he thinks, his mother and sister chose over him) feel the exact same way he felt...when they stuck by Mohan against Addu...I loved how vindicated he was feeling in this moment...and I cannot wait for him to realize that the taste of his victory feels like ashes in his mouth soon...because it will happen...his revenge bender, his anger is not because he hates Mohan Bhatnagar...its because the child within him still feels abandoned by his family...feels neglected and worthless...either he could give in to despair or channel it into anger...and in the game of survival...anger wins over despair any day.

I dont think he is beyond redemption...infact I think since Mohan found out about him his redemption has begun...the way he is unable to keep his emotions in check more and more...the way he could not let this wedding happen without saying something...the way he warned Mohan...these are all their was a choice for Beera today, there will be a fork road in his path also...and no matter which way he picks...all roads will lead him home.

Beera and Nanhi
             About Nanhi...I think she has a long road ahead of her...and her this decision will come back and bite her in the butt...but Beera, today for the first time I felt that he was truly and completely in awe of Nanhi and her trust for him...He was floored, flattered, embarrassed and smitten by her all at the same time...Still dont trust him though Wink

Precap: looks intresante!!!Big smile

P.S. I am really not keen on Nanhi Beera Saas Bahu...Abhla Nari marriage track...ARGHHH!!!!!! I really didnt want this wedding to happen...I would rather have Nanhi Run Away from home then be Married to the unworthy douchebag...he needs to prove himself worthy...before I can accept him as Monu and Meggie's Damad!!Angry

P.P.S. OMG!!! Thank you guys Embarrassed I didnt know I was voted the best critic of the I had no Idea I was that critical?Shocked Thank you Thank you Thank you guys...I am sooo happy Blushing   People who Voted for me...Thank you soo Much for picking me...for paying attention to my mad ramblings and giving it meaning...could not have done without you guysEmbarrassed

Special shout out to my Friendies here...Lee, Bidz, Purple, Mooney, Sakhi, Sumi, Ami, Vyas, Archu, Asmi, Polly, Spidie, Naina, Anu, Madhu, Pals, Payal, Swati and everyone else...Thank you so much for participating in the discussion and making this place so much more fun than me rambling all alone Hug I wuv you all!!!Heart

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Leesan IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 25 June 2013 at 6:14pm | IP Logged
Hi Meera,my phaborite critic!!! Wink  All Hail to the best critic of the forum and her musings!!  ( bowing head in awe!)  congrats Meera, well deserved accolade! Clap

Would you believe the same isht happened to me ast night! I wrote a long post for the musings and...zap!! Angry Just like that it vanished into netherland!! Vaporized into thin air! Sorry,I was too jaded and upset to doit all over and it was very late as well! Oh well! 

So tonight I'm early ! Wink  But there's a catch! I'm kinda re posting an earlier post from another thread! Mea culpa! ( on my knees begging forgiveness!)  it's just that I seem to hold a very different view today from most, and I wrote such a long explanatory post , I'm too mentally exhausted for a new musing,so I'll have to cheat tonight! Ok?  Mea culpa,oh Queen of the Critics!! LOL

" It's true that I do not understand Hindi,so my info relies heavily on Neelu's LU/WU, bless her heart! Thumbs Up   So I tend to pay closer attention to the facial expressions and actions of the characters, but I know that still a lot is lost in translation! Wink  Nevertheless, I really didn't think that what Nanhi did today was so objectionable as most seem to believe. I saw the justifications in all the characters today: Mohan ,Megha ,Nanhi ...even Beera! Please remember,we the viewers see and know everything,but the characters do not! And so can only act from their own perspective. 

Mohan was absolutely justified in trying to put a halt to the wedding proceedings, bearing in mind the info Addu just disclosed, coupled with his own doubts and   suspicions. He acted as any loving responsible father would, brave and fearless, throwing societal norms and expectations into the wind. He put his daughters interest first,before the reputation of his family! Clap Well done! 

Megha, the same.she pointed out the empty sindoor to Mohan, confirming his worst fears and triggering his decision to stop the wedding at all costs! 
Megha also cautioned  Nanhi that Mohan's decisions were always based on love and care for her welfare,and to listen and take heed of his very valid concerns re Beera. Again the right decision here! Clap

Now to Nanhi!  She has had a very tumultuous relationship with Beera prior to falling in love with him. She has doubted him on many occasions before but he has always pulled through. In protecting her, in revealing all the lies told in Jhansi, playing an integral role in returning "Addu" to her family, helping "Addu" adjust to his new home etc.  She made a promise to Beera to trust him no matter what, and deep down she knows that he loves her very much! Yet she may know that Beera is conflicted between his loyalties: blood vs love! But she too is conflicted: between Mohan's sudden revelation re Beera's evil intentions all along and the intense love for her that she knows exists deep within Beera's troubled heart!  She looks deep within the eyes of both these men ,Mohan and Beera, and what she sees is clear as day: love!  She asks Mohan to trust her instincts,reminding him of his own previous battles with proving his love. 
Remember when Megha chose to defy Papaji 's insistence that she desert Mohan? And she had good reason to at that time, all things considered.Wink Any parent would have asked the same. Yet Megha believed in Mohan's love and trusted that he would make things right . And he did! Clap

Nanhi is not the first girl who tries to convince her concerned parents that her choice is the right one, to smooth over their objections, to allay their fears . And she wont be the last!!Wink I'm sure we all know of such instances, sons and daughters, who insist on making their own choices despite the most vigorous of parental objections!  Sometimes the parents are proven right, but sometimes so are the young lovers! Wink  The test of time alone will tell.

Nanhi did the same today! She demonstrated her love for her parents, but also her love for Beera! And love my dear friends is a very powerful emotion between a man and a woman! Yes,love can be blind!! LOL
She looked straight into Beera's eyes and heart and threw down the gauntlet! IMO,she was tempting him! She was testing his resolve! As she poured the sindoor into the palm of her hand, and held it out to Beera, I felt that this is what she might have been thinking: 

"No matter what your intentions may have been up to this point, I am overriding my parents wishes, because I love you with all my heart mind and strength! Because I trust and believe that you love me just as much ,if not more!  Now,it's all up to you! what will you do?"

Nanhi just followed her heart, and so did Beera, at that moment! Clap  Her love for him,so palpable and so vulnerable , yet so brave in front of all these people overwhelmed him. And he seemed to be almost in a trance,he couldn't resist this love of Nanhi's! So true and so pure! She was laying her life and her future out for him, and he couldn't say no. 

Now, was she justified? I would say yes. But was she right or wrong? That remains to be seen! Wink Only time will tell.  The thing is even if Beera still decides to exact revenge, and a separation ensues, then once the truth re Dadaji is revealed, he'll be devastated and try his utmost to reconcile. Either way ,we all know they'll live happily ever after in the end! Right??!! Wink

Needless to say my opinion is not shared by most! Just take a look at the forum! LOL Take care Meera,  and thanks ever so much the musings!! Hug

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rinku-b Groupbie

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Posted: 25 June 2013 at 6:47pm | IP Logged
@Meera - lovely musings as always. Word to everything you said.
@Leesan - agree with you. I'm not sure why the criticism. Mohan did what a father does - tries to protect his child from harm because that's his job as a father. But when he stepped back, to me, it seemed that like all parents, there comes a time when they have no choice but to allow their kids to make their decision, right or wrong. Same goes for Megha - she may not have said more than "trust Mohan" but she definitely with her words also cautioned her daughter, but as a parent, did what Mohan did - give Nanhi the choice. I remember in my case, years ago, requesting my parents to make a decision that was life-altering for me. For the first time in my life, they refused! They said "you have to choose the life you want to live" - I think despite his trepidation, Mohan did the same today.
How does a parent protect a child who doesn't want to be protected? Nanhi has blinders on, and its inevitable the rose-coloured glasses will come off, but it will be her lesson. But I also agree that Beera was very much in awe of the utmost faith she had in him - and that may be his redemption.
My two cents!

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pc_pals IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 25 June 2013 at 7:08pm | IP Logged
Lovely musing and quite insightful Meera Clap  Hug
Congratulations for winning the award..Party You deserve it gal Thumbs Up

Like Lee said, we as audience know that what secret was shared between Mohan and Addu..but Nanhi doesn't know..whatever she has seen and experienced through these two men , she has takena decision  based  on it.  love is definitely blind Winkand we have seen so many live examples in real world..some decisions may be right and some may be wrong. Only time can tell whether it was good for her or not. Ouch Momentarily MM and especially Mohan is definitely heart-broken..based on his apprehensions, he could not save her from what-forthcoming Cry   . parents always think and want best for their kids, even if kids wanted to put blinders on ..we all have experincd such things in life Embarrassed LOLkids too are mature individuals..they too have got right to take a stand in life..Alas !! but everyone has come to this world with their destiny written *sigh* 

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spidie Senior Member

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Posted: 25 June 2013 at 7:46pm | IP Logged
Hey congratulations for winning the awardClapClap. You absolutely deserve it as you analyse and dissect each n every character in an unbiased way. love your sense of humour ,your poems. once again congrats.

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asmi279 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 25 June 2013 at 8:27pm | IP Logged
Hey Meera...congrats for the award!! Hug Party

I am rushing to the airport...going on a week-long vacation..but couldn't resist making a stop in Monuland before I leave Big smile Anyways, will be back soon..till then, happy musing Thumbs Up

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RightWingTroll IF-Addictz

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Posted: 25 June 2013 at 10:18pm | IP Logged
Congrats meera and about the episode the good thing was megha supported mohan mohan allowed nanhi to do what her heart wanted and so blessed her and poor beera was totally tortured from all sides and he choose navika and let's see wha he does next and addu I guess only way he can be saved is he saves mohan from someone

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purplelolo Senior Member

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Posted: 25 June 2013 at 10:20pm | IP Logged
I am so so so sorrry Meera, I havent been so uptodate with the musings.
My computer was being such a pain. And I was busy procrastinating and working and procrastinating some more. I need to pack and do the summer cleaning and buy gifts and stuff for myself and I cant find half the stuff.

Can you tell im freaking out? Can you? Can you?

I am going to have a cow.

I promise to muse with tonights episode. Pakka!

Btw, There is something uber fishy about this shaadi. Didnt we all know?
Yeah. I have a few theories! :D Wanna know?

Oh and congratsiess babe! You deserved it!

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