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TS:RABBA VEY- RAIN LUV STORY- EPILOG( compltd 14/7 (Page 7)

coolbakes_Jalad Goldie

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Posted: 28 June 2013 at 7:03am | IP Logged
part 2) hope the long part does not bore you ppl!!! drop in comments and hit the like!! after the 50th like and comment i shall post the last part 3:-) sorry if anyone was disappointed and hope you liked the edits!!

part 2a:-)

i drove back with the the hazel eyes still casting flashes in my mind... i drove into my huge mansion and my security guards were in for a shock seeing my broken rear glass...

my sister and mom came rushing down hearing the gates open as they were worried coz the mom had a anxious look and let her fingers run through my messy hair: arnav.. are you okay?? we were worried??

i just nodded my head and my sister noticed the broken glass

anjali: arnav whats this.. was it an accident??

i looked into her and remembered what happened and smirked and nodded my head again

my driver jumped in defense of my car: sir.. did you get the details.. i could claim an insurance...

i stared at him: how can i tell him it was with a stone ...

seeing me quiet my mom was tensed: its okay.. just take care of it.. you come in arnav

i thanked the gods for saving me from further questions and as my sister went in to get me a coffee my mom sat me by her side in my room...

she was drying my little wet hair with a towel as if i had been drenched to the core mumbling how careless i had been... i remembered the people in the rain... her words came striking back: how would you rich people know when you drive within those tinted glasses...

i smiled and held my mothers wrist: i am fine maa... i just got a little wet!!!

she smiled at me and left... i reached for my pocket and took out the torn pieces of a crushed note and i sat staring at it... she was one of a kind... she din fall for my looks... all girls i had met had... she din hesitate to speak down of my status... she was strong and stood for her respect .. something many girls din do.. atleast with me...

and best of all her innocence... she really thinks she could pay me back for that glass...

my sister walked in to see me with the crushed note.. she smiled and sat beside: bro whats with this note...

i looked at her and she raised her eyebrows just like i would...i smiled again and shook my head: nothing!! and walked out with her twisting her lips at what was into her a hard brother being all quiet and smiling today!! she remembered how the last time my car had met with an accident and i had taken the hell out of the person who did it... 


meanwhile back at the meadow sat a girl looking at the twinkling stars that curtained the night...her trance was broken with a hand on her shoulder

granny: khushiii... what are you thinking??? and whats in this in your hand...

khushi looked down at the piggy bank in her hand

granny: what??

khushi pulled her granny to sit beside her and laid on her lap

the old lady ran her fingers through her silky hair : who are you gonna repay this time for a damage my girl

khushi looked up stunned at her granny's discovery: how did you know??

her granny chuckled: why else would you take the piggy bank... last time you used it was when you broke JHONS spectacles for passing a comment at your friend... whats it now??

khushi smiled: granny... its a car... he only splashed it and went without stopping .. so

his granny chuckled and khushi told her everything: khushi this guy is not rude... he just does not know that life has more than what he possess

khushi frowned : you really support a stranger of all odds...

granny smiled: arrogance does not say sorry khushi..

khushi thought back her granny was right... he had said sorry...

and khushiii granny hit her crazy granddaughters forehead: his cars should have been expensive and you think you can repay him with this piggy bank!!!

khushi went wide: but granny he said he will come to take the money tomo... and i gave him my torn notes for security

his granny smiled : he took your torn dollar note for security that you will pay for his broken glass... she gave a wicked grin and got up

khushi: i know i broke his glass and it was wrong and i will repay him back! i will show him that we may be poor but not weak... you know he laughed at me saying i would anyway get wet and dirty 

her granny smiled: i wonder if he was right,,, you came back like a dirty kitten anyway

khushi sulked : granny...i wish i had broken his side mirror.. would have costed less na??

her granny chucked

granny: so what this time to repay khushi???

Khushi:  i will have to trade some flowers and berries from woods to repay him then...
his granny smiled( khushi though studying also did such small jobs to help her granny in finance): haha... you have to i think

khushi: but will it be enough to pay back... i have time only till next evening...

his granny smiled looking at khushi who was busy counting the coins in her piggy 

she thought to herself: if i am right i think you will have a life time to pay him back khushi and walked in letting the breeze and moonlight stay with her crazy little kid!


i got up much before the alarm the next morning!! getting ready to coll seemed more exciting than other day... i pulled in my black shirt over my pants and jumped down two stairs at a time and as luck would have it tripped on the last almost crashing on my father who held me on time

Dad: arnav... !! watch out!!

my sister walked in with a sarcastic tone: chotey since when did you start going to coll on time??

i looked up the roof as if answers would fall from there and steadied myself : i have a class... spl class

my father smiled and walked away but they say sisters are smarter so was mine...

she came near me and adjusted my collar : now its perfect!!bhabi would get impressed better !!

and who said only girls turn red ... my blush would have given the fairy tales a run... but pride never gives way

i snapped back what the!! nothing like that bye...

anjali stood smiling at her brother who ran away whispering to herself: not what the my bro.. WHo the!!

my best friend and classmate entered to watch my car speeding out in the rain  and my sis staring with a smirk!!

the best part was when my dad spotted him and was like: rahul!! learn from arnav.. don bunk spl classes

and before he could reply my sis saved me : yes rahul... be sincere and winked at him confusing my poor friend!!

i came and parked my car  away from my  coll  ... i raised the glases and closed my eyes wondering why her eyes kept flashing before me and why i felt the need to see her... the incident came rishing back to back!!

her words: you ppl can never look through those tinted glasses... i smiled and stared at my windows... my hands involuntarily raised down the glass...

... her friends to who i had apologized were spotted but no sign of her...  suddenly a lady slipped down and a car din note her and hit her and sped away!!! the people immediately crowded and i rushed into the crowd to see  her bleeding and people around staring clueless!!

the girls around were requesting a taxi driver to take the lady to the hospital nearby but he was afraid of police cases and was thinking... my anger went high and i grabbed his collar scaring the hell out of him... ( rem his car is parked far away and he came running to the crowd) i asked the girls to put the lady inside the taxi and when the driver hesitated i tightened his collar 

i screamed : your taking her NOW... you heard me NOWWW

the driver was trembling with fear and nodded his head in fear... i signaled the girls to help the lady into the taxi and just then i noticed a two hazel eyes staring at me ...
Check out this picture I edited at LunaPic
she continued staring at me and blinked her eyes!!!
Check out this picture I edited at LunaPic

both of us were oblivious to the rain drenching us... i was shocked and immediately released my hand off the drivers collar and stepped back!!! i was scared she saw me at the wrong time!! i din even know if she knew why i did that!! coz if not i would have looked as nothing less than a rogue that second!

the hush and gush of the crowd settled down and as the car sped away and the crowd dispersed...

she looked at me with surprise and anxiety mixed in those beautiful hazel lens of hers...

i walked near her and set the umbrella swaying down in her hands straight!!!

she broke her trance and just as i tuned to leave i heard the voice again

khushi: i am sorry!!!!

i turned back suprised as in why must she be sorry!!!

she walked closer: i din know there are people in those cars who could look through the tinted glass...

a gush of happiness rushed in me to see her for the first time talk not just with words but so did her eyes for the first time looked into my molten ones with care

i walked closer to her: well!! sometimes ppl outside the tinted glasses make us !!!

she smiled as she recalled last night: cant you pull down your windows care to look around and drive!!

she smiled and her friends were screaming out to her : khushiii

she turned 

i slowly whispered : your name is khushi???

she smiled at me for the first time!!! and it felt as if i had been awarded with the worlds most precious thing!!

she turned back: yeah!!! arnav i need to leave!!!

could my name sound any sweeter... i looked into her and she waved her hand in front of me : arnavvv

i came back: yeah... we will meet in the evening anyway

she smiled : oh yeah!!! we shall... i shall give back your money for sure...

i smiled and just as she was to turn she slipped and fell straight into my arms 

my hands slid beneath her waist holding it tight... and her long slender hands had forgotten the umbrella and were crawling behind my neck for support

it felt heavenly to hold her in my arms and i felt so owned and as if meant to be... the rain was drenching us more but who would know that when the molten eyes and the glistening hazel ones were fighting to dominate in the trance between us...

she kept staring at me when the sudden sound of lightening brought me to reality... she continued looking into my molten ones with her dove eyes... even the thunder din seem to have had its effect on her...

i slowly whispered in my husky tone: you don want to go khushi???

she suddenly ralized and looked around and steadied herself and moved two steps back and turned sprinting as fast as her legs could take her...

 i screamed out in the rain: get me notes that arent torn this evening khushiii

she turned back to see me smiling and flashed a brighter smile and nodded her head and ran into her friends who were already loaded with scenes to crush their friend for a tease!!!

i was not saved any less as i turned to find RAHUL and ANJALI staring at me with astonishment and a wicked grin

anjali stepped forward: what a special class bro

and rahul slid his hand over my another shoulder: i would have loved to join the course too na

and i sped away with an annoyed look!!! the evening was seeming too far now!! i was sure the dove eyes had been effected but was it the with the same love!! i couldn't wait to know!!! was love at first sight which actually i considered filmy and stupid happening to me itself!!!


it was eveving and i stood in the same place waiting for her but there was no sign and suddenly i spotted a group of girls looking at me smiling and gossiping within themselves... i looked down twice to check if i was looking stupid or something...

then  a girl walked over to me: hmm... so arnav right and she smiled

i was glad to find a sane person amidst the insane group and nodded and before i could ask she answered

the girl: arnav khushi din attend coll today...

i was shocked :but she wa sthere this morning right

the girl smiled: yeah... she has to repay someone o she has gone to get money

i was taken a back: earn!! really!!

the girl smiled: well for rich people like you it might seem strange! she said she will come back to this place to meet him but guess it got late in the woods!!

i was more suprised now: woods!!!

the girl smiled: yeah.. she lives in the meadow with her granny and she trades the flowers and berries in the woods behind when she needs the money.. 

i could see her friends din know why and for who the money was.. looks like she had not told them of her deal!!

i smiled to myself and got the directions from her and left!! this girl was more than what my eyes had seen!! she was like a bag of surprises!!


khushi on the side counted the notes in her hand ... people were speeding away in all dorections as it was almost evening and the market would be closing soon!!

she looked at the time and was shocked as it was late and she had to go to the coll to return her money!!

khushi: hufoo... what have i done!! he must have thought that these poor girls would not keep up their words and left !! first thing tomo morning is to give it to that laad governor but thn she paused as she remembered the morning...

her hands slowly reached for her waist where he had held her that morning... she remembered his molten eyes and she was lost in his memory his words came hunting back: you don wanna go khushi???

she blushed as a smile crept over her lips : no.. he is not a laad governor actually!!! she blushed and sighed looking at the distance before her... crossing the woods all the way to her house on the other side was a terious job!!!

the sun was already creeping down and she took giant strides so as to reach before the sunset and not get held up in the woods as she was afraid of the dark... and her granny would kill her with curses!!

she started mumbling to herself and walked down the woods!!

she walked down the lane covered on all sides by massive trees swaying to the breeze ... the 
Check out this picture I edited at LunaPic
creepers along the lanes and the wild berries covering all sides...the birds were still flying around 

happily and the cuckoo sang so bright... she loved the woods... they had been her fav place ver 

since she had moved here after her parents death!! the woods had seen her cry had seen her smile 

and had even heard her crazy songs!!! she loved walking through them!!

but today was different!! she wished the lane was shorter and she could have reached earlier to have seen him...

on the other side i reached for the meadows and found her house!! it was a small but a very cute cottage made of bamboo sticks and wood!! a old lady walked out with a smile and the minute i told her i am arnav she smiled and welcomed me inside...

she asked me to wait saying khushi would be back any minute...

she kept talking me tellign everything about her and khushi... every detail of her made me love her more... and this was just a addition as my heart had belonged to her the minute i had seen her!!

the minute i had seen her eyes
i had found a beauty with no disguise 
and that just one glance had made my heartbeats rise
and i for sure know where my heart lies!
If only she knew
How much my love for her grew in this minute!!

i couldn't wait longer and at the same time i saw fear and worry creep on her granny's face...

i assured her she will be fine and set into the woods in search of her 


... there was sudden cover of the skies with a black shade and it begun to drizzle... the sun seemed to be out of sight already and the woods were going darker and she was not yet even half way!!!

she walked faster and the lone lane and dark clouds made her legs tremble with fear.. she walked with a speed she had never imagined and fell tripping on a stone and right onto a thorn bush ...

she got up and freed herself from the thorns but could not walk even a step ... her  feet was bleeding and it was drizzling and getting darker with every passing second scaring the hell out of her!!

tears kept flowing down her cheeks mixing with the rain drenching her as she slowly got up dragging her bleeding feet!!

i entered the woods searching and calling out her name.. granny had told me that there was just this one lane  i had to to stride along... it was drizzling more and fear crept in me...

she was slowly becoming tired and before she could realize she hit the floor !!



Check out this picture I edited at LunaPic
now hope the edited pics suited the story to an extent!! do drop your comments guys!!!

 love always


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nishu_shorna IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 28 June 2013 at 7:27am | IP Logged
nice update...thanks for the pm...
--MISHTEE-- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 28 June 2013 at 7:33am | IP Logged
Loved d update
precap sounds interesting
pls update soon
pmehra300 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 28 June 2013 at 7:40am | IP Logged
Amazing update
Loved it
Downhill IF-Addictz

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Posted: 28 June 2013 at 7:40am | IP Logged
simply superb.loved it.
shivahari Groupbie

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Posted: 28 June 2013 at 7:42am | IP Logged
plz plz plz update soon. i am eager to read d nxt part.
By d way, ur work was awesome. absolutely in love wid it.
sfghfj IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 28 June 2013 at 7:50am | IP Logged

Loved d update. Waiting to read d next part. Continue soon and thanks for d pm

ameena671 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 28 June 2013 at 7:58am | IP Logged
wow amazing update loved it thank you for pm.

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