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The three musketeers-Divya, Raj & Sarita 25.6.13

misti73 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 25 June 2013 at 4:32pm | IP Logged

Today there was one character who interested me...one character who made me sorry for that character...and the other one as usual left me exasperated...and no I am not talking of Sohu and Kamu...Oh there was on interesting scene too...


Coming to the interesting character...That was Divya. I am not talking about finding it interesting that Divya lied to regarding moving on with Gaurav when she has not moved on...nor am I talking of her breaking down and accepting that she is wronging Raj by lying to him...nor about being broken hearted that Raj is showing signs of slowly allowing in Sarita into his life. Although yesterday I was hoping that she won't take a false pledge on Raj's head but I am glad that she acknowledges to herself that what she did is wrong and unlike Sarita is aware of playing with other's emotions. The part that I found interesting is how she showed reality to Raj which made Raj storm out of the room. She asked Raj why he saved Sarita from death and Raj answered due to humanity. Divya counters by asking humanity? Then points out that if something had happened to Sarita what would he have felt? Then equates Sarita's physical death to the emotional one that she has been encountering everyday for the past 10 years. The death of emotions in her because she does not have anyone's love. So basically if he can save her from physical death then why not from the emotional one? Is she also asking if there is humanity then where is guilt? She also challenges Raj that will he let Sarita die emotionally? (This made me again wonder that maybe she is aware of the tight rope that Sarita is walking on and that Raj is the only one who can bring her back. Also that if for humanity he can look after Sarita's physical security then why not her emotional one? If her feels guilty if anything physically harms Sarita then why not when something emotionally harms her)  Divya tells Raj that Sarita has been living in this hollow relation because of him. Also points out that whatever be the scenario that he got married to Sarita, since he is married to her she is his responsibility. Also adds that if his love for his dreamgirl/first love is important then why not Sarita's love for her husband? Then asks Raj to take a pledge on her head and tell her that shouldn't Sarita get her right which makes Raj bang the door while storming out of the room. According to me doing right does not mean that Raj should also enter a hollow relationship and nor should he be forced to love Sarita out of guilt...two wrongs does not make a thing right. But unfortunately in this scenario Sarita is hell bent on getting Raj as her husband...so either Sarita has to move back which based on how Sarita is reacting does not seem to happen soon...or Raj accepts that he has to free Divya from this mess by giving a chance to his relationship with Sarita. Wonder when Raj will realize that Divya has played with his emotions will he get angry or will he understand that Divya is going against her nature and that implies that all this is paining her and hence he will free her from this pain? The reason why I found all this interesting is because Divya knew that Sarita is still there hiding...so she put Sarita's POV or what Sarita has complained to her before knowing deep down that what she did was wrong. ...that she did play with his emotions so that he listens to Sarita's POV. Also felt that this scene was to do more with Divya trying to prove to Sarita that she can trust her.


Anyway now regarding the character that I felt sorry for...surprisingly it is Raj. Poor thing, he lost his mind for 10 years because Divya was not there with him and he was forcefully married to Sarita. Now these two ladies are making him paranoid...first he thinks that the fan will fall on Sarita which he has been oblivious for 10 years and then he starts worrying that she might be bitten by mosquito. I think if Sarita realizes that a mosquito bite might give her malaria or dengue and that might mean that Raj will take care of her then she will be after the mosquitoes to bit her. ErmmI am actually now feeling sad for the mosquitoes in Bhopal.Embarrassed I am also feeling sad that he is unaware that the one whom he trusts the most and almost worships is playing big time with his emotions. Anyway the interesting scene is also linked to Raj...he and Sarita are on the bed with their backs to each other with Sayeeya been played in the background...the line is about not wanting anything and only wanting to be one with the person's lover...the camera shows Sarita smiling in her dream world and Raj looking at the locket that he wanted to give to Divya. The locket was actually kept by him in between himself and the marriage photograph depicting a sullen faced Raj and smiling Sarita. Just shows that Sarita has basically not changed...in her marriage photograph she is happy that she is getting married without a thought that her husband is glaring at the camera and here she is dreaming that everything will be ok without a thought that Divya is silently breaking apart and that Raj does not love her.  Also Raj himself put Divya's locket in between him and the marriage photograph...wonder will he himself remove Divya from that position...between him and his marriage...and wonder if after he removes Divya will he still live life (marriage with Sarita) with bitterness or will make peace with it.


Now the most exasperating character...no guesses it is SaritaD'oh. Actually her being oblivious to anything other than what she wants is pretty striking...she overhears Raj and Divya's conversation and realizes that Divya is being truthful towards her. Although she does acknowledge her mistake in not trusting Divya, in her happiness regarding finally having hope that she will get Raj she overlooks Divya's expression. Divya has a shattered look on her face and anybody can see her expression and realize that this girl inside is breaking apart but Sarita doesn't. She is just happy that since Raj has saved her that means that he might also love her. The fact that she has self harmed herself and put herself in danger is out of the window for her. She then lies down in her room on the floor and when Raj tries calling out to her...she ignores it hoping that he will approach her directly by touching her. She clutches her hand to keep her nervousness and anticipation at bay. Anyway after sleeping on the same bed as Raj, the next day she runs to Divya's room to give her the good news and again in her single minded determination to get what she wants completely overlooks Divya's shattered look when she tells Divya that for the first time she slept on the same bed as Raj. This makes me wonder what will be her reaction if she actually spends a night with Raj?Ermm Throw a party?Wink Announce it all over Bhopal?Wink

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goolab IF-Addictz

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Posted: 25 June 2013 at 4:43pm | IP Logged

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Angie12 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 25 June 2013 at 9:26pm | IP Logged
Misti,  very nice analysis and really appropriate reading of characters the way they are being depicted so far.  I actually liked today's episode as the emphasis was on emotions of three characters and for a change some depth was shown.  Of course, I have given up on ever finding out about the past of these 3 characters.

I can understand you feeling sorry for Raj because he is played by Divya - the one whom he trusts the most and the one who was his emotional anchor.  I felt sorry for him yesterday in that room scene where he was baffled at Divya's behavior.  On one hand, she encouraged him and gave him hope by coming back in his life and now she is pushing him towards Sarita.  From his lines yesterday, it is clear that he would not have approached Divya if she hadn't come back by herself.  It was not just hurt ego that was stopping him from approaching after she came back to Bhopal.  It was also his way of giving her a space in his decisions.  The way he was behaving with her when he was coming in her space was neediness and also his understanding (maybe illusion too) that Divya and he were going to be the way they were all those years ago.  So he was reliving that perfect past, but now he is getting a reality check.  So I did feel sorry for him today especially the way he was torn looking at that locket.  

However, my sympathy was for Divya even though she is playing with Raj's emotions.  The way she broke down after Raj left because she herself has not been able to move on.  How is it possible for her to move on when she has clung to a hope, that they would be together, for 10 years?  I felt sorry for her the most because this girl did not have time to process any of the stuff that has come her way.  She not only lost her parents at a young age, but also felt guilt of leaving the needy Raj behind.  Probably that ideal that true love will be waiting for her when she finishes her responsibilities kept her going when things must have been tough for her - struggling to establish a career in a new world.  Then she got shattered when she realized that he had actually moved on in his life.  Then when she had just accepted that truth, she is filled with this guilt that her actions made him destroy his life.  Now an emotionally needy desperate woman is looking at her hope that she would make her life whole.  That is a huge responsibility for anybody to take.  So even though this being a serial would not go in the direction, but I am now seeing Waheeda Rehman's character of Khamosi that Misti you mentioned.  She too was considered the strongest person on whom the doctor (Ashok Kumar?) put this huge responsibility without thinking about her own emotions.  That movie started with flashback where Ashok Kumar's character is wrecked with guilt at destroying her life.

So far I was seeing Raj as this fragile person.  Misti, after your description now I see Divya as this person just before a nervous breakdown.  She is not only being pulled from opposite directions by Raj and Sarita.  Then she is getting different forms of guilt both due to Sarita and Raj.  So she is aware that she is doing wrong to Raj, but she feels that Sarita's needs are more important because of how low is Sarita is feeling at the moment.  That's why I feel that she needs Gaurav by her side.

I do feel sorry for Raj too because whatever decision he makes, it won't ever be perfect one for him.  He is carrying too much baggage with him. I cannot see him leaving Sarita and settling with Divya because that life would be filled with guilt at what he has done to Sarita.  So he won't be at peace especially now that Divya has made him aware of Sarita's desperation and suffering.  Probably the best will be that he gives a chance to his relationship with Sarita.  But will he be the same person that he was before?  No... that is not possible.  There will also be guilt that he hurt Divya.  I hope they don't show that his love for Sarita would be same as his love for Divya because that would be not realistic.  People change after such experiences and cannot be same with another person.  But again the question is should people be forced to live with someone if they cannot generate that feeling for another person.  Is Divya doing the right thing in manipulating him to accept Sarita?  Is it not better that both Raj and Sarita set each other free and get healed first before entering into any relationship?

But he did need to hear the bitter truth from Divya's mouth as he has been acting like an ostrich regarding Sarita.  He had seen Sarita making desperate efforts to woo him, but so far he had ignored all that.  Now Divya is forcing him to confront what he wants to ignore.  He does have a responsibility towards Sarita because he did wreck her life (even if she is also culpable to some extent) by his passivity and detachment.

Finally, coming to Sarita - I feel both sympathy and exasperation for her character.  She does invoke sympathy when she comes to be so desperate to get Raj's love.  She is so much in love with image of Raj that she has in mind that she is willing to go to extreme to get him.  I think you are so right when you wrote that she would be happy to get fan fall on her or have mosquitoes bite her if that would give her attention from Raj.  So she is not able to see that Raj is being torn between his feelings for Divya and guilt for her.  Her self-centeredness makes me lose sympathy for her.  Is Divya her best friend that she would share intimate details about herself and Raj.  Divya has told her that it is not easy for her to let go of love for Raj and instead make him fall for his wife.  Couldn't she have just told Divya that Raj is changing and leave it at that?  She has no empathy for somebody else's pain - Divya, Gaurav or Raj.  Yes, she has suffered, but so has Divya.  I think in her mind she thinks that Divya has got everything - Raj's love and adoration of Raj's family along with fame/wealth and a person like Gaurav.  But she forgets that love was there before Sarita was ever in the picture.  Divya herself has told her that Kamla is only liking her image.  The fame/wealth was all Divya's efforts and cannot be begrudged.  So her lack of awareness about other person's pain makes me  think of her as this person who will do anything (harm herself, let others and herself waste her life) to fulfil her goal.  She does have a right to ask for everything in a marriage.  But that does not mean that one loses empathy for everyone else in the process.  The growth in her character will be her realization that she has become somebody similar to people she herself detests.  

There is another thing that creatives are not probably intending to show.  But it is coming across this way to me.  That is the circle of abuse that is going on this household.  They are probably depicting Dadi as the nice one who feels for another woman.  But she is not coming like that to me at all.  Kamla calls Sarita the abusive names "Chachundri, Nikkami".  Dadi calls Kamla the abusive name "Haryanvi Phatfati".  Sarita answers back Kamla rudely and Kamla answers back Dadi rudely.  Dadi doesn't like the concept of other woman, but then instead of blaming her son blames Kamla.  Kamla blames Sarita for Raj's misery.  Dadi seemed to take pleasure in tauting Kamla on her inadequacy about keeping Sohan Lal even though she was supposedly sympathizing with her.  Kamla does the same with Sarita.  So the abuse has been going on for generations here.  Just as Sarita is desperate for Raj's love, Kamla is desperate for Sohu's respect.  So even though she wants Divya to be the DIL because of her son and because she has that image of Divya as a perfect bahu, it is also to get respect from Sohu that she is doing this.  So both Sarita and Kamla are willing to use underhanded methods to get husband's love.  Wonder if creatives would ever tackle this issue.  That somebody has to break this cycle of abuse.  Kamla's daughters themselves are pretty messed up characters because of the environment they have been brought up in.

Acting wise, today it was Rubina for me especially the way she broke down in the room and then when she was trying to hide her pain while smiling.

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Posted: 25 June 2013 at 10:29pm | IP Logged
nice analysis. well said. story is moving on. Raj will be in pain when he will come to know the truth, that his godesses (divya) was playing with his emotions.

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Myra.nelly IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 25 June 2013 at 10:53pm | IP Logged
Misti, again loved reading ur thoughts!

So u felt pity for raj, yeah, the really got into these girls manipulations and his emotions are heywire..But i felt sorry more for divya,. poor thing is torturing herself..and sarita too with her delusional reaction...just shattered her :(
and to answer ur last question, if she actually would spend the the nite with him it will b in the newspaper:" after 10 years of marriage finally IT happened!!"
The scene with the two in bed..there i fel pitty for raj...poor guy,. he was keeping that bed pure for his love and now thar sarita slept on it :((( it just shattered his dreams.

@Angie, Paavni isnt pure anymore...wonder what will b her reaction Wink

Misti, agree, sarita is
getting on my nerves too, what she
feels is obsession and not love..
Abt them three being musketeers...In the book infact there were four of them..so yeah, the fourth musketeers must make his reapearence- Gaurav- and b the suport that divya needs!

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-Serene.Rose- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 25 June 2013 at 11:23pm | IP Logged
wow agree wid all ur POVs

Angie... nice analysis..

Poor Divya.. I feel bad for her n Raj. Despite being in love wid each other for 10 long years.. they are still suffering!
N sarita... she has been living a same dream for 10 years.. all she wants is Raj loving her..
She can't trust divya.. n she dint even say sorry once. she knows how much raj loves divya, she listens to their conversation n still she feels itts love when Raj is touching her n all..

she confuses me so much... i jus wish she reunites these love birds... 

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misti73 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 26 June 2013 at 3:25am | IP Logged
Originally posted by goolab


Thanks for the reply. It is true that Raj didn't do anything for 10 years and ndrectly did play a role in the abuse that Sarita suffered in that mad house. What happened to Sarita was wrong and there is no excuse for that but that does not mean manipulating him so that he starts a relationship with Sarita is also right. In my POV both are wrong and two wrongs does not make it right. Maybe Raj will accept this as his retribution...he was in his delusional world regarding Divya and he did not pay attention to the neglect and abuse that Sarita was undergoing. But Sarita had to survive in that world. Maybe he will also have to live with Sarita who now is in her delusional world that Raj has to love her and who in turn is not paying attention that her need is harming Divya and might harm Raj too.

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ushasri IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 26 June 2013 at 4:10am | IP Logged
nice analysis misti and angie and i feit sad for divya and this saritha is so selfish and thinking only about her and her happiness hurting divya a lot and raj also (in future).dont know where the story is going wheather they decided to unite ravya or sara but after sara unites divya will be broken completely and they should bring gaurav immediately now pls cv's and if raj know the truth y divya came here he will be broken too

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