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ArshiFF:FashionSweetheart & P.@Heart#3 Chapter 20A-Pg 127- 22/05 (Page 68)

arnaushi IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 08 November 2013 at 8:56am | IP Logged
really nice...i am just waiting for the precap...

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AngelsHeaven IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 08 November 2013 at 11:22am | IP Logged
awesome update...
continue soon

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evydsena7777 Senior Member

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Posted: 08 November 2013 at 12:58pm | IP Logged
awsum update
cant wait to read more
plz dear try to update soon
and by soon i mean today or tomorrow plz

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rini_kat IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 10 November 2013 at 10:26am | IP Logged
amazing update...Smile

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-Aniisha- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 10 November 2013 at 10:31pm | IP Logged
loved the update
do continue soon
thanks for the PM

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sabz105 Goldie

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Posted: 10 November 2013 at 11:18pm | IP Logged
Thanks Aicha for sending me PMs and updating Chapter 18A!!!!!
I really enjoyed reading this chapter, story is really getting interesting!!!!
Please try to update next chapter soon, waiting eagerly to know what's going to happen next!!!!
Thanks again!!!!
Keep up the great work and looking forward to next update!!!
Take care!!!!

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aicha99fanfics Senior Member

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Posted: 11 November 2013 at 4:15am | IP Logged


Author's Note


So here's chapter 18 B... there will also be a part C soon.. the chapter is getting too long so had to split it into three parts.. the precap is gonna be for the part C.. I know you guys are waiting for it, lol.. sorry to keep you waited! No proof read...the background song does not relate to the chapter...It's just for background.. if someone knows a better song.. I'll be glad to change... Part C will be updated very soon.. in 2 days!


P.S: Tanya Jaiswal is the girl who blackmailed Arnav to sleep with her.. She was one of the judge of the fashion show few years before and Khushi saw them in the dressing room...

Chapter 5G - The Disaster From the Past (The Final Competition)


Chapter 18B

Day 5 - He was never a cheater, just a true friend!


And suddenly she turned his gaze to Arnav when she heard him said absent-mindedly in a low voice...


ASR: Tanya Jaiswal!


Khushi closed her eyes to stop her tears but... all she could see was flashes... flashes of the past.. Arnav and Jaiswal together in the dressing room... And she felt stabbed into her heart once again... as if she was back at that door and her heart had been broken into pieces at the moment she pushed open that door!


Without paying any attention to the two other people into the board room, Tanya rushed inside and approached her husband smilingly... MK stood and welcomed his wife into his open arms.. The lady hugged her husband tightly and then pulled back... saying naughtily...


Tanya: You were saying something, right??


A mischievous smile curved onto his lips, MK said in a sarcastic tone while his arms were still around his loving wife's waist...


MK: Hmm.. nothing much... just that I cannot live without the food my wify cooks!


Her mouth formed an O shape while MK broke out laughing... Tanya tapped into MK's chest and the latter pulled her in a hug as he said playfully...


MK: Kidding wify.. Kidding! You know I cannot live without you... your cooking is just the bonus.. I was just praising my fabulous wife to the guests...


And suddenly he pulled back...


MK: Oh how forgetful of me... Tanu please meet my guests..


Tanya shifted her gaze to the two figures sitting next to each other and on the spot her eyes shot open in surprise...


MK: Arnav Singh Raizada and Khushi Gupta... And guys please meet my lovely wife, Tanya Kapoor! Isn't she beautiful?? how can one not love her a lot, right Miss Gupta?


Her eyelids lowered... Khushi seemed not hearing a word of MK.. Her tears threatening to fall, she suddenly lifted her eyes when Arnav placed gently his hands on hers under the table! Managing to control from breaking out, she said looking straight into the eyes of the shocked Tanya...


Khushi: Yeah.. Indeed she is!


And slowly khushi moved off her hands from Arnav's hold leaving him shattered deep inside... Khushi, Arnav and Tanya remained silent... and breaking the silence, MK said in his good mood...


MK: So let's have homemade lunch together today... What say Tanu??


As he got no response from his wife.. he shook her arms...


MK: Tanu, where are you lost baby??


Tanya jerked and stuttered...


Tanya: no.. I mean.. sorry jaan! Let's have lunch.. I'll serve!


And she nervously began to lay down the plates leaving MK in a confused state... Suddenly MK's thoughts broke when Khushi stood without looking at Arnav or Tanya... A faint smile on her face, she managed to say in a casual tone...


Khushi: It's ok Mr. Kapoor.. I'll just have coffee.. I had a heavy breakfast this morning.. I'll just be back from the cafeteria, please excuse me...


And without sparing time to anyone to intervene, Khushi rushed out of the board room.. Though she knew this might look rude, but she couldn't bare it anymore.. and she couldn't risk breaking into tears in front of a stranger... and most importantly in front of Arnav!


As Khushi disappeared, Arnav shifted his gaze to Tanya.. His eyes were full of furry... anger as well as the pain of khushi.. He closed his fists and looked away ignoring the guilt on Tanya's face.. Seeing Khushi running away from him, for a second he wished to reveal the truth to her.. the truth! The reason behind his actions! That he never did what he did to win.. he never thought for a second to miss Khushi's fashion show! That at the moment her heart was racing seeing her designs on the ramp, he so wished to be next to her and holding her hands... driving away her nervousness.. and telling her " Khushi whatever happens, for me you are the winner... you deserve to be"... But then how could he? Knowing the truth will hurt her even more.. and he will not bare any guilt on his Khushi's face.. He just wants her happy.. and smiling.. and laughing... Suddenly Arnav got back to reality when he heard MK saying...


MK: Well I guess.. we are only two to enjoy the good indian food... So shall we start?


Arnav nodded faintly but not once he met Tanya's eyes and they began eating... Lunch time was a silent thing but Arnav's mind and heart were all restless... His eyes kept looking at the door... He wished to walk out and search for Khushi, but he very well knew that this would only arise questions in Mr Kapoor's mind... and in business.. especially for Khushi's career, he preferred not to take risks.. Mr Kapoor was a very affluent person and he wondered what he could do if he found out the truth about his wife... Even if his career was over, Arnav won't mind.. but Khushi.. it should not affect her.. She had a long way to go! He wanted to see her at the top of this world... And suddenly his eyes fell on Tanya.. The look into her eyes.. She seemed lost.. Maybe she was repenting after all.. but who cares.. the harm has been done already.. And nothing could change these years of pains both Arnav and Khushi had been through without each other's side!


~Chapter 18B Continues In Below Post~

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aicha99fanfics Senior Member

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Posted: 11 November 2013 at 4:16am | IP Logged

Chapter 18B Continues

20 minutes later...


Splashing cold water onto her face, Khushi finally began breathing again... Her tears have stopped by now... She closed the tap and stared at her reflection into the mirror... As she faked a smile convincing herself that all was fine, suddenly the washroom door was opened and one of the secretaries said to her...


Secretary: Excuse me mme... MK sir asked to inform you that he and Mr Raizada are heading to the fourth floor.. They'll be waiting for you in the atelier..


Khushi nodded in acknowledgement and the secretary went away.. After wiping her face, Khushi finally stepped out of the washroom and took the lift... As soon as she reached the fourth floor and the lift door got open, her eyes fell on the two men standing by the counter... She took hold of her feelings and walked bravely to them...


MK: Oh Miss Gupta.. Finally! Come on guys, let's go.. I'll show you the place where all my most famous designs have been created...


MK began walking followed by Khushi and Arnav, when suddenly... Holding her arms, Arnav said eagerly to Khushi in a low voice...


ASR: Where were you?? I've been searching for you everywhere! Are you ok?


Instantly Khushi turned her gaze towards Arnav.. Her eyes fuming with anger... and she said sternly...


Khushi: I'm fine ASR... You don't have to worry about me! I can take care of myself...


ASR: Khushi..


Khushi: No.. please.. not here!


Khushi took out her arms from Arnav's grip and walked faster... oblivious of the eyes staring at them from the corner... Finally MK pushed open the door and guided Khushi and Arnav inside his atelier.. his so called fashion studio.. and for a second Khushi felt herself lost into the atmosphere.. It was phenomenal.. Indian fashion... Arnav turned his eyes to Khushi, and the stars in Khushi's eyes brought a smile to his face... He always knew that Khushi was keen of the desi style.. else why would Gupta InDesigns ready to work with AR Designs! Walking through the studio, MK explained them every aspect of the indian style... Khushi let her hands moved through the silk materials.. In fact she completely lost her heart on some very pretty materials.. and turning to MK, she said excitedly...


Khushi: Truly Mr Kapoor... Colours of happiness can be find only in true desi indian wedding... It's so pretty!


When suddenly...


Tanya: That's absolutely true Miss Khushi!


The smile on her face vanished, Khushi looked away when Tanya walked inside the studio... While MK and Arnav were engrossed in a discussion, Tanya approached Khushi... A pencil in her hand, her eyes into her sketchpad... Khushi paid no attention to Tanya.. and Tanya uttered...


Tanya: That's beautiful! Your design will definitely look great with your chosen choice... you always have a good choice Khushi... Either it's in fashion or in choosing your friends!


Angrily Khushi placed her sketches on the immense table and looked at Tanya...


Khushi: I don't think so! Please excuse me!


And she was walking away when...


Tanya: Khushi please.. I need to talk to you..


Khushi: But I'm not interested to hear you... Stay away from me.. else..


She took a breath and said...


Khushi: don't force me to tell Mr. Kapoor about the character of his wife.. he loves you a lot.. and I'm not interested of breaking the heart of such a kind man! Excuse me please!


Hours passed by.. and at different times.. Tanya tried hard to have a conversation with Khushi but in vain.. Whole day, Khushi had been avoiding Arnav.. but thankfully this had not stopped her from working.. in fact at the end of the day.. MK was so much impressed of the designs she sketched in just few hours... and he said...


MK: Miss Gupta.. I must say! You are a born designer... and I can see that eager dream to step into the indian fashion world.. Right??


Khushi smiled at him and nodded a yes!


MK looked towards Arnav who was standing far away and said...


MK: As for me guys.. It was a real pleasure to work with such designers like you... Thank you for giving me this opportunity.. and I hope that my few ages of experience are of any help in your designs...


Khushi: Indeed.. it is sir.. thank you so much...


Working hours were over since long.. and outside was already dark.. All the staffs had already left... Sipping into hot black coffee, Khushi finally lifted her eyes from her laptop and realized that Arnav was missing.. She looked around curiously and jerked when MK asked...


MK: What happen???


Smiling faintly, she replied..


Khushi: Hm.. nothing!


But MK understood in a moment.. and said casually..


MK: Arnav is at the cafeteria...


And Khushi asked hesitantly...


Khushi: Mrs Kapoor??


MK: I don't know she must be around!


MK got back to his work while Khushi turned her gaze to the door worriedly...




Tanya stepped out of the washroom when suddenly she felt someone grabbing her arms... and as she was pulled violently she crashed into the wall... Her teary eyes fixed into the furious glare of Arnav...




Part 18C

Suddenly Khushi turned back and stared at Arnav... Tears rolling down her cheeks while years of guilt torn her heart into pieces... she finally stepped towards Arnav... slowly slowly.. till her steps became quicker and quicker... and she started to run to him.. Khushi cared no less about the glares of the few people on the road and as she crashed into Arnav's chest she took his lips into a longing kiss...

Mann yeh sahib ji , Jane hai sab ji

This mind, my lord, knows everything

Phir bhi banaye bahane

Yet it makes excuses

Naina nawab ji, Dekhe hai sab ji

These eyes, my highness, see everything

Phir bhi na samjhe ishare

Yet they don't recognize the signs

Mann yeh sahib ji Haan karta bahane

this mind, it makes excuses

Naina nawabi ji Na samjhe ishare

these eyes, it refuses to acknowledge the signs


dheere dheere

little by little,

Naino ko dheere dheere

these eyes,

Jiya ko dheere dheere

this soul,

Bhaayo re saibo

is enchanted by you


Dheere dheere

little by little,

Begana dheere dheere

the stranger,

Apna sa dheere dheere,Lage re saibo

now feels like my own


Surkhiyan hai hawaon mein

Theres news in the air

Do dilon ke milne ki

about the union of two hearts

Arziya hai nazaron mein

There are yearnings in those glances

Lamha yeh tham jane ki

For this moment to stay forever


O kaise huzur ji yeh lab dikhlaye

O master, how do these lips tell you

Chupi laga ke bhi gazab hai yeh dhaaye

it looks to be silent, yet they conceal marvels

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