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ArshiFF:FashionSweetheart & P.@Heart#3 Chapter 20A-Pg 127- 22/05 (Page 53)

cutesforum_02 Goldie

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Posted: 25 August 2013 at 10:04pm | IP Logged
aww...such a nice precap ... 

plz plz update soon !

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AnupamaJY IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 25 August 2013 at 10:31pm | IP Logged
loved the teaser
waiting for the update

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koisk IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 25 August 2013 at 11:48pm | IP Logged
Wat a precap, can't wait for the update now.

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monasha IF-Dazzler

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nice one

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akila_arshi Goldie

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waiting for the update...

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aicha99fanfics Senior Member

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Posted: 26 August 2013 at 12:31pm | IP Logged

Authors Note

 No proof read guys.. And I wrote this very quick.. So ill do better next chapter... Hope its entertaining enough..



Dedicated to Aasmaali, my favorite stalker!


This is a 3 Posts Update... 

Chapter 17B: Day 5 - Shes No Random Girl!



As soon as Anshu rushed away like a storm, Khushi came back to reality.. She stepped out of her room and looked towards Arnavs room.. She walked to his door and pushed open it.. As she spot Arnav sleeping like a baby on his bed, she breathed a sign of relief.. and nodded to herself..


Khushi: This guy is driving me crazy.. He was with me all night.. and at that time I was in his arms.. Stupid me! Deserted park in morning hours.. it could be anyone...




Arnavs Room... 9.00 am.


A smile on his face, eyelids half opened, Arnav sat on his bed stretching his lazy arms in all senses. It was a new morning.. A new beginning.. He let out a sigh and let his back fall onto the headboard.. Leaning his head to the back, he closed his eyes with a smile resting onto the corners of his lips...


You brought me back.. I smiled again.. I laughed again.. Through your eyes, you made me feel special again.. I was alive..


I considered you as a friend then and I still think of you as my best friend now.. though I did everything to forget you.. to hate you... But...


You still my best friend.. the one I cant live without...


His eyes shot open as Khushis last words still echoed into his ears..


You still my best friend.. the one I cant live without...


You still my best friend.. the one I cant live without...


You still my best friend.. the one I cant live without...



And the happiness on his face.. That incomplete feeling since years which was now complete.. His Khushi.. His best friend.. The only one who evoked true feelings in him.. The feeling of being special to someone.. Even though it was just friendship..Care, comfort, togetherness, trust... He so wished he could do this all his life just to see Khushi smiling for a lifetime... Turning his eyes to the spot next to him... His heart skipped a beat as he remembered her face.. Sleeping peacefully by his side.. And...


Im nothing to you? Thats what you think? But not after this..



Arnav ran his fingers into his hairs with a glint of worry.. A confused thought stuck into his mind.. Why the hell did he kiss his best friend? And that sudden happiness.. A relieved feeling.. Flashes of that unexpected kiss repeating again and again in front of his conscience.. This was indeed a mishap which should have never happen.. What if Khushi distanced herself from him even more after this? Maybe he should apologize? And he jerked up from bed immediately as he exclaimed loudly..


ASR: Yes, I should apologize before its too late.. I cant afford losing Khushi again!


Arnav jumped off the bed in a fast pace and rushed towards the bathroom.. After a quick shower, he got into his denim jeans and armani sweatshirt.. A last brush through his wet hairs.. A last glance towards his sexy smirking reflection into the mirror.. And he stepped out of his hotel suite and walked to Khushis room.. The door slightly opened, Arnav peaked in when the cleaning staff smiled and greeted him..


Staff: Good Morning Sir.. Miss Gupta is at the restaurant.


Arnav smiled back..


ASR: Thank You!


He walked away and called the lift. As soon as he reached the ground floor, Arnav headed towards the restaurant when suddenly his steps halted on the threshold of the restaurant. 

His heartbeat stopped half a minute.. His eyes fixed at an angle.. His breath held on! The scene was breathtaking.. A smile curved onto his lips.. His eyes almost wet as he glared at Khushi, laughing happily with the duo Payal and Aman.. A laughter which he never saw... The sparkles in her eyes, that break free feeling which she was holding onto since too many years.. Laughing like there was no tomorrow... Khushi Gupta is back! He thought. Arnav lowered his eyes, unable to constrain his happiness.. And from far away he also laughed with her. He nodded and said to himself...


ASR: No ways Khush.. I wont be able to apologize.. Because I just dont regret that kiss! I cannot convince myself to regret kissing my best friend.. You mean everything to me!


Arnav smirked and began walking slowly towards the table where the three were having breakfast. As he approached closer and closer, he could hear the excitement in Khushis laughter.. And finally standing behind her seat, Arnav crossed his arms to his chest and kept admiring Khushi.. Meanwhile Payal and Amans amusement came to an halt and they stared at Arnav worriedly.. Aman tried hard to signal Khushi of the presence of Arnav but in vain.. She kept on laughing out loud.. And said in between...


Khushi: I cannot believe that the great Arnav Singh Raizada is scared of a harmless creature..


Khushi was almost choking out of laughter.. And said to Aman..


Khushi: And then what he did?


ASR: He ran away from the balcony.


And Khushi exclaimed amusingly..


Khushi: What? He ran away from...

~Chapter 17B Continues In Below Post~

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aicha99fanfics Senior Member

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~Chapter 17B Continues~

When realization dawned upon her, Khushi froze on the spot. She turned slowly and fixed into Arnavs eyes while the latter glared at her with his casual smirk.. And he said..


ASR: Having fun Miss Gupta?


Her gaze into his intense look.. Khushi felt a lump into her throat and she stuttered..


Khushi: Arn.. ASR... Hmm...


He let a chuckle and said amusingly..


ASR: Its Arnav! So you were saying?


Instantly Aman stood in a rush as he said worriedly..


Aman: Yes ASR.. We were talking about the meeting with Mr. Manav Kapoor.. Hes P.A called.. Its in 1 and a half hour.. I think you both should get ready..


Aman turned his gaze towards Payal.


Aman: Right Payal?


And she nodded..


Payal: Yes.. You should go get ready Miss Gupta! You cannot be late..


Khushi breathed a sigh of relief and looked at Aman, thankful for the rescue.. And she managed to say as she stood up from her seat..


Khushi: Yeah.. I think I should go! Excuse me..


And she walked away as fast as possible.. Out of her senses.. Embarassed that Arnav caught her making fun of him.. As soon as she reached the lift, she pushed onto the button and waited for the lift.. Tapping to the floor, she signed impatiently.. And said to herself..


Khushi: God why the hell am I so nervous around him? Relax Khushi.. It was just a kiss out of anger.. And I promised to myself to make an effort.. For Arnav.. For our friendship.. I cant step back from this...


The sound of the lift brought her back from her thoughts and Khushi stepped inside.. She pushed on her floor button when suddenly a manly figure rushed inside the cabin. The door closed, Khushi's eyes popped out when she found herself face to face with Arnav. Her heart beat faster, her steps moved back slowly while Arnav moved forward towards her.. Khushi crashed into the wall and she looked nervously into his eyes when Arnav brought his hands and cornered her... He shifted his gaze from her eyes to her nose to her lips.. and smirked amusingly when Khushi bite her lower lips.. and he said casually..


ASR: What happen?


He brought his one hand to the hair lock falling on her eyes and tucked it delicately behind her ears..


ASR: Why are you so nervous?


Khushi caught her breath.. She had to talk.. but their proximity was making it more difficult.. His sexy smirk, his breath on her lips, his hands resting on the wall behind her were almost brushing her shoulders.. and his lips.. each time he uttered a word, she felt tempted to take his lips in a passionate kiss.. like the one they shared unexpectedly yesterday night.. She scolded herself mentally before her thoughts traveled further more and said...


Khushi: was it you... I mean the hospital... Karan...


Suddenly her words stopped when Arnav brought his fingers to her lips.. the mischievous smirk on his face vanished and was replaced by a stern look as he said in a serious tone...


ASR: I don't want to hear his name again from you.. Do you understand?


Khushi: But?


ASR: Ssshhh.. this is over... you said it yourself, that you forgot about him! Your happiness lies in present with me..


Khushi: I just want to know if it was you whoo..


Arnav interrupted her words when he held her shoulders angrily and said with gritted teeth...


ASR: and i don't want to talk about him.. if you want me not to think about him you got to forget about him.. else i promise i'll break every possible parts of his body.. mark my words.. I mean it!


Her fragile body trembled into his hands when she stared into the fire burning into Arnav's eyes.. The fire she was scared of.. the anger she preferred to avoid since long.. And she lowered her eyes with the hope that it was only Karan's misfortune to be at the wrong place at the wrong time..Avoiding his gaze, she finally uttered...


Khushi: Arnav!


And he replied angrily...


ASR: What?


Khushi lifted her eyelashes and said in a soft tone..


Khushi: we are at our floor.. the door is open.. can i go?


Arnav looked towards the door surprisingly and shifted his gaze to Khushi.. a glint of amusement on her face.. as soon as Arnav left her shoulders, she began stepping away when suddenly...


ASR: Khushi!


Khushi looked towards Arnav confusingly while he moved closer and closer.. He laid his hands on her shoulders.. his back blocking the door from closing.. and he said...


ASR: For your confused mind!!


Without sparing her a second to react, Arnav leaned forward and captured her lips.. leaving Khushi in a stunned state.. He sucked on her lower lip.. nibbled her upper lip.. and his tongue made its way into her mouth... Khushi began to respond while Arnav's hands trailed down from her shoulders to her arms and he grabbed her wrists forcing her to bring her hands onto his chest.. Blocking the lift's door, both got lost into a longing kiss.. Khushi's arms shifted to his neck and pulled him more into her.. She ran her fingers into his hairs while Arnav's hands moved to her waist.. He wanted to feel her as much as she wanted to.. They were reluctant to leave each other, unable to turn off the burning desire which started from a harmless flirting mischief.. While his hands moved to her buttocks, Khushi let a moan when he pulled her more to his lower part.. Her innocent moan brought him to reality and Arnav finally pulled back..He stared at Khushi.. both breathless.. while Khushi looked at him.. shocked, confused.. frozen! and Arnav smirked as he said..


ASR: I'm definitely not sorry about our kiss.. not yesterday and definitely not now!


Her hands resting on his chest, Khushi shivered while her words got stuck into her throat..


ASR: It never felt so special to kiss someone you know why?


And Khushi nodded absent-mindedly.. Arnav leaned to her ears, his lips brushing her earlobe, he whispered..


ASR: Because you very special.. the most special girl!


Arnav stepped back...


ASR: you should go to your room now.. and take a cold shower..


And he winked at a stunned Khushi before turning away.. Khushi stared at Arnav till he entered his room and slammed the door.. As soon as he disappeared, she ran to her room,closed the door and eyes still wide opened, she exclaimed...


Khushi: What was that?



Chapter 17B Continues In Below Post

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aicha99fanfics Senior Member

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~Chapter 17B Continues~

15 minutes later..


After a very cold shower, Arnav stepped out of the bathroom with only a towel wrapped around his waist.. A smile on his face.. whistling a happy tune, he growled when his mobile rang disturbing his happy time.. and he pushed on the green button.. and said grumpily..


ASR: What do you want Aman?


Aman: ASR I'm very sorry.. I don't know how this escape from me.. I never thought Miss Gupta will have a laugh over your misadventure with the puppy.. I'm really very sorry!


And Arnav replied smilingly at the thought of Khushi's laughter..


ASR: No worries Aman.. This is the best thing you've ever did in your existence.. I'm proud of you..


Aman stammered in shock..


Aman: you mean you are not upset about this..


ASR: not at all.. So tell me.. any news?


Aman: Yes sir! no issues.. all as planned!


ASR: his arms?


Aman: broken!


ASR: his legs?


Aman: finished.. at least for 3 to 4 months..


ASR: Good job... for now! Find out about him.. his background.. family, friends, bank accounts.. girlfriends.. Everything! Finish Karan Singhania.. Bring him down till he begs for mercy.. till he's no more worth to touch any girl.. Bring that bas***d to road!


Aman: But what about Miss Gupta?


ASR: No words to her.. She's better off that way.. she'll be happy.. I'll make her happy.. Her safety and her happiness is the most important...


Aman: Ok ASR... Don't worry! I'll meet you after the meeting..


ASR: ok..


Arnav disconnected the call.. and said to himself..


ASR: Karan Singhania is your past.. but I'm your present.. your happiness!

This is a 3 Post Update

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