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ArshiFF:FashionSweetheart & [email protected]#3 Chapter 20A-Pg 127- 22/05 (Page 116)

-Viji- IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 16 February 2014 at 7:40am | IP Logged
Awesome Precap yaarBig smileBig smile
Can't wait to read the update...Update soonBig smile

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hiralhk IF-Dazzler

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awesome yaar..
pls update soon

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Posted: 16 February 2014 at 3:45pm | IP Logged

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Diva_Akorshi IF-Sizzlerz

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amazing teaser...
waiting fr update...

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A 2 post chapter to be posted in some time

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aicha99fanfics Senior Member

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..No proof read..


This Is A 2 Posts Update

Chapter 19

Day 6 - Never Felt So Beautiful


5.30 a.m


The first rays of the day shined on Khushi's face... A smile curved on her lips as she opened her eyelids.. and she murmured..


Khushi: I wish every morning was like this one.. and my day starts seeing your face..


Her head laying on Arnav's chest, she kissed tenderly his naked chest before stepping out of the bed and walked away leaving Arnav asleep! As soon as the door was closed with a silent bang, Arnav slowly opened his eyes from his fake slumber and he breathed a sign of relief while he looked towards the door. His mind drove back to the confession of Khushi.. Her words which kept on tingling in his ears.. Somehow he felt special but how could he denied that this piece of news was freaking him out as well.. and their kiss.. it just happened out of the blue once again... Never ever before he thought of being that close to Khushi..What if he had cross his limits... And he thought...


ASR thinks: I hope she understands why I did this!


He breathed out worryingly and then turned his gaze towards the bed table.. He grabbed his mobile and searched through his contact numbers.. and as soon as he saw "MUM", he pushed on call.. It took no more than the third ring...


ASR's mum: Hi beta.. how are you.. after so many days or should I say months, you finally remembered this mother of yours!


Arnav smirked and he replied...


ASR: Sorry mum, you know I'm a busy man.. and I know you must be going alright as usual... So...


ASR's mum: SO... What's the issue?


ASR: Issue? ... hmm... there's no issue! I'm absolutely fine...


ASR's mum: Oh come on my son... I might have not seen you since ages but I do know my stubborn son.. What made you call me, just say it Arnav!


ASR: Ok fine... Actually I need an advise.. for that new friend I have...


Arnav's mum nodded amusingly as she listened to her son's hesitating voice...


ASR: It's my new friend's best friend who confessed her love for him... and after this he is so confused that he even faked to be asleep to avoid a conversation with that certain girl.. What do you think he should do? I have no idea how to react... I mean... He has...


ASR's mum: Ok I understand your situation.. Well in that case, I think you should go straight to Khushi and tell her honestly how you feel for her!


Arnav's eyes popped out in surprise and his mouth formed an O shape.. He said..


ASR: How the hell did you...


ASR's mum: Arnav beta, you might be an ace businessman but you never learn to lie to your mother..


ASR: But it could be anyone.. Why only Khushi? How the hell did you know I was talking about Khushi only? Are you spying on me?


ASR's mum: Really Arnav.. do you really think I'm like your father?


ASR: Who knows? The Malliks are capable of anything if their titles are at risk..


ASR's mum: Then do not forget that calling yourself a Raizada won't change the fact that the Malliks' blood flows through your veins as well.. It's royal blood... At the end you'll still remain the son of a mallik..


ASR: Mum please.. that's why I never call.. I'm not interested in royalties.. malliks.. or whatever complications come with it... can we go back to my problems now.. I'm in a mess...Khushi is in love with me... We kissed.. We almost did more than just kiss... and...


ASR's mum: Arnav calm down beta... remember I'm still your mother.. so spare me the details...


Arnav finally took a breath as he said calmly with a worry tone...


ASR: Ok sorry.. I mean... I'm confused ma... I really don't know what I should do.. my mind is not working with my heart... I'm afraid I might just screw up everything and I lose her again.. I've always been a playboy and she is the most wonderful woman I know..


ASR's mum: Arnav, during the past years you rarely remembered that you had a mother in London but not a single day you forgot about that girl.. Isn't that enough to clear your confusion? Just follow your heart... and the answer is right there! And one last thing.. if you bump into love, don't run away.. the mallik's blood is in you but you are a true raizada.. the grandson of my mother...  you can never be a heartless king like your father.. I love you my son..


ASR: I love you too mum.. thanks!


Arnav's mum smiled and ordered playfully..


ASR's mum: Now wake up and smell the coffee..


ASR: Ok mum.. I'll call you later.. take care.. Bye...


ASR's mum: Bye!


As he disconnected the call, Arnav said to himself...


ASR: Mum is right, I should listen to my heart... I've never thought I can fall in love... All I know is that I want Khushi around me all the time.. I always thought it was just friendship.. but...


He closed his eyes and took a deep breath... As he pushed away his thoughts, he jumped off the bed and rushed to the bathroom... 

In the room next door, Khushi stepped out of the shower while tying the knot of her bathrobe.. A new track playing on the music player... She stood in front of the mirror and smiled at her reflection... Her wet hairs falling on her shoulders... a few hair locks falling on her eyes.. drops of water rolling down her eyelids to her lips.. She grabbed the towel and began to dry out her wet hairs while the memories of Arnav were still fresh in her mind..  The rain kiss.. their silent drive back to the hotel... How nervous could she have been that the time into the lift felt like eternity.. And then.. the awkwardness completely disappeared when suddenly Arnav dragged her from her room's door to his own room.. just at the thought of him crashing his lips so violently onto hers made her knees felt weak. She closed her eyes and she remembered that moment like it never ended... His lips travelled from her neck down her cleavage while his fingers expertly undid her shirt buttons one by one... And all of a sudden her thoughts broke when she heard a knock at the door and came the sweet voice of Anshu..


Anshu: Khushi you in there?


Immediately, she answered...


Khushi: Yes, 5 minutes.. I'm just coming..


Anshu: It's ok Khush, take your time.. I'm here with Payal.. we knocked but there was no answer.. the cleaning staffs opened for us..


Khushi: Ok.. I'll just come..


Khushi nodded at herself... and muttered...


Khushi: This Arnav will drive me mad...


She chuckled contently and grabbed the hair dryer.. As she dried out her hairs, she kept on humming with the song.. " It's a beautiful day"... She then wore a simple white tank top and a pair of sexy shorts. 

A few minutes later, she finally stepped out of the bathroom and her eyes popped out in surprise as she exclaimed.. "What the!". Anshu and Payal were on the bed dancing like teenagers while Khushi couldn't stop a laugh.. Her laughter caught the attention of the two girls and they turned their eyes towards Khushi.. and instantly Anshu said out loud...


Anshu: Come on Khush... it's our last day in India.. Let's have fun...


Khushi laughed out and said...


Khushi: girls get down.. you both are like mad monkeys.. seriously!

||Chapter 19 Continues In Below Post||

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aicha99fanfics Senior Member

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||Chapter 19 Continues|| 

Immediately Anshu jumped off the bed as she rushed to Khushi... She held her hand and dragged her to the bed... The three began to dance on the bed happily.. Khushi grabbed three pillows and threw one to each girl...and there started a pillow fight.. One of the pillows burst out and white feathers from the pillow began to spread into the whole room.. The laughter of the girls could be heard into the corridors as the door was slightly opened... Arnav who was on the door step nodded out of shock... and he uttered...


ASR: Mad People!


And suddenly his eyes fell on Khushi.. She was jumping onto the bed.. She was laughing.. She was hugging her new girl friends..  Khushi was back to life... She was here.. happy and enjoying life.. Arnav's fashion sweetheart is back.. His Khushi is back... and he exclaimed...


ASR: Damn you Arnav... Only a fool will not fall for her! She's so mesmerizing.. AND SHE IS MINE! My khushi... Only mine! how could I not realize this.. I never cared for anyone except myself till the day I met her.. I feel so insecure when it comes to her... My heart is beating for her since the day I first saw her in that studio... I'm such an idiot.. a foolish idiot.. I bumped into love so many times.. and I was blinded by friendship..


Arnav nodded at his foolishness and smiled amusingly as he stared at the three girls dancing on the bed... he stepped back happily not wanting to disturb the girls gang... A last glance at Khushi's content face and he said..


ASR: Thank god.. she's not disappointed about last night!


He finally closed the door silently.. He began walking down the corridor while remembering those moments spent with Khushi the night before.. his touch was sliding down her body and her skin felt like silk.. her fragrance was turning him on like no one ever did... and when he laid her onto the bed.. he only wished to take her... he was so hard.. and he bet she was so wet... Her eyes only asked him to take her.. fill her with love.. and make her night complete.. make her complete.. but... he could see the disappointment into her eyes when he decided to back off.. "you are beautiful Khushi, but if it's with you... I want it to be just the way you deserve it.. special! Let's take it slow.. ok?" Khushi only nodded and they both fell asleep snuggling into each other.. His thoughts broke and he entered the lift.. the door was closing when suddenly he heard...


Yuvi: wait!


Immediately, Arnav stopped the lift and looked at Yuvi.. His gaze then lowered to the other man and though he tried but he was unable to push away that victorious smirk on his face as Yuvi was pushing Karan on a wheel chair towards the lift.. Arnav stood by the side allowing Yuvi and Karan to enter and he said while looking at Yuvi..


ASR: Good morning Yuvi..


And then he shifted his gaze to Karan..


ASR: Morning Karan... how are you today, sleep well?




This Was A 2 Posts Update


Preview for Next Chapter

Last evening in India, Girls night out... and Karan knocked out by the three guys, Arnav, Aman and Yuvi..



Note: For those who forgot, it was stated into the character sketch of Arnav.. he's from a royal family.. he's real name is mallik.. but he has no interest in being some kind of prince or king so he took the name of his mother, raizada, and he left his palace when he was 18.. and only Aman knows about this reality... I'm just clarifying because I know some might get confuse about the mother son convo.. But rest assure being from royal family, this won't affect the story.. there won't be no prince princess track into the story.. His mother is just a special appearance into this chapter.. But maybe if there is some day a sequel to this story, then I will use this as a new track... 

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lalarukh IF-Rockerz

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aww lovely update...i loved arnav and his mom convo...his mom seems quite liberal ...kind of liking her :)...hmmm so arnav and khushi both thinking abt yesterday night...where he stopped saying lets take thing slow ...really arnav much more u want to see that u in love with her :)...i loved khushi dress ...too cool ;)...good to see her jumping ...happy once again...karan damn on wheel chair...uff...
me in love with the story u :)

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