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llExhilarating#3ll Update64SC,SA,Shlok-Astha,T.Pakhi (Page 14)

..SchnellBus.. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 03 July 2013 at 8:51am | IP Logged
Originally posted by -Mema-

Geee Kainat wow so finally ur 3rd one i was wondering a lot u can say about why u wernt opening one:P and i had lost the link of ur prev one tooConfused anyways sooo soo glad that opened ur 3rd one
^^ I had closed it :P So how ere you gonna find the link maria?LOL

I lOVEEE ur work sooo soo much, i guess u get the same response from evryone coz ur work is simply AWESOMEEE and flawlesss!!!!
^^ awww that is soo soo sweet of you <3
I lovee ur banner a lott!fab work!!
^^ Embarrassed

oming to the samples i have seen most of them and the rest ahhh i just cant stop droolinggg !!Kainat u r a freaking awesome creator!!

http://i.minus.com/iJTsgG8s39bYT.jpg>>this is sooo o enchantinggg oh gosh i am using this!!i guess i missed it in the gallery while i was inactive:(
^^ thank you soo much <3

ooohhh and those samud icons r breathtakinggg ahhh and yeah u r  rite the show has become really disappointing these days:|
^^ Show has become more than what i call boring! Their beginning wali chemistry has just faded out man :( I feel sorry for jenny and gautam!Both are really good but SLB is not polishing their talent Sleepy

http://i.minus.com/iWqumDp0FYcqs.jpg>>I have seen this before but just wanted to tell u that its out of the worldd, its as pretty as a fairytale!
^^ awww thank you :)

http://24.media.tumblr.com/0ff4efa0775f3a5e40ab7969dd0c4d4f/tumblr_mnbhtv0DjL1rujak1o1_250.gif>>i really like ur style its beautifull!!

oh so u on tumblr too! plz give me ur tumblr linkEmbarrassed
^^ Yup i have tumblr too but i hate tumblr for some wierd unknown reasonsLOLWill pm you the link anyway!

ANddd i know u hate asking but plzzz plzz can i have thistexture i have been looking for this for like ages and i will be really grateful yar http://i.minus.com/ibj9e3tQ6FXv3D.jpg
^^ I wish i could!Sorry but i can't :(

http://i.minus.com/iS3AWwptNuZl7.jpg>>hayeee ur colouringHeart
^^ thanks :)

http://i.minus.com/iPbVneuZIL8C2.jpg>>OMG OMGGG the most flawless siggy of the update!i think i am going to use this too! its sooo stunninggg!!!

And i guess i was not a regular at ur prev shop but still can i request plz plz plzzzEmbarrassed
sure :)

Love Maria


..SchnellBus.. IF-Rockerz

Joined: 20 March 2010
Posts: 8122

Posted: 03 July 2013 at 8:57am | IP Logged
Originally posted by ArViAshaRocks

Congo no your 3rd shop! Smile 

Your work is flawless , unique and beyootiful! ^_^

thanks :)
Originally posted by EmraanFanatic

Hey Kainat, many congrats on your 3rd gallery <3 Hope to see you open many more :)
Your work is beautiful and unique too, I love your styles <3
The sample work looks beautiful, loved the ArHi and CC stuff most but everything is fab <3
Keep up the awesome work and many thanks for the PM :D

your welcome and thanks for your comment :) <3
Originally posted by magicbeans.

omg i didnt know you had a shop well i am assuming your other one got over when i was inactive or something cos i seriously dont remember coming across your shop ever lol but from what ive seen of your work from people's dabbas to random cgs .. i ABSOLUTELY ADORE YOUR STYLE! i also love how you pick the most apt caps to blend together be it for normal sigs or merges .. you just get it right every times (: i haven't seen a lot of your gifs but from your sample work i have to say i love the coloring on them. your banner is so pretty love the silver feel to it and such prominent yet not ott coloring!

all your sample work is really pretty but the following sigs are my most favvv <3

http://i2.minus.com/iJTsgG8s39bYT.jpg i love the caps you chose and the simplicity of this sigy so much!
http://i4.minus.com/iWqumDp0FYcqs.jpg the blending is gorgeous and the coloring/texture make it super pretty <3
http://i6.minus.com/ibj9e3tQ6FXv3D.jpg this is just love <3 again it's another simple yet gorgeous sig (:

oh ps congrats on the third one LOL ((:

^^ OK that is just like a DREEAM come true sahar <333
@bold: really? well thats luck i guess LOL
@red: thanksssEmbarrassed
thanks for your comment sahar <3 I really appreciate it EmbarrassedHug
I remember when for the first time you PMED me saying that you LOVE my work i was LIKE on the top of the world :DBig smileBig smile Love your work too <3

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..SchnellBus.. IF-Rockerz

Joined: 20 March 2010
Posts: 8122

Posted: 03 July 2013 at 9:01am | IP Logged
Originally posted by salmeh.

<font face="Georgia, Times New Roman, Times, serif">thnksss in advanced for the request !!

I want the basket ball wala scene and some kajen wala staress LOL

Can you do so with and withoutText if its possible?!- It took me so long to realize; you are all that I'll ever need.


Timimg please Embarrassed
Originally posted by .MeriAashiqui.


i hate aartiii for being soo fast ROFL
anywasss YAAAY YOUUUR BACCCK Dancing

RESSSING THISS will edited when i am freee ladlkasd
expect LONG ASSS comment Silly


tu maar ja kamini ! LL!
Originally posted by .MeriAashiqui.


sooo RESERVED for request then Cool

oeee shitt but idk if i can since i wasnt that active in youuur last shop!! or was i ... see
i dont even remember i think i was... buuut i know i can request rigth *puppyyyeeeyeeesss*

 I never reserve this long in your dukaanErmm
Originally posted by reeti.poly

Some one didn't reply me.. Ermm
And I think some one don't want me as viewer too.. I commented and she didn't reply.. FINE Evil Smile

you got it ;)
Originally posted by Yamzy

Kainuuu Hug Firstly sorry for such a late comment, thanks to my stupid internet for not in service :|

Everything looks super stunning as usual. CONGRATS on your new shop, do you know your work is of a professional. Simply GORGEOUS girl!!! I had no idea you were such a huge ArHi fan :P Please keep making stuff on KryAn always..and you should try watching TBP...and make stuff on KiSha..you wont regret making stuff on them Day Dreaming
I love how you always send me PMs...and I love you for that completely Heart MUAAAH!!
anyway heres my request...im sending you the link to 6 pics...my most fav ones..i hope they are all workable :)
text : Yamini's evergreen jodi's
thank youuu Hug

^^ You chiini ki dukaan <33 ILYT <333
@Bold: me and like a professional? buahhhShocked really? chachi? ILY <3

pictures look quite good! Lets see! ;)

..SchnellBus.. IF-Rockerz

Joined: 20 March 2010
Posts: 8122

Posted: 03 July 2013 at 9:04am | IP Logged
Originally posted by -Muskii-


How come I never knew that you had a shop ShockedPfft! Bleh! 
Anyway I had been following you stuffs in creation gallerys in EHMMBH and IPKKND!
You work is complete LOVE! its so freaking amazing!!!
^^ thank youuu <3
The icons Star Love how you cropped it and not to forget your colourings are always awesome!
Sad that your not going to make any more PSD but  keep making siggies!
^^ I am still making psds :) Will PM you the links soonishEmbarrassed

^ This is so perfect! I love love love Dhanush! Will use it soon

^^ He is soo cute :) thanks :)

^ Just so perfect! The colouring the style ! FREAKING AMAZING MAAN!
^^ thanks :)

And the  KryRan stuff is beatiful too! Keep making more on themEmbarrassed
^^ sure:)

Did I just see OPEN? Heck yeah! How can I miss this golden opputunity?LOL
Make me a siggy from these pics! With any text you want






will do your request too :)
..SchnellBus.. IF-Rockerz

Joined: 20 March 2010
Posts: 8122

Posted: 03 July 2013 at 9:05am | IP Logged
Originally posted by MaaU


1stly banner is Gorgeous..

2ndly IPKKND Awesome sigs are Wow miss them too
SC sigs are gorgeous luved coloring on icons
AsYa sigs are too HOT
ChanMan avi's are flawless.. just loved coloring

Sonam-Dhanush.. just love them man Wow avi's
Kabir-Naina sig is beautiful

U r OPENShockedShockedShocked me is RESwing will edit soon

thank you maau :)
waiting until you unres your spot :)
..SchnellBus.. IF-Rockerz

Joined: 20 March 2010
Posts: 8122

Posted: 03 July 2013 at 9:06am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Miss.Wahian

Lovely creationsClap Clap Clap...all Arshi & Asya one  r beautifulDay Dreaming Day Dreaming
Never seen Chanchan...but after seeing ur creations..thoght to see the...thr look really good togetherEmbarrassed
Next time...plz make some on Shanak too na plzzzSmile...missing themCry

thank you :) will try hun! Not promising :)
..SchnellBus.. IF-Rockerz

Joined: 20 March 2010
Posts: 8122

Posted: 03 July 2013 at 9:09am | IP Logged
Originally posted by -krazyriya-

Firstly...congratzzz on ur 3rd shop dear..Party..m really happy for you! Big smileHug keep it up.Thumbs Up...may u open many more like this..Wink..!!

Now... looking at your stuff.. m totally speechless! Day Dreaming Goshhh...OMGGGEEE its freakinggg gorgeous baby..Day DreamingSillyHeart. just out of the world...Day Dreaming i cant stop staring at it..Day Dreaming!

ChanMan icons are to die for..Day Dreaming..hell of a beauty...! Sonam-Dhanush stuff...Embarrassed be it icons or siggies... they are so flawless n simply FANTASTIC...EmbarrassedClap i'm really short of words here! Blushing

I saw many of your avis in many ppl's dabba...Wink but since i guess ur copyright is not there... So i didn't knew you made them...LOL. but this whole time I was really wondering who made such gorgeous stuff...ErmmDay Dreaming

Kryan n AsYa siggies are amazingg...super Awesomeee! Day Dreaming dont know what to say more... everything is marvelous! Star

-Varsha Heart

thank you :) I am feeling sooo glad after reading your comment varsha :)

I know what shall i say now! ILY <3
Originally posted by Xx.Sri.xX

OMG,,Kainat u opened a shop..u have no idea how happy i am!I was sad when i got to know u closed last shop and didn't open again and only was active in PSD shop..But "yeah"!!!!
Firstly a BIG congo on the shop number 3 ..hope this is lucky for u..n may u make many more!Party

That banner is so [email protected] am dying to see ranjhaana after seeing those awesome reviews!Beautiful texture n merging!Day Dreaming

I love ur stuff..i am sure i saw some in tumblr..hmm!But i loved all.!
Arhi-Beautiful stuff n yes someone please bring them back!
SC/K-Beautiful icons..i always loved this style of yours!
CC- Those icons are so vibrant n awesome coloring!N those avi's are gorgeous.Is it only me or anyone else think that only after Anuj entered i want to make stuff on them..n happy to see Anuj-Sanaya instant chemistry.
QH-what to say about those sig..hayye..i loved that scene..sad yet beautiful..esp..when KSG cries..it's soo emotional!
Kyran-beautiful texture n i love black BG!
Bolly-I am in love with all Ranjhana stuff!Esp..the last set!

up and update soon.!Hug

thanks!You have not watched ranjhaana yet? You should ASAP! bas!Embarrassed
thanks for that beautiful comment <3

Originally posted by Arshaholic

gawjus shop kainat finally u made a new one just loved awl d bolly and telly stuff <3 saving bits of dem

my req for icons dese r bunch of many pics :

WinkBig smileEmbarrassedStar

PS- i am not a regular member of ur shop coz i started using ur work in ur PSD shop do tell me if u making my req as i only used ur work either from PSD shop of urs and from d bolly CG only


thanks :)
Originally posted by Aishu_VirMan

Wow Kainat <3 Everything is fabulous Embarrassed The colouring, texture, writing and blending is amazing Heart
Keep Updating and thanks for the PM :) xx

thanks :)

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..SchnellBus.. IF-Rockerz

Joined: 20 March 2010
Posts: 8122

Posted: 03 July 2013 at 9:13am | IP Logged
Originally posted by MissDiva

Superb works...Clap me 2 was missing arshi... Thanks for sharing.[:p]

Originally posted by aishu3003

gorgeous creationsClap
loveee itttSmile
do pm me wen u update plsEmbarrassed
and congoz 4 d new threadBig smile

sure and thank you for commenting :)
Originally posted by -iLoveSobti-

^This is what I call HEIGHTS of obsession!LOL The Banner looks amazing though!
Kainattt <3

^^ thank man! Hahaha yup heights of Obsessions!LOL

Okay! So you finally opened your shop!
God! I love your samples <33 They are ah-mazing!
This one is so pretty http://i.minus.com/i5Ll6zKehsU0a.gif

^^ thanks you :)

IKR! SC is so friggin boring! They're dragging it so much! Pinch But the icons were classy. I love this one http://i.minus.com/iCztN9SwbhIyt.jpg
This siggy speaks Volumes even without the text! Its so simple yet stunning!

The new Manav is so hott!Blushing  http://i.minus.com/i7Ntqjt3vpczu.jpg
^^ he is indeed HOT man <3
This siggy is just outta this whole world! http://i.minus.com/iWqumDp0FYcqs.jpg
Loved the cropping in this QH Icon http://i.minus.com/iyeVBEsQxxSmO.jpg
Yes! KSG is indeed MR. FLAWLESS! <3
 Eeps! This one is so PWETTY! 

And You're OPEN! Imma give you proofs that I was a frequent visitor in your previous shops. Tongue

56173186   56356414   56507974   57950940  62573497  

So tell me if i can request! Wink :*

Loads of Love!

Viz <3


I need a siggy!


Text: Nina Dobrev
subtext:  you're so beautiful

thank you and please do me a favour next time don't write comment with this pink color! My eyes are hurting after putting stress to read your commentLOL

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