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Dheeme Dheeme |KR Shortstory| (Page 21)

Keisha. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 25 August 2013 at 7:31am | IP Logged

I stood in front the mirror of the dance academy, romantic music filled the hall making me blush more *her look*. Few more minutes and I would be facing him. Whatever happened last though I didn't what exactly was that Love, Lust or just Attraction but I never felt like this before for anyone not even Abhi.

I wiped off the extra Kohl beneath my eyes, adjusted my flicks making them fall on my forehead, and my dupatta on my shoulder. My hands were shaking due to nervousness, I gave a double check to myself, turned off the stereo and hurried to the bus stop.

I reached the bus stop but he wasn't there, I looked around. It was almost time for the bus to arrive. "Where is he? Kahin office main hi to nahi so gaya?" I thought.

In the mean time bus also arrived, I gave a last glance around and den got in the bus. I took a seat, then looked out from the window for him. "hmm Late kahin ka! Im sure kahin kar raha hoga flirt kisi aur ladki se." Last few mintues were left for bus to move.

"I think aaj bhaag ke bus main chadne ka irada hai! Jaldi aah" I mumbled.

Bus finally moved from the stop and my gaze was fixed outside waiting for him to come. He didnt came that day which made my mood shifted from super excited to super irritated. In that same irritated mood I reached my room.

"Huh Stupid! Let him come tomorrow I'll make Seekh kabab of him."

I sat on my bed working on new dance routine for students but my brain was busy thinking why he wasn't there today. Hey! Mango shake Sharon shouted near my ear.

"Aaahhh!! Ghost ! Ghost! Ghost" I jumped from bed to the lamp table. Hell Sharon! Uh scared me.

"Hahaha not a tough job di". By the way I had got mango shake for uh she said Laughing hard. I took glass from her hand and moved back to my work. It took about an hour for me to finish it and land on bed gossiping with Sharon. "Di, how was the journey with your Linecitter today? she said in a bit teasing tone."

"Shup Up Shar! he wasnt there today shayad be busy hoga." and I slept with the thought that he'll come tomorrow.

Next day when I went there he wasn't there again after that day I never saw him again on the bus stop. Where is he? was the only thought which wandered my mind everyday. Bus stop was the same but I don't know why the way from dance academy to Bus stop seemed long to me now.

Everyday I used to try to reach early but at the same time a thought came in my mind that Whats the need to hurry ? that stupid linecutter is not there anymore.

What relation I had with him, his was again and again coming infront of my eyes, I was thinking about a guy with whom I used to travel from few weeks, might be hes back to his city I tried to explain my heart. Two weeks had passed but no sign of him.

The weather had turned a little cold in monsoon rains. there were still 20 minutes for the bus to arrive, I thought having tea from the nearby stall. I from know from where thought of asking about that "Linecutter" from that tea stall owner.

"Uncle, a guy used to come here tall, fair who stood near the stop" I asked. "Beta! Don't you know two weeks back, it was Tuesday I guess he met with an accident. A few minutes before you came that day he was crossing the road with some roses in his hand but was hit by a car in the middle of the road." He said. Tears were forming in my eyes.

He continued "We all rushed to him before loosing his consciousness he said *Kria* He was taken to Medicare Hospital, I heard that he was saved but was Injured Badly. Beta are uh Kria?"

"Hmm" I said


The next morning I was sleeping when dad came to my room, "Kria" he caressed my hair and kept coffee cup on my table. I removed the blanket from my face, Sharon was standing next to him little nervous. "Ji Papa. What happened early morning in our room?"

"Beta, I wanted to tell you yesterday only but you slept so early. A guy and his family are coming to see you." He said. Coffee was about to come out of my mouth when my papas words entered my ears. He hugged me side ward, "Beta dont be nervous, They are very nice people. They'll be coming in an hour, get ready."

Ji papa, My gaze went to Sharon who was looked more nervous then me. I was thinking of meeting Reyaansh but now I had to meet a stupid Guy and his family. I postponed my plan for few hours as handling that guy and his family was more important. Dad left and Sharon jumped on bed.

"Di, now what?"

"Its time for Kria's K effect, Sharon Listen I have a plan." I whispered the plan in her ear.

"Ok di, with pleasure"

The family was there around 1pm and I was a bit nervous for my own plan. Sharon sent a message on my cell for the last minute details. "Kria! beta comes down" Dad called.

"I'll be there in a sec, Dad"

Getting everything right, I kept eyeliner on the dressing table and moved to our hall. My dad and Sharon(Sharon's look) were standing at the bottom of our staircase. He scanned my dress(Kria's look) and Sharon gave a wink. Dad was very much shocked seeing me in that attire, "Kria! What are uh weari.." he was about to complete but Sharon held his hand.

"Hello, welcome to our place Uncle and Dear aunty" I said as I walked down the stairs and touched their feet. I gave a peck on her cheek, the smell of her perfume was too strong for my nostrils. Frowning, my dad took his cup of tea, sat on the sofa sipping tea and mumbling chants.

"I must say Mr. Ghai your both daughters are very beautiful." Lady said.

"Aww Thank you so much my future mother-in-law and u are also really pretty, No one can say that you are aged mother."

Dad went to the kitchen, not wanting to hear my conversation with my so called mother-in-law and Sharon was sat on the edge of the sofa enjoying our talk more than masala tea. She went on and on with her theories about their family, business and his son.

Basically the family was from Mumbai, and were here for some business meeting and a perfect girl for their son, they were really sweet, but to my bad luck I had to shoo them off for linecutter.

"Beta, we are so sorry that Coco (nickname of their son) wasn't able to join us. He was busy with a meeting in the office." Uncle said. Aunty kept her hands on my hair with being careful not to spoil them, "Beta I know you want to meet him once, if you wish you can go and meet him in the office right now".

She glanced at her her husband, "Yaa! he must be over to the meeting by now. Our driver can drop you and Sharon there and in the mean time we can talk to your dad about marriage."  He said.

It sounded like an unplanned date to me but if the guy rejects me then there is no choice for this relation to go further and after rejection I can meet Rey on my way back home, I thought. "Sure uncle, after all I'm also excited to meet my Jeeejju" Sharon jumped.


I absently walked out of the car to the office building, I seemed to be perfect outside, but the inside was all mush. I opened the the glass door of the building, it had been designed amazingly. I reached to the center of office lobby, "excuse me ma'am, are you Kria?" someone called from behind.

"Yes." I nodded.

"Welcome, Ma'am had informed me that you're coming. Sir is there in his cabin, 3rd floor." 

I and Sharon moved the the lift, "DI, You handle Mr. Coco, I'll wait in the cafeteria and after rejection we can go to the hospital to meet Reyaansh" The doors of the lift opened, I walked to the cabin. "Universe ji, Plz reject hone ki himmat Dena."

I opened the door, "hey, can I come in?"

"Hmm" I heard, Mr. Coco was sitting on his table turned to the other side, lost in his file. "Hi, I'm Kria, your mom must have told you about my coming here, Wo actually Ah I mean before we talk more on this wedding topic I wanna confess something.."

"So, Miss Kria What you wanna confess?" he turned, My eyes were almost on the floor if I hadn't blinked. "Rey..aa..nsh" I said stammering, his head and left arm was still bandaged, "You'r so boring Reyaansh, hospital se seedha office." I said between my tears.

He pulled me against him pressing me to his powerful, his heart beating next to mine to the same rhythm. He grasped the back of my head and crushed my mouth to his. "So why don't you spend some time to give me some lessons on being fun loving" He said pulling back.

"Shut up! spend time with you! My foot. If that you would have crossed keeping our eyes open then these bandages would not have been there and when you got discharged from the hospital and bahar aate his office, mujse milne bhi aaye." He again crushed his mouth on mine.

"Mann!! Baatcutter... I still puzzled how do speak so much without a pause, I was coming to meet you today only and what are you wearing? Don't tell me your wearing Sharon's dress."

"How do you know dat?" I said

"I'm very well aware of your Kria's K effect, but you are looking very hot" he winked

I blushed, Rey, yeh to bus wo uss ladke ki family ko bhagane ke liye tha but muje nahi pata tha wo ladke unfortunately aap hi ho.

"Haha by d way, I also didn't know you were the girl from whom I was trying to escape was you only. May be it was your Universe Ji's wish to make us meet again like this." his voice grew soothing and placed a kiss on my forehead, gently caressed my hair, placing feather light kisses on the cheeks but still I had a stupid question unanswered. I moved slightly back from his grip and asked him laughingly.

"Reyaansh, You have so many cars then why did you travel in the bus with me?"

"Just like that", he sat on the table again, looked around to avoid my question. I stood in front and hit him lightly on his shoulder, "Say naa. Kyu?"

"Promise, you'll not slap me?"

"Haan, Promise", I pecked his cheek.

"Wo, actually my car broke down that day when he had met for the first time. I was waiting for the bus to reach back hotel when I saw you coming mumbling curses and you were right I was staring at you that day." I smiled at his words.

Then Your battcutter style, you didn't let me speak even a word but I liked it and whatever happened that evening after that I wanted to meet you again. Next day, you came there with a hope to meet you I thought You'll smash my head but I saw another side of you. I used to come there, travel in bus only for you, to spend some time bcoz My eyes were not able to face him due to blush in them.

"I love You Kria, But unfortunately, I met with an accident when I was going to confess my love. I want to be mine... All mine..."

He closed his eyes in anticipation of a slap but instead I kissed the tip of his nose, "All yours" he looked up, I kissed all over his face. he kissed my shoulders sensually and he made his way towards my lips which grew into a long passionate one. We were lost in each other, when Sharon entered the room, "Di, Why is it taking so long?"

I left his lips in embarrassment, Reyaansh looked other side as he was also in the same condition. "Di, What are you doing? And Reyaansh? We had decided to meet him after you reject this Mr. Coco and your... Errr..."

"Wo Shar... um... ah He's Reyaansh" I said.

"Hi Sharon" he said, We both were teased like hell by Sharon.When we returned back home hand in hand, the blush in our eyes had made it clear to our parents that it was a Yes and we got married.

Flashback  Ends.

After marriage they shifted to Mumbai, she set up her own Dance academy with Rey's support. Kria still loved to travel in the bus as it made her remember how they had met. She was lost in her past when her phone rang, it was from Reyaansh, "Hello! Jaan I'm here, infront of the cafe near your academy. Where are you?"

Stay there, I'm coming She came out the cafe, he was standing on the other side of the road. While She crossed the road a bike passed by her, making her drench in muddy water. He rushed towards her.

"Jaan! Lag gayi kya?"

"Nahi!" and pressed her lips against his. 

They reached back home, it was 4th month going on about her pregnancy. Rey cared for her more than anything, "Jaan! you know now you need rest, so go to sleep and from tomorrow No dance class" and kissed her forehead. 

"No! plzzz. I really get bored at home, alone laying whole day on bed" She pouted. 

"You'll not be bored Jaan I promise, as your dear sister Sharon is coming to stay here for a few months" , she Pecked her lips. "Now Jaan, plz take rest" 

"Rey first get me a..." Rey jumped off the bed, went outside the room. After few minutes he back with a bowl of Mango flavoured Ice-cream. She felt so lucky to have him, she always used to say he cared for her every little thing, solved her every problem before she said to him. 

He gently looked at her eating Ice-cream, She fed a spoon to him "Thank you Rey,You care so much for my every little thing..." 

He pulled her close, "You'r most welcum" 

He took her lips into his and both them drifted to sleep lost in each-other's arms.

                                                    The End





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Madhu_ArSha IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 25 August 2013 at 8:45am | IP Logged
Res :-D . . .
Unres :-D . . . . . .
Iss update ne kitna tadpaaya hai mujhe. .;-(
kitna -kitna tadpu hu mai.;-(;-(
bt,finaly. .update mil gaya.
M so so so so so happy.
Ok. .cuming to update.
It was ekdum mast,
i to was thnking ki yeh rey ko kya ho gaya achanak se gayab. .
Bt,finaly got to know ki sir ji ka toh accidnt ho gaya tha.woh bi uss din jb woh kriya ko prop. Krne wala tha.ROFL
and le,jb kriya rey se milene jane wali thi toh uss dekhne mr.coco k parents aa gaye who turnd out to be rey's parents. .sharon sati savitri and kriya hot chick. .wow. .pura ka pura ulta. .and then they go to meet mr.coco=rey and r shockd. .fir rey al in romance mode and kriya baar-baar disturbing him..and finaly jb KBC khatam hua and they wr romance shar ne entry maar li. .and al. .
Then finaly flashback khatam and rey came to pick up his jaan. .
That was purly a 'awww' wala scene. .i totaly lovd it. .haiyee. . .
Superb update. .and super awsome story. .lovd it. . .

P.S kya bola tunne,achaa nai laga toh mera idea tha. .hello madam,yeh apki story,aapki thinking,aapka write up. .mai kaha se aayi??
Woh toh i didnt likd the end iss liye tujhe woh idea diya tha. .dats it. .
And yup. .the whole update is awsome. .
And superb. .toh bura lagne ki baat toh hai hi nai. .toh whole credict is ur's.

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Madhu_ArSha IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by K.R_ackraal


writter ji. . . .
Badi and tight wali jhappi to u. . .
Congo. .congo. .:-D

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sanju_arsha IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 25 August 2013 at 9:26am | IP Logged
Aruu. . . .
Wen r u gonna update. ?
Keisha. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 26 August 2013 at 9:17am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Riyaluvka2s

end? Shocked
abbey tekko kyaa ho gaya?
Cieli.Santi IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 26 August 2013 at 9:57am | IP Logged
altast update mil gaya...Dancing
haye it was...awsum update dii...Clap
aur romantic bhi tha..
haye ff ka THE END bhi hogya...Cry
chalo kuch nhi dusra wala hai na..
wese wo kab update karne ka soch rahe ho ap..??
jaldi update kar wo wala nhi tho...Angry
bt i loved the ending..
rather than i loved full update..

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--RAINA-- IF-Dazzler

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awsome update
lykd it
sweetydiyafrien IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 26 August 2013 at 11:53am | IP Logged
res... perfect end and awesome ways... sweet and romantic ...
i will miss this now...

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