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Dheeme Dheeme |KR Shortstory|

Keisha. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 25 June 2013 at 11:12am | IP Logged


Heya People I'm Arya.
Its my first fanfiction which would have KR in Spotlight and story is completely my version.
P.S.- a special Thanx to Dear Vedika aka arjuhiswaron007. Lub uh Jaania.

Part 1-scroll down

                            *Swaron Version*

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Keisha. IF-Rockerz

Joined: 29 June 2012
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Posted: 25 June 2013 at 11:12am | IP Logged

It was pre-monsoon going on, in city of dreams *MUMBAI*. The weather outside was cloudy and it was already thundering too. A girl in a pink kurti and white churidaar was exiting her dance academy. When she reached the main door, she thought of calling Rey to pick her up because of the unfavourable weather conditions. She took out her phone from her bag and noticed two missed calls from him. Before she could call him, she received another call from him, seeing his call a smile etched on her face. "Jaan, I'm trying your number from so long? Ok listen, Im leaving from office. You stay there only Im coming to pick you up." he said. "Sorry, Actually I was busy with students." she said. "Its Ok jaan. Byee, luv ya and take care of urself". She smiled again at his immense care and affection, without saying a word he had had cleared her problem. He was doing the same from the last two years, he simply cleared all her problems without even being told.

It will take almost an hour for him to come from the other end of the city, so she thought of sitting in the coffee shop next to the bus stop rather than  waiting in the rain at the Taxi stand. She opened her umbrella and moved to the coffee shop. It was raining heavily, she was all drenched in water before she reached the shop. "Now I should agree with Rey and buy a car for myself" she thought while taking the corner seat and started reading her novel. The waiter came and she ordered one sandwich with coffee. "Make that two please" an old familiar voice said from behind. As she turned her childhood friend "Abhiroop" was smiling in his drenched clothes. He was standing in front of her after three years.She didn't know  how to react but the glow which Abhiroop had in his eyes made it clear that he was really happy to see her. 

"Oh God Kria! after three years. How are you?" he said and sat on the vacant chair. Before Kria replied he said you have gained weight, you look more beautiful now. Kria smiled at this. "Thank you and Im good". 

FLASHBACK... Back to Days in Pune.
Kria and Abhiroop were childhood friends and neighbours. They had grown up together in the civil lines area of Pune where they attended their school, learnt cycling, played ludo on the terrace in the evenings, bunked classes and fought with each other for little little things. When high school was over Abhiroop got admission in one of the colleges in Mumbai. It was his last day in Pune so they went to watch a movie and enjoyed street food while mimicking the iconic dialogues of the movie. In their college days they were still in touch, they used to call each other everyday. She loved him more than a friend and wasn't able to confess her feelings to him. On the other hand,  he also wanted to confess something to her. After his graduation he was back in Pune. That day he had a fight with his parents and in anger he left for Kria's home. Kria was in her room and he entered. "When will you learn to knock before entering" she said and sat on her bed. "Now you will  also give me  a lecture?" he said and turned to move out. She got up and calmed him by saying "Abhi Calm, deep breaths, I'm here for you. Now tell what you wanted to say". He confessed that he was in love with Akira (a girl from Mumbai) and wanted to settle down with her in  Mumbai. Kria was heart broken, but still was happy for him. His parents were against this marriage so he needed her help to convince them. She stood by him, supporting his decision. With her convincing his parents agreed. Kria did everything she could do for her friend's happiness. Abhiroop and Akira got married and shifted to Mumbai. 


"How is Akira?" Kria asked. Abhiroop was silent for a few moments, the charm in his eyes was missing. "Hey abhi what happened? Is everything alright?" She asked. "Akira and I live separated now. We have applied for divorce." he said looking out from the window. Kria was really sad after listening to her best friend. "Why Abhi? What happened between you two?" she asked as she still cared for him. "I don't know Kria. Everything was alright but after a  few months of our marriage I got more busy in my work. Differences arose between us. I wish you could make everything alright as you do every time" he said. 

"Abhi calm down, I'm here. Was this the only reason?" she asked. "I know this would be like doubting your friendship but Akira thinks you love me that's why I wasn't able to be in touch with you." he said. Kria looked down hiding her face. The tears in her eyes gave him the answer to his question. He stared at her in anger for some time. "Why didn't you tell me before, Akira was right I'm so selfish. I broke so many hearts for my happiness." he said. She was still looking down, "I'm so sorry Kria. Are you happy with Reyansh?" he asked.

"Abhiroop, dont be sorry for the misktake you never committed but don't commit a mistake which you are committing knowingly. You will never be able to forgive yourself for that. Break your ego and go to Akira" she said. " But are you Happy..." before he could complete she said "Rey is perfect but you dont be late". Abhiroop got up from his seat. "Hey where are you going?" she asked. "You only said dont be late. I wish you, Rey and your new family member who is on the way, all the happiness in the world." He said hugging her and left to apologise to Akira. She laughed a bit at his behaviour.

"Rey is perfect" she blushed at her own words, with being a loving husband, Rey was also a caring friend to her. She hid her face in the novel closing her eyes, remembering how she met him, how they confessed and eventually got married.

FLASHBACK (In Kria's point of view)
It was almost a year after Abhiroop's marriage. I was working as a dance teacher in an academy. I loved my job, as dance made me crazy from my childhood. In this job I get to dance and get a good salary as well. It was evening and Pre-monsoon. I left from the academy in an irritated mood. Actually, I was in a very irritated mood since morning. I may have many bad habits like I wear my little sis Sharon's clothes without even telling her, eat pickles and ice-creams even after dad has asked to stay away from them, take ladoo's from Pooja's Thali but I was very much punctual and responsible. That morning our washerman(Dhobi) was half an hour late in getting my red salwar suit. When I asked him, he said his cycle's tire got punctured. I wanted to puncture him! I had to start with the preparations for a dance competition. In my one year old career, I was late for the first time ever.

It was almost 6:30 pm, I stood near the bus stand. I noticed a guy looking at me, looking? No staring at me while talking on the phone! I felt like throwing my sandal at him! He moved forward and stood beside me and looked at me from the corner of his eye. Now I felt like crushing his dark glasses, writing "ULLU" on his face and throwing him in front of a vehicle, so that his whole fashion would be out in a second. These type of guys have a special breed, like wearing dark glasses in a room and in the evening, talking in third person about them self if their name is Nimish then "once Nimish committed then no one can change his plan." He was still looking at me and this time I stared at him. I was seriously thinking that the government should keep a "Lafanga tax", any lafanga found teasing a girl should be fined. The amount collected from Pune only, would be enough for the poor to have a meal for a year. So what if he is handome, will he take every girl as his homestead?

He stood in front of me cutting through the bus line. I wasn't able to tolerate this. I sat on my imaginary horse and took my Rani Laxmi Bai Avatar. "Oy Line Cutter, any problem?" I said. he turned back and said  "But I didn't even say a word." he said smilingly. "I know you said nothing, Why are you staring at me?" I said in anger. "Listen, But, I Ba ab baa aba" he was trying to say but I didn't allow him to say a word. "Ba ab baa aba... ek dungi" I said. "You are staring at me since a long time, you idiot, don't  you have manners? Don't you know how to behave with girls?, Don't you have a sister?." I was going on speaking. He was listening to me moving his head  in negation, trying to stop my blabbering. His patience broke after some time and he wasn't able to take it anymore "Oh Miss Baatcutter, give your tongue a break and apply ice pack on your brain" he said. "Ice pack! huh shouldn't I apply scat(meri language main GOBAR) on your face?" I replied.

It started raining heavily and luckily the bus also arrived. I tried to get on the bus but the crowd around didn't allow me to get in. I was quite near the bus still couldn't make it, so much rush was there due to the rain. I was looking left and right of the bus door trying to get a hold of it. Suddenly a hand caught my wrist from inside the bus, the face was not visible due to so many people around but without thinking twice I held the hand with a strong grip and got in. It was the same Linecutter. He was looking down, maybe he was thinking  I'll shout at him again."Umm Aahhh Thank you" I said. He looked up, I thought he was going to shout at me but said "aah u'r welcum". Mr. line cutter left my hand and I held the bus for support. More and people were getting in. I felt rather congested and suffocated.

A session of pushing and pulling started in the bus. I was again and again falling on that line cutter. He must be thinking what kind of a stubborn girl am I, a few minutes before shouting at him for just staring and now falling on him, I thought in mind. I was cursing the crowd in my heart, stupid crowd trying to spoil my image, Stupid... Stupid crowd. In the mean time I was blabbering inside, he turned back. I was praying to Universe ji, he shouldn't howl at me. He gently held me from my shoulder and stood me in front of him. Pushes and pulls now started coming from the front also. "GAWD koi to rok lo India ki population and yeh dhakka-mukki bhi". Those pushes and pulls were going to kill me. "Oh Universe JI!" I said in a low voice and turned back. Line Cutter and I were facing each other. He kept his hands on my shoulders, holding me lightly. 

My head fell on his left shoulder due to a jerk(dhakka). I slightly got up and again fell on his shoulder due to the jerks, I again got up, but this time my head was hit by the pole near his shoulder. I rubbed my head. He laughed at this and soon I also joined him. It was dark outside and raining more vigorously. He made his grip little stronger on me. My head on his shoulder and his arms holding me. I left the pole and held his arms for support. Universe ji, his fragrance was making me go crazy! I nestled into his nape, feeling his hot breath on my skin. I was clasped in his arms, taking in his warmth. He was so close to me, his ice-cold hands on my back holding me tight. He sank more into me, nuzzling my skin. My curly hair that were tied were no more tied in a long braid. they were open, falling little below my waistline. My eyes were tightly closed, I thought this was all a pleasant dream.The bus halted with a jolt.  There was so much hotch potch around, that hardly anyone would have noticed us. I opened my eyes and moved away from him. I rushed from there and quickly moved out of the bus without sparing another glance towards him.

So People... kaisa laga, agar accha laga to do hit LIKE n comment n agar accha na laga ho to bhi do tell...

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DilBanjara IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 25 June 2013 at 11:43am | IP Logged
OMG OMG mindblowing update
loved it so muchHeart
thank god KR k bech sab thek hai Smile
thank you so much itane ache gift k liyeHug
love u sweetuHug
update soon
finally mene unres kar hi diya LOL

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shelly_Arsha Goldie

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Shocked tune FF likhaa??!
waah waah well i must say it was AMAZING!!
lovedd every bit off it
i thought rey kriya aur abhiroop ko saath mein dekh KR k beech MU's hogi
lekin aisa nai hua thank god Big smile
Loved kriyas POV
and not forgetting the banner, its Awsome!
Im guessing the other two are abhiroop and akira right?
continuee soon!! Big smile

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rubykriyansh Senior Member

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Awesome concept .
Very different .
Loved d update
update soon d next part

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luv_arsha IF-Sizzlerz

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awesome start...loved it

continue soon qne eont forget to pm me

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dollydua Senior Member

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Posted: 25 June 2013 at 1:31pm | IP Logged

awesome start...loved it

continue soon
pm me

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-spongy- IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 25 June 2013 at 2:41pm | IP Logged
amazing start
loved it
do pm me
would like to read it further..
hey is it only o kriyaansh or has a swaron verison also.. 

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