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RiMar OS- Heartbeat

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As we all know Rinni and Amar, or RiMar, as we refer to them, are one of the cutest couples in D3. Even if they do not have a specific track in the story, they have managed to win many hearts through their adorableness and innocence. We really wish there were more RiMar scenes, because this love story does has a lot of potential. We really wish Palki ma'am gives proper RiMar scenes, if not a specific track, so that we get to see more of them and enjoy their cuteness. With this thought in mind, Mihika(tanha29) and I have tried our hand at writing a RiMar OS. Hope everyone likes it.

RiMar OS- Heartbeat

The performance ended. The team had done their level best leaving a satisfied impression on the judges.  They were in their concluding position when Swayam lost his balance and fell on the stage with a thud. Everyone was shocked. Other than Swayam's well being, no one even had the time of thinking about how and what kind of performance they had given. Rey and Sharon ran to help him. The others were there with him too.  Taani ran from the backstage to help him.. Everyone was very concerned for him. All of them were trying their best to help him. All, except Amar.

Amar's eyes rolled in every direction to search for her, to search for Rinni. Obviously, he was concerned for Swayam as well, but some time later he realized that she wasn't there. He believed that there were more than enough people to take care of Swayam, but where was Rinni? Hadn't Swayam fallen on Rinni to be precise?

Amar retreated and went to the backstage. He searched everywhere for her and finally found her in the green room.

She was sitting silently on a chair, putting ice pack on her left shoulder. Swayam had fallen on her, but fortunately she could escape at the right time.

Amar rested his head on the green room door and kept looking at her, a soft expression visible on his face.  She was trying hard to put the ice pack over the affected area.  Her eyes drifted for a second, and as they did, they rolled towards the mirror. She saw his image on the mirror, Amar's image, silently looking at her. She kept looking at the mirror, indirectly looking at him. He shouldn't have been here. She thought.

"What are you doing here?" She asked .

"Umm' Nothing' Just came to check on you. You weren't there."

"But why? It's not me, but Swayam who's injured." She said, this time facing him.

"Umm' you are unwell' That's why."

"You should go to him. He needs you." She said, making a stern face. 

"You are hurt as well.. Can I do something for you?"

"Why? Is so much concern allowed for a non patient?"

Amar stood there, looking at her, grasping at what she had just said. Was so much concern not allowed, after what he felt for her?? More than like it was... Or was it complete love? Had he fallen in love with her? Amar was still confused. He didn't have the answer to it. 

Rinni lifted her eyebrows. "What happened?" 

"Nothing.. Just tell me if you need some help."

"Actually..." She began. Just then the gang entered the green room, without anyone's permission. Behind everyone was Swayam.. walking with one hand on his shoulder. 

"Amar you are here? We were searching for you everywhere." Vicky said.

"Sorry guys... Rinni wasn't there so I came looking for her."

"Ahem ahem.." Vicky and Nilesh did their chemistry action.

Sharon looked at them and face palmed.

"What's wrong with Rinni?" Sharon asked Amar.

"Swayam almost fell on her. So she hurt her left shoulder." 

"Oh my god." Sharon and Simmi said in unison and came running towards her. "Rinni, are you okay girl?"

"Yeah Sharon... It's nothing..." Rinni tried to put up her usual cheerful voice.

"No no... She hurt her left shoulder and she IS hurt." Amar said stressing the word is. 

"It's nothing Sharon..." Rinni dodged his reply.

"Why are you lying to them Rinni? You have hurt your left shoulder and that's a fact."

"You know about me, better than I do?" Rinni looked at him and didn't realize that this one comment of hers could instigate thousands of questions in his mind.

Amar was once again left speechless. 

"Guys stop it..." Rey interrupted. "We should leave now. It's getting late." 

"Yeah I guess Rey is right. We should leave." Aashi agreed.

Amar gave Rinni one final look. Why was she doing this? And what was happening with him? He had to hide his concern.

Rinni didn't look at him. Simmi and Sharon were around her, but the truth was that, even she wanted to be with him, only with him. She was enjoying his attention. And the fact was that, she had started feeling something for him.. It was certainly more than like, but about love, she was confused. He had never opened up to her, never tried to talk to her, and she really couldn't fathom his behavior.She only wished to come in terms with reality. She only wanted her thoughts to get a bit continuity and clarity. 

"Let's go Rinni." Sharon said to her. Sharon and Simmi were by the door and waiting for her to come.

"Yeah, let's go." Rinni said and got up.

Amar was the last one to enter the team's bus. As he entered he saw Rinni sitting all alone in one of the back seats. Everyone was sitting with someone or the other. Swayam was sitting with Rey, Sharon with Simmi, Nil with Vicky, Aashi with Bharat, and Neha with Taani. But Rinni was sitting all alone. She seemed a little lost, oblivious to whatever was going on. Swayam was feeling better now, and thus topic of discussion had changed to what was going to happen next. Were they going to be disqualified from NDC now? Amar looked at Rinni and walked straight towards her seat.

"Can I sit next to you?" he asked.

Rinni did not reply. Instead, she started looking for something in the empty seat next to hers.

"What are you looking for?" asked a confused Amar.

She still kept looking for something and replied, "For my name."

"What? Why your name? Why will the seat have your name on it?"

"Because you asked for my permission. The seat does not have my name on it. So why are you asking for my permission? You can sit on it if you want to."

Amar was quite taken aback with Rinni's rare display of wit. She has always surprised him. There was a lot more to her than what she showed herself to be. He quietly sat next to her thinking of what to say next.

Rinni wanted him to talk. "Why does he get so tongue tied all the time? I wish he would talk more. I wish he would tell me what he actually felt about me." She wondered.

"Rinni, here take this, you will feel better after you have this." 

Rinni turned and saw Amar with a strip of tablets in his hand.

"What are these?" Rinni asked.

"These are painkillers. I know you are in pain. You will feel better after having it." He said.

"Why do you carry painkillers?" she asked making her forever-confused face.

Amar felt the sudden urge to pinch her cheeks but controlled himself. "I don't know. They might just turn out to be useful at times." he said.

Amar took out a bottle of water from his bag and handed Rinni the tablets and water. Rinni smiled at him, took out a tablet and gulped it down with the water. Sharon and Simmi were sitting adjacent to Amar and Rinni's seats. Simmi noticed the bottle of water.

"Rinni pass the bottle of water, please?" she said.

Rinni had just stood up to pass the bottle, when the bus jerk jerked forward suddenly, causing Rinni to land directly on Amar's lap. As she was falling, Rinni closed her eyes fearing that she would land on the bus floor breaking her nose in the process. When she fell Rinni was almost sure that she had broken her nose. Amar looked at Rinni's face. She looked so scared and so innocent at the same time. She hadn't even realized that Amar had caught hold of her when she was falling and that she was not on the floor but safely in his arms. Amar had always wanted her in his arms, and it felt like it was the most perfect moment ever. He slowly drew his face down and whispered in her ears, "Rinni, you are fine. Don't worry."

Rinni instantly opened her eyes. She saw Amar's face close to hers. She saw Amar's eyes looking down at hers. She had never been so close to him ever before. She knew she could stay like this for eternity. It was just perfect. She felt safe and secure in his arms, as if nothing could ever go wrong.

"Rinni, are you okay, darling? Today is a really bad day for you. First you got hurt and now you almost fell!" Simmi said.

Amar and Rinni both snapped back to reality. Rinni hurriedly got up from Amar's lap.

"Yeah, Simmi. I am fine. I am just a little tired. I think I will sleep now" Rinni replied.

She looked at Amar who had been looking at her all the time now. "Thank you, for being there for me."

"Hey, do not thank me. I am always here...with you." he said.

Rinni leaned her head back on the seat and closed her eyes. Soon she drifted off to sleep, not realizing how a beautiful smile had crept on her face as she was subconsciously thinking of all that had happened between her and Amar that day. She also did not realize when she had rested her head on Amar's shoulder still retaining that smile in her deep sleep. Amar kept looking at her beautiful face and kept praying that one day, he would get enough courage to confront his own feelings for her and let them out in front of her.

Soon, he fell asleep too, resting his head lightly on her head, dreaming the same dream along with her, of being together, someday.


Hope everyone liked the OS, and even if you did not, please do let us know. Criticism and appreciation both are welcome.


-Mihika and Amrita!

And, if you love RiMar, then please like this Facebook Page-

Rinni and Amar - The Rimar fanpage

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Res for Shruti!
idiot_box Goldie

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Res for Neeti!

Amrita and Mihika, hugs to both of you'll for writing a RiMar OSHugI simply L-O-V-E-D. More than anything, when the NDC BTS IV came and Splash mentions that Tannu fell on her, I was wondering if they would show something like that in the show and we would get a RiMar moment. But alas, dreams will remain dreamsOuchBut thank you for conceptualizing this lovely thought and writing it so beautifully. From Amar's concern for Rinni to her sudden show of smartness, I loved it all. I could actually imagine the scenes playing in my head and I think that shows how good you guys are. 'Coz the greatest thing for a writer is when a reader can imagine the story in her head, so vivid is the description. The dialogues were very good and you showed every aspect very well. Thank God you'll didnt make Amar talk totla 'coz that would have been very torturous to readLOLAll in all, I enjoyed the OS thoroughlyEmbarrassedIt was amazing. And the endingDay Dreaming


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this couple is unsung---and subtle----but they are the only couple in d3 who have never ever thought of being with anybody else other than each other. although they may not have a dynamic love track---or the glamour of kriyaansh taarey and swaron---they are stable---and sure of each other. they understand each other perfectly. their love story is slow, but steady----and is already perfect.

thank you for writing on them---and good job.really.


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Hey Amy & Mihi

Awww...that was such an adorable and amazing work by both of u...

i loved the way u handled the shy Amar and innocent Rinni..they are so adorable together...its sad we dont get to see any scenes of this beautiful pair...

His concern...her wait..the realization...the affection ..the fondness and above all the newly found LOVE...
I loved the way u showed the caring side of Amar and Rinni speaking her heart Embarrassed
The bus part was just BEAUTIFUL...there are no cheesy show off...just pure and innocent LOVE...
Loved the open end u gave to this one shot...the wait..that smile...that care & love...totally defined the cutest pair of D3

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Awieee that was adorableee...
Rimar r really damn cute...

Fabulous team work mihi and was a bliss to read this story...the love the concern the hesitation. ..the want to be there for someone spl...yet holding yourself back...and yet not being able to stop yourself from being concerned and showing it when the one u care for is in pain came out sooo beautifully!

In the end...I too had a smile similar to amar and rinni!!!! Thanks for makin me smile :) :) :)

Do writr more stories together...may be 1 on nimmi

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That was a beautiful and sweet os. Never ever i have noticed such emotions of rimar so closely in d3 but after reading this my eyes will surely wander to see the beautiful relation of rimar.
Awesome and great work dear...Embarrassed

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