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#1PolemicJackanapes: Complete [Note + Blog Link Pg154] 3Jan 2016 (Page 38)

jg12 Goldie

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Very interesting story - Arnav is quite different & your writing style is very detailed & lovely to read.

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-doe-eyes- Goldie

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Chapter 3 -

Oh my. This was so beeyootiful, I just...sigh.

It started off on such a wonderful, light, hilarious note and transitioned into something that just melted my heart. And you know what I love best? They're so real, all of them. They have real flaws and real strengths and hopes and feelings and I feel so attuned to each and every one of them!

OK, first off, I missed breakfast and am running late for lunch - and the description of the dosa is just killing me :P But, with the hilarious banter between the brothers, I forgot even my hunger - Khushboo and scorpions and Anjana!!?? XD and the epic arm-twisting move...oh man I was in stitches reading that! Poor Akash - Arnav was merciless with the leg-pulling, and I love how carefree and witty this guy is!! And again, you highlighted that,and the close relationship between the Raizadas and the Guptas, and even Payash, almost entirely through dialogue! Brilliant! It just brought it all to life :D Honestly I wish I could quote all the parts that made me laugh and that I thought were just too witty -but then I'd have quoted everything :P

Woah. Arnav is a divorce lawyer? That was unexpected. And Payal having a go at him - I like how you've made her so different from the stereotype-Payal we see elsewhere; she's tough and uncompromising and driven, but I have to admit my heart sank for Arnav when she attacked him like that. Thankfully she made it up before I worked up an active dislike - what she said about never meaning to hurt him sort of asserted how none of your characters are in extremes, which again reinforces how realistic they are.

and again I'm saving best for last - ArHi. His cursing God for keeping her away from him for ten years was just 'awww-inducing', and the fateful crossword puzzle that brought them together - 'Cherish'...sigh. that,my friend is a stroke of genius. I'm loving how you're incorporating these puzzles into the piece, and this single word is just perfect for describing Arnav's feelings for Khushi. It just felted my heart, his insecurities,and I can sympathise with him in and out - choosing what was safe and secure for the sake of keeping Khushi happy and content with him...that sentiment just brought a tear to my eye. Nope, he is definitely no less a man for wanting Khushi and nothing else - if I find someone like that I'll marry him on the spot :P

I love how you're both building on ArHi's relationship and revealing its foundation's obvious that they both really want a future together, but the familiarity between their families, Arnav's ease with the Gupta, and above all how Arnav looks out for Khushi and tries to support and encourage her in her tough times, and the way Khushi in turn recognises his insecurities and tries to banish them...theirs is a fulfilling love, and more than enough for the both of them.

Lovely chapter, Twiggy! My favourite so far I think :) There's so much I want to say, but gah, my thoughts are a mess after reading this, which means my comment won't make much sense either. Sowwy :s

Edited -

I couldn't help coming back and adding more. It is so refreshing to read a story where the conflicts are read world problems which are serious and relevant and we can totally relate to. Lacking a drive, having to choose between a dream and the safer choice, deciding between careers, planning for the future - they are all regular parts of life and they are all wonderfully brought out themes in this story. Khushi's choice between what she wants and what her father wants for her, to secure her future, is something I'm sure many of us can relate to. And then there's Arnav, who's selfconfidence takes a battering because of all the driven, passionate people around who know what they want out of their lives - it makes me warm up to him even more because he's not resentful or jealous, just insecure, and that too is a very real and relevant emotion in our lives. In fact, his goal of being with Khushi is so simple and sweet in this ruthless practical world that I'm personally in love with him myself :P

Also loving the various relationships you've shown thus far, between parents, husband and wife, siblings, lovers, family, everything. The dimensions to each is explored so skillfully it's effortless. Take a bow, lady :)

I'll try my bestest to catch up again soon!

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vgedin IF-Dazzler

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Thank you all once again for your lovely comments and 'Like's. Kindly add me to your Buddy List if you wish you receive PMs. 
And thanks Vee, for the banner Embarrassed

Chapter 5

 She was welcomed with a squeaky "Aiee meri bacchi", a voice she could hardly recognize as her mother's. She had expected them to make a big deal about this but clearly, she had underestimated their excitement. She noticed Arnav, who was smiling that contagious smile of his that always warmed her heart, her father, who has trying his best not show just how overwhelmed he was; even Payal was sporting an unusually wide grin. And then of course her mother, Khushi was just glad there was no aarti involved, that ceremony was done with in the morning. The sight of the happy and smiling faces of her family almost made her believe it was all worth it. This mattered more than anything else. She was brought out of her trance as her mother hugged her tightly, too tightly. "Amma, itni zor se pakdogi toh meri saansein hi ruk jayengi" she said dramatically. Garima immediately loosened her hold on Khushi and stepped back  to find everyone smile indulgently at her. She lightly slapped her palm on her forehead "Main bhi naa!", she exclaimed as she moved aside to let Khushi walk in. 


She started again before Khushi could even make it to the couch, "How was your day, Khushi? How are the people? How is your boss? Do you like your work? Did they treat you well? Did you mean any new people? I hope you liked the food in the canteen, or I can pack your lunch every day. How about- "

"Maa, give her a break!" Payal tried to intervene "The poor thing just came in. Just-"

"Oh yes, how silly of me! You relax beta, we can talk later. I'll just make you your favourite aaluu parathas." Garima found it difficult to just be in one place.

"Amma, we had an evening tea session and I ate a little. I'm not hungry really. Just sit with me now, Ma. We can all eat later." 

She almost regretted her words as she saw Garima's fallen face, "Oh, will you at least have some jalebi? You're always ready for those, aren't you?"

She realised this day was probably more about her mother than herself. "Amma you've tempted me now. How long can I resist your parathas and jalebi? I want all of them. But first sit, let me tell you about my day and then we do all the pet-pooja, okay?" she said rubbing her stomach playfully. It was worth it, she thought for the second time in less that five minutes, as she saw Garima's face light up instantly. Mothers, they found inexplicable and immeasurable pleasure in feeding their children, each and every time. 

"She's right Garima, at least let the kid sit down." said Shashi. 


Khushi settled down on the couch, in between Garima and Arnav. Shashi on his favorite barcalounger opposite to the couch and Payal on the beanbag next to it. "So tell us all about it" said Garima rubbing her hands. Her childlike excitement brought a smile to everybody's face. 

"It was nice Amma, not very eventful though. Even boring at times, it was presentations after presentations throughout the day, I was struggling to keep my eyes open towards the end. Company profile, management, policy, achievements.. yada yada yada. Its impressive though, they're not a big organisation but they've done some really good work, especially with rural electrification. And we had lunch and tea breaks in between to get to know each other. You know how I am during these networking sessions, I grin aimlessly at nothing, not knowing what else to do, and then I eat. Thankfully some of the guys came up to me and we got talking, so I at least know a few people now." Shashi noticed how she was trying her best to look enthusiastic. It was a good act, it would convince everyone except him and Arnav, that he knew. At that moment he saw Arnav looking at him, with something akin to accusation in his eyes. It was over in a fraction, as Arnav gave him a polite smile before he turned his attention back to what Khushi was saying. 

"Its going to be like this for a few days, jiji. We'll basically be asked to provide research and analytical assistance for the first few weeks, they'll assign us to projects only by the end of the month. That is when the real work starts. I hope they don't send me off to one of those rural projects, they are admirable but I don't think I want to do it. I've heard it involves field visits to god forsaken places and handling a whole bunch of other things like educating the villagers and working with the gram panchayat -  that stuff is really not my cup of tea." 

"Don't say such things, I hope you get whatever is good for you." 

"Maa, I've talked so much, now I do feel really hungry. Methinks its paratha time." she needed to change this topic, she knew where this discussion would lead.

"Of course, you go freshen up. I'll just make them and bring it to your room", with that she placed a soft kiss on Khushi's forehead and left for the kitchen. 


She went over her day as she stood under the shower, the warm water soothing her nerves. It wasn't as unbearable as she had feared, and the people were more or less nice. She realised however that none of it affected her much because she hardly cared, she had taken this up for her father and she would do this sincerely. But no matter how hard she tried, her heart wasn't in it. 

She changed into a loose fitting blue cotton kurti with a while salwar and was toweling her hair dry when she heard someone knock on the door. "Come in" she said sweetly, hoping it was her mother, she was famished now. She wasn't really surprised to see Arnav at the door, but he a small paper bag in hand. "Is that for me?" she asked as he came in and sat on her bed. He stretched his hand out silently asking her to take the bag. 

"You didn't have to-"

"Just open it" he stopped her mid-rant.

Khushi opened the bag and took out a small gift neatly wrapped in light yellow paper. She unwrapped it gingerly, her eyes slowly widening in anticipation. She broke into a sprint the second she saw what was inside and embraced him in a bone-crushing hug, almost making him lose his balance at the impact. She then kissed him with unbridled passion and felt him smile against her lips before he kissed her back. 

"A first edition Maugham, how did you manage to get this! Even a latest edition copy of The Razor's Edge is difficult to find in bookstores, where did you find this? It must have cost you a fortune!" she said, not bothering to stop herself from jumping up and down in excitement.

"Its wasn't that difficult, just had to search the right places. I know its your favourite book, thought you'd like to have this."

"Like? I love it Arnav! Thank you so, so much!. But, I do hope you didn't spend too much on it" she said, her voice now a little serious though the smile refused to leave her face.

"You don't worry about it. If I feel the pinch later, I'll have you pay me back with interest. You're earning now,  and by the end of next year you'll probably be earning more than me."

She just stuck her tongue out in response, earning herself another kiss.

She tried to move away to sit next to him but he tugged at her hand and made her sit on his lap.

"Thank you, Arnav. This is' priceless. Not just because of what it is, also because of the one who gave it to me." she placed another lingering kiss on his forehead.


"Now tell me, how was your day?" he asked holding her close to himself.

"I just told you all about it!"

"No, you told me all that happened today. All the events. I want to know how your day was, how did you like it?"

She just looked at him for a long minute and then sighed. Running her dainty fingers through his hair, she said honestly, "It was okay, Arnav. Nothing great. It was better than I had hoped, and the people are mostly nice and genuine. I can manage, though I can do nothing  about the fact I don't wish to be here in the first place." her voice finally reflecting her dejected state of mind. Arnav knew anything he said to make her feel better about this would be futile,  and so he stopped looking for words.

"Tell me about the people there, you don't have anything snide or sarcastic to say about them, that is' unusual" he asked smirking.

"Stop smirking Arnav! I'm not that bad. Anyway, I didn't talk to a lot of people, just three or four. I can't even remember all their names properly. There was this girl though, Vaidehi. She hails from a small town in Uttar Pradesh. Brilliant, that girl. She had a little trouble with English, but once you start listening to what she has to say, you realise she is extremely well read and learned. Honestly, I felt absolutely ignorant standing next to her, she knows so much. She has seen so much! She says she has lived more than half her life on just two hours of electricity per day. Its hard to even imagine, no ?"

"We are the lucky few in this country to live a life like this Khushi, it's a shelter, a cocoon. The world outside this is not pleasant, just to keep oneself alive is a titanic challenge for many people."

When Khushi didn't say anything in response, he knew she had caught on to something he had said that had set off a chain of thoughts and now she was lost in her own world. This happened all the time;  it used to infuriate him in the beginning, but now he just found it amusing. He pinched her cheeks slightly to get her attention.

"Ouch Arnav!" she said rubbing her cheeks that were now red. "I'm sorry, I was just-"

"Thinking about something I said. I know. Okay, so theres Vaidehi. Who else?"

"Hmm, there was this guy,  Vighnesh. He is a lot like me actually, awkward at social gatherings. He noticed I too was standing clueless during one of the tea breaks so he came up to speak to me. He is from Chennai, and you know whats interesting? His situation is entirely opposite to mine. It seems his entire family is full of writers, poets and journalists, and he is the odd one out. Interesting guy!" .Arnav couldn't get himself to smile at the thought of her finding another man interesting, but stopped himself from saying anything as he realised immediately that he was being an insecure idiot. He was brought out of his reverie when he felt Khushi get up and reach for the newspaper on her bedside table.

"God not your puzzles again!"

"I haven't solved a single one since morning, Arnav. Please? Just one! Look you can help me out, then we can get done with this fast."

He gave up before he even began to try, it was useless. "You won't listen to me anyway, so shoot. Lets get done with this."

"Okay. 7 letter word for change or vicissitude. There should be' an 'e' in between, if my 3 Across is correct.

"Novetly" the reply was immediate.  

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Rasgulla_sp IF-Stunnerz

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Khushi likes to solve crosswords but Arnav is the Google that helps her by giving her the words the minute she asks.

Anyways, Garima is your quintessential mother. She fusses so much to make her daughter comfortable that she might overlook what is there but unobvious.

Payal is too busy being happy for her sister.

However, her father and Arnav know what the truth is and they know that the other knows. A silent exchange of looks which says it all.

Arnav however is the only one who brings a smile to her face and questions her about her feelings.

Waise where does Arnav live? When he isn't working he is either in Khushi's living room or her bedroom...

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aquagal IF-Rockerz

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Garima is a typical mother who wants to feed her kids all the time. My mom, not that emotional and all, but still is all the time asking me to eat - Have food, have fruits, have juice and it all goes on and on. I must say I secretly enjoy it more so from the time I had to go to hostel to study and now live far from home for job.Dead
Shashi and Arnav - two men in her life who can see through her facade and read in between her lines.
It's a bit hard to do things you have no interest in. It's like trying to watch any other show apart from IPK - there is no magic, no motivation and no excitement.Ouch

I must say I like your Arnav. Don't we all want a man who can understand what we actually mean? Don't we all dream of a man who can read our nothing? I certainly like him.
And why does he think himself as not good? He solves this puzzles so quickly. She just asks him and she gets the correct answer instantly like Instant Coffee or should I say his mind works like 3G internet!!! LOL

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Dee_J IF-Sizzlerz

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Garima is being the mother, we all have. Loves to feed us & also cares the most about us. But I wonder how she couldn't see the 'un-excited' face of khushi when she was talking about the work.

Shashi knows he is guilty for this but he wants the best for her daughter. But according to me, he sould've let khushi choose her career when she chose her father over her passion.

Arnav is such a sweetheart here. He can read & understand her well. I am so in love with this arnav.

And in the end of your every update, there is that one crossword puzzle which perfectly describes the situation of the protagonists. 

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IronButterfly IF-Dazzler

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What a great family.

Was hard to miss the exchange of look between Arnav and Shashi as they both understand her better than the rest.

Khushi's strength is commendable. Doing something just to keep her family happy when your heart is somewhere else is a big sacrifice to make.

Arnav is adorable. This is the man i want, who gets me books as presents. 
Yeh Arnav mayra hua. Buss. Keh diya so keh diya.

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Aparamegha IF-Dazzler

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Read all the parts in go ...

Lovely style of writing. Loved the way you have used a crossword puzzle and then use the work to express the emotion depicted in the chapter...

I like this Arnav with his insecurities. It gives a refreshing change from his usual super successful out of this world image.

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