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#1PolemicJackanapes: Complete [Note + Blog Link Pg154] 3Jan 2016 (Page 13)

reflorated IF-Rockerz

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Twiggs yaa, please update? *pretty please*

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Hey Twiggy
I am here, just the initial setti g of scene and charactor and where they all stand in the present nice start
I like the touch of the cross word and ending the chapter with a word to sum it all

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Twiggy, tonight  will we get another clue to resolve the crossword ?

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Jo vaada kiya woh nibhaana padega !!!

Is it not time yet ??Confused
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U P D A T E  P L E A S E

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M w8ting

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Thank you all again for your kind words and encouragement. I am absolutely thrilled, and very grateful. 

This update is dedicated to Expelliarmus (Juhiji). Wish you a very very happy wala birthday! May all of your wishes come true. With a dressing of Rabba Vey, of course Embarrassed

Chapter 3

"Whats for breakfast?" Arnav came down with a spring in his step.

"I had HP make daliya for Aakash, Chote.

"Daliya? Nani you know how much I hate that thing, how do you guys eat it? I don't think it should even qualify as food." 

"I said it was for Akash. You don't have to eat it dear." she said with mock seriousness.

 "Naniii! I know Akash is your favorite grandchild but do you have to make it this obvious?" he replied deciding to play along.

 "Garima called.  She is making dosas today, and she's called you over for breakfast. They know how much you love her dosa."

 "Oh yes, her dosas are divine. Crisp, thin, piping hot.. And I could dunk them in some chutney and sambhar and reach heaven in a jiffy. Akash you should try them sometime."

 "Nah, I've got daliya here Bhai, I'm fine" he said stifling a yawn

 "Whats the matter Akash, did you not sleep well last night?" he asked, his eyebrow raised, feigning seriousness

 "Uh, Bhai I slept just fine."

"Is that so? I was home around 12 and your car wasn't in the garage. Working hard, are we?"

"Yeah, just got caught up in some work."

"Yes, fetching raspberry cheesecakes at that hour is quite the task"


"Cheesecakes ? "

Akash and Devyani exclaimed in chorus.

 "What are you talking about Chote? "

 "Nani woh main-"

 "Nothing Nani. Bhai is just being bhai, you know how he is, always pulling my leg. "

 "You two will never grow up! I'll get you your daliya, give me a minute. Chote, would you like to have some before you leave for the Guptas' ? "

 "My love for food is legendary Nani but daliya is that last thing that will tempt me. I'll let Akash enjoy all of HP's culinary expertise this morning."

 Devyani chuckled as she left for the kitchen, and Akash finally breathed a sigh of relief.

 "Bhai, what the hell was that!"

 "What are you talking about, Akash?" Arnav asked innocently

 "You know bloody well what I am talking about"

 "And what would that be?"

"Cheesecakes! How do you know about it?"

"You really think no one knows about your midnight rendezvous with Payal?"

"You mean there are others who know?"

"We've known it forever, Akash. But they trust Payal. And you guys don't exactly maintain pin drop silence in there. And thats pretty much the reason Shashi and Garima don't say anything. It just sounds like you two are playing ludo or something. Only giggles and laughing. And we can smell cake sometimes. No beds squeaking, no moaning. Nothing. Zilch. What the hell do you guys do in there?  Oh, and I have assured Garima you're too scared of Shashi to ever cross the line, let alone inside their house." 

He saw Akash's face turn an amusing shade of scarlet as he tried his best to put on an angry face.

 "Hey, I can… cross any line I want to. I just choose to be a gentleman. And what, you guys are eavesdropping on us?"

 "When you put it that way. We call it looking out for Payal. You know, just in case. But I'm sure, we have absolutely nothing to worry about, gentleman!" he said with a smile a bit too sweet. 

"What do you mean you have nothing to worry about?"

"Nevermind. Oh by the way, is Payal aware of your secret obsession with that TV show Di used to watch?" 

 "Whaaa? No, what are you saying? I have no secret obsession with any secret TV soaps."

 "So you never watched reruns of that show on YouTube in the middle of the night?"


 "So you don't know that Khushboo fell in love with Shyam, they kissed and then she ditched that douchebag AZR for him?"

 "WHAT? Ah - I have no idea what you're talking about."

 "You have no idea about Khushboo wanting to kill Anjana with a scorpion?"

"No" Akash found it difficult to swallow, and Arnav saw his brother's knuckles turning white. He was close.

"And you have no idea about how Khushboo and Shyam  schemed Anjana's miscarriage"

And that did it. Akash stood up with a start. "Alright. I give up. I watched the show. I even learnt the whole arm-twisting move. Once overheard a girl in my office talking about it, she seemed to think that AZR guy was 50 Shades of Hot. I got curious. But don't utter a word against Khushboo, okay? She was the epitome of purity! Her only vice was her eagerness to be the sacrificial lamb. That's about it. And Shyam was the evil pervert who was after Khushboo, tried to kill Anjana with a scorpion and later killed his own baby. Khushboo was innocent the whole time! And there were no kisses in the show, only almost kisses. Now stop laughing!" he said everything in one breath and sat down on the chair with a thud.

"Oh you poor bas***d. Did that move ever work?" 

"No. I did manage to turn her around and back her to the door, but my knuckles really hurt when they pressed against the door and I... yelped" 

"Didn't she ask what the hell you were doing?" 

"She did. But I distracted her saying I was in pain."

"Pain. In you knuckles?"

"Yeah. Get to it Bhai. What do you want from me to keep it from Payal?"

"Take Nani to the temple for the next 4 weeks."

"4 weeks!"

"5 then."

 "How about 2?"



 "Payal will be there when I go to the Guptas' for breakfast you know?"


 "Good boy!" 

"Stop laughing Bhai! Its not funny!"

"Whats not funny?" Devyani asked as she walked back to the dining area with a tray in her hands. 

"Here Nani, let me help you", Arnav said as he walked to her and took the tray from her hands. He carefully placed the heavy tray on the table and picked up his bag to leave for the day. "I'll leave for office from Khushi's place Nani. See you in the evening, call me if you need anything. Oh and Aakash, don't eat too much, you're sleepy as it is. And you've had a, erm, looong night. Don't you want to get some work done? And I mean office work."  he winked and made his way out the door, leaving a flustered Aakash behind. 




 "The dosas were delicious, Garima. I'm sure my day is going to be great!" said Arnav after he finished his 8th dosa.

"Ya? You having a great day would mean - what? More couples separating? More nasty custody battles that would leave the children scarred forever?" said Payal casually.

"Why must you always belittle everything I do or say? Why could my good day not include a woman getting away from her abusive husband? A child who'll finally move away from his alcoholic mother?"

"Oh come on!" Payal exclaimed, her tone still easy. "I would see the weight in this statement if I didn't know you better. Are you seriously claiming that you became a divorce lawyer to bring justice to women in our society? Or any kind of justice for that matter? You chose this profession because you didn't know what else to do. You knew you'd make good money and find the right contacts to go up the ladder since you had a godfather in your Uncle." she finished to reach for a glass of water when she found everyone staring at her.

"Am I wrong? Why are you guys staring at me like that?" 

"Please don't mind what she says, Arnav. You know how she is." Shashi tried to intervene as he gave Payal a look that told her in clear terms that she was in trouble. She didn't see why though.

"Its okay, Shashi. Anyway, there was nothing untrue in what she said." Arnav sighed, his voice sounding defeated. Payal hadn't seen this coming. Or maybe she had. She didn't know, but she knew she had to make amends. She had touched a nerve, albeit unintentionally. She never wanted to see him hurt.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to upset you. I'm really sorry, Arnav. And look I'm not judging you or anything, okay? If I had a low opinion of you I would never have let you come anywhere close to Khushi. Even if you did take this up for the money there is nothing wrong in it. I don't see why you need to defend yourself for wanting to do well in life." she said genuinely.

She saw Arnav nod without looking in her direction.

"Is Khushi still asleep, Garima?"

"Yes, she said she starts work next week so she wants to sleep well this week. "Sleep well", it seems. My girl is a sleep hog. She could sleep 14 hours a day and still complain about not getting enough sleep." Garima welcomed the opportunity to change the topic.

"I'll go wake her up." saying that he got up and left the table.




He knocked the door and when she didn't respond, he opened the door slightly to find her stirring in her sleep. Gingerly closing the door behind him, he walked in to sit on the lazy bag next to her bed.  It never failed to surprise him, the stark contrast between his room and hers.

His room was bright, cluttered; he liked to think of it as an organised chaos. He didn't find it difficult to find his way around things, but for anyone else who entered the room it was nothing short of a huge mess. This room on the other hand looked right out of a furniture catalogue. Walls painted deep blue, the bedsheets and the curtains a contrasting white. Not a speck of dust, everything in order. One could pass it off for a hotel suit. Except the wall right in front of her study table which was filled with photographs of herself and her family. Pictures of high school, of Payal's first ever veena performance, of the time they had all forced Garima to wear a pair of jeans. At the centre was a photo of her's and Shashi's, from back when she was five. He didn't know her then, he and his family were still in Lucknow. He laughed at the memory of the first time they met, he couldn't help himself; even then he had seen her with a crossword puzzle in hand. She needed the last word to finish that puzzle, seven letter word for "hold something dear"; starts with a C. Cherish, he remembered giving her the answer, and the look of pure joy he had seen in her face at that. "Cherish", he said it aloud this time. She had come into his life when she was ten. He knew he was being silly, yet he couldn't help himself from cursing God for keeping her away from him for those ten years.

Right next to that was a photo of the both of them together. It was from his graduation day. She had been so happy for him. She was opposed to any public display of affection yet had kissed him full on his mouth in front of everyone the second they stepped out of the convocation hall.

"Our first kiss." he heard Khushi say softly. He turned around and found her awake, smiling; her legs folded, her face in between her knees.

"Good morning, sleepy head." he bent to kiss her but she placed her palm on his mouth. "Arnav, let me at least brush my teeth. I don't how people find it romantic to kiss first thing in the morning, isn't it unhygienic?" saying that she got off the bed to go to the washroom as she heard Arnav's high pitched "Khushiii". She came out after a few minutes, "What time is it? Don't you have to go to work?"

"My first appointment is in two hours, I have some time. Now can I kiss y- " she kissed him before he could complete his question. The first time they had kissed all those years ago, he had felt a rush like never before, the ultimate high. And it was like that for a long time. He didn't even realise when that feeling morphed from an adrenalin rush into a sense of peace and calm every time he was in her arms. Just like he felt right now, like everything in his world was fine, in harmony.

She lightly ruffled his hair after a final playful nip on his bottom lip.

"Khushi, did  you, er.. send the mail last night?" he broached the topic tentatively.

"Yes." she said in a low voice.  He thought her face suddenly lost its radiance and he felt his heart twist painfully in his chest. "Its okay Arnav, I made my decision and it's done now. No point whining about it. I did it for papa and I made that choice. Chapter closed."

"Are you really okay?"

"No." she said after a short pause. "But I am trying to be. So, I'll look at the brighter side. I start internship next week. At least I'm not working for some big corporate leech. The firm I'll be working for does real good work. Did you know they are the ones who commissioned the canal Solar Power project in Gujarat? That says something about them, doesn't it?" she said with some excitement.

"Yes Khushi. I'm sure you'll get to learn a lot there." he wanted to encourage her in any way he could.

"Are you okay, Arnav?" she asked simply, taking him by surprise. "I'm fine Khushi, why do you ask?"

"My alarm went off about half an hour back, I woke up to turn it off when I overheard you guys. What.. Payal said to you. Please don't take it to heart, Arnav. You know how she is, tactless. And she can be insensitive sometimes, but trust me when I say this. She really does like you. In fact, she often defends you when I go to her complaining about you. She says you are too good for me, really!"

"I'm sure she does. In any case, what she said is true. I'm not like you Gupta sisters, I never had a passion. No goal. Always wandering. Its not that I haven't tried, you know that. Everyone around me seems to know what they want right from the beginning – you wanted to write, Payal wanted to be a doctor, Akash wanted to study business, Di wanted to sing. I was surrounded by these people, and I hoped one day, some day, I would find that passion, something that drives me. But it never came. So I did what came next. I chose what was sensible, safe. That would ensure a secure future, for me, for Nani, for… you and me. The only thing I have ever really wanted is you, and I have that. What do you think Khushi, does not having an ultimate goal make me less of a man?"

"Arnav! How could you even think so? After all these years…You think I would be in love with a man I didn't respect? Ask my dad, he'll say the rush is overrated.  You love your people, you do well by your family, you work hard and you are good at your job. And you love me more than anything else in the world. I don't need anything else Arnav. And Payal says these things but believe me when I say she adores you. She only speaks this way to people she feels close to. Trust me." she finished and took him in her arms.

She understood his insecurities. He had always  felt he was the only one in their family who wasn't… "extraordinary", at least not his definition of one. Akash had attended one of the finest Business Schools in the country, and his Di was now a renowned classical singer.  Khushi herself had always been a bright student, won all the prestigious scholarships. Payal too had been exceptional; driven, focussed. One could never doubt she would do well in life. He had always felt overshadowed by their achievements. He wasn't jealous, but his self-confidence has taken a beating without anyone realizing. It made him feel like he did not deserve her, that one day she would realise he was no good and she would then walk away from him. The foolish man, she didn't know what it would take for him to believe that she couldn't imagine a life without him. He was a simple man with simple desires, who just wanted to love and be loved. What he didn't understand was, it was that very quality that made him extraordinary. 

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