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Arhi OS : Didi Ki Saut [ Awarded Pg:9 ]

mints23 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 25 June 2013 at 10:28am | IP Logged

This is a work of fiction. It is inspired from the
well-known TV show Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon?
Names, characters, places and incidents are either products of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales
or persons living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

Presenting to you the one and only shot,
Didi Ki Saut

Sutradhar (Narrator): Welcome to the set of the TV serial 'Didi Ki Saut'. It's a pleasant day, as we begin to shoot our first episode of this show. It is the wedding of Payal Gupta... our heroine Khushi Kumari Gupta's sister. The scene is of a worrying Khushi dialing her soon to be brother-in-law's number. She is trying to reach him, to tell him that his parents have taken a dowry from them. Her babuji had to lease his mithai ki dukaan for it.

Khushi: You don't worry at all Jiji. I will speak to Jijaji. I am sure he does not know anything about this arrangement. I will myself go and meet him, and take these lease papers along with me. You don't worry at all.

Payal: Sniff! Sniff!

Sutradhar: Here babuji and amma discuss the impending doom that is set to fall upon their household. They wish to get their older daughter married off, without any hindrance. And the only thing that buaji has to say is...

Buaji: Hai re Nandkisor!

Sutradhar: Now we hastily move to another set. We are running on a tight schedule and are shooting random scenes, according to the availability of the actors. The actors are busy working on other serials, movies and hosting award shows simultaneously. This is a set where a ramp is constructed. The grand ambiance of a fashion show is created. Our hero Arnav Singh Raizada has to be seated in the audience looking intense. He has to convincingly portray the angry young man. Our heroine Khushi, who has traveled all the way from the other set, is just getting ready. The blaring lights come on, the assistants are alert, and the extras take their places.

Director: Sound, camera, take one and action!

Sutradhar: The music begins and the models start walking on the ramp one by one. Our absolutely nervous heroine is pushed onto the stage by someone when the hero looks up. She anxiously walks on the ramp almost reaching the spot marked for her to trip and land into the hero's arms. She is just about to fall when...

Anjali: Nahiii... Yeh shot nahi ho sakta!

Sutradhar: The camera pans on faces of different people showing a stunned expression. Our heroine forms a perfect 'O' with her mouth, and our hero dejectedly says...

Arnav: What the!

Anjali: Chotte, what the hell is happening here? So many scenes of the first episode are shot and nobody even bothered to tell me. The moment I read on India Forums that the shooting has begun I rushed to the mentioned location. India Forums is so reliable, I tell you.

Director: But Anjali, today we don't have a scene with you. In fact the first episode does not have you in it at all.

Sutradhar: The camera pans on Anjali thrice... Thishhh! Thishhh! Thishhh! (With sound effects that will be added later) We see a very teary Anjali... an overdose of glycerin has been applied into her eyes.

Anjali: Sniff! Sniff!! This is not done. You can't do this to me. It is against the contract. I am the main lead of this show. How can you have the first episode without me in it?

Khushi: Hey Devi Maiyya!! I thought I was the main lead. I did not know this was a love story of a brother and sister!

Arnav: What the!

Director:  Anjali there must be a mistake. This show is a star-crossed love story between Arnav and Khushi. The Di will only be a part of the title, not the show.

Anjali: Sniff! Sniff!! Sniff! Sniff!! Uff, this glycerin... You can't do this to me. I went to so many mandirs, did so many vrats to grab this big role. Bulbul, the producer of this show had promised me the lead role. And I am here to demand it. I will call my Shyamji... he is a lawyer... he will sue you guys. Call Bulbul now!!

Sutradhar: Well, well, well! Now calling Bulbul was not such an easy task. She was busy with her other babies called Fizool Hai and Duryodhan. She would take her own sweet time to reach the set. So meanwhile, Anjali settled down in the mandir on the set... to pray that Bulbul supports her. Arnav got busy on his Bluetooth talking to Aman and finishing his meetings via conference calls and Khushi managed to finish all the jalebis called for dessert, all the chana & gol gappas that were meant as snacks for the crew. Suddenly we could hear loud noises coming towards the set. And that's how Bulbul entered with her Creative team.

Bulbul: So what seems to be the problem now? Why has this shooting been stalled? We are anyways behind schedule. Call Anjali immediately.

Sutradhar: An animated conversation happened between Anjali and Bulbul. Anjali is still crying due to the glycerin overdose. Bulbul absolutely understands her point of view, as she is the one who had written the earlier script. A script which had been rejected by almost all channels... including animal planet. As last resort she turns towards her writers for a solution.

Bulbul: Guys, what do you think can be done to sort this issue? We do not have a shot of Anjali in the first episode. Please add some screen space for her.

Writer 1: Bulbul maam, why don't we edit the scene like this? We will make Anjali walk the ramp and fall into ASR's arms.

Writer 2: I have a better idea maam... let's make Khushi walk the ramp and fall into Anjali's arms. It will be a big twist at the beginning of the story itself. People love dhamakedar twists.

Sutradhar: There was a murmur of approval by everyone around. Bulbul seemed to love the idea. She made a mental note of roping in this writer for Fizool Hai... the TRP's was surely dipping there. So as she instructed everyone about the last minute change in script, she also added her own point of view. She told the director how to direct the next few scenes for the first episode and with that, stormed out of the set. A happy Anjali took Arnav's position in the audience. And as for poor Arnav...

Anjali: I am so sorry for you Chotte, but this show's title itself says that I am going to be the lead... that too twice. Di-Di... you get it??

Arnav: What the!

Director: Sound, camera, take two and action!

Sutradhar: The music begins and the models start walking the ramp one by one. Our absolutely nervous side-heroine, is pushed onto the stage by someone when the main heroine looks up. She anxiously walks on the ramp almost reaching the spot marked, and falls into Anjali's arms. They look at each other with disgust being the patni and the woh... from pati, patni and woh!  And the director okay's the shot without wasting too much time. He has to get back home and upload a few snaps on facebook na!

Soon we move to a different location, it's a helipad. A helicopter promptly lands and a swarm of journalists are seen, busy clicking pictures. The director pans this same shot from different angles for better impact. He adds a few glittering lights in the background as his trademark style. And in the next shot we see a pair of golden sandals. The camera pans above to show Anjali Shyam Jha walk out of the helicopter, wearing her always crisp saree. On the same day she is supposed to change 6 different sarees, as she is the main lead and Roopmilan is the main sponsor of the show. She is also decked up in heavy jewellery as the co-sponsor is Malabar Jewels. She continues to walk towards the camera, removing her goggles in style with one hand while the other hand carries her trademark, pooja ki thali. The dramatic background score that is added later for greater impact was made specifically for ASR's ruthlessness. But now it will be used for ASJ's devotion. As soon as Anjali signs the papers of an old mandir, she walks into the temple and rings the ghanta.

Director: And that's a wrap! Cut it!

Sutradhar: The crew cheer for this devotional, emotional, promotional episode. They know that it will be a sure shot hit. And they are not wrong. When the first episode was aired on Moon Minus Channel, it garnered a whopping 6.66 TRP's. Slowly and steadily the characters of Arnav, Khushi and Shyam were reduced to that of Laxmiji. And Akash and Payal were as good as Aman. But due to that, this show managed to run for 4 successful years, like almost all the other shows on Moon Minus Channel. One decision by Bulbul managed to change the fate of this beautiful show called 'Didi Ki Saut.' So tune in to Moon Minus Channel at 8.00pm, Mon-Fri.

To read my other stories just visit...

My Arhi Stories : Mints Madness

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chitrajay IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 25 June 2013 at 10:28am | IP Logged
Whattay hilarious take on the show, Mints!!!!
Love you!!! Muaahhh!!!Hug
So now that you are doing all genres, what next?????Big smile
Loved this OS and laughed my guts out!LOL
I wish I were a cartoonist- I would have loved to do some humoruos stuff for you
But all I can do is write, unfortunately, so here is my "not-so-little" tribute to DKS
AND the banner--OMG, loved it!! Especially in this context -I cannot stop laughing!
You have made me one very happy woman today!!!ROFL
The wedding day of her jiji, Payal Gupta it was
Khushi Kumari Gupta still wondered how it came to pass
The groom's family taking dowry- it seemed all bakwasConfused
Trying hard to save her Babuji's dukaan, she was,
Finally deciding to speak to the groom herself.
Payal, she knew, was too dukhi to be of any helpCry
 The Gupta elders, helpless at the fate in store,
Buaji unable to say anything but "Hai re, Nandkishore!" D'oh
Another place, another event, was on that night,
An angry young man, ASR,Angry sat under the blazing light.
To the tune of music swayed models, utterly gorgeous,
When there walked amidst them, our Khushi so nervous.Confused
All set to trip she was, at the spot marked X,
And fall into our hero's arms, she would surely, next;
When there was heard, a screech so loud, "Nahiii!"
Her mouth, a perfect "O", shocked, Shockedstood our Khushi,
For 'twas Anjali, our hero's very own sister.
All stunned, turned to look at this new botherShocked
The only sound heard was ASR's angry "What the!!!"
Anjali, pareshaan, she was and very distraught,Cry
Doosri aurat, being more important, "Haaye, the very thought!"Unhappy
Having heard the Khabar from reliable Forums,
She'd rushed there, with no thought or decorum.Ouch
Screaming and crying enough to burst everyone's eardrums,
And to drive even the saints to drinking rum.
Fighting for her haq, her so-called rightful one.
Khushi thinking, "Devi Maiyya, ab kya karein hum?"Confused
Arnav meanwhile, could only say, "What the!!!"Angry
As far as he knew, he could not love his sister.Shocked
Tears flowed piteously from Anjali's eyes,Cry
Her vrats, her poojas had resulted in lies.Cry
Threatening to sue them, using her husband Shyam,Embarrassed
She screamed for the one and only, Bulbul Madam;
Who was really quite busy with her other shows,
And rather preferred to keep everyone on their toes.
Anjali with her rona-dhonaCry waited at her beloved mandir,
Arnav and his Bluetooth, could be parted never,
Khushi meanwhile, became chatori number one,Pig
Eating all the jalebis, golgappas, channe just for fun.Party
And this was the ajeeb scene that greeted BulbulConfused
When she walked in, despite her busy schedule.
Bulbul and Anjali lost in their discussions,
Neither trying too hard to weigh the options.
Finally 'twas decided, Anjali would be THE WOMANStar
The hero and the heroine, all rolled into one
With this, Bulbul left the "kanphusing" scene Confused
None were sure, what all the changes would mean.
Anjali was Tongue, that she had got her due,
Said "Sorry" to Arnav, who was now feeling quite blue.Broken Heart
So now, it began again, with changes anew,
Leaving everyone with a feeling of deja vu.Ouch
To the tune of music swayed models, utterly gorgeous,Big smile
Walking again amidst them, our Khushi now not nervous.
So trip she did, at the spot marked X,
And fell into Anjali's arms, sorely vexed.Angry
Glaring at each other with mutual disgust,
Each thinking the other was an unwanted pest.Disapprove
Another place, this time, an helicopter too;
Reporters swarming around, all they see are golden shoes,
Stepping out in a saree from Roopmilan, was Anjali Shyam Jha;Wink
Oh, this woman, decked in Malabar Jewels, she had come so far.
Goggles in one hand, the other held a pooja ki thaali,Cool
With music that better suited a ruthless ASR entirely.
Signing business deals, she was, before ringing the mandir's ghanta
And that, my friends is how ASJ ne ASR ka bajaaya baaja.Clown
Thus, ended the shooting of the first episode of the serial Didi Ki Saut,
Generating the maximum TRPs without too much effort.ROFL
Bulbul Madam did her job, that was, oh-so-true,Star
Director's special angles, lights worked- the proof is on Facebook too.Star
Arnav, Khushi and Shyam ko bakra banaaya,Silly
Akash, Payal, aur Aman ko laapta kiya,Question
Running for 4 years, on the Moon Minus Channel.
One change by Bulbul, had made all izz well.
So watch Didi Ki Saut, my friends, Mondays to Fridays
Eight o-clock, to see how very well "creativity" pays! LOL

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vandana.sagar IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 25 June 2013 at 10:28am | IP Logged
This was such insanely hilarious, I loved it.
Each line was a laugh riot and imagining the characters and their roles in the show made it so much more enjoyable..
You just nailed this, it was hysterical.

Anjali with a puja ka thali or an abla nari
Draped always in gorgeous sarees
Here she was hysterically funny
You my Mints a genius so witty!

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PhoenixTears IF-Dazzler

Joined: 02 November 2012
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Posted: 25 June 2013 at 10:33am | IP Logged
Me three Smile


Hahaha, god, I was literally rolling on the floor laughing and in the end I was like "What The", ye kya tha?? All in good sense only, throughly enjoyed reading it, superb piece of writing. After reading it, I was like "Kya kahu ab main", bulbul, fizool hai, dhroydhan, di crying for being a lead and double "Di" in the show title totally cracked me up.. No offence to anyone or anyone's personal choice but I never liked Anjali much in the show and I was super happy to read this, brilliant work! 

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Dee_J IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 04 March 2012
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Posted: 25 June 2013 at 10:35am | IP Logged
stalked ur profileWink


This was me by the end of it.
BTW you know, IPK was decided to be name 'Vadehi' or 'Didi ki saut' before it got IPKKND!
So at first I thought you got inspired by that,reading the title. But i was wrong!

So here everything was reversed!
Gul became bulbulLOL
The lead was taken by di
Arnav & khushi became mere laxmijiLOL
And then akash, payal & other family members..i don't think even would've existedLOL

A very good try at humor! You should write more of these.
And yes, an Index sooonish...bas!

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kondhili IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 25 June 2013 at 10:48am | IP Logged


That was hilarious...ROFLI was laughing out really loud by the end of this and my daughter was wondering what the hell is wrong with her same mom.

You made khushi fall into Anjali's arms LOL and the whole helicopter thing had me up in splits.

I can't believe that you are the same person who gave us the super sexy and hot ss '7 sins'.
This piece had some amazing comedy, which clearly shows that you can drip your hands in all the genre.  You are one talented writer. Bas Clap

Mints - I can clearly see, its time to make an Index girl.  Will make life a little more easier for us as well. 

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chetna19 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 25 June 2013 at 11:29am | IP Logged

mints dii ..i m thinking about this os from last 10 mints...
comment kya kru???

dii i loved poojalii alot in our show...she is my third most favorite in our show...
when i started reading ...yeh kya ho rha hain...
i remember those days when didi ki saut is hot topic in forum...Wink
brilliant dii...i never imagine dii ki aisa bhi ho sakta hain...ROFL
arnav dialog...WHAT THE... ROFL ROFL ROFL ROFL...first nd last...
haye re nand kishore bhi tha...ROFL ROFL
...bulbul...OHH GOD...utta le...mujhe nhi re iss gul ko utta le...ROFL ROFL ROFL 

Didi Ki Saut.' So tune in to Moon Minus Channel at 8.00pm, Mon-Fri...

superb...ROFL  ROFL  ROFL  

Writer 1: Bulbul maam, why don't we edit the scene like this? We will make Anjali walk the ramp and fall into ASR's arms.

Writer 2: I have a better idea maam, let's make Khushi walk the ramp and fall into Anjali's arms. It will be a big twist at the beginning of the story itself. People love dhamakedar twists.

or yeh toh jaberdast tha...ROFL   ROFL   ROFL   ROFL   ROFL   ROFL   ROFL  

khushi falls in anajli arms...They look at each other with disgust being the patni and the woh, from pati, patni and woh!...



banner awesome ..chaar chand aur lag gaye...LOL LOL

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shar19 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 25 June 2013 at 11:48am | IP Logged


THIS WAS FANTABULOUS Mints dear Clap Clap Clap Clap ClapI am in tears after laughing so hard..WOW dear, this is so so unique...I LOVE THIS SO SO MUCH...

I can't stop laughing reading this!!!! ROFL ROFL ROFL

you should write more and more of these also dear, pls pls...THIS IS SO REFRESHING!!! Pls write this genre also Mints dear..You nailed this!!!! Embarrassed 

Edited by shar19 - 26 June 2013 at 7:43am

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