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Ira's POV is a truth Singhs need t realize (Page 5)

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Posted: 25 June 2013 at 11:44pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by libsrocks

i did not find Shekhars irrational at all...any parent will think the same when they cannot approve of their children's choice...obviously they never thought that their daughter would be so dumb to make so much drama on one-sided one thinks so low of their child...look at Singhs...just because Jagya is a changed man they are so ready to believe that now he can become a perfect husband and they are ready to forget everything...they still think Jagya was trapped by Gauri and the poor guy has suffered a lot...they make this all thing look like Gauri's fault and Jagya was just innocent who lost his way...except for Bhairon no one thought that though Gauri was wrong she is a woman...if Singhs can show their guilty son in brought light then Saanchi has done nothing to be wronged by Shekhars (nothing they witnessed) parents think that their child is undersirable for you seriously think that Shekhars will think, after knowing Jagya's truth, that whether he deserves their daughter or not...obviously when people fix marriages they see whether the following proposal is good for their child or not not the other way round.
Are Shekhars wrong if they just spoke the truth about Jagya's past...will you ever give your daughter's hand in hand of a man who not only left his wife and failed in his second marriage but also was left by his own family for their can imagine how unfaithful this man must be that his own family rejected him in past.
People who think Jagya was not at fault for his breaking his second marriage should know this that Gauri is not the worst woman on this land...yes it's true she broke a girl's house but Jagya would have anyway left Anandi since he lost interest in it Gauri's fault that Jagya found her better than Anandi...and then Jagya behaved like a pendulum so any normal women would be insecured with his behaviour...just because Anandi tolerated Jagya we are pointing Gauri wrong...Anandi's behaviour is exceptions of such extra martial affairs cases...Jagya should have made Gauri apologized to Singhs but not left her like this...look at the way in minutes he fell out of love for Gauri and began to love Anandi again...his present behaviour makes it look like he was never in love with Gauri and all that he said was nothing but a lie...he remembers everything related to Anandi but nothing related to Gauri...was Gauri so bad?...she used to take care of him...every insecure wife manipulates with husband against his family so Gauri is not some devil...Anandi is too great and good even after so much...Jagya has completely forgotten Gauri and i think it's high time Singhs realize that it's Jagya's third marriage and not second

Clap...Clap...Clap...Clap...5 year living relationships and 2 year marriage...if he can forget this 7 year of life he can do anything...

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I think shekhars started it all when they sent an young, impressionable sanchi to Jetsar against her will. Again they allowed her to stay to be with Jagya!
And then they were overwhelming whenever Jagya crossed their paths. He became the most welcomed guest in their house.
And when Jagya saved her from the goons, he became their hero. They were saying again and again the Jagya saved their izzat. And Ira and alok especially thanked Jagya.
If Jagya proved to be so good as to save their izzat and as the one who has become a good person, suddenly why this turn against him? They are such a confused lot. On the one hand they like him and on the otherhand they are perturbed that their daughter has started liking him in her own way.
and then they will accept the situation and approach the singhs to be disappointed in the end. Meanwhile sumitra is on mission get rid off ganga at any cost. She will force Jagya to accept sanchi. and then the consequences.

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Posted: 26 June 2013 at 1:00am | IP Logged
@Sheetsden and @Skepblun,I think you are reffering to my post as I have used the word badmouthing.I have my reasons why I am saying that.

Alok was demeaning Jagya by saying all that and putting him low and was trying to prove that how ineligible Jagya is for his daughter.The first thing he should have said to Sanchi is that you can't marry him because he is your bhabhi's ex husband and thats embarassing.Thats it,it would be enough to stop her disgusting thought of marrying jagya.Ira was calling anandi a divorcee,a balika vadhu that was also the truth but she was so wrong by using those words in front of the whole family,urmi devi anandi.This time alok is using the same strong rude words to make sanchi understand that how bad jagya is and he is not at all suitable for sanchi.Look at daddu,did he said any strong words,thats called rationality.He was calm when UD fiasco happened he is calm now when this incident happened.Look at cm!She didn't even utter a single flaw of Jagya but still trying to convince sanchi.Thats called rational behaviour.If alok is behaving like the way anyone will behave that doesn't mean that its right.On top of that they don't even bothered to know whether Jagya knows anything or not.They started suspecting that jagya might have trapped him.Again when anandi shiv convinced them that Jagya doesn't know anything they are thinking to tatolofying jagya.Why thinking to keep sanchi's irrational desire!For example if someone loves sanchi and sanchi don't even know about it what will they feel if the boys family members say that how can you love that girl,she has court cases.When she will have to go to court sunny will definitely say that how she was expecting jagya to touch her.That will be insulting but true she was dying to agree whatever Jagya would do to her.So if that family member point out that reason how would alok and ira feel.They will feel bad because sanchi don't even know that the boy loves her.When its your daughter's fault clearly,then its wrong to find out flaws on others when they are not at fault.Be it that is the worst person in this world.Though its true the way sanchi is behaving she is not eligible for marriage to anyone.She can't even respect elders,he doesn't know how to talk,she hate kids,everytime shouting she is the most ineligible girl for any man at the moment.So it would be better for alok ira not to use those strong words because now they are the same person who are thinking of this marriage within a day.

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I think as human every person has flaws in us but having flaws is different from commiting sins,shekhars have seen how jagya own family had left rista with him,sanchi might brat ,not at fit to become bahu ,she is just too immature ,but her character is clean.She hasnt done anything that she has to redeem today.So alok as a father got more angry ,if we exclude his anger,his points were valid,all he meant was he cannot be trusted with respect to marriage ,the same alok never pin pointed to anandi not even ira till she came to that ds has spread rumours about her son and anandi knew it .They never demanded a character cerficate from anandi,chota maa was scared only becoz she knows its very tough for a women to move on .I liked how daddu and choti ma explained becoz their point was to make sanchi understand but somewhere deep inside even if jagya was city and living in urban family ,still they would not want to give sanchi s hand to jagya .So they are not even bothered whether jagya has any feelings for her ,becoz they dont want rista only.I dont find them wrong but i disliked the way he behaved with sanchi,No problem can be solved by shouting.

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Librocks,I have to differ with you in this thought.

Singh's never thought that it was Gauri's fault all alone like the way you are saying.If they would have thought like that bhairo,sumi would have never slapped him.DS would have never supported anandi.They started saying gauri was the reason of jagya's behaviour only when gauri started challenging them and when jagya demanded property and that was true it was whole gauri's idea to ask property to get divorce.When Jagya because of her stupid ego denied to give divore to anandi,gauri got panicked thinking that aab to kuch bhi nehin hua.Property bhi gayi aur divorce ka mauka bhi gaya uparse anandi also challenged them that she will take them to court.Each and everytime singh's knew that jagya is not anywhere near to anandi.First couple of days they tried but then they totally hated him more than gauri.Because gauri was nobody but jagya was their son.Now they are saying Jagya is perfect because he is perfect,he has proved himself by doing good work.Yes,he is not on the level of anandi but he has proved himself that he is totally a changed man.When jagya was wrong they used to only slap him mot like the way shekhar's behave with sanchi.I only want to marry jagya,she declared and within some hours they started thinking on sanchi's wrong desire.

They are saying it now jagya is not at fault because jagya has shown that he is shameful about what he has done to both anandi and gauri.He went to gauri to ask forgiveness which gauri didn't so its not wrong if they say now its gauri's fault.If gauri is not the worst person in this world then jagya also not the worst person in this world.He is far more better than gauri.The only reason he is better than her because jagya realized his mistakes but gauri didn't.The day gauri will reenter and will redeem both of them will be equal.But for now its jagya who deserves better life than gauri.

No parents will like their daughter to get married with a two time marriage failed person.But is that two time failed person has any interest in their daughter.How come they are so sure that jagya will agree to marry sanchi.Now if they consider this proposal and went to singh's to propose them how will jagya deny the proposal.He has lost his confidence in him,he don't even think that he is suitable for any girl so if a virgin girl like sanchi's proposal come to him will he be able to deny the proposal.If he denies it will be an insult to sanchi.

I just want to watch todays episode,don't want to say much because anandi and shiv has lots of things to say.So I am waiting for their opinion,what they said about jagya and why shekhar's are thinking of this marriage within such a short apan of time.

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Posted: 26 June 2013 at 1:56am | IP Logged

I agree with you on many counts. But let's not jump the gun so soon without watching all episodes. In this episode Alok and Ira did not allege that Jagya trapped Sanchi. They only fired Sanchi for her obsession.

Also, they are just shocked so they said what any person in general would have said.

Alok sort of accepted Anandi despite being a divorcee because he was sure of Shiv's sense. But he's livid at Sanchi because he isn't sure of her judgement or sense at all.

It is very tough for any parent to accept their young son/daughter get married to a widow/widower or divorcee due to stigma in society.

I guess BV team wants to show what life-long consequences and utter ruin child marriage can bring in people's lives. This is why likes of Jagya, Anandi, Gauri, Phooli, Ganga etc. still continue to bear the brunt of it in some way or other.

Alok only remarked at his failed relationships. He didn't say anything else. The statement that he's had failed relationships with two girls is just a truth and not exactly bashing him.

Shekhars aren't blind to faults of Sanchi. They scold her enough and fired her even more now after she declared her so called love and showed off her tattoo! Now they will realise they need to tackle her more seriously instead of sparing her, looking over her faults in name of childishness or letting her off by bit of scolding.

I don't support Alok and Ira much and do criticise them for faulty parenting as they only gave laad-pyar to Sanchi but no sanskar!

To some extent, Shiv and Anandi are also at fault for hiding her tamasha with Singhs and Jagya. Alok and Ira have little idea of what their own daughter has already been upto!

Now as they'll learn more about it they'll get more frustrated with themselves, her and everyone else.

In BV, everyone has had to pay heavily for giving too much laad to their kids - Gehna-Basant included in Nandu's case!

Daddu and CM were rational and even that's a relief! They'll make sure Ira and Alok direct their ire towards Sanchi and not Jagya or Anandi or Singhs.

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But skepblun,I am saying that because according to sbs/sbb ira alok thought it was jagya who was also with sanchi and I have read in this forum that they are even saying that it was jagya who has trapped sanchi.After that shiv anandi convinced them that jagya don't know anything and also sanchi accepted with her own mouth that its one sided and jagya doesn't know anything.Thats why I am saying,

More than scolding jagya alok and ira strongly insulted jagya without any reason.I will again say like there is a way to call a spade a spade.They should have realized shiv has gave the idea of getting jagya married and anandi was the person who convinced him to get married.This two are known for their rationality.If I think that anandi biased as jagya is her childhood friend.then shiv,why he will offer singh's to destroy another girl's life!Don't he know jagya has left that mumbai girl also!Anyways,I felt offended when ira called anandi bv,divorcee,same in this case.I might also feel offended if someone defames sanchi when she will be redeemed.Lets see what happens.

Yes,I am also waiting to see what actually going to happen.But for now ira and alok were wrong to badmouth jagya at his back when he is not at fault.

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Shekhars were earlier just being nice. Though I know some of us used to wonder why they were so comfortable with the ex husband and ex in-laws of their DIL!

Truth is people say a lot and pretend to be idealist but when it actually comes upon them they get hesitant.

Like even Sumitra herself who was trying to defend even her own daughter Sugna who got pregnant before marriage, but is irked at Ganga and also throws aside photos of divorced girls whose proposals come for Jagya. She's earlier upheld divorced women's rights to get another chance in life. But changed colours in her own beloved son's case now.

Kehne aur karne mein fark hota hai.

Both Ira-Alok and Sumitra proved it.

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