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It's Always Love.. Discontinued (Page 72)

princess121993 IF-Rockerz

Joined: 29 November 2012
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Posted: 03 September 2013 at 2:41pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by tejaswini.253

dat was damn amazing

thanx a lot fr d pm

I am so glad that u liked my update

thanks for apprecaiting

thanks for reading and commenting

will try updating soonBig smile

Abie10 IF-Rockerz

Joined: 19 January 2013
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Posted: 03 September 2013 at 2:51pm | IP Logged
Aww am glad you loved my commentsHug 
Sure this was my longest and you won't believe I tried cutting it short at the end because I felt it was getting too long.LOL

Yes Falguni's idea on the diary was right as we could see some other qualities of Aarti.

This Raj and Natasha am sure they up to something maybe they caused all the misunderstanding between Aarti-Priya.AngryConfused About the dance steps am thinking Arti will dance to different song and steps as she's gifted dancer!Embarrassed        
Thank you too for the longest reply.Big smile

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Sri_Radha IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 23 May 2011
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Posted: 03 September 2013 at 11:00pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by princess121993

loved loved ur comment radha di...omg...thank u for appreciatingBig smile

yash is caring towards everyone...especially his near and dear ones...n understands everyone really wellBig smile n this way guruma also realized how gem of a person yash is ...

aarti is a great person...n arti's priya's friendship rocks...Big smile this what makes aarti a gem of a person..that she ensures everyone around her is happy...even if she is sadBig smile

That scene is inspirational...even after being insulted by that trainer...she wnated to learn dance for him..to prove him how wrong he was in differentiating people on the basis of social status..but as she realized the truth of trianer's boss behind this...she figured out a way to learn dance in a way that her trainers job is not affected...

yeah..they are crazy soulsLOL

the diaru scene is emotionalll...it is really painful for aarti to throw the only gift she had from her mother..but she is a obdient daughter...after getting the advise of following the heart by guruma...she decided to throw the diary away as per her mother's wish..it is heart breaking..but only for her good

so to take her independent first step..seh decided to ask dr khana to stop sponsoring her..so to indirectly help her...he decided to offer her job in a way that she oculd not refuse.

JKR scene is my fav too..even it reminded of me PV

she is a merit studentBig smile

priya is scard of aarti..aarti is now finding her inner strength..after throwing away the diary...which is helping her to stand by the truth everytme...whther it was for aman...or for herself

raj and natasha are really spoilt and cowards..wait n watch what they will do further

nikki di...is awesome

thanks for reading and commentingBig smile will try updating soon
Aww...Me so happy that you loved my comment dearHeart...Its my pleasure dearHug..And thanks for  detailed and lovely reply for my comment.Embarrassed. and yeah will be looking forward for future updates dear...Day DreamingEmbarrassed

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IsYaRoCHeR IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 30 October 2012
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Posted: 04 September 2013 at 12:17am | IP Logged
Beautiful update yet again, dear !! ClapClapClap

No dear, it was not draggy but there's a lot of important points to be highlighted !! Thumbs Up

Yash is such a sweetheart.. He went and get a glass of water for Guruma !! Day Dreaming 

So, hmm, as the story moved on, I am in love with Priya and Aarti's dostana which will later on joined by Aman !! Wink Well, the changes of Aarti were really obvious as she had started to live like an inspirational star to the people around her !! Big smile 

Coming to her dream as a dancer, the scene with the dance trainer is too good !! Thumbs Up Firstly, I didn't like the dance trainer but as he was well explained and proved by Aarti and her dancing, I saw a change in the person !! Big smile Sach mein, the diary is very special !! Heart It changes Aarti's whole life !! Big smile I really loved the way Aarti showed him her dancing through her deep observation when others were trained by him !! Smile And finally, she worked there !! Smile Just to learn the dancing and indirectly, helping others as well ! Smile

Ooh.. so she refused to come over to Guru ma because she's scared that she will sympathize her.. Ouch Hmm.. but a fact made her came back !! And that's when her mom asked her to throw the diary through the letter !! CryCryCry But I love the way the letter was written... It's beautiful !! And her mother is right, by this time Aarti should be an independent girl and that the value found in the diary should be immense in her mind and heart !! Heart And yeah, she did throw the diary although she's reluctantly did that ! Ouch

Errmm.. love her next step !! In fact, Dr. Khanna was the very right person for her to meet !! Smile The way she thanked him and asked him to stop providing any fund for her studies are just too surprising !! Hmm.. again her mother did a magic !! Smile She wants to be independent and that's all what she did !! Smile

Market scene made me smile all the way !! Big smile Ooohoho.. JKR returned !! LOL Wink Cool I suppose !! Love Aarti all the way !! Heart Everyone was shocked LOL... Even Yash too in present time !! LOL 

Aman came in the picture !! So very happy me !! Big smile LOL.. Seniors !! Hate them.. Angry It happened every where actually.. Shesshh !! Aarti is great hun !! LOL Again, she came with JKR avatar and blast in front of them !! Loved her true confession about her life that made everyone in love with her !! Big smile

Natasha.. Shocked Hmm.. I know she did something that she suppose not to do but I can smell she's in trouble !! LOL Tongue I'm sure Aarti will handle this in her own way !! Wink

Nice update dear !! ClapClap Loved it very much !! Heart Hehehe.. I know I shouldn't say sorry but I think I have to.. LOL Sorry for the late reply !! Tongue Thanks for the PM and lovely update !! Big smile

Edited by IsYaRoCHeR - 04 September 2013 at 1:01am

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jikky_84 IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 25 January 2011
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Posted: 04 September 2013 at 11:09am | IP Logged
Charmi, fantastic update Clap
Arati has achieved everything in her life with her determination. She is such a strong women Clap Clap

Loved how happily and proudly Yahs was listening to Arati's past life Big smile

Hate that Raj and Natasha very much Angry

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princess121993 IF-Rockerz

Joined: 29 November 2012
Posts: 5645

Posted: 04 September 2013 at 1:30pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by billieberry

wow!!! charmi dear, such a long update loved it very muchHeartStar

first love yash for bring d water nd letting guruma take a break, so nice of himSmile, such a long story she needs to take a break nd catch her breathLOL
Aarti's friendship with priya is wonderful, it brought d real aarti, she is really a great soul to be withBig smile
that dance trainerAngry how dare he, that's not fairOuch, love d determination in aartiClapClap d poor guy was following rules, glad her idea work outBig smile
"CRAZY SOUL"LOLnice name so true priya short tempered nd caring nd a calm aarti, great pairing fire nd waterLOLhehehe
she should throw d dairy away? it really a big decisions that she had to seek guruma's advice, such a precious giftOuch but glad it happened for goodSmile she followed her heartStar
she was getting d help of dr. khanna before and she wants to take d first  step of being independent now that's good and glad she found a nice job as a care taker in his hospitalSmile
aarti in JKR avatar, pv memories charmi dearDay Dreaming u took me back thereTongue, the theif deserve it. so that was her first meeting with smitaSmile
bravo! she got d merit examsClap first day at college, priya scared of seniorsLOL
Aarti u go!!! love d way she stands for aman nd her rightThumbs Up
Raj nd natasha re disgustingAngry love aarti's befitting reply, she gave them an indirect slap with her words serves them right but natasha is not going to accept defeatAngry
what has natasha done, copied everything even dance steps/moves, that's so cruelCry but am sure she will be disappointed, aarti is not weakBig smile but we will see till u update charmiEmbarrassed
really impressed with ur write up dear, continue soon dear
me waiting thanx for d pmEmbarrassed

loved loved ur comment bilie..thank u so much for appreciating

yash is a very caring person...and he will take care of everyone's comfort firstBig smile

aarti is a great soul...n u right...friendship did contribute in bringing the real aarti..that she is today...

aarti is a very determinant girl..even after being insulted...she deccided to learn..from the same dancer..n their she found out she was not behind this..but his boss was

yeah..they are crazy souls...different combo right...hihihi

it was heartbreaking for her to throw away...but it was right...becuase of this decision..today we know the aarti that she is...thanks to gurumam for the aweome advise

she wanted to follow her mothers wish..so she toook her first step..by asking dr khaana not to sponsor her anymore...but dr khaana is also an intelligent..he took the desicion in his favor so that he can support aarti in a different way..

Well..the part from diary...broought out the JKR avatar/..isnt that great...it did send me back to pv memories too

yeah..aarti got her merit

After throwing the dairy away..aarti found her inner strenght..for standing tfor the right thing..n dealing with such fools who stil exist...n hence she decided to stand for aman...n herself...whenever she felt it was needed..it was a indirect KANTAAP...

natasha is cruel...n even raj.u will se more as i plan to update...

now for my question..ur job is to keep guessing..until i plan to update

thanks for reading and commenitng billie...really loved ur comment

will try to update soon

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princess121993 IF-Rockerz

Joined: 29 November 2012
Posts: 5645

Posted: 04 September 2013 at 1:32pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by ns1970

Wow Charmi what an emotional part so so sad for aarti and yash feeling all the pain for aarti.But with all this it has made her a stronger person now.Waiting on the next update

thank u for appreciaitng NS...i m glad u like dit

u r right..all the situation made aarti the person she is today,,

thanks for reading and commenting...

will try updating soon

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princess121993 IF-Rockerz

Joined: 29 November 2012
Posts: 5645

Posted: 04 September 2013 at 1:43pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by roserosey

charmi again a fantabulous inspirative update dearClap
in each and every update of urs there is something to learn and follow which is the best thing u r doingStarStar ...this update completely made me fell in love with our aarthi againHeart ...what a girl she is...StarStar

i loved the way yash wanted to live each and every moment of aaarthis life Heart he wanted to live in each pain aarthi had gone through and each happy moment aarthi had smiled through...
really these both souls r made for and meant for each other...Star

i m glad that aarthi began to live her life happily and priya was the first person with whom aarthi opened up herself and shared her happiness and sadness...she is truly a gem of human as she is spreading happiness in the lives of orphanage kids...Heart

i felt really bad when that dance master insulted aarthi for being an orphan CryOuch i wanted to slap himAngryAngry but soon i realized he was not the one behind this stupid rule his bossAngry
not everyone will recognize their inherited talents and here aarthi wanted to make her dream comes true no matter how many difficulties she face for that...the way she proved herself as a capable dancer infront of that dance master wasStar

i m feeling very very proud for aarthi not everyone is capable of finding a way to not to give up in life and not to give up with dreamsClap  after going through that much in her life...CryCryCry

really her mother asking aarthi to throw the diary which was the only possession she had wasBroken HeartBroken Heart but this was really necessary as nobody can guide a person through out their life ...aarthi was the one person who keep the values taught by her mother alive...

i m feeling immensely proud for aarthi when she went to Dr.khanna and asked him to not to help her furthur as she wanted to prove herself that she is capable of taking care of herself or not...how can she be so mature and at the sametime loving human being...CryCry charmi these r the tears of proudness i felt for aarthi... but DR.KHANNA also no way less than an angelClapClap

now JKR aarthi.Dancing... me not shocked as this is her inborn talent ...the stunt was only discovered by aarthiLOL...

hmmm... aarthi and priyajoined college...
the way aarthi saved aman from that seniors and answered them wasClapClap this gave me feeling that our aarthi was back ...daring and dashing aarthiDancing
toh first villian in aarthis zindagi aa hi gayaAngryAngryAngryRAJAngry and who is this natashaAngry

but our aarthi had shown raj his placeClapClapClap rocking aarthiClapClapClap
i also know that aarthi deals with natasha in her way ...dont underestimate our aarthi...

very very very fantastic job by u charmiClap

but dont know why i m feeling restless that now something bad gonna happen now as we all know prasanth entered aarthis life when she is in clg...CryCryCry

will be waiting for more charmiDay Dreaming
and thanking nikki di for editing this beautiful updateClapClap

OMG rosey..i gave an extra long update..n u gave me back an extra long comment...n beive me..it made me so happy...i was smiling reading your whole comment...thank u so much for appreciating...

aarti is a great soul

yash loves aarti very much..n with every passing moment of her past...his love and respect is increasing...for her...u r right...they both are very much made for eachother...

as priya was aarti's first friend..she got someone who she can trust..atleast she felt that..n hence she sloly started opening up...n yes..aarti is a great soul..she would never let anyone stay sad..no matter how sad she is

aarti turned out to be a determined girl...so she decided to learn the dance and fulfill her dream from the same trainer who insulted her...n her true determination..first helped her find put that trainer was not a bad man..his boss was...n den with her idea...she learned dance...

throwing the diary away was a heart breaking step...but a very necessary one rosey..or else we would never get to see the aarti that she is today

as i said...aarti is determined and obdient...so the first step she decided was to ask dr khana stop sponsoring her...but dr khanna found his way out of helping aarti by asking her to work in his hospital as a care taker

ofcourse...the JKR avatar was a inborn talent...that came out after she threw the diary away...this is what falguniji meant...u will find yourself..when u throw that diary away...n den after joining college...she got the courage to stand up for aman in front of that seniors...n den for herself

raj an natasha are spoilt brats...u will see what they d next

thanks for reading and giving such a long comment rosey...

keep guessing about aarti's next step for the next update..until i plan to update

will try to update soon

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