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maanshi IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 17 July 2013 at 1:04pm | IP Logged
update kab milegi ????

krati5 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 17 July 2013 at 1:04pm | IP Logged
aree lekin kab?????????????

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-lakshmi- IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 17 July 2013 at 1:13pm | IP Logged
mere cutie pics khatham ho rahe hai

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-lakshmi- IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 17 July 2013 at 1:14pm | IP Logged
neend bhi aa rahi hai

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neha512 Goldie

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Posted: 17 July 2013 at 1:15pm | IP Logged

NOTE: many of you asked, maan ka birthday again???

Guys it had been a year to their marriage and a year to his birthday too.

And about geet's birthday' I had mentioned in that village going-saree scene about maan aking this saree for her birthday but he didn't gave her as he was angry.




It was 6 in the morning and geet walked with subtle steps in his room. She slowly peeked inside and after ensuring that he was in deep sleep, she slowly climbed on his bed and taking off the covers of him, she jumped on him in excitement waking him off his deep sleep.


Maan woke up confused as he looked at geet with half opened eyes and wondered if she really here or its just a dream!!! "happy birthday to you!!! Happy birthday to you!!! Happy birthday to my maan!!! Happy birthday to you" she sung excitedly and then hugging him tightly kissed his cheek.


All the sleep flew away his eyes as he looked at her in shock and then in a realization as he remembered it was his birthday today. Oh!!! He had totally forgot about the day due to his personal problems and then knowing that she remembered was way too much.


He held his cheek as he realized she kissed him just again and that too when he is all awake and looked at her with a cute dreamy face. She just felt so blushy and shy with his look, but then she dared to repeat the act again by bending over him and kissing his other cheek too.


Involuntary his hand wrapped around her waist pulling her on him making her lay on him, "chodiye mujhe" she struggled with the sudden closeness as her each body part pressed on his hard ones, her chest flattened being pressed on his hard chest, while her hands were just above his head trying to lift herself off, but he kept holding her tightly.


Being living in hostel, among friends who are in relationships, she had been used to then giving a peck here and there whenever they sat in private groups. Earlier it would make her uncomfortable, but seeing the same thing again and again just removed that shyness, and thus she too kissed him as he was her life partner, but this much closeness was still alien to her.


It wasn't that they don't hug each other, they do!! But laying on him in her school dress, when her skirt had lifted above her knees, reaching her mid-thigh she felt uncomfortable and jittery.


He didn't listen to her pleading voice, instead pulled her closer till their faces were inches apart. Then reducing the distance he looked in her eyes, which depicted certain uncomfortableness, and thus missing his target, planted a kiss near her lips, on her jaw.

She was shocked once with that light brush of his lips on her soft skin, but then soon recovered. She sighed as he left her and she climbed off him and sat on bed, straightening her dress. "tum yha kaise" he asked after few minutes of silence and gaining his sanity. She looked at him and said, "aapke birthday hai and this time I wanted to be the first one to wish you" she gave him her cheeky smile.


He felt he got his world today, seeing that smile of hers. She took out a dairy milk silk from her pocket and said, "its for you. Pata hai I had to steal it from meera's stock' ab itni morning koi shop thodi khulti hai"


He sat on the bed as he looked at the time, 6:30 am. "tum itni subah yha kaise ayi" he asked quite anxious as it wasn't a time you get auto's easily. "just bribed rohan, are he had to go to his house last night for taking some project which he had to submit today and I just fooled him to go earling morning dropping me here on the way and then taking back with him on his bike."


He didn't liked the idea of her sitting with someone else on bike, she had sat with him for the first time and he liked it that way only. He didn't mind admitting he was jealous of this rohan guy to give her lift on his bike, but obviously he won't admit it.


"what was the need to come early morning, baad me aa sakti thi na" his jealous-self commented as he pulled her hand which was holding chocolate near his lips, and instead of biting chocolate, bit her finger lightly making her wince a little.


She rubbed her fingers as she glared him and said, "ha aap to yhi bologe. Thodi der baad ap chale jaoge office and there entire staff will wish you and then your friends will wish you too aur wo sameera dii", she twisted her lips taking sameera's name "will wish you too and then at the end will come my chance' na baba na, last time I didn't even wish you is baar I wanted to be the first one" she said so excitedly that he felt like a teenager too, living back the days when he used to be young and all these small-small things would mean the world, but now life had changed, priorities changed, and even the meaning of happiness changed too' but here she is keeping up for the things he lost with the time, making him live those wonderful days again.


"itna fark padta hai tmhe mujhe wish karne se" he asked in daze, feeling that childish excitement when he is offered his favourite toffee.  "hmm bhut" she said looking in his eye with the same love he has in his heart. He just felt its his best day to see the same love in her eyes that shines in his heart.


She would have kept going on if it wouldn't have been the shrill voice of her cell that stopped her, "ha rohan I got my file. I am coming down in two minutes" she said to rohan as she received his call. "accha am going now, waise bhi its result day. Ab age aa mujhse baat karoge bhi, it will depend on the result, so please pray to babaji for me ha' and I will come after school. Aap bhi friends ke sath mat jana khi ok. We will go somewhere together" she said as she hurried off bed and wore her shoes. Then snatching a quick bite from the chocolate he was holding, she made a dash for the door.



"miss geet handa" said professor shekhavat as he held geet's result in his hand and looked at the crowed class to search for the person he called. "yes professor" said geet as she crossed her finger praying babaji under her breath. "you again disappointed us" he said taking a sigh, as he adjusted his specs over his nose. Geet's face fell as she looked at him in disappointment and the only thought that crowded her mind was what will she say to him.


"but not that much miss handa. You had scored 76% much better than what you scored in your class test." Geet's eyes brightened as she looked at her group who hooted listening her percentage, it was after all much better than their own. "if I take it as improvement, I hope you will get better in your next exam. Is it miss handa??" professor looked at her with a relaxed face. Geet nodded and just ran to his desk to take her mark sheet. She just wanted to reach home and show him that his efforts had fulfilled, after you cant expect her to top after studying just ten days, when the course was tough.


She somehow reached her home by 3 in the afternoon, after ditching her friends for treat and promising them another nice one in a week. But her anger boiled seeing sam sitting with maan, her hand on his, as she talked with him in hushed voice. She hit her feet on the door as she muttered curses for her.


"aur koi kaam nhi hai kya inke paas, every time eager to come at my place and spend time with my husband that too when am not in house. Kamini kutti kahinki' she said and went inside. As their eyes fell on geet, they became silent giving her more suspicion, giving a flame to her jealousy.


Sam smiled as she saw geet and then giving a glance to maan said "its already 3, we should go now warna it will get late by night". geet looked at both confused and asked, "kha jana hai????". "wo geet, today is maan's birthday and Saturday too, so half day at office'. That's why we both are going to celebrate outside"


Geet got furious hearing that and looked at maan at fuming eyes, comeon she had already said him to not make any plans with his friends, and here he is!!!...  maan looked at her with puppy dog face and jerked his shoulder saying what can I do.


She just looked at both of them and angrily marched in her room holding her bag, without even bothering to reply. Maan knew if she got angry on this, then his whole day is gone and even her result had come today' wo bi nhi btaya mujhe!!! He pouted looking at the closed door and thought of something.


Geet threw her beg in corner as she thumped herself on the corner of bed and taking out her cell, called the only person who understood her. "meer ek baat bta agar koi chudail yash kea as pass ane ki koshish karegi to tu kya karegi" geet literally howled in anger.


"kya hua yaar, someone trying to hitch your bf ha???" said meera cheekily.

"you are enjoying ha, rehne de tu"

 "ok ok am telling' see if that chudail is someone like nisha (rohan's fake gf), I will make her life hell. Will cut her hairs, or stick chewing gums in them, or probably apply some nasty cream on her face so that she cant even dare to step out of her house for atleast a month, if she even dared to eye my man. Aur aur to mai kuch bhi kar skti hu usko bhagane ke liye.

Aur if someone sweet is trying to eye him, I will simply warn her to stay away if she doesn't want to see hell" said meera laughing evilly. Geet to smiled thinking madam herself is giving ideas for making her own sister's life hell.


She cut the call after a minute cursing maan for not even asking about her result. She studied so much because of him and he even forgot about it. She sighed sadly as her eyes stung with disappointment as she dreamt how he must be enjoying with his friend forgetting her.


She was even considering executing her plan if she hadn't heard maan's voice from the door. "you didn't even told me about your result ha". He came and sat beside her, caressing her head but she just looked away.


"accha mat batao, but get ready fast, we are going to enjoy outside" her face immediately brightened as she heard that and she immediately stood up and asked, "wo sameera gyi??" "nhi actually we three are going together" her face fell listening that and she sat there turning her back to him, her cheeks puffed in anger. Her pony moved with her every movement, hitting his cheeks whenever she will turn her face.


he sat closer to her, planting his chest to her back as he wrapped his arm around her waist pulling her closer till his neck was resting on her shoulder. She would squirm in his hold, but today was his day and he was in no mood to listen. She just looked away defeated when he held her both hands, locking them on her waist with his other hand.


"maan jao na baba, I didn't call her, wo khud aa gyi. And then she just said ki we are going outside, ab, mai mana kaise karta." He whispered near her ears, while she felt butterflies dancing in er stomach just with the soft feel of his breaths on her ears.


"maine bhi to kha tha ki we are going outside today, phir aap mujhe kyu mana karte ho" she said accusing him for favouring that sam in font of her.

"kha kiya aisa maine, kha to we three are going" he said trying to make his point but she just looked away.

"nhi jana kisi aur ke sath' sirf aap chahiye" she said giving him a pout. He looked at the pair of lips which peeped out, forming an inviting O. if he hadn't have that superb control, he would have probably kissed her so hard, she wouldn't had forgotten her entire lifetime.


"accha baba I will send her away in an hour, ab khush" he said taking a long breath.

She just twisted her lips at his offer and didn't said anything. "ok till you wont say yes, I will'" he said and started tickling her waist with his expert fingers. She giggled and jumped in his hold, while he refused to leave her till she said yes.


She somehow pushed him away as she tried to run away but he caught her in time, making both of them loose their balance and fall on bed with him on her. Both closed their eyes anticipating a harsh fall but as the soft mattress touched her back, she relaxed and so did he. She opened her eyes when she didn't saw him move away, while he just stayed on his place enjoying as much togetherness he can in this short span.


"maan" she called softly. He raised his head to look at her and asked softly, "ab to btao what is your result???" "76%" she said looking down.

He smiled seeing the improvements and her efforts too, and raising himself planted his lips on her forehead, wishing her congrats, while she beamed in delight seeing his happiness. He finally moved away saying, "wear that red wala top, and come out in ten minutes"



The trio were going in auto and geet was just making faces all the time seeing sam sitting between her and maan. She was sitting in the extreme corner, while sam sat in the middle, or say half on maan actually due to less space in vehicle. "jab dekho unse chipakti rehti hai, sharm naam ki cheej hi nhi hai. Aj hi chewing gum kharidti hu tere liye" she cursed in her mind looking at sam. Geet didn't even realized when this much possessiveness and jealousy crept her heart and mind. The girl who just a year back wanted to get him married with someone like sam, just fumes even seeing her face. It wasn't that sam was bad, of couse she was a sweet and true friend of maan, she knew that but her friendship with maan gives her some fear, lack of security'. As if she could overtake his feelings for her!!!! But was that even possible????


The man who endured so much for a girl, who didn't even cared about him' will he be so juvenile to get attracted to some other girl because of her beauty????


Trio sat in a caf in a mall of Mumbai. Sam was the only one who talked endlessly, while geet wondered when this one hour will be over and he will chuck her out while maan was lost somewhere else. Hats when geet's eyes fell on a jacket that some mannequin was wearing in the next shop. She excused herself and went to that shop to have a good look at it.


She cursed herself for forgetting to buy him a gift and thought of purchasing the jacket. She wasn't sure of her choice though' but the jacket looked real cool and it would have fit his body too, as per her measurements (neha wondering how come she knew his measurements?? Wink )


She was about to go and ask him for money when she remembered she had her card in her jeans and took out debit card for payment. She was waiting for clearing the bill when the owner informed her of the rejection of card. She got confused and went to the ATM which was in the last floor to check the balance in their account, which showed only Rs.1000.


How is this possible!!! She exclaimed and went back to the caf. Both maan and sameera were ignoran of her presence behind them as maan spoke, "in two weeks, the time they gave me will be over. Aur kuch nhi kar paya main. How will I save myself now sam." He said keeping his head in his palm.


"maan me and adi can help atleast something na' atleast take what we can offer. Your bank had sent you EMI notice of bike and flat too. Ab to your account is just used for paying the expenses, but what about other daily needs. Take our help maan, aren't we your friend" sam pleaded him.


"but you guys have a family to support too. Agar meri help karoge to they will set back due to lack of funds. Your father is already a cancer patient, in his treatment your half salaries go, and adi has kids and their needs, nhi yaar I cant take your help"


"maan even the banks refused to allow you loan. Agar sharma ko paise nhi diye, he will get you arrested in fault of negligence. I know you tried your best, but if the client itself was fake, with all legal proofs, how can you be at fault' but un officials ko kaun samjhaye."


"sam am trying' kuch investments sell off kar rha hu' but still I cant arrange that much. I am trying but I don't have much savings now and 15 lakhs is really a big amount. Dad ka retirement is due too, unse bhi nhi bol sakta. 2 mahine se I am out of my job, income zero, savings zero' and geet' bas thanks to god she doesn't know it warna pata nhi kya karti wo. Bacchii hai, use ye sab nhi bta sakta!!!"



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me first... yepieee...

first of all thanx for the note ... main bhi soch rahi thi maan ke bdays mana mana kar usko buddha bana rahi ho and leaving out geet still in her sweet 17!!!Wink

loved the way geet wanted to wish him first and did it too so cutely... both r so possessive... maan is angry for rohan where as geet on sameera... but i just loved that geet took ideas to tease sameera from her sis itself! wow...

"nhi jana kisi aur ke sath… sirf aap chahiye" ... i just loved it...

well ... had guessed that maan have lost his job... but the debt of such a big amount is a shock... am eager to know geets reaction ... its sure that she too will be shocked with this news but i think she will also be sad that maan didnt share this with her from so long...

will be waiting for the next...
take care... GN

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mehak173 IF-Dazzler

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nice ud
Geet wishing maan 1st
Maan happy and feeling like he is some teen ager
Geet kissing maan and maan not able to make out if its a dream or reality
Geet j of sam and geting ideas to trouble her from meera
Geet scored 76% and maan is happy with it
Maneet out for celebrating maan's b'day but ooops sam is also there
Geet wants to buy something for maan as gift and use her card but balance is less so thaught to get some money from maan and hears sam and maan's talks and get to know that maan is job less from past 2 months and in big problem

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dhakdhak22 IF-Rockerz

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lovely dearSmile
geet cum to wish maan firstBig smile
geet score gud marksBig smile
geet wants to teach a lesson to samBig smileLOL
maan does nt want to tell geet about his jobDead
how will geet react to ths

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