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This part is dedicated to shrutheajay'

Happy Birthday dear'Party

And thankyou for the beautiful banner of darmiyaan again.




"finally we are home" geet exclaimed as she threw away the hand bag she was holding on the floor and slumped herself on that comfy couch while poor man had to carry all the bags himself till he finally entered their flat. "geet atleast help me" he said when he saw her laying comfortably on the couch, while she just ignored him as sweet slumber consumed her.


But her so called sleep was disturbed the next second when she heard the loud shrill of maan's phone and a hyper meera who was hell bent on talking with her at the very moment. "kya hua tujhe" geet said with closed eyes while maan settled down on the couch next to geet relaxing himself. The trip was really tiring and he just wanted to sleep too.


"kya hua mujhe ha'. Babes did you even know which day is today" exclaimed meera literally shouting on the phone. "kya hua meer, come straight to the point na" geet said now irritated as she yawned trying to open her literally closing eyes.


"ok miss geet, let me remind you after a week are your exams and will you take little pain to tell me how much you prepared in this month long holidays" meera broke the bomb making geet jump straight as she looked the date in the calendar and then at cell with worry.


"m..mee..meer yaar I just totally forgot about that in this trip' what will I do now" geet stuttered as she fell back on the sofa and then looked at maan who was giving her a confused look.


"oh fish!!!! Meera exclaimed as she held her head in her palm. "babes you know professor had given you a last warning about your performance in exams' and ab to tu gyi beta. Before he calls maan bhai, you yourself tell him about your marks and studies and ab jo ho sakta hai wo pad' its still around ten days' top nhi but pass to ho hi sakti hai!!!"


"hmm" geet nodded and kept down the cell and tried to thought of ways in which she could tell maan and still not get scolded. "maan" she called him slowly yet scared.


"hmm" he waited for her to give her explanation but she just kept quiet and then thinking of something said, "maan I want to tell you something, but use pehle aap meri kasam khao you won't be angry and won't scold me" she said looking at him like a hurt puppy giving maan a hint that again she had did some naughtiness.


"firstly you tell me, then I will see if I had to scold you or not"

"maan please promise karo na" she literally begged un front of him making him sure there is something big she had hidden from him.


"hmm ok, now tell me" he agreed knowing she won't tell if he didn't agreed.

Standing up she ran in her room and searched through the cabinets and found her class test papers. Taking them she silently went to him and gave in him hand. He skimmed through the paper and got literally shocked as he realized they were her class 12th tests and all the papers were mostly blank, just with 2-3 marks in each subjects.


His anger boiled as he felt like crushing the papers in his hand. "geet what's all this' he literally roared on her making her stumble back scared from him. It had always been a rare case for him to be this angry and this form would always scare her to no end. He threw the paper on her face as he asked, "since when the girl who scored highest n class started scoring these marks'. And how am not aware about your poor performance in the school. Mai kal hi school management se baat karta hu and tum, ye kya haal kar rkha hai tumne, bolo"


Geet just stood looking down as she tried to control the tears which were burning her eyes. She knew it was only her fault, but she was just way too drowned in her feelings and his aloofness that all this didn't mattered then.


"why are you quiet ha' agar I laugh with you, ignoring your antics that doesn't mean I will let you play with your life in this way. Just because of your bright future I got you admission in the best college of the country, sirf tumhare liye apne parents' se jhoot bolta rha and this is the return you are giving of my efforts. Bolo"


"I am sorry, I won't let it repeat again" she somehow uttered the words still not meeting him in eye. Only she knew how she is controlling herself from crying hearing him scold her after so many day, probably the first time he scolded her this badly.


"geet this isn't the answer I asked' why your score dropped on the first hand itself, ye btao" he asked marching toward her, while she stepped back with his every step.


"I just couldn't concentrate on anything. I didn't liked anything, no class, no hostel, no friends interested me then, aur' wo aur'" he waited for her to continue while she wiped off the tears that flew down her doe shaped orbs'


"wo I just wanted to be here with you' aap naraz the aur mujhs baat nhi kar rhe the'. I just wanted to be with you then maan" she said looking at him in eye with her eyes filled with accusation of leaving her all alone then.


"just because I was angry you stopped focusing on studies' for god sake geet relations do have ups and downs but that doesn't mean your life stops with that'. Jindagi chalti rehti hai and log bhi"

"but its you who is guiding me holding my finger since last one year and now I just don't want to leave your hand and walk all alone"

"stop giving excuses geet' none of all this justify your not focusing on your studies. And chalo show me your copies, ye to dekhu kiya haal hai unka" he said as he angrily marched toward her room while she followed him saying, "wo wo copies are in hostel"


"don't lie geet, before vacations you had brought back your luggage here as hostel was to be renovated'. Bring your school bag now"

how does he know that, geet thought as she waited for another good scolding as she kept her copies in front of him.


One by one he took each copy and found only first few pages filled, rest all were blank. Geet just shuddered as she saw his eye getting red with anger as he gave her a glance. "you have your exams from first right, in copies and notes se exams dogi" he shouted as he threw back the copies on bed.


Giving her a last glance, he marched out of the house making geet feel guilty for her negligence. She never thought it would come in front of him ever, but here she had herself told him everything. After a long journey, he had came and see what I had done, made him angry and worried and pata nhi kha gye ye is waqt.


After three hours maan came back with few papers in his hand and handed it to her and went away without saying a word. She looked at them and realized they were the photocopies of meera's notes. That means he had went to her house for her, she felt so excited with the thought it self that the previous anger of his didn't mattered.


"thankyou so much maan for the notes, dekhna I will score nice marks now after reading from them in the exams" she said going in his room smiling widely while he just ignored her as he took out his clothes for a bath. "please kuch boliye to" she said when he started walking toward the bathroom. "I am sorry maan" she again said but he just ignored and shut the door on her face as he went to take a bath.



Geet twisted her lips as she looked at the notes in her hand and then at the text book. Every word was going out of her head as she tried to understand how the problems were solved. And maths was like latin to her. None of her friend had taken maths except rohan, well he wasn't a trustable option for taking notes, so now she was literally pulling out her hair from the roots when she heard the opening of door.


Maan came and sat in front of her as he snatched the notes and book from her hand while she obeyed like a disciplined child. He looked at the course that would be covered in exams and thank god it was mostly three chapters in each subject as it was just the first exam for them and the chapters weren't much lengthy too, but well it was not possible to cover all of them in ten days, keeping aside two days for revision, thus leaving them with eight days for preparation.


She waited for him to say something, but when he stayed silent she again started her sorry puran which he totally ignored. After a lot of thinking he drafted a time table for her, and said, "you have five subjects with two theory subjects i.e. English and commerce and three practical ones i.e. maths, accounts and economics. It would be easy to cover the theory important parts if we give three-four hours maximum a day for them, but practical's would require more time and practice. Especially maths as it has a tough and lengthy chapters too so we would have to do sampling on the easy chapters"


Four hours he sat there with her as he explained her basic concepts and shortcuts while she noted down the points and explanations. He looked at the time around 1 it was. He looked at geet who was sincerely doing the questions he gave her without caring about the time, hunger or anything. Sighing he took the copies from her hands and said, "rest tomorrow. Get up by 6, we will study economics then" he said and kept the books on the study table.


"aap abhi bhi naraz ho" she asked when he closed the lights of the room. "geet its very late, so jao. Kal be awake in morning" he said marching out of the room while she sighed knowing only her marks in exam would make him happy, till then he would stay as sadu he is now.



Precap: geet's examsLOL

Sorry shruthe dr, I couldn't type a long one, due to lack of time. But will giv next one soon.

Happy birthday again


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Really loved it...
sherni bani bigi billi...
love this maan ... he can only think of her welfare...
thanks to meera notes tho mila...
Maths bana latin LOL
continue sooner...
waiting for more

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First --- a big wala jappi for actually posting exactly at 12... Hug

and the update was awesome blossom... i was so much waiting for the marks thingy to come in front of maan... and am glad that geet herself told this to him.. warna he would have been even more mad...
but i loved that anger too.. it just expresses his care for her.. and abhi geet will also work hard and do well to make him feel good coz she knows only her good marks will bring back a smile on his face.. 
aww... and maan helping her out in studies... am so glad that they are back to mumbai.. the story would now move around more with them and them dealing with the pros and cons of life ...
Lovely update neha... and lots of hugs again for the update... continue soon !!!

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OMG maan babu izz superr angryyy... geet k marks... uff babaji... bechari kare v to kya... maan k pyaar me pagal... only 8 dayzz for preparations... waiting for nxt part... continue sooonnn as dis was vryy short one...

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Glad that she herself said to him.
awesome part

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nice update Smile

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Maan trying to do the damage control in Geet's studies..

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Nice Part Smile

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