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Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


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They were on the way to Mumbai. All the while maan noticed geet's ignorance for him, but he just couldn't talk with her in village due to maa's presence around them most of the time. But now they were stuck in a jam as roads were filled with rain water, stopping the movements of the vehicles in the middle of the road.


"bhaiya how much time it will take to reach railway station" asked maan to the private taxi driver who was driving them from village to Amritsar which was a 3 hour journey.


"sahib ji, vehicles are stuck and we can't move out of this jam before tomorrow morning. Even the trains are late too; your train will surely arrive after tomorrow afternoon due to this weather. Aap chaho to I can look for a room in the nearby hotels for the night, but I doubt we will get any as all are mostly full due to the weather.


Maan nodded and then turned to geet who sat on the extreme corner of the back seat, not even giving him a glance. "geet what do you think, should we go to hotel or stay in the taxi itself" maan asked geet hoping to start a conversation between them.


"aap ki marzi, waise bhi who listens to me and my wishes" she said and then looked away. Maan sighed and then turned to the driver and said, "bhaiya we will stay here only, aap chaho to you can take a place for yourself" said maan.


"sahib ji, I will go and sit in that shaded verandah of that hotel, if you need anything, you just give me a signal" driver said and went away.


"so whats this new drama bolo" he asked turning to her after driver left giving them their privacy. She just didn't responded and kept looking out at the roads which were badly filled with water, may be around 10-15 inches.


"idhar aao mere paas" he said calling her near him but she still avoided twisting her lips at his words. "geet" he growled totally hating her silent treatment. Either this girl doesn't have an off button or by chance if it gets off, she then doesn't turn it back on then.


Sighing, knowing only he has to go to her, he moved toward her and holding her chin, he made her look at him, but then she force fully again turned away. "ab kya kiya maine, kyu naraz ho tum mujhse itne dino se" he said finally feeling defeated.


"oh so you noticed I wasn't talking to you since last few days" she taunted giving him a glance and then again turned away.

"aisa kabhi hua that I didn't noticed your even simplest thing" he said being all cheesy while she just twisted her lips at his words.

"kha kha se late hai aise dialogues, so cheesy. And am not talking to you so better you not try"

"girls used to swoon on me for these lines in my college and tum ho ki'." But his words remained in his mouth as he saw her glare at him.

"GIRLSS.. ha so kitni girls thi apke college me jinko you passed off the same line" she said now properly looking at him.

"let me count' maya, tani, aditi'. And ha wo sheela. And wo shona and wo' " she just covered her ears with her hands as he counted the girls on his fingers.

"you passed that line on so many girls. You cheater, mjhe to ab pakka baat nhi karni" she said getting totally angry and stood up and tried to go in front seat from the partition in between seats. But before she could step ahead, he pulled her by waist, making her land on his lap.


Thank god that it was night and due to rains there were no lights outside otherwise it would probably had been a paisa vasul show for the onlookers. She looked at him and tried to pry his hand off her but he just tightened his hold, and then with a quick turn, made her sit on his lap properly so that he could see her.


"till you don't tell me the reason, I won't leave you. Sochlo, either you tell me or sit on my lap whole night, and either of the options you select, I won't mind." He said winking at her. "maan please don't make me angry, chodiye mujhe" she struggled in his hold.


"pehle sach"

"sach sunna chahte hai, to suniye' she said getting more irritated with his actions. "I heard your and maa's talk that day when she told you her lack of trust on our relation and you just stood silent. She said ki I won't be with you in your problems and you stood silent. Mujhe unka poochna galat nhi laga, but your being quiet proves ki you don't trust on me too. you to think ki I will go away to let you handle any future problem all alone. Bas itna jante hai aap mujhe" her eyes brimmed with tears as she looked at him in anger.


"aisa nhi hai" he said completely shocked knowing her mind dilemma but she just refused to listen.

"aisa hi hai, otherwise you would have said ki your geet will never go away, apni akhri saas tak wo apke saath rhegi, har haal me."

"I know you will always be with me, mujhe is par pura vishwas hai geet. I just didn't know how to explain it to maa. Unko just yhi lagta ki am taking your side that's why I was quiet then." His words just made her fume more.


"I just don't understand why everyone thinks that if I am young, I can't handle things. I agree may be I don't have that much understanding of everything but I do try, try my best to satisfy everyone's wishes, phir bhi kuch na kuch kam pad hi jata hai." She closed her eyes as a drop of tear trickled down her cheek.


He immediately wiped off that lone tear with his thumb pad as he cupped her face trying to calm down her sobs'. "shhh geet aisa nhi hai, you had completed all your responsibilities even better than anyone's expectations. Even you know maa jo tumse itne naraz thi, she warned me to take care of you and make sure you are always happy, otherwise she will pull my ears. And its all just because of you mishty. Sirf tumhare efforts ka nateeja hai ki they all accept you even after knowing your truth. Phir kyu aisa bolti ho tum"


"but you don't trust me!!!!" she said looking in his eye.

"kaise yakeen dilau mai tumhe" he said as he pressed her to himself, making her head lay on his chest while he just patted her back.

"that's you work to decide" she said as she wiped off her tears in his chest, smudging them with her mascara while he just smiled at her words, like always she doesn't know what makes her happy, yet she could make others happy in just a second.


play the song


She sat on his lap for few second and then straightened herself and said, "leave me, I want to sit near window". He just knew she had sobered up enough and said, "ha so window is on this side too why should I leave you"' his voice filled with naughtiness.


She got so much aware of her position as she looked down and saw how close their bodies were, practically she was on him and that some restlessness started flowing through her body. Somewhere that resistance to his touches was gone with time, still that's hesitation of being so close was present in back of her mind always.


Though she couldn't understand why her heart would beat so fast whenever he would hug her so close and that tingle in the pit of stomach with his dazzling smile and that naughtiness that reflected in the sparkle in his eyes would leave her in a position she would just fail to logic.


"maa'maan please mujhe chodiye na" she said closing her eyes, not wanting to look in his eyes that would always weaken her resolves.


If she was going through these new feelings, how could he stay unaffected with them!!! He had seen that resistance of hers and even felt the closeness they shared now. Her raised temperature, and ragged breathing were enough to tell him that if he is desperate for her in each and every possible way, she do feel the closeness between them too.


Seeing her so vulnerable, and the weather not helping him much, he made her settled back on seat again but surely not allowing the previous distance between them. he sat beside her as she saw rains fall heavily outside the car. She placed her hand on the window glass, as she traced the water droplets falling down that transparent glass. He looked at her antics sitting behind her and involuntarily he moved forward closing the distance between them, as he laced his fingers with hers that was on the window glass.


She got startled with the sudden touch and looked back at him who was so close to her that she could feel his warm breaths falling on her lips. She kept looking at his burning eyes shocked as his bore into her seeing her sole. She didn't even realized when he bent down and pressed his lips on her neck, tracing that soft white skin, telling her his need.


She too momentarily gives in his demand as her fingers got entangled with his that held her hand. "maan" a moan escaped from her dry throat as she leaned back on him giving him enough space to dig his face in her throat. "maan" he again heard that sweet voice of her, but this time it wasn't those desperate moans of her but her loud calls and then a cold splash of water fell on him breaking his oh so sweet reverie.


"geet" he whispered as he looked down at his now empty arms and then at the angel that sat in front of him looking at him weirdly and then laughing out loud as she threw another hand full of rain water on him.


His throat dried with the dream and then he need just intensified at the moment as emptiness covered him. "kha khoye hue hai maan" geet laughed out loud as she again collected water in her hand and threw at him, totally making his shirt damp.


"geet" he growled at her seeing her naughtiness and was about to jump on her to control her, but before that she ran out in that water. It didn't even took a second to make her completely wet as water fell on her with great intensity. He just sat in his place as she just stood jumping in water enjoying the way it splashed with her every kick and jump. Some kids from other cars to joined her, while their parents tried to stop them but then just got so inspired by geet, that none could stop them even the rains.


Maan kept sitting in his place as his eyes got fixed on her wet form. Her kurti got stuck on her body like a second skin. The water flew down her face, trickling by her cute nose and then landing on her lips, going in flow until it reached her cleavage and hid inside that thin black kurti she wore. "maan aap bhi ayeye na, its so amazing to dance like that" she squealed in excitement and then seeing him sit unmentioned, she herself went and pulled him out from the safe territory of car.


World seemed to stop for him, as he saw her dancing around him in that rain. It doesn't matter that people were seeing them, some just ignoring their presence while other making faces at their act, it doesn't mattered even a bit at the moment. And then the red vermillion that flew down her face, due to getting wet in water was enough of a proof of their relation to this world, who probably seemed jealous with their happiness.


He was about to go back, but she just didn't let him leave and he was dripping wet now, so no use of showing any resistance. She just kept getting wet in that dripping water until loud sneezes of hers reached her ears. Not hearing any other word, he just lifted her off the ground and made her sit inside the car, while she tried to make him stop, but nothing mattered at the moment.


Closing the door behind and warning her to not move around, he walked away to a nearby tea stall, as he ordered two hot ginger teas for them and running fast came back to the car as he settled beside her. Both were so wet and cold, but still he just felt himself burning with their closeness. He handed her one cup, while he placed his on the dashboard and started opening his shirt's button.


"ye aap kya akr rhe ho' geet asked alarmed as she saw him sitting bare chest on the seat, as he threw off his shirt on the floor and immediately closed her eyes tightly, not wanting to see those six pecks and muscles that would just contract with his single move.


Instead of replying he just turned around and with a quick move bent down on the seat to take out their bag from the back side which had a spare pair of cloth for them kept to change in train. Geet covered her eyes tightly and then the naughtiness of teenage girl surfaced as she parted her two fingers a little and took a sneak-peek to see what he is doing.


After taking out a towel and shirt, he dried his chest with it and then changed into a fresh shirt while she just pouted seeing him so dry, though his pants were wet, but it was better than being fully wet na, while she shivered with the coldness in the atmosphere.


Seeing her pout, he just smiled and threw off his same used towel on her while he just moved in the front seat looking away from her as he drank his tea. Geet saw the wet towel but doesn't felt disgusted with the thought of using it herself.


After disposing off her glass, she wrapped the towel around her hairs as she dried them. his eyes were stuck on her from the rear view mirror, as he tilted it a little so that only he could look at it. She slowly dried off her hair and then moved to her face as she wiped off the water droplets from herself and then wiped off her neck.


It was even more of a torture for him he realized the very moment as the beats of the man in him growled for a release. Controlling himself he closed his eyes counting till 100 this time to calm his heart.


Drying herself a little in the wet clothes she sat back,  but still the atmosphere was so chilled and above all her wet clothes were so irritating her but well she isn't a man like him and be shameless and change in car herself.


Maan saw her still shivering a little, and went back in the back seat as he took out a shawl from the bag and wrapped it around her and hugged her then, letting his warmth slip in her as she rested herself totally on him until the sleep took over them.


I think this is enough of the compensation for the wait and that short update.WinkEmbarrassed

Please like and comment and tell me how it is!!!


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awesome ...
worth waiting part ...

loved it ...

i hope dono jaldi or karib aaye ...

ye dil mange more ...

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