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SS- SANEYEEKA #2 EPILOGUE (by ritzy di) Pg-77 (Page 57)

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Originally posted by Maaneetpuneet

Its goin to end soon???

Yar i've been reading maaneet ffs since last 2 n half yrs n hv read all ur stories on i dnt knw it seems dis ff is nt writtn by u.Thr is sumthing vry big missing in dis story whch m unable to point out.

I'm big fan of ur writings.Wid evry nxt story u've bowled me by ur ideas,n concepts bt dis story seems to b vry ordinary as compared to ur earlier works. Or is thr still some surprise to come in dis story??

Conti soon.will wait fr ur reply

Hope I didn't disappoint you this time too dearEmbarrassed


It was their first wedding anniversary and she decided to spend time with him. He wanted to have a grand celebration but she denied.

"I want to spend all my time with you today…and forever!"

He couldn't understand the last bit of her sentence but he complied to his beloved wife's wishes. The morning was so beautiful but she pulled the windows close and fell on him on the bed. He noticed her carefully…she had a very different look all together. It was very unlike her to pull the curtains close on such a beautiful morning. Nevertheless, he pulled her naked petite self in his arms and kissed her lazily. She smiled, feeling the corners of her eyes burn. She kissed him back so passionately…so lovingly and so wildly hat he was amused to see her so desperate for the first time. It was always him, who had been so desperate for her, but he was seeing her like this for the first time. He felt her draw every sweetness of his mouth…like it was the first and the last time she was loving him. He flipped her on the bed and came on top of her, "what are you worried about?"

She smiled and hugged him close, hiding herself in his arms, "nothing! I love you…"

He stilled hearing that from her…. It was the first time ever she had spoken those words to him. He felt her so emotional… he couldn't help but draw back and look at her face. She had so much love in her eyes… he didn't know if it was for happiness or she was too emotional. He just pulled her close, leaving no space between them, making love to her, till his heart's content. She let him do whatever he liked for the day. She cooked his favourite food, she did whatever he asked her to…. but he was a little restless. May be he was just assuming things..he thought and let it go. He took her out for a sweet romantic candlelight dinner and gifted her a very beautiful diamond pendant with a small flute as the pendant, studded with diamond. She did nothing but smile and watch every gesture of his so carefully…so lovingly…he literally felt a little conscious about that. She pampered him like anything…just like those days.

They came back early when she insisted on going to their room. He sighed and took her in. the room was dimly lit and decorated with candles…just like their first night together. He was awed by the beauty of it. He watched her drag him out of the room.

"Geet..what are you doing?"

She pecked his cheeks and made a baby face, "come inside only after 10 minutes."

"No..i can't do that…", he definitely didn't want to stay away from her for a single moment.

"Maan please na… 10 minutes.."

"nahi…" and he tried to barge in. she stopped him at the door, "okay okay 8 minutes…"




"ok 6…that's it!"

He stood by the door, making a grumpy face while she shut the door and went in. he kept on watching his watch continuously… stalking the second's hand and the moment it completed the sixth minute, he knocked. Strangely, the door was left open. He was totally shocked at her naughtiness. He made a face and barged in. totally in mood to teach her a lesson for playing with him. He stood rooted,, seeing her stand by the mirror, in that same red sari as that night…her hair left loose just like that night… red vermillion adoring her maang just like that night and that mangalsutra he had gifted to her…again just like that night. But he noticed something else. Her eyes were teary…he didn't know why… and she looked more beautiful than she had ever looked..not on her birthday when he had kissed her, not when he had seen her face for the first time, not when she had worn his choice of clothes and not even then when she had worn the same sari and adorned the same look on their first night. She looked out of this world… a beauty so beautiful that couldn't be pictured or told. 

He slowly walked closer to her, his breath stuck in his throat..was she even real? She looked so serene…so like an angel. He strode across the floor and held her by her waist. A few curls teased her cheeks. In a trance, he just pushed those curls away and kissed her forehead, "you look so beautiful…"

She blushed and looked down, "will you dance with me?", she asked meekly.

He just held her hand and pulled her close. She turned on a soft music     and held his shoulder. His eyes looked directly into hers… trying to fathom the love he was seeing for him..and they swayed to the music. There was no space for words or anything else. The wind dropped to a gentle whisper and the weather turned chilly. She kept admiring him and placed her head over his chest, hearing his heartbeats. and none realized how long they swayed to the music like that. she held his hand softly and pulled him to the bed. She lied down and gestured him to lie down beside her. He did as she wished. Their fingers were laced with each other and they looked at the ceiling. Silence prevailed for a while when she spoke up, "my birthday was the most beautiful birthday ever…"

He squeezed her hand gently, "but my life had become beautiful the day I saw you for the first time dancing in the rain…"

"seeing you again was the best thing ever…"

"finding you again was finding my life back.."

And silence prevailed yet again. They remained like that for sometime when she slipped away from him and walked to the window. He watched her lovingly, sit by the window and put her flute to her lips. He closed his eyes, listening to that sweet melody….he recalled, she was playing the same tune that she had been playing that night in hoshiyarpur. So many memories came back to him, reminding him of their first meeting, their first kiss, him seeing her face, their marriage… their nok jhok…. A smile teased his lips as he listened to that sweet tune emanating from her lips as he felt tenderly drowsy. She played and played and played and he never realized when he had slept off, listening to her,

The night turned even darker when she stopped and stood up. Moon was at her brightest… the stars waiting for her next move. she smiled and turned to him. He was fast asleep…he looked so innocent, so much at peace. She slowly walked across the carpet towards him. She didn't even realize when her flute slipped out of her hands and fell on the floor, making a sweet noise. He didn't even flinch. She sat beside him and leaned closer to him. She watched him for a while and caressed his forehead gently, "My job is over and I have to leave. If you ever need me, just close your eyes and try to feel the wind, dancing around you…the shimmering moonlight that brought me to you and the stars that conspired to make us meet. Mein tho bas yahin hoon…bas aapko dekhna hain mujhe…be happy Maan because that's what you deserve!"

She pressed a kiss over his forehead and walked out, leaving everything behind!


He stood by the window holding her Saneyeeka close to his heart. He closed his eyes and poured all his worried and remained calm. Its been years and he could still remember the moment when he had found her missing.


He woke up lazily, stretching his arms, seeking her warmth. He had never slept this long ever or this deep. He looked around searching for her, "Geet… jaan where are you?"

He looked around the room, the washroom when she had failed to show up even after a long time. He looked around the corridor, the living area, kitchen, backyard, lawn… a panic stirred his entire existence as his calmness broke. He searched all around madly…it was so strange…she was with him the whole time and then suddenly she disappeared? He called for the servants asking her whereabouts but none knew anything about her. He was scared to death…where could she go…or was she alright? He tried to think of places she could go but she stepped out only with him… she had always confined herself to the mansion. She didn't have proper friends. He didn't even know what to do…whether to call her father or the police.. he was so disturbed. he had no idea where she could have gone and unwillingly called the police. They searched the entire house again and asked him call her mobile number if she had. He cursed himself for nothing thinking about the phone. He immediately dialed her number and they heard it ring somewhere around his room. Was she there...just like that last time? He tried to hold on to the tinies of hopes and ran to their room. He could see her phone blinking by the side table.

His hopes seemed to shatter as he went closer and it was then his eyes fell on her flute, lying lifelessly on he floor. Her flute? It was there…that means she is somewhere near…he was sure of it he picked up the flute and held it close to his heart, "Geet…just come back to me wherever you are..please…"

He heard nothing but the police and people talking around, asking him if she was kidnapped or something. he answered them correct and they asked for her photo, in case they had to search for the missing. He opened the cupboard and searched all the albums… strangely there was none of her pics that he could find. He thought for a while….getting things clearer. Was it a coincidence or weird… they never had a pic taken together or her single as well. he had a few pics together but she wasn't very clearly visible in them. His heart ached…why did she go away?

By night, he sat all alone in his room, holding her flute, lost, dejected. Her father was shocked and too broken to hear the news. Even his tears refused to come out of his eyes… he was perhaps shattered once again..the house was haunted yet again…he was back to square one! It was as if time had taken a reverse gear and left him where he had started off with. He looked at that lifeless flute and recalled her words, "just hold it close to your heart and it will take away all your pain…"

He somehow managed to press it close to his chest and closed his eyes, "you left me….all alone…"

He didn't know why but he felt her whisper in his ears, "people come to our lives only to go away… "

He snapped his eyes open and he looked around…was she back to him? Her flute stayed back… she will come to get it..Won't she?


He smiled and looked at the shimmering moon..that seemed to shine brighter than usual. The search for her went for one whole year when the police finally decided to declare her dead. He was so against it…but he was calm. He was scared, lost, shattered but he never lost his sanity. Her flute stayed beside him all the time and he'd pour out all his pain to her…and now it was a miracle for him that it indeed took his pain away, keeping him from breaking down. Mohinder passed away soon after Geet was declared dead. He was left all alone but he did not falter this time.

Its been years now..and he just knew she was somewhere around..he believed that she was there…her flute was the proof of it. She had been so possessive about her stupid silver stick…and he was amused that she left it behind her. Come to think of it… her words came true…whatever she had told him..she left him but she left him strong. She was probably a divine intervention in his life who descended to earth to hold him firm… her job was done and she left. She was like a story…mysterious yet so beautiful.

"…hum sab ek ek kahani ki tarah hote hain jo dusri kahaniyon ke saath judte jaate hain… jab koi ek kahani khatam hoti hain…tho kahaniyan alag ho jaati hain!"


He smiled remembering their togetherness…the chunn chunn of her payal… and felt the wind dancing around him.  He was reminded of her words…he could never recall when he had heard those but they always remained in the back of his mind, "…, just close your eyes and try to feel the wind, dancing around you…the shimmering moonlight that brought me to you and the stars that conspired to make us meet. Mein tho bas yahin hoon…bas aapko dekhna hain mujhe…"

He was alone..forever, but he wasn't sad because he knew she has to come back someday. He felt her touch on his shoulder and he made a baby face, "you have to come back… for you left your Saneyeeka with me…"



many of you will be mad at me for this but i wanted to take my liberty as a risk as well to explore one of MY fav. genres. THANK YOU all who have supported me in this.



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omggg i don't know what to say..i am speechless...u left me many questions are in my mind...filled with mystery...but i am speechless...what happened to geet?
why she left him? 

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   Confused who was she??? From where she got that magical flute??? Was the flute part of her soul or something??? Where she left all of a sudden??? If she is some kind of Angel why her parents atr not aware of her power???
OMG so many question... My mind is numb reading this... And she left him all alone with her flute only Cry Maan living with her flute and waiting for her to come back Cry are you gonna give us Season 2 ??
Loved it... Amazingly written sad that it ends here...

GOD!!! In confusion i forgot to rejoice that i m your 2nd comment... Smile

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from start she is mystery
she will leave him n go we expected
but who was she
why she came back to make him normal human
then y she left him..
the mystery is still confusing
is she dead..
where was she those 5 months n y she came back..
is epi there

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it was lovely
but wat was that detachment thing about

it makes me sad instantly when geet put forth her beliefs
it hurts too

is she going to go away or something
cant let maan get hurt once again

waiting for the next part eagerlySmile

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hi dear...wt a twist! Intense emotional update! Maaneet happy! Geet pampers Maan n he is worried! Then she is suddenly gone! Where did she go> Y did she leave! Maan shattered! He is once again alon n in pain! She is declared dead bt he still waits 4 her! Wonderfully written! Is there an epilogue? thanks 4 a lovely SS ! SmileClap

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i loved it a lot bt simply couldnt or probably failed to undrstand geets mystery understand

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Such an emotional story!!!

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