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SwaRon FF: Smithereens | the final chapter: PG 68 | 10 Nov'14 (Page 53)

Sawyer_Tom IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 15 November 2013 at 9:07am | IP Logged
Well, my vacations ran a bit too wild. Let's not get into that.

The point is, I'm delightfully intrigued. With the whole introduction of the elder brother, I feared you might run this thing right into the Vampire Diaries lane. But thankfully, you steered clear of THAT. Then I thought you'd One Tree Hill it up. But admiringly, you didn't. See, the only brotherly relationship that has got through to me is the one shared by Sam and Dean. They have my begrudging respect in that. And then you come along with Rey and Swayam, who portray, I won't say the stark opposite, but a somewhat different kind of a sibling relationship. Thus, I'm intrigued.

Your Sharon has always appealed to me. Her blunt, matter-of-fact manner is refreshing specially if you're listening to well-fabricated lies about four times a week. It has been pointed out to me that I happen to display an odd, weird kind of a half-smile whenever I'm reading any of your stories. Go figure.

And lastly, I had been expecting to read more than one chapter after my prolonged absence but turns out there are none more to read. Care to change that?


P.S. I think it's time you started working on writing an actual book (hard copy and all that shizz). If you haven't already.

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Autumn_Hue IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 15 November 2013 at 11:07pm | IP Logged
Hey when do you post the next part I'm waiting to read it..

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thegameison IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 November 2013 at 11:12pm | IP Logged

Chapter Fifteen

"I fell in love with her courage, her sincerity, and her flaming self-respect and it's these things I'd believe in even if the whole world indulged in wild suspicions that she wasn't all she should be...I love her and that's the beginning of everything." - F. Scott Fitzgerald


Rey was lying flat on his back on the floor and Swayum's legs were bridged over his body, reposing on the table. Together Swayum watched the game and Rey, heard it. Swayum urged his brother several times to concentrate on the game but his brother wouldn't succumb to his implorations. On being probed during a commercial break, Rey was found guilty of being engaged in text messaging.

"Sharon, Sharon?" Swayum spat at his brother.

"Anything wrong with her, you think?" Rey grinned, snatching his phone from Swayum's grasp.

"She's not interested in you." Swayum plainly told him, concentrating on the TV again.

"I know. She's interested in you." Rey casually said. His lack of interest in the game had begun to annoy Swayum.

"You got divorced five years ago and for good reason. You're just not good with the women. Stay away from Sharon on that level, she's my friend." Swayum reasoned with his brother, watching the game unblinkingly.

"She's your best friend. Hence, she's a chase." Rey replied, smirking.

"She is one helluva chase, I'll give her that." Swayum smiled a bit and then continued sternly, "You aren't what she requires and vice versa, trust me on that and stop that messaging."

"What's it to you if she's willing?" Rey irritably asked.

"She'd reply to all your messages even if you robbed her house and broke her nightclub down." said Swayum to which Rey grunted, "Come on, you fake grownup. She's worth a shot, anyway."

"She is. Be careful. She doesn't get hurt easy, mostly never unless she loves you, which is even less likely. Don't end up hurt like all the times before." Swayum warned his brother.

"It won't go as far as marriage this time. I'll be fine." Rey chuckled and got up to sit next to Swayum on the couch with some difficulty. For, Swayum seemed to have cemented his legs on to the table. They watched the game in unison and bit back mad laughter when their father grumbled about a certain player in his sleep.

After the game Reyansh who was a freelance journalist left for work. Swayum washed up and readied some frozen food to go with his father's evening booze. He then left for Sharon's nightclub. They hadn't met in two weeks now. He needed to see for himself that she had recovered. Also, he wished to tell her all about Rey's former misfortune in love, matrimony etc. Swayum hollowly laughed when it came to him how hopelessly wifeless both brothers had ended up.

Swayum parked his Ford Taurus in the parking lot adjacent to Sharon's nightclub. He started walking in the direction of the nightclub and if it had been your regular night at the club he would have started listening to the music Sharon called for the tasteless and limited'. She said she still liked it because it is good to be tasteless and limited sometimes. Nonetheless the said music was inaudible and when he pushed the door into the club open he saw why.

The speakers and air conditioners were broken, emitting smoke. The bar was now many liquids trailing down the long counter topped with smithereens and yet more smithereens of glass. There were two dead people lying on the floor. Swayum experienced sensations of pain to look into their young and listless faces. There was not another soul on that floor or on the one above or in the basement. Swayum pushed open the door into the passageway that led to Sharon's little cabin on the second floor. It was in the rear of the building.

Swayum was sweating, he was scared. But he pushed open the door into her room anyway. Sharon was striding across her room, hands entangled in her open and matted hair. She had two cuts on both her cheeks but because there were positively no bullets inside her body, Swayum rejoiced. He hugged her and neither showed any inclination to break away until Sharon's tears had started to wet Swayum's shirt. When he pulled her away to look at her better, he saw she was smiling. She was crying, yes. But she was also smiling.

Breathing deeply, she began, "I had to lock my staff in the kitchens. The police are on their way. It must have been a college going youth, having his vengeance over the two dead people you saw on your way here."

"Yes." was his reply; he was frantically running his hands through her hair and across her face.

"People just started running in every direction, Swayum. They did not worry about the people who were just shot in the chest. They just ran. Can you frigging believe it? The entire building was evacuated in ten minutes or less. They took the shooter in their midst." she was smiling at the impossibility of the situation and repeated, "Can you frigging believe it?"

"Oh, yes. I can." Swayum said, he decided he might as well hug her again. She spoke into his shoulder several times. The victims had no pulse when she bent down on their bodies, trying to check if they could be saved, people almost running all three over. She had called the ambulance and she called the police but they had not arrived yet. And she had wanted to call him and tell him not to come but her phone had somehow gotten lost and probably broken by then.

"You would have told me on the phone to not come, if you could?" Swayum asked, disgusted at her.

"Yes, I'd have told you there's been a shooting here and that you should keep your arse off my club." She nodded sincerely in quick successions, crying and smiling.

He could not understand anything else she said because he had shut his head and found repose in her collarbone. Losing his ability to hear and see in those few minutes, Swayum silently caressed her back and cried. On being teased that he'd been such a porcelain doll for crying that day, the following was his answer.

"Sharon, there had been a shooting in your nightclub. You could have died."

"I could have married that abusive dick, pardon my language. And I could have died. I could have been run over by a truck instead of a minivan. And I could have died. It doesn't really matter. All of us are ending bloody." she grinned.

"I wanted to speak to you about Rey." Swayum said, ignoring her previous words entirely, taking in the meaning despite himself.

"What about him?" Sharon asked, handing him over his milkshake.

"Thanks," Swayum almost squealed and regained his normal tone thus, "He had a wife called Tanya five years ago. He was frigging mad about her and she turned out infidel. I don't want you to encourage him."

"Reyansh proposed to me this evening." Sharon told him and Swayum choked on his milkshake. She giggled.

"What did you say?" Swayum hoarsely asked, coughing.

"I said I'm taken. But he said he has proof that it's all in my head. And I liked his joke so I asked him to give me some time." Sharon replied fancily. "He's a good guy, your brother."

"He's not rebound. And neither are you. Don't you see?" Swayum asked rudely.

"Easy, Swayum," Sharon advised, drinking her share of milkshake deeply. "He's father-approved and not psychotic." Sharon sniggered, mellowed down and then tried to look sincere. But Sharon was not an opportunist, anymore than Rhea had no cancer and died of it. "You're an optimist, you are not an opportunist. Neither is Rey. You'll break his heart." Swayum muttered.

"You want me to turn him down?" Sharon asked, quite sincere.

"Yes," Swayum said fervently with enlarged pupils.

"You're not insecure or anything, it's just about Rey and his history with women." Sharon smilingly said and her smile beat him down. Every word she said hurt his ears and twisted his intestine excruciatingly. The things she could say without sounding mean were all, at all times very true. Swayum did not take another second in analyzing his feelings, he knew she was right. He knew he was insecure because she had said so.

"I am. What do we do about it?" Swayum mumbled, taking her hand.

"I'm Rey's shot at happiness. And he's a good guy, father-approved. He's your brother; he knows I have got this thing for you that won't go away. And he still wants to be with me. It's gotta mean something." Sharon said softly, rubbing the back of Swayum's hand. She smiled at him ceaselessly but he couldn't crack a smile.

"It means you and him should get together nice and soon." Swayum said and as he said so his eyes watered and his lips went dry. He removed his hand out of Sharon's and stood up to leave. Before he did, he told her to not delay the acceptance of his brother's proposal. It did not hurt Swayum in the fashion of a lover losing their beloved to the more deserving contender. It hurt Swayum in the fashion of losing a piece of him for the piece's own good. Besides, Sharon and Rey both were quite nomadic. Swayum knew they'd do well.

He sat in his Ford Taurus and took the route to his apartment that had the cemetery in its way. In grave need of being with Rhea, he parked his car hastily outside the cemetery and almost broke into a run to see his wife. Her gravestone was shining in the moonlight, every alphabet of the epitaph shone as well. He read it through several times. Rhea had not been afraid of dying. She hadn't been frightened by the idea of losing herself entirely to a disease. It was only going to devastate all those who loved her but she was not scared.

 It came down to fear, then, Swayum was sure. If his wife had taken the blow of death without fear, he'd take the blow of losing Sharon to Rey. It was neither as extreme as death nor as routinely as life. It wasn't feeble or lame. He really would lose Sharon because having been married once Swayum knew how it changed things. Swayum was scared that she'd go away from him. But then again, Rhea had died without any fear. And Swayum was relating that incident with Sharon and Rey's marriage. It meant only one thing and it was that Swayum loved her. He experienced the hurt of a lover having lost their beloved to the worthier candidate at that point. Then he experienced the ecstasy of a brother who could foresee happiness for his brother. Finally he resumed feeling his usual, simply all in love with Rhea and Sharon. He loved Sharon and that was quite plain. It had begun.



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Autumn_Hue IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 15 November 2013 at 11:15pm | IP Logged
Yayyy me first..Party.
Whoa mhan what an update it was brilliantly written by you..Thumbs Up.
The quote in the beginning and then the update starts with swayam and rey watching the game and swayam's irritation at rey texting sharon.. His insecurity could be seen when he told rey to back off coz sharon was'nt the type of girl he was on the look out for.. He thinks that sharon is quite a chase nicee..Smile.
Then the entire section of the shooting at sharon's club was written in the most awesome manner.. Swayam's concern on seeing sharon safe hugging her time and again.. I liked reading the concerned and worried swayam quite a lot..Big smile.
Swayam's in love with sharon??? Wow this is nice and I liked how you showed his insecure side if sharon choses to get in a relationship with rey.. He wants sharon all to himself he does'nt really want sharon to accept rey's proposal though he said it otherwise.. I'm liking how your story is progressing please do update the next part soon..Big smile Heart.

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Autumn_Hue IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 16 November 2013 at 12:16am | IP Logged
Edited above

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-Raj- IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 16 November 2013 at 1:34am | IP Logged
A splendid job once again dear!!
The quotes you chose are just so apt!!
Loved it!!
Loved insecure Swayam and his efforts to keep Rey away from her!
The shooting was well written.
Amazingly penned!!
thanks for the pm.

Edited by -Raj- - 16 November 2013 at 9:00pm
-PyaariBhootni- IF-Addictz

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Posted: 16 November 2013 at 2:18am | IP Logged

m really sorry for d delay n unresingOuch
and d update was fantastic!!!!
especially d reyam convoLOL
swayam telling rey to stay away frm sharonThumbs Up
and d swaron part wer he tells her abt reyEmbarrassed
and finally he realised his feelings for sharonSmile
beautifully writtenStar
lovedd itttSmile

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lovely222 Groupbie

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Posted: 16 November 2013 at 2:26am | IP Logged
Gr8 work nicely written I mean the emotions realisation and concern were all visible pleez update soon

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