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ArHi FF:7:The BEASTS and the BLEEDING ROSES (Page 55)

shass IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 27 July 2013 at 1:53pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by hoopoe

Rabba ve,

Shass, I have another wild theory in mind. Thought of sharing it here... Embarrassed 

According to Chinese mythology, the four Directions represents four Beastly Creatures, four Seasons and also four Elements of nature...
Lady Anjali... The "Water" of the North.

Lady Khushi... The "Fire" of the South.

General Jha... The "Wood" of the East.

Lord Arnav... The "Metal" of the West.

Shass, just observe the relationship they share with each other...
Anjali and Khushi... Water and fire... both elements can "purify", but their basic natures are a complete contrast ... both can be either constructive or destructive depending upon the elements they come across...
Water... which nourishes life and growth in "wood" can cause corrosion (rusting in case of iron) in a "Metal"
Lady Anjali... calm and gentle like water... who can be the elixir of life to General but at the same time the reason for Lordy's emotional weakness (his vulnerable spot, the Achilles heel)... in short she is General's strength and Lordy's weakness.
Fire... which melts a "Metal" and help it mould into a better shape but can burn down a "wood".
Lady Khushi... stubborn and ferocious like fire... who destroys all the evil around... purifies elements that she come across... who has the ability to melt Lordy, mould him and help him shape up into a better person (can change an unrefined metal to shape up as a mighty sword...), but at the same time can scorch down any evil soul (read General) who tend to hamper with the lives of her loved ones... in short, she is Lordy's strength and General's weakness.

Also, when it comes to the final battle, both sides should be equally balanced, right? I guess Lordy & Khushi on one side and General & Lady Anjali on the other side perfectly fulfills that requirement... Lordy & Khushi (White Tiger & Vermilion bird)... Vs General & Lady Anjali (The Azure Dragon & Black Turtle)... did you notice, each side has one who belongs to the "Earth" and the other who belongs to the "Sky"...


Also, by nature, the clash between the "Metal/Lordy" and "Wood/General" will not be complete unless and until "Fire/Khushi" and "Water/Anjali" enter the battlefield. Though they wont be directly waging war against each other, they'll play the essential role by being their partner's strengths... So at the end of the day, i guess the final battle will involve the clash of all the four powerful elements... Lordy & Khushi vs General & Lady Anjali... *phew* How is this theory?... Shass, i'll stop it here. I dont want Lin to chuck me out of the inn for perplexing her readers with such wild theories... LOL

P.S. The comparison is only about the relationship between the 4 elements and not about the beasts... and I completely agree that this is the result of overthinking after reading too much about chinese mythology in the past few days. Kindly ignore if you find this absurd... Embarrassed
P.S.S. Any Chinese ArHi fans who come across this comment kindly pardon me for using the chinese concept of elements to make such a silly comparison between the mighty elements and mundane humans... Embarrassed

First of all hp... A STANDING OVATION FOR YOU.ClapClapClap..coz no words can describe my awe.
i agree with each n every word of yours here...i totally get what you are trying to imply.. it confirms a few things we have been suspecting previously n points at many new ones that we may see in the future..Wink

dont know why you would think its a crazy-wild theory eh? coz this made perfect sense even before i started reading chinese mythology..

was just thinking.. these 4 creatures,4 seasons n 4 elements of nature are associated with each other in such an interesting way, that it makes you consider new possibilities.. especially the ''destructive'' n ''constructive'' associations..the ''Wu Xing'' ! for the time being i have nothing new to add to your theory as i'm new to this subject n i have reached uptil cosmology only.

but i must say if this is indeed the pattern lin's following then there are plenty of clues for the future for us..especially that these FOUR's are not only related to natures but attributes, actions n battle strategies etc too.. Linny my darling i have become a FAN all over AGAIN .ClapClapClap.. N Hp, bravo girl for catching up with her way of thinkingStar.

@PS; no one, n i mean no one can make crazy-wild theories like i can, wait till i try something n then you'll laugh out loud..LOL.. n i understand about over thinking part, actually i loved reading this mythology.. its like reading a Chinese version of  ''tales from the Arabian nights''.. often am carried away with the stories n wisdom n philosophies n i forget why am reading it..LOLLOL amazing people Chinese are.

anyways.. loved your wild theory..Tongue

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shass IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 27 July 2013 at 2:06pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by hoopoe

Rabba ve,

Dear Shass, I got tired of waiting for your analysis post... Ouch So I made an edit in the mean time. Here is an advance gift for you for your future post on "The Yin Yang" theory... Wink Embarrassed
The Yin Vs Yang... Lightning Vs Shadow... General Jha Vs Lord Arnav... Black Vs White... Evil Vs Goodness... Wink


"The dance between darkness and light will always remain' the stars and the moon will always need the darkness to be seen, the darkness will just not be worth having without the moon and the stars." 
C. JoyBell C

P.S. Will come back and check later tonight to see if you have made any post.
P.P.S If you find some free time, kindly decode the above picture and write a detailed post on the points hinted through it. Will love to hear your thoughts... Tongue

AH HP !! you knew i had discovered the connection right??? love you.. HugHug.. yes, i will write it but at the end of answering all comments.. am determined to fulfill my promise tonight, so you'll find plenty of replies..

ps; sorry for being late.. had friends for dinner, so just got free n will stay here for you my sweet friend.. see you later.Smile

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shass IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 27 July 2013 at 3:17pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by hoopoe

Originally posted by A_Soul

Hoopoe & Shassy...

As i read each comment of yours over (after 177) last 3 chaps together Wacko it is really difficult for me to pointed out anything particularly that you both have said..but listing out few points which come in my mind while reading it... (Feeling quite heavy in head after reading all that together..)
Ya, I understand... Embarrassed LOL 


When said everyone was sure of his transformation, at the i will say yes they are but after they saw him in kitchen (not before that) which means he was already transformed once before coming down to kitchen & that's y they are scared for khushi.. otherwise if they were sure before that then Nani herself at first take khushi with herself to her room

Valid point. I agree... I think even shass mentioned the same as you. So it means, they weren't expecting him to transform that night, but felt that it'll be risky to let Khushi stay in Lordy's room since he has started transforming once again. Hmmm... fine. Agreed with Shass's words too... If Lordy thought that he'll transform, he'll never let Khushi to stay near him and that too in his chamber. Agreed.

 @Underlined-- yup! thats exactly what i thought n said..Embarrassed

I like that connection of Anjali being caged in castle & Lordy's golden heart as cage n all... So that could be a possibility that by caging her in castle he is protecting her from himself only, but then isn't it unsafe for her to live with him in castle as it not difficult for a beast to go to next room.. Or ya that could be possible that when ever he feels now he cant control his beast in him he just moved out of castle (and in his beasty form he couldn't recognize who is person front of him whom he is going to harm)  Just doubt over Anjali & Cage theory, If now his beasty power & strength can bend golden rode cant it be at that time too (if &) when Anjali caged herself..!
No no soul, I think its not that way. He want to protect his sister from the outside world as she is already fragile (for reasons not revealed to us yet)... And, the question about her safety from the beast in him... I guess, there was only one time, he tried to harm her... remember nani's Honeybee, Rose and little girl story?... I guess he tried to harm Lady Anjali in one of his beastly transformations and Naniji intervened and saved her but harmed her fingers in that attempt. Since the fingers remain unhealed even now, I guess its the curse effect and damage must be done in only his transformed state.
Anyways, after that incident he started using the dungeon to lock himself or mouth belt or simply flee away from the castle during his beastly cravings... So the symbolism I mentioned is just about Lordy's golden yet hollow heart trying to keep his sister locked up there to protect her from worldy harms. Now, he has handed over that golden cage , ie his heart to Khushi... or to be precise he tries to lock khushi and protect her in the same way as his sister... making Khushi as Lady Anjali's equal...


Soul's post-- i had the same doubts n thats why i said, it was only symbolically shown that Anjali/khushi are in a golden cage,with respect to lordy's heart.. Smile

@HP's post-- i too think that he keeps her safe by not letting her go in the outer world coz he thinks she's ''fragile''.. its too early to say this but since you won't be around for next three,..i have been suspecting that the third play of festival had clues to this mystery.. since its vague for now, i don't know exactly what happened there but as it was indicated that lady anjali ''died/or almost died'' can't say if it was emotional one or a real one.. but we were hinted that lordy almost lost his mind over her illness/ dilemma.. until he found the cure for her.. something makes me think that since he had already lost his family in the most horrible way, his only last string to his ''lost garden'' is lady anjali n he loves her so.. that single incident made him realized how precious she was to him n how he could not afford to lose her ever n since then he's kept her away from the rest of the world.. just not that, i also suspect that may be,just may be that was the time the General was introduced in her life.. or may be he planned something to enter her life.. just thoughts,that am finally taking out of my system.Embarrassed

The symbolism has nothing to do with the real purpose of the Golden cage. As some readers have pointed out, is gold the strongest metal?... Im not sure about its strength. Hence didn't touch that point. If that's the reason, then how come he bent it that night (which I guess have never happened before)... Hmmm... something essential that connects all these points is missing here. Hope we'll get to see it soon. As for now, this theory is incomplete.
Also in general lf it doesn't shown yet in any chapter it doesn't mean something does not happen, I mean for Gen Linny has clearly mentioned that his beast awaken after long, but in case of lordy (if I remember rightly) it has not mentioned in any earlier chap that his curse was at rest for sometime.. where as i think he transforms more frequently then gen.. at those nights too which LH has not mentioned to linny..!
Im not sure whether its at the inn or cottage, but I remember Lin answering that to some reader's query that Lordy hasn't transformed in a long time... Soul, I think even in that chapter of Lordy'd transformation, its mentioned that the transformation is taking place after a long time. Wait, let me check.
Here it is...
Shadow was distraught. He knew what was happening. His master needed to be secluded. To be kept away from habitation. 
After many years, it was coming again.
                                                                                                              ... Chapter 170

AGREED With hp !!Smile
@BothCan you both teach me how one can write so much on same topic? Well Hoopoe with teach me precision and shassy you just teach me how to blabber LOL 
Blame shass for that. She spoiled me... LOL I was happy writing crispy, super short comments on this tale. Its Shass who changed me and made you people's head spin after reading our looong discussions... Embarrassed LOL But on a serious note, thank you shass for visiting the inn frequently last week and taking part in the discussions amidst ur busy schedules. It felt so good after a long time... Love you both... Heart

@Last para---

hahaha... souly, tell me did you fall from your chair? broke anything??LOL.. thats called sweet revenge of jaani dushmann !!LOL.. n hp, you know why i was with you for the last one week.. since we both will be gone, i don't know when again we can be together again n discussing like this so stayed n blabbered..Big smile that was for you n you alone. Hug
but the best part is that even soul joined us at the end.. it was A.S.H like old timesDay Dreaming.. n i enjoyed it thoroughlyBig smile..


PS; souly that was squeezing hug and slurpy kiss for youEvil Smile


pps; am in pink..Smile

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shass IF-Dazzler

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Originally posted by A_Soul

Originally posted by hoopoe

Originally posted by shass


Shass, I think the marriage has got nothing to affect his possibilities of his cure... Sure, it made it difficult for him to lay his hands over Khushi. But hear their conversation here...

"Well, it's too late now," Lord Arnav said victoriously, "She's my wife."

"Then I shall simply have to eradicate you," the General said coolly, grasping the hilt of his sword hard.

I don't think "Marriage" has got anything to affect his cure. Its her heart that matters here, not her body alone... Unlike other fairy tales where the "Beauty's kiss" can be reason for the Beast's cure, I feel in this tale, we are about to witness more to it... an entirely different dimension...
A "Green heart" and "Healing tears" coming into play the role of curing the beasts... I feel, its her heart's compassion, care, willingness to take over the beast's pain and bear it on her shoulder, her unconditional love for the beast to go to any extent to heal the beast's heart and remove the void and pain in it... HER WILLING CHOICE to undergo the pain for him, his love... I guess that's what matters in the healing of the beast here... Hmmm... just thoughts without any proof... So lets wait & see...

I agree, but with both of you.. strange right! I explain.
What I think is to get cured both the points are important.. A Willing heart of a Virgin body..!!

BRAVO GIRL !!!ClapClapClap You just connected that one last thing that was somewhere at the back of my mind but i couldn't pin point earlier.. see hp, the ''MAIDEN'' part was significant.. lordy was not thinking about it without a reason.. i understood that it had to be related to khushi's ''innocence n purity'' n also the marriage part meant that she was out of reach of the General, which made him sad for that moment.. so both points were important.. but i had not looked at it from ''virginity'' point of view n actually soul that makes alot of sense.
Thumbs Up 

When shyam has stated

"I cannot lose you again, Miss Kushi," said the General, hurt, "You do not is essential that you understand me." 

I think here he pointing out that after understanding she might willingly cure him..
He was stunned by khushi's action and words... So the willingness is also another point here
totally agree.. i think he was disappointed coz somewhere its required for a maiden to love him whole heartedly n willingly to cure his curse.. the marriage, the act of protecting lordy were all an unexpected turn of events for the General, he never thought lordy would take such a drastic step,especially that he knows lordy's perspectives over relationships n marriages n love..besides, it shouldn't be that easy to eradicate lordy from his path..if he knows the curses, he probably knows the power that comes through them n that lordy is not any ordinary beast.. like i said earlier, too much happened too fast.. that left him staggered. so he has left for now thinking there's NO HOPE for him anymore..but the moment he'll see a gap,a weakness he'll return with full might,to get what he wants..

The General, too, could only stare in astonishment, unmoving, until Kushi yelled at the General's face, "I said LEAVE!!"

Then to Kushi's surprise, the General's expression turned to one of dejection. Of a hopeless loss.

Undeniably, his temper was ill too, for Kushi's words still rung in his ears. But more than her words, it was the way she had flung herself on Lord Arnav that left him worried. Did the girl love that man? Or was it merely the fear of becoming a widow on her marriage night?

Her marriage night'...The General clenched his fists, this cannot be really happening! Kushi was his only chance, she could not really be married to that'''..


And from the last few updates...

The First Lord swung his sword at the General but the General thrust his sword and blocked the other's move, "This is all your fault! She was my only chance!"

"It is over now," sighed the General, "Everything is lost."

His gaze fell on the darkness at the window and sighed, "The night is over and so is hope."


Here I feel he said it all in context to 'she is married now' & 'in love with lordy or atleast accepting him as her husband.. In normal case after one is get married she can not be virgin anymore...

So willingness & virginity both could be the reason (atleast he might be thinking like that) that his hope to get cured are crashed...!
Of course this is how I think, & I think general thinks the same way..!!Wink

P.S. Where as on other hand... Lordy is doubting her willingness (over saving him from Gen & over care towards him) & also her virginity..
Khushi is very much pure & willing to help (by defalt it is Wink) Lordy... So can I say first stone of Lordy's curing process is already placed..Smile

 WELL SAID !!Thumbs Up

PS; am in pink.

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Originally posted by hoopoe

Shass & Soul,
I feel Lordy doesn't have any idea about how these curses can get cured. Its not only because he shut himself when the cure was suggested but also because he never really cared to know the details as mentioned by the General during their confrontation...
its very much possible hp. atleast the recent chapters indicate towards it..

Lord Arnav was staggered, "What?! Kushi?...Cure?" His shock turned to disgust, "That's ridiculous!!"

"It may be for you," uttered the angry General, furiously swiping the sword at Lord Arnav who deflected it with his sword, "You don't even care about getting your curse cured. You just carry on with your rotting life, suffering the pains and the nightmares..."

"A person cannot be a cure to one's curse!" retorted Lord Arnav, stepping back to gather his poise better, "Your strain of thought is irrational!"

"When I was cursed, I was also told my cure," said the General hotly, swinging his sword expertly as he walked around Lord Arnav and the other moved accordingly, such that they seemed to be walking in a circle, "Unlike you, I didn't block out the words but took it to my memory. I know that girl is my cure!"

He chose to bear the burden of his cursed life... but he never complained about it... Infact he had made up his mind that he'll never be relieved of his curse and hence learned to live with the beast within him as gracefully as he can... He never feared the pain and distress caused by his beastly bouts... his only concern being the safety of his sister and family. He kept all his sufferings and nightmares to himself...
@red n blue-- i doubt that hp.. i think it did have its effect, making him more bitter.. the curse should have its effects upon him..though its not clear why he was cursed but remember, once lady anjali had said that curses occur due to one's own doings..thus implying that its kind of a punishment n every punishment should hurt.. n since he's still far from learning his lessons, it should have its effects on him. n technically, anything that hurts his loved ones should make him all complaining about it.. i think this is ALSO one of the reasons why he doesnot like lady in the hood or God.Embarrassed
also hp.. its possible that he too knows it but doesnot ''believe'' in it.. n hence thats the ''blocking''.. lets wait n see..
When khushi entered his life and when he started witnessing how her scent calmed him during his cravings at nights, and that day at the forest how her scent and taste of skin soothed her burning tongue too... Normally, any such incidence should kindle doubts in his mind making him connect the dots... analyse why khushi hold such controlling and calming power over the beast within him. But instead, he just brushed it off and continued to keep her away from him with the fear that he might harm her unknowingly...

very valid point plus, he has said this many times that why she makes him weak.. i think he took it in another direction totally n got egotistic about it,thus pushing her everytime.. just not that hp but khushi is everything he has always denied.. she's kind of ''rectification to his beliefs n thus to him as a person''.. thus being cure or green heart. his ego doesnot let him accept her as it is.. as she's a blow to his long held beliefs n his arrogance n past doesn't let him accept her as she is. just my opinion..

I feel that its deeply ingrained in his mind that there's no cure for curses...

i think so too..

once cursed is always cursed. (Orelse do you think that he'll let the General suffer with his curse for all these years. Even though General was not transforming, Lordy might have taken measures to find him a cure atleast for Lady Anjali's sake and her future child.)
superb point.. agreed!Thumbs Up
Come to think of it, I feel if not for such a crucial situation, Lordy might have never agreed to marry khushi and put her life in danger... That's why I felt its the play of destiny... to make  khushi come under the protection of her lifetime guardian and Lordy come closer to his cure.
@red-- totally agree.. i too see it in the same context.
If you see, Lordy is still that haughty one who doesn't believe in divine powers and still believe that he writes his own destiny... As the lady in dark hood once said, he haven't still learned all of the intended lessons and hence have a long way to go before he gets cured. But as soul said, the first step is already taken through this marriage... Wink

@ underlined-- hp, i agree more so coz while i was researching on curses.. i found out that though there are other reasons to get cursed..but the major one across the world has been to ''Deny God or to bring God's Wrath upon oneself''.. n considering his beliefs so far, i feel perhaps he got cursed for that reason too.. but then it makes me think over Gen's curse n i wonder what got him his? there are many possibilities but i'll refrain from writing them for now. Embarrassed


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Originally posted by hoopoe

Originally posted by shass

Shass, I completely agree with your former point. Its only Lady Anjali's blind love & trust over her husband that's going to strengthen his side during the final battle.
Have a glance at this old post of mine... you may find it interesting...Wink
if i had made a post in those days, it would have been exactly the same.. you know that i never believed General to be in love with lady anjali.. in a single read his character has different shade but in a second n third read you see so much more to him n you see him with the eyes of the reader n not from the eyes of Arhasians,if you know what i mean. just not that but back then i also felt that he just gave into his wife's arms coz he was extremely exhausted from his emotional n physical turmoil/Efforts.. he came seconds close to being discovered.. n his plan going down the drain. it distressed him immensely.. then he transformed n it must have caused him more exhaustion esp that he was spying over everything happening on the ground.. so when he returned to his room, rather than pushing his wife away, he just played he ALWAYS DOES.


But about the latter points... Do you think the Brother -Sister bond is that weak to be wavered by ... She is the same sis who proclaimed that Lordy always comes before her husband, she is the same sis who was ready to sacrifice even her own life if it means curing Lordy, she is the same sis who comforted Lordy with understanding during his midnight beastly bouts, she is the same sis who prayed and wished for a girl to enter her brother's life to heal his wounded heart and teach him "Love"... and of late she know that girl is Khushi... I guess, its the way they got married that had hurt her and not that he didn't share his secret with her... But as she said to General, she'll forgive him in a few days and the bond they share will be as strong as ever...

 nope dear, the bond will always be strong.. but the villian is very manipulative n feeds on the sister's trust n love.. i don't underestimate him at all.. n under given circumstances.. he'll make best use of the weaknesses n situations.. if only for a little while, but he will.. he should cause some misunderstanding between the brother-sister  n when it'll come to blow after blow, even i want to see how the brother-sister handles it, coz it'll come to the pain that they'll face but the love will always be there.. when it'll come to making a choice  between two most important men in her life, atleast for a short while she should believe in her husband, n if she chooses her brother everytime then i don't see how the black tortoise n the dragon will stand against the white tiger n vermillion bird..

Lady Anjali cupped his face worriedly, "Don't say that, my love. Nothing is lost. Nothing ever is. We just need to give it time and soon we will come to forgive and accept their thoughtless deed."

I don't think she can ever go against her brother, but circumstances may compel her to stand by her husband's side which may indirectly make her stand in the opposing side of the battle field... Hmmm... but there are a lot of other minor factors awaiting to alter the equations... so lets wait & see...
P.S. Shass, since you mentioned it, i'll make another symbolic connection... I think Lady Anjali is Lordy's "Achilles heel" whereas Khushi is his "Jugular vein"... The former his "vulnerable spot" inspite of all his arrogant strength... the latter his "loyal proponent and protector" helping him cleansing off the deoxygenated blood (his vile, bitterness) from his veins... and help his heart function healthily... Wink (How is it?... ROFL I know im going mad... LOL)
LOLZ.. though its not funny, rather logical.. it still made me laugh coz of de-oxygenated blood n healthy heart part.. LOLLOL
P.S.S Lin, come back soon... Embarrassed orelse your readers will suffer reading such mad decodings from me...LOL

i think when she will come back, she'll be shocked to read all this n regret that she was away for so long letting us take control of her precious thread like thisLOL.. well lin jan, i don't know whether we both will be around then or not but sorry dear, we were going crazy in the anticipation of getting a new update every morning n getting disappointed every night.LOL

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Originally posted by LeenaRocks

hoopoe! shass! Soul! Farwa! and several others who discuss TBATBR!! i really really appreciate you guys keeping the thread alive with your  discussions! :)
seriously! i do!! 
i have not seen mav for a while now! wassup?

 leena.. thank you dear for your appreciation,means alot..Hug.. i loved your posts too..Thumbs Up
would have definitely replied to it, but my busy schedule doesnot permit me,even now i came here to fulfill my promise to hp..she was waiting for my replies..
n i was scared she might break my head for making her wait for so longLOL

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Originally posted by hoopoe

Rabba ve all,

The Shadow Vs The Lightening... Wink

arey wah !! i think you should make the yin-yang post hp.. didn't know you too were thinking in the same direction.Tongue

Originally posted by hoopoe

Rabba ve,
"He slid his head under her veil and breathed in the scent of her maiden hair. For a long while, he caressed his face against her long hair, and strangely,  Kushi found herself calming down.

Under her veil, he rested his exhausted head and, breathing in her beautiful hair, he soon fell asleep."                                                   

                                                                ... TBTBR, Ch:179 
"Love tames the benumbed beast. A man is put to use regarding a woman's physical safety, but a woman is put to use regarding a man's mental safety."                                                                                                                             ... Criss Jami

Originally posted by hoopoe

Rabba ve once again... Embarrassed
"Unfortunately, sleep was a far thing for Kushi for she was too flustered by the bewildering events Unfortunately, sleep was a far thing for Kushi for she was too flustered by the bewildering events of the night that she could only lie still, staring at the bended gold bars of the cage, fearful if what had become of Lord Arnav would appear to terrorize her again."
                                                                                                       ... TBTBR, Chapter 179.

The Beauty and her Beast... Wink


"If we never experience the chill of a dark winter, it is very unlikely that we will ever cherish the warmth of a bright summer's day. In order to complete our amazing life journey successfully, it is vital that we turn each and every dark tear into a pearl of wisdom, and find the blessing in every curse." 
            ... Anthon St. Maarten, Divine Living: The Essential Guide To Your True Destiny

you say it all through your beautiful quotes..HeartHeartHeart

PS; have been up all night hp.. am so tired nowSleepy.. two posts are left.. will reply to them today .. see you later dear.Hug

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