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ArHi FF:7:The BEASTS and the BLEEDING ROSES (Page 50)

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Will we get an update this weekend! i'm really waiting for oneEmbarrassedBig smile

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A_Soul IF-Rockerz

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Chapter 177: When they Reached the South Temple

Undeniably, his temper was ill too, for Kushi's words still rung in his ears. But more than herwords, it was the way she had flung herself on Lord Arnav that left him worried. Did the girl love that man? Or was it merely the fear of becoming a widow on her marriage night?

How could he stay in a maddened place like this? How could he stay in the Castle anymore, watching that meddlesome Master Menace fondling and being pampered by that girl he had no right to wed so?!

Gen Jha, aaaha what to say about him… He is one of his kind…!!
@last words, he had no right, then who had, you!!!

Lord Arnav's answer surprised them all, "I forced her into it."

Now that's STUNNING…!!!

Kushi's tear-filled eyes lit with relief and Fortune squeaked in delight, his immobile position on Nani's shoulder coming to life.

Fortune recognize him.. the hermit!!

"That I am unaware of," confessed the hermit calmly, "Only the one who wanted the wedding done knows."

Ohh wow he said it indirectly that even khushi doesn't know it..! I like this one!

Lord Arnav triumphantly glanced at the crowd but he frowned when he realized his victory could not be complete for the General was nowhere to be found.

Ab yeh kahaan gaya….?!!

Kushi's eyes immediately swung to her father's face where he stood watching the ceremony beside a pillar. They looked at each other and the moment was heartbreaking. She was not a Gupta anymore…
But you will always be my little Princess, Babuji's painful smile seemed to convey.
Kushi smiled too, though her eyes filled with tears. I will always be your little girl, Babuji...always...

Beautiful…. Scene…!!

Just then a little hand placed itself in Kushi's hand and she looked down to see little Ram smiling up at her reassuredly. She smiled in return, caressing his cheek thankfully with one hand, and then lovingly holding his little hand in her other hand, shefollowing after her husband.

Simple scene but it says a lot… little ram is the one after Amu who is very dear to me..!!
Innocent caressing from a kid saying don't worry I am there, so heart touching..!!

Kushi nodded fearfully, knowing her aunt was not one to mess with. Her Buaji would have probably shown her right mind to Lord Arnav if he had been a mere villager and not a Lord.

Ha ha ha ha…. So true.. but khushi such thought, at this time… Hey Bhaguu!

Thanks to show…

  •          That Lordy goes to master shashi first… he is a real Lord!!
  •          That Lady Anjali didn't say anything
  •          That Payal took everything so calmly
  •          That everyone in pain & question but no one has bitter feelings


  •          Not even a single dialogue of Mr Sky over the situation, one smart clever dialogue from him to Lordy to Banta tha boss!
  •          Fortune didn't speak any wise words… hmmm..!!
  •          While going back to castle no one noticed where is Gen Jha

Lovely writing

  •          She felt Lord Arnav's grip on her hand tighten, and she didn't know if it was inassurance of his presence or in anger of her uneasiness.
  •          ….. after gaining assurance that he will take care of her." Here he looked at Lord Arnav and they looked at each other for a moment, convincing each other of the memory that had crossed their mind.
  •          … the only one in the crowd who knew the answers to all the questions that were being thrown at them.
  •          ...a string of her precious existence was cut off and she was left stranded in the pathway that led to an unknown life...


[click on play button to hear the song]

Shashi uncle's feeling...
Kehta hai babul, o meri bitiya
Tu toh hai mere, jigar ki chitthiya
Dakiya koyi jab aayega, 
tujhko churake le jayega
msg to both daughter..
Tu suhagan rahe, sang sajan rahe rat din
Iss khushi ke liye, har sitam mai utha lunga

Tere jane kaa gam mujhko hoga magar ladali
Leke iss dard ko mai sada muskuraunga

Babul toh dil se de raha duwa yahi
Khushi ke saye me ho jindagi teri

To khushi & lordy..Waqt ke sath jakhm yeh bhar jayega
Pal gujar jayega tu meri bat man le
Yado ke aasre umra katati nahi
Hai hakikat yahi, abb too jan le
Samundaro kaa pani koyi naa pi saka
Akela khara jivan koyi naa ji saka


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shass IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 20 July 2013 at 10:57am | IP Logged
Originally posted by hoopoe

Originally posted by shass

Shass, in simple words, the book can approched either for philosophical guidance or to foresee the future and find a way to deal with it in the best possible way. Now, can you see the purpose of the I Ching handbook gifted to Khushi by the Chinese princess... I guess, it is to help Khushi understand the basic nature of the beasts, their background, their strength and weakness... and if she intends, she can also seek help and guidance from the oracles to find a way to deal with the mess she is in now and find a way to tame or cure her beastly husband.

I Ching-- thanx a million hp.. this version actually made some sense LOL..Hug
i always thought that book was given to khushi for some clues to help her find out about lordy n General's curses n all.. n in the light of whatever you have revealed about i ching, it makes more sense than ever.Thumbs Up

Originally posted by hoopoe

Originally posted by shass


@ General Shyam's temporary exit from the castle... I guess, its the effect of the unexpected blow he received from khushi during their confrontation after Lordy- Khushi marriage... the revelation that she might be actually in love with the Lordy made him devastated... He was so confident that he'll get her even when Lordy revealed about their marriage to him. But he became hopeless and heart broken when khushi threw herself on Lordy to save him from General's sword...

what you said is true about the General.. but i think it was just not the hint at khushi-lordy love but also the marriage itself was a huge blow to his plans.. i think he staggered n got more heartbroken at the fact that his cure , his last chance to get rid of his misery was gone forever. atleast for now he feels that.. initially he had doubts that he could still get khushi, but when she threw herself over lordy, it gave him more serious blow..she suddenly seemed too far , out of his reach.

btw, did you notice how lordy thinks;

She was my cure….the General had said.

OUTRAGEOUS! This is not the way a beast gets cured, by sneaking off with a maiden who is not your wife! Besides, a person cannot be one's cure!! There IS no cure! Once cursed is always cursed!

I think, its that realisation that he'll not get Khushi's willingness and her love (essential for his cure, according to him), that has made him abruptly leave the battleground... He need some time now, to analyse things which happened so quickly and plan his strategy accordingly to make his next move cleverly. Im sure he'll strike back soon, after collecting himself and probably after strengthening his side through Lady Anjali... Ouch
totally agree with you.. too much happened, too fast. n i too suspect that he'll use lady anjali as his ''pawn'' to win his battles.. i also think that if n when ever he'll come to know about thr rift between lordy n khushi, he'll use it as his strength n strike hardest. he's actually a very dangerous enemy for the Raizadas hp, coz he knows their weaknesses n strengths very well, whereas, the Raizadas still dont know him at all.. lordy n khushi are the only ones who have started seeing the ''real'' him.
@ Lady Anjali... ofcourse she'll take his husband's side...Unhappy The hints given so far in the tale suggests that. It doesnt mean she'll go against her brother but i feel her blind love and trust upon her husband will compel her to make the desperate move to stand by her husband and support him, which will automatically make her stand in the opposing side of her brother. Hmmm... lets see.

Ah Hp !!! you finally said what i did not dare to speak of, though i have been suspecting it for quite a long time.. the only reason why the General may get what he plans in the future, will be solely coz of lady anjali's blind trust,love n faith in him.. hints have been thrown since the beginning at how she brushes off things she shouldn't n how easily he can get what he wants from her n she's lordy's jugular vein.. i love this villian !!Day Dreaming

i think it'll come to a point where lady anjali will stand against her brother.. coz what she'll believe will be right thing, although in reality it will not be.. lordy needs a good ,fool proof plan to expose the General infront of his sister,or else she'll never even hear anything against her husband,let alone standing against him.. the sole reason why lordy did not tell the truth to lady anjali in the first place.. he knows how much she trusts n loves her husband, ofcourse the presence of the child only complicated things for him. but she's one who loves her brother the most n thus always forgives his every mistake,all these years she made one wish n that too for him alone.. on this night however, he has hurt her the most by not telling her anything n also for doing something that she condemns.. i think tonight's events were the first blow in brother-sister relationship.. if he did not do damage control soon.. he'll find her stand away from him,more n more.. another rift that will be of great use to the General.. n he'll make the best use of it. lets see..Wink

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19sayana Senior Member

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Rabba Ve...  

Rading 3 chapter after long break, is like giving water to someone who came from dessert..  Star Clap

I throughly enjoyed all three chapters.. Family drama and again more family drama...

One thing I loved is Arnav recognised Khushi even after becoming beast..

All d best for exams and enjoy... Hug

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Sarikaa97 Goldie

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Posted: 20 July 2013 at 11:46am | IP Logged
Will u be updating????

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A_Soul IF-Rockerz

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Chapter 178: Chaos at the Castle

Without a warning, he was bending down and his strong arms were suddenly lifting her up. Kushi's arms were instinctively around his shoulders, fearing she may fall, but her gaze slid to his face and she saw the resoluteness etched in his brows. He had no heart in carrying her.

After reading this, for few minutes don't know why but I kept staring these lines… !!

….. When they reached the living room, Lord Arnav released her and Kushi slid to the floor, her sandaled feet touching the carpeted floor first.

@Bold: The sentence would convey the msg if rest of the words won't be there but you wrote it… and this is that style of yours which I LOVE the most Linny… !!

"Miss Kushi, or should I say Lady Kushi," Lord Akash stepped forward, smiling, "Welcome to our family."

Ohhh Lord Sky you are so sweet.. giving that light smile to much heavier heart..!

… she could not voluntarily walk into it the first time.

Of course you can walk voluntarily, you are his wife now.. "Sadda Haq"!!

First the scare with the broken cart accident, the unusual tiff with Lord Arnav before he put the ring on her, the return to the Castle where she realized the astonishing truth about the General, the bitter wedding proposal by Lord Arnav, the impossible marriage and the inexplicable kiss, witnessing the horrid fight between the General and Lord Arnav, followed by the realization of the misunderstanding upon which Lord Arnav had acted stupidly, and then the reaction of her devastated family and the silence from everyone…….

Ohh ya… I didn't realize so much happen just in one single long night..!


"She is hurting inside," Payal complained to herself, frowning at the floor, "Why doesn't that girl understand that!"

My fondness for Payal increasing epi by epi…!

Lord Akash walked upto his wife and placed his hands on her shoulders, "I know Miss Kushi. She is a brave girl. She will have a reason to hide something and if she realizes she doesn't have to, the first person she will confide in will be you."

May God gives every spinster over here such a understanding husband…! Well all the married ones, I hope you all already have it!

Standing in the middle of her room, Lady Anjali studied the place confusedly. Her husband's suitcase was missing. Had he gone somewhere? Where was he?

Hailla… Suitcase le ke udd gaya?!!

And then she heard it. The faint music that seeped through the walls, only for her to hear……….

Yeh lo ye to piano baja raha hain..!! Hmmm.. you are 'playing' good Gen.!

.. Her gaze was on his beautiful fingers, scarred in warfare, dancing on the keys and stirring music as they moved.

BEAUTIFUL & SCARRED… Both together..!! I loved that sign linny.. isn't it saying about his soul..?!!

"I must," he said, and then he looked up at her, his gaze rigid, "I have been called for a new assignment and I had asked them to spare me for tonight so I could attend Akash's wedding. And now that it is over, I must leave."

Chal Jhootha!! Called by whom, your cursy side.. to plan new assignment = next move.. hmm bolo bolo?

"It is over now," sighed the General, "Everything is lost."
"The night is over and so is hope."

I love this Linny… one sentence two different meanings.. Supper..!

The General closed his eyes, the sooner I leave, the better………

Well, as of now I am not able to understand why his is saying so, what will went wrong if he stays… just he feels low without hope cant be the reason behind his running away… there is much more.. much much more!

How will I ever return to this place again?

See… what's going on in his mind?

"Letters won't do any good in the warfront, my dear," said the General. All those letters written in vain……

Anjali is talking about them, aur yeh hain ki apni hi sunaye ja raha hain…!


Upstairs, Lord Arnav was storming about in his room. He unbuttoned his shirt and flung it to the floor.

And here I catch it… Yes!!!

Lord Arnav clenched his fists, What did she have to do that for!

Socho socho… think hard dear but don't bother your brain let your heart do that!

She must have known that foul General would not kill me with her in the way or she wouldn't have done that. Yes, she must have known!

Dhatteriki… Hey Bhaggu kya hoga yeh lordy ka!

Oh god that "Memories…" para of Lordy… Tis (Pang) uthi mere man main linny..
Wonderful… down stairs what all memories crossing khushi's mind and up stairs what all memories crossing Lody's mind…. Wonderful JUST WOOONDERFUL!!!

He looked up and frowned at the door. So everything was a lie. You never cared for me. I was a fool to have fallen for your false innocence.

Though he is saying it all in regret but at least he accepted he fallen for her… It sounds so satisfying to hear it from him..!!


There was Kushi, in her white gown and flowing veil, smashing the kernel of cocoa nuts on the floor with the end of a rod.

Yeh lo… yeh phir chocolate liquor banana baith gai…
Wah. kya raam milayi Jodi,
Ek beggar, ek Lordy!

Lady Anjali was with child……Lord Akash was now with Payal……..Lord Arnav, though her husband, was not a safe choice and Nani was probably in bed already.

I literally laugh loud over this…! 'Not SAFE choice' he he!

Whole scene in kitchen just gave me Goosebumps..! It has so much pain, that I am speechless..
You know it very well that what & how I felt..!

Lady Anjali was disconcerted, "She's distressed and you're detached!"

Whistle podu…. Linny.!!

Nani looked from Lady Anjali's face to Lord Arnav's, trying to understand what Lady Anjali had seen in Lord Arnav that had vexed her, and then she realized, "Chotey! Did you……...did you transform?"

OOOHHH….. this is so good linny, first time in front of family someone talked about it.. wooohooo!!!


"The Divine powers?" Lord Arnav sneered, "Aye, that is wise insight, indeed."

Haaye issi attitude ne to maar daala hain..!
Man… this is going tremendous good..!!

He turned to the stairs, dragging Kushi with him, but Lady Anjali stepped before him, her hand on her inflated middle, "I cannot let you take her with you. I am sorry to say this for it breaks my heart, but you are not fit to be her husband."
"I am the only one fit for her," said Lord Arnav briskly.

You have no idea linny what's going through in my blood while reading each of that word scripted here…. There are no word in universe to write my feelings..!

"Worry not, Di," he continued sarcastically, "We have a remedy for it. Om PRAKASH!"

WHAT… remedy..? Linny kya yaar ek k baad ek bomb fode ja rahi hain..!

Lady Manorama looked at her husband, "Arnavbitwa's sanities are getting worse; talk some sense into him!"

Super one.. 1st time in this epi mami is right.. he he!

"I can because I can," he said icily and then climbed up the stairs, dragging Kushi after him.

Now what kind of remedy is it that everyone scared of… ?

Beautiful scripting….

  •          No one spoke to anyone and silently issued to their respective rooms, Nani shutting her door as though she wanted to shut out the entire world from her life.
  •          … Payal watched as the moonlight flickered over the petals. She realized that what glistened on the petals were not dewdrops but tears. ( those last words just touch me deeply)

Well if I point of like this then whole update will come as bullet point…! To be very frank I havnt think a plain chap of coming back to castle can be like Thrilling ride of different emotions…!

For what Lordy & Khushi going thorugh right now.. [click on play button to listen the BG]


Chapter 179: The Wedding Night in the His Chamber

Lord Akash kissed Payal on her cheek, where the blush was prominent even in the moonlight, "How do you know if Kushi is not being loved by her husband this very moment?"

Again a dialogue where I don't know why but I keep on staring it..!

"Alright, I won't talk of them in any way that makes you uncomfortable," Lord Akash promised, "Forgive me, please, my pretty wife, for I am yearning for you to keep your worries aside……"

He is so adorable n understanding… u r a good Husband Lord Sky!!

"He is not only heartless, my lord," Payal corrected, "But brainless too!"

Well I agree at some point with you Payal, I mean he choose khushi over ME. Of course he is brainless..!

And before she knew it, Lord Akash's hands were at her waist, pulling her to him.
"Kiss me, my wife," Lord Akash whispered.

Ha ha.. After he is also a RAIZADA.. but I like his thought behind his act.


At the farther end of the room stood an immense cage, its metallic bars thick and shining bright gold.

CAGE!!! In room… what is for? For himself to cage in transformed form so couldn't harm any one? Or for khushi so she can be safe when he transformed..?

"I brought it down especially for you," he said mordantly.

Wow.. what a gift for First Night..!

Thinking so, Kushi struggled to stand up, wincing from the pain in her strained back. Her legs were cramped from the long sitting but the reminder of not waking the sleeping lion cautioned the mouse in her to be extremely careful.

Isse kehtain hain MAUT KE MUH me jana…!

Suddenly, he moved away from her, his eyes fearful.

He has is own way of understanding & caring for her… isn't it!

She looked over her shoulder, anxiously, and was stunned to see his shadowed face glowering at her, the light in his eyes wild and his teeth bare.
She opened her mouth but no sound came forth. She could only stare, certain that something was not right. The belt was on the floor, wet in some places, but the air he exhibited was a dangerous one, as though he had cornered his prey.

This is really scary sight…!

In a swift move, she turned to the door, her hand reaching for the handle, but he leapt towards her and she ducked fearfully, her arms held protectively over her head, and he was left groping at nothing.

Hoopoe… HE is A TIGER..!!

Her only resort was the space behind her, into his room.

Go to Cage or put him into Cage!!

Then suddenly he was no there and Kushi stared into the darkness, the silence so still, her heartbeat was loud and alarming.

And then……..WHAMP!

Just like how tiger attack… go all silent n hide himself so that the prey get relaxed and then BANG… he attacks!!

He looked at his hand as his fingers touched where her teeth had sunk in and then he looked at her, his eyes blazing with renewed wildness and anger.

SHERNI dil se ghayal, aur SHER jism se ghayal…!

It was too late when she decided to get on her feet, for in a sudden move, Lord Arnav had squeezed through the space he had made between the bars.

WHAT!!!!  He came in!! Ohh dear…

She stilled when his sweat-drenched hair, which had fallen over his forehead, pressed against her cheek, and she gasped when she felt his warm wet mouth on the side of her neck.

Again NECK… oh what is it with neck yaar..!!
Oh yaa animal always target the neck while hunting…

His strong hands were at her ankles and with one gentle tug, he slid her to the cage floor, the long veil on her head spread on the floor below her like her wings.

CLAP CLAP CLAP for you linny… SO BRILLIANTLY connected veil with wings.. GIRL just go out and write to publish.. let the WORLD KNOW WHAT THEY HAVE MISSED till now… the another world is waiting for you..!

Under her veil, he rested his exhausted head and, breathing in her beautiful hair, he soon fell asleep.

He got the warmth from her which reduce the effect of curse and get back him in his normal senses….

@last para: I just wish I could write up how I visualized it… a top view of Cage.. two bodies lying side by side… khushi's back on floor where as Lordy's facing the roof.. his one hand over her waist… his face under her hair.. she is still, facing other side…and a tear slide down…

Lovely Scripting…

  •          "I wish I could trust your words as much as I trust your love," Payal said sadly.
  •          Payal's lips trembled but she obediently leaned her face towards his, as his gentle hand moved up her thigh and her white veil slid down from her head and slipped slowly to the floor.
  •          "You won't dare to!" she averred, stepping away from the door, the ends of her veil dancing as she moved.



All n all he sense the blood when he trasfomed and then he could nt stop himself with the belt too.. that the reason he didn't want khushi to sleep next to him… and the remedy was the CAGE to save her from himself… Hmm..!! Good one Linny!
But you didn't scripted anything about his look changed, khushi didn't ancounter with fully transformed form yet is it?

I was just comparing scenario of wedding night in two chambers, I just left with silence nothing else…

"Kiss me, try!" Lord Akash put one hand under her chin and drew her face closer to his. With his other hand, he lifted up her gown.

Payal's lips trembled but she obediently leaned her face towards his, as his gentle hand moved up her thigh and her white veil slid down from her head and slipped slowly to the floor.


A loud rip resounded in cage, and she stopped moving for the tear in her gown had now reached up to her hip.
She bit her lower lip, as she felt the burning touch of his rough hand at her hip where the tear on her gown exposed her skin.
His strong hands were at her ankles and with one gentle tug, he slid her to the cage floor, the long veil on her head spread on the floor below her like her wings

This Epi deserve something absolutely appt BG, if i ever found a BG which either express exact feeling of khushi or Lordy's condition will post it...


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-Farwa_Ibrahim- IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by hoopoe

Rabba ve,

Shass, I have another wild theory in mind. Thought of sharing it here... Embarrassed 

According to Chinese mythology, the four Directions represents four Beastly Creatures, four Seasons and also four Elements of nature...
Lady Anjali... The "Water" of the North.

Lady Khushi... The "Fire" of the South.

General Jha... The "Wood" of the East.

Lord Arnav... The "Metal" of the West.

Shass, just observe the relationship they share with each other...
Anjali and Khushi... Water and fire... both elements can "purify", but their basic natures are a complete contrast ... both can be either constructive or destructive depending upon the elements they come across...
Water... which nourishes life and growth in "wood" can cause corrosion (rusting in case of iron) in a "Metal"
Lady Anjali... calm and gentle like water... who can be the elixir of life to General but at the same time the reason for Lordy's emotional weakness (his vulnerable spot, the Achilles heel)... in short she is General's strength and Lordy's weakness.
Fire... which melts a "Metal" and help it mould into a better shape but can burn down a "wood".
Lady Khushi... stubborn and ferocious like fire... who destroys all the evil around... purifies elements that she come across... who has the ability to melt Lordy, mould him and help him shape up into a better person (can change an unrefined metal to shape up as a mighty sword...), but at the same time can scorch down any evil soul (read General) who tend to hamper with the lives of her loved ones... in short, she is Lordy's strength and General's weakness.

Also, when it comes to the final battle, both sides should be equally balanced, right? I guess Lordy & Khushi on one side and General & Lady Anjali on the other side perfectly fulfills that requirement... Lordy & Khushi (White Tiger & Vermilion bird)... Vs General & Lady Anjali (The Azure Dragon & Black Turtle)... did you notice, each side has one who belongs to the "Earth" and the other who belongs to the "Sky"...


Also, by nature, the clash between the "Metal/Lordy" and "Wood/General" will not be complete unless and until "Fire/Khushi" and "Water/Anjali" enter the battlefield. Though they wont be directly waging war against each other, they'll play the essential role by being their partner's strengths... So at the end of the day, i guess the final battle will involve the clash of all the four powerful elements... Lordy & Khushi vs General & Lady Anjali... *phew* How is this theory?... Shass, i'll stop it here. I dont want Lin to chuck me out of the inn for perplexing her readers with such wild theories... LOL

P.S. The comparison is only about the relationship between the 4 elements and not about the beasts... and I completely agree that this is the result of overthinking after reading too much about chinese mythology in the past few days. Kindly ignore if you find this absurd... Embarrassed
P.S.S. Any Chinese ArHi fans who come across this comment kindly pardon me for using the chinese concept of elements to make such a silly comparison between the mighty elements and mundane humans... Embarrassed


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grrrpinderx3 Groupbie

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So Khushi cures arnav when he gets to kiss her ? omg this is wow
I am intrigued

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