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ArHi FF:7:The BEASTS and the BLEEDING ROSES (Page 48)

hoopoe IF-Dazzler

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@ Soul... Lol, I didn't seriously expect that your search will be about "The four elements"... Sorry about it. Embarrassed Anyways, you have plenty of time now, for atleast the next 3 months... Wink Nope, I not going to continue with any search regarding this tale as of now. You, Shass and other Comrades continue with it. Honestly, I don't think i'll be able to make long posts after I go to India. I promise i'll be reading all the updates and all your comments and will make small posts as frequently as I can. Will surely point out if I find any interesting connections in the tale. But in the mean time you girls keep up the interesting discussions and brilliant decoding... Tongue
P.S. I guess I have one week in my hand before I leave for India. Before that I'll try to make a post on few points which I would like to add to your and shass's comments.

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I'm speechless dude. So many things going on. I got to read the updates again. 

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Posted: 21 July 2013 at 2:40pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by A_Soul

Chapter 178: Chaos at the Castle

Without a warning, he was bending down and his strong arms were suddenly lifting her up. Kushi's arms were instinctively around his shoulders, fearing she may fall, but her gaze slid to his face and she saw the resoluteness etched in his brows. He had no heart in carrying her.

After reading this, for few minutes don't know why but I kept staring these lines' !!

'.. When they reached the living room, Lord Arnav released her and Kushi slid to the floor, her sandaled feet touching the carpeted floor first.

@Bold: The sentence would convey the msg if rest of the words won't be there but you wrote it' and this is that style of yours which I LOVE the most Linny' !!

"Miss Kushi, or should I say Lady Kushi," Lord Akash stepped forward, smiling, "Welcome to our family."

Ohhh Lord Sky you are so sweet.. giving that light smile to much heavier heart..!

' she could not voluntarily walk into it the first time.

Of course you can walk voluntarily, you are his wife now.. "Sadda Haq"!!

First the scare with the broken cart accident, the unusual tiff with Lord Arnav before he put the ring on her, the return to the Castle where she realized the astonishing truth about the General, the bitter wedding proposal by Lord Arnav, the impossible marriage and the inexplicable kiss, witnessing the horrid fight between the General and Lord Arnav, followed by the realization of the misunderstanding upon which Lord Arnav had acted stupidly, and then the reaction of her devastated family and the silence from everyone''.

Ohh ya' I didn't realize so much happen just in one single long night..!


"She is hurting inside," Payal complained to herself, frowning at the floor, "Why doesn't that girl understand that!"

My fondness for Payal increasing epi by epi'!

Lord Akash walked upto his wife and placed his hands on her shoulders, "I know Miss Kushi. She is a brave girl. She will have a reason to hide something and if she realizes she doesn't have to, the first person she will confide in will be you."

May God gives every spinster over here such a understanding husband'! Well all the married ones, I hope you all already have it!

Standing in the middle of her room, Lady Anjali studied the place confusedly. Her husband's suitcase was missing. Had he gone somewhere? Where was he?

Hailla' Suitcase le ke udd gaya?!!

And then she heard it. The faint music that seeped through the walls, only for her to hear'''.

Yeh lo ye to piano baja raha hain..!! Hmmm.. you are 'playing' good Gen.!

.. Her gaze was on his beautiful fingers, scarred in warfare, dancing on the keys and stirring music as they moved.

BEAUTIFUL & SCARRED' Both together..!! I loved that sign linny.. isn't it saying about his soul..?!!

"I must," he said, and then he looked up at her, his gaze rigid, "I have been called for a new assignment and I had asked them to spare me for tonight so I could attend Akash's wedding. And now that it is over, I must leave."

Chal Jhootha!! Called by whom, your cursy side.. to plan new assignment = next move.. hmm bolo bolo?

"It is over now," sighed the General, "Everything is lost."
"The night is over and so is hope."

I love this Linny' one sentence two different meanings.. Supper..!

The General closed his eyes, the sooner I leave, the better'''

Well, as of now I am not able to understand why his is saying so, what will went wrong if he stays' just he feels low without hope cant be the reason behind his running away' there is much more.. much much more!

How will I ever return to this place again?

See' what's going on in his mind?

"Letters won't do any good in the warfront, my dear," said the General. All those letters written in vain''

Anjali is talking about them, aur yeh hain ki apni hi sunaye ja raha hain'!


Upstairs, Lord Arnav was storming about in his room. He unbuttoned his shirt and flung it to the floor.

And here I catch it' Yes!!!

Lord Arnav clenched his fists, What did she have to do that for!

Socho socho' think hard dear but don't bother your brain let your heart do that!

She must have known that foul General would not kill me with her in the way or she wouldn't have done that. Yes, she must have known!

Dhatteriki' Hey Bhaggu kya hoga yeh lordy ka!

Oh god that "Memories'" para of Lordy' Tis (Pang) uthi mere man main linny..
Wonderful' down stairs what all memories crossing khushi's mind and up stairs what all memories crossing Lody's mind'. Wonderful JUST WOOONDERFUL!!!

He looked up and frowned at the door. So everything was a lie. You never cared for me. I was a fool to have fallen for your false innocence.

Though he is saying it all in regret but at least he accepted he fallen for her' It sounds so satisfying to hear it from him..!!


There was Kushi, in her white gown and flowing veil, smashing the kernel of cocoa nuts on the floor with the end of a rod.

Yeh lo' yeh phir chocolate liquor banana baith gai'
Wah. kya raam milayi Jodi,
Ek beggar, ek Lordy!

Lady Anjali was with child''Lord Akash was now with Payal''..Lord Arnav, though her husband, was not a safe choice and Nani was probably in bed already.

I literally laugh loud over this'! 'Not SAFE choice' he he!

Whole scene in kitchen just gave me Goosebumps..! It has so much pain, that I am speechless..
You know it very well that what & how I felt..!

Lady Anjali was disconcerted, "She's distressed and you're detached!"

Whistle podu'. Linny.!!

Nani looked from Lady Anjali's face to Lord Arnav's, trying to understand what Lady Anjali had seen in Lord Arnav that had vexed her, and then she realized, "Chotey! Did you''...did you transform?"

OOOHHH'.. this is so good linny, first time in front of family someone talked about it.. wooohooo!!!


"The Divine powers?" Lord Arnav sneered, "Aye, that is wise insight, indeed."

Haaye issi attitude ne to maar daala hain..!
Man' this is going tremendous good..!!

He turned to the stairs, dragging Kushi with him, but Lady Anjali stepped before him, her hand on her inflated middle, "I cannot let you take her with you. I am sorry to say this for it breaks my heart, but you are not fit to be her husband."
"I am the only one fit for her," said Lord Arnav briskly.

You have no idea linny what's going through in my blood while reading each of that word scripted here'. There are no word in universe to write my feelings..!

"Worry not, Di," he continued sarcastically, "We have a remedy for it. Om PRAKASH!"

WHAT' remedy..? Linny kya yaar ek k baad ek bomb fode ja rahi hain..!

Lady Manorama looked at her husband, "Arnavbitwa's sanities are getting worse; talk some sense into him!"

Super one.. 1st time in this epi mami is right.. he he!

"I can because I can," he said icily and then climbed up the stairs, dragging Kushi after him.

Now what kind of remedy is it that everyone scared of' ?

Beautiful scripting'.

  •          No one spoke to anyone and silently issued to their respective rooms, Nani shutting her door as though she wanted to shut out the entire world from her life.
  •          ' Payal watched as the moonlight flickered over the petals. She realized that what glistened on the petals were not dewdrops but tears. ( those last words just touch me deeply)

Well if I point of like this then whole update will come as bullet point'! To be very frank I havnt think a plain chap of coming back to castle can be like Thrilling ride of different emotions'!

For what Lordy & Khushi going thorugh right now.. [click on play button to listen the BG]


Chapter 179: The Wedding Night in the His Chamber

Lord Akash kissed Payal on her cheek, where the blush was prominent even in the moonlight, "How do you know if Kushi is not being loved by her husband this very moment?"

Again a dialogue where I don't know why but I keep on staring it..!

"Alright, I won't talk of them in any way that makes you uncomfortable," Lord Akash promised, "Forgive me, please, my pretty wife, for I am yearning for you to keep your worries aside''"

He is so adorable n understanding' u r a good Husband Lord Sky!!

"He is not only heartless, my lord," Payal corrected, "But brainless too!"

Well I agree at some point with you Payal, I mean he choose khushi over ME. Of course he is brainless..!

And before she knew it, Lord Akash's hands were at her waist, pulling her to him.
"Kiss me, my wife," Lord Akash whispered.

Ha ha.. After he is also a RAIZADA.. but I like his thought behind his act.


At the farther end of the room stood an immense cage, its metallic bars thick and shining bright gold.

CAGE!!! In room' what is for? For himself to cage in transformed form so couldn't harm any one? Or for khushi so she can be safe when he transformed..?

"I brought it down especially for you," he said mordantly.

Wow.. what a gift for First Night..!

Thinking so, Kushi struggled to stand up, wincing from the pain in her strained back. Her legs were cramped from the long sitting but the reminder of not waking the sleeping lion cautioned the mouse in her to be extremely careful.

Isse kehtain hain MAUT KE MUH me jana'!

Suddenly, he moved away from her, his eyes fearful.

He has is own way of understanding & caring for her' isn't it!

She looked over her shoulder, anxiously, and was stunned to see his shadowed face glowering at her, the light in his eyes wild and his teeth bare.
She opened her mouth but no sound came forth. She could only stare, certain that something was not right. The belt was on the floor, wet in some places, but the air he exhibited was a dangerous one, as though he had cornered his prey.

This is really scary sight'!

In a swift move, she turned to the door, her hand reaching for the handle, but he leapt towards her and she ducked fearfully, her arms held protectively over her head, and he was left groping at nothing.

Hoopoe' HE is A TIGER..!!

Her only resort was the space behind her, into his room.

Go to Cage or put him into Cage!!

Then suddenly he was no there and Kushi stared into the darkness, the silence so still, her heartbeat was loud and alarming.

And then''..WHAMP!

Just like how tiger attack' go all silent n hide himself so that the prey get relaxed and then BANG' he attacks!!

He looked at his hand as his fingers touched where her teeth had sunk in and then he looked at her, his eyes blazing with renewed wildness and anger.

SHERNI dil se ghayal, aur SHER jism se ghayal'!

It was too late when she decided to get on her feet, for in a sudden move, Lord Arnav had squeezed through the space he had made between the bars.

WHAT!!!!  He came in!! Ohh dear'

She stilled when his sweat-drenched hair, which had fallen over his forehead, pressed against her cheek, and she gasped when she felt his warm wet mouth on the side of her neck.

Again NECK' oh what is it with neck yaar..!!
Oh yaa animal always target the neck while hunting'

His strong hands were at her ankles and with one gentle tug, he slid her to the cage floor, the long veil on her head spread on the floor below her like her wings.

CLAP CLAP CLAP for you linny' SO BRILLIANTLY connected veil with wings.. GIRL just go out and write to publish.. let the WORLD KNOW WHAT THEY HAVE MISSED till now' the another world is waiting for you..!

Under her veil, he rested his exhausted head and, breathing in her beautiful hair, he soon fell asleep.

He got the warmth from her which reduce the effect of curse and get back him in his normal senses'.

@last para: I just wish I could write up how I visualized it' a top view of Cage.. two bodies lying side by side' khushi's back on floor where as Lordy's facing the roof.. his one hand over her waist' his face under her hair.. she is still, facing other side'and a tear slide down'

Lovely Scripting'

  •          "I wish I could trust your words as much as I trust your love," Payal said sadly.
  •          Payal's lips trembled but she obediently leaned her face towards his, as his gentle hand moved up her thigh and her white veil slid down from her head and slipped slowly to the floor.
  •          "You won't dare to!" she averred, stepping away from the door, the ends of her veil dancing as she moved.



All n all he sense the blood when he trasfomed and then he could nt stop himself with the belt too.. that the reason he didn't want khushi to sleep next to him' and the remedy was the CAGE to save her from himself' Hmm..!! Good one Linny!
But you didn't scripted anything about his look changed, khushi didn't ancounter with fully transformed form yet is it?

I was just comparing scenario of wedding night in two chambers, I just left with silence nothing else'

"Kiss me, try!" Lord Akash put one hand under her chin and drew her face closer to his. With his other hand, he lifted up her gown.

Payal's lips trembled but she obediently leaned her face towards his, as his gentle hand moved up her thigh and her white veil slid down from her head and slipped slowly to the floor.


A loud rip resounded in cage, and she stopped moving for the tear in her gown had now reached up to her hip.
She bit her lower lip, as she felt the burning touch of his rough hand at her hip where the tear on her gown exposed her skin.
His strong hands were at her ankles and with one gentle tug, he slid her to the cage floor, the long veil on her head spread on the floor below her like her wings

This Epi deserve something absolutely appt BG, if i ever found a BG which either express exact feeling of khushi or Lordy's condition will post it...


Dear A_Soul

You amaze me. Whenever I read your comments, I get some more insight into Aquiline's writing. The way you bring my attention to certain things whose beauty I must have seen but not entirely felt!!! Wow... Love reading your analysis always :)

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A_Soul IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by moon8387

Originally posted by A_Soul



Dear A_Soul

You amaze me. Whenever I read your comments, I get some more insight into Aquiline's writing. The way you bring my attention to certain things whose beauty I must have seen but not entirely felt!!! Wow... Love reading your analysis always :)
And comment like 'THIS ONE' always amaze me...!
I have problem, I never see that in me what ppl see...!!
Thank you dear Moon, thank you very much for spending your time & those lovely words..!

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A_Soul IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 22 July 2013 at 12:12am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Chaverah_Paps

gracious Lord!!
dat was amazing Aquiline..
d wait dint go in vain...
luvd it ..
Originally posted by blithebay

I am a new reader , I just read whole full threads  from 1 to 6 at a stretch ,I have never been much interested in any love subject much except with few author offcourse but I really love your work a lot ClapActually I am quite good at explaining which I like , but my explanation will not do justice to your work WinkBut I think my best wishes from the bottom of my heart will do Heartcontinue ur wonderful wonders ,"the beast and the bleeding roses" new admirer Day Dreaming I must say that ipkknd is the 1st serial I have ever watched in my life ,and fell in love with it ,( I was a person who makes fun of those who watch serials of my age or little above or below my age,and pass comments along with my few male cousins brothers. My mother,and father also don't watch any serials ,they just watch news and reality shows ,but my yelder sister watches almost all the Hindi serials to maintain her hindi ,is the reason I became crazy fan of ipkknd and I could improve my Hindi also coz I am a tamilian )but sadly after the remarriage , I was not all happy with its moving ,even I had expected some blasting for Shyam' true colours ,and I was never a one for expeting more Blushing Scenes( I don't expect them to do only lovely Dovley scenes ) ,wt I really loved was the Nok jok between the couple,fire between them ,sizzling chemistry,and small rabbi ves.( I am  not someone who likes to read Payal akash love story very smooth one but still it added innocence to the plot  ) 
Thak you for reading those non scence p: , 
I loved each and every chapter of yours ,after the serial this ff of your's  
Made me crazy ( ipkknd 2 should be Made by ur plot with the same team ) I with u all the very best 4 ur future chapters .
Originally posted by Angel1618

I found this story yesterday and read it all at one go and seriously you are an awesome writer.Smile
loved the update
Originally posted by Elle.Frost

Read your ff In one go
This story Is so wonderful... Clap
No doubt I am In love with It... Heart Embarrassed
Thank you for PMing Smile
And please update soon cant wait to read more...!
Originally posted by mbibi

Amazing story! it is a very very one of a kind story and  written superbly! 

All the facets of how the characters feel and how they interconnect is done very tastefully; and the characters are actually believable because they have different faces and grey areas and are not just solely good or completely bad i.e. Shyam...

After IPKKND ended, there have been other ff's that I read too, but something about this particular one is just so intriguing, I am left eagerly awaiting for more :)

Okay enough nonsensical blabber aha...So in the aftermath, will Khushis memory also be wiped out such as that of Sashis? Or will it be Lord Arnav who cant recall the transformation? It will be interesting to see how they interact and digest the events of the night if either of them remembers...Maybe Arnav will begin to believe in Shyams words that Khushi is the cure for the curse...

Rabba Vey New InnMates... (that's how we greet here)
I, Soul, on behalf of all the readers welcome you all at WORLD OF ARHASIA... where mysterious wind blows with aroma of love..!! Soon you will be welcomed by storyteller herself, till that time..
Plz make yourself comfortable
Innkeeper Bhaiya is always available...
Order your favorite drink, Hot or Cold
Everyone is welcomed here, Shy or Bold.!!
To have Fun, Food and ChitChat
A cottage next to Inn to pour 'Dil ki baat'..!!
Your visits will be more frequent, I believe
With that note I take your leave.. !!!
Enjoy the ride

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hoopoe IF-Dazzler

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Originally posted by A_Soul

Originally posted by moon8387

Originally posted by A_Soul

Dear A_Soul

You amaze me. Whenever I read your comments, I get some more insight into Aquiline's writing. The way you bring my attention to certain things whose beauty I must have seen but not entirely felt!!! Wow... Love reading your analysis always :)
And comment like 'THIS ONE' always amaze me...!
I have problem, I never see that in me what ppl see...!!
Thank you dear Moon, thank you very much for spending your time & those lovely words..!
Soul, I completely agree with moon. That last review of yours was amazing... Clap Dear soul, only YOU write a perfect review of an update covering all the essential points of the chapter. Moon mentioned it right. You make us notice few lines and words which we have left unnoticed and make us enjoy the brilliance and beauty behind those words of Lin. And not to forget the connections and insight you provide us through your words too... Thumbs Up  To me this is the best comment you have made after the Lordy-Khushi encounter in his chamber on the ballnight. You are in your best form now, keep continuing... Hug
P.S. You have made some brilliant pointers and I need some time to write in detail on each points. Will do it as soon as possible.
P.S.S. Thanks for welcoming the new readers. I told you already, this welcome looks perfect... I just loved your cool welcome note. Keep up the good work...Thumbs Up 

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hoopoe IF-Dazzler

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Originally posted by A_Soul

Hoopoe & Shassy...

As i read each comment of yours over (after 177) last 3 chaps together Wacko it is really difficult for me to pointed out anything particularly that you both have said..but listing out few points which come in my mind while reading it... (Feeling quite heavy in head after reading all that together..)
Ya, I understand... Embarrassed LOL 


When said everyone was sure of his transformation, at the i will say yes they are but after they saw him in kitchen (not before that) which means he was already transformed once before coming down to kitchen & that's y they are scared for khushi.. otherwise if they were sure before that then Nani herself at first take khushi with herself to her room

Valid point. I agree... I think even shass mentioned the same as you. So it means, they weren't expecting him to transform that night, but felt that it'll be risky to let Khushi stay in Lordy's room since he has started transforming once again. Hmmm... fine. Agreed with Shass's words too... If Lordy thought that he'll transform, he'll never let Khushi to stay near him and that too in his chamber. Agreed.
I like that connection of Anjali being caged in castle & Lordy's golden heart as cage n all... So that could be a possibility that by caging her in castle he is protecting her from himself only, but then isn't it unsafe for her to live with him in castle as it not difficult for a beast to go to next room.. Or ya that could be possible that when ever he feels now he cant control his beast in him he just moved out of castle (and in his beasty form he couldn't recognize who is person front of him whom he is going to harm)  Just doubt over Anjali & Cage theory, If now his beasty power & strength can bend golden rode cant it be at that time too (if &) when Anjali caged herself..!
No no soul, I think its not that way. He want to protect his sister from the outside world as she is already fragile (for reasons not revealed to us yet)... And, the question about her safety from the beast in him... I guess, there was only one time, he tried to harm her... remember nani's Honeybee, Rose and little girl story?... I guess he tried to harm Lady Anjali in one of his beastly transformations and Naniji intervened and saved her but harmed her fingers in that attempt. Since the fingers remain unhealed even now, I guess its the curse effect and damage must be done in only his transformed state.
Anyways, after that incident he started using the dungeon to lock himself or mouth belt or simply flee away from the castle during his beastly cravings... So the symbolism I mentioned is just about Lordy's golden yet hollow heart trying to keep his sister locked up there to protect her from worldy harms. Now, he has handed over that golden cage , ie his heart to Khushi... or to be precise he tries to lock khushi and protect her in the same way as his sister... making Khushi as Lady Anjali's equal...
The symbolism has nothing to do with the real purpose of the Golden cage. As some readers have pointed out, is gold the strongest metal?... Im not sure about its strength. Hence didn't touch that point. If that's the reason, then how come he bent it that night (which I guess have never happened before)... Hmmm... something essential that connects all these points is missing here. Hope we'll get to see it soon. As for now, this theory is incomplete.
Also in general lf it doesn't shown yet in any chapter it doesn't mean something does not happen, I mean for Gen Linny has clearly mentioned that his beast awaken after long, but in case of lordy (if I remember rightly) it has not mentioned in any earlier chap that his curse was at rest for sometime.. where as i think he transforms more frequently then gen.. at those nights too which LH has not mentioned to linny..!
Im not sure whether its at the inn or cottage, but I remember Lin answering that to some reader's query that Lordy hasn't transformed in a long time... Soul, I think even in that chapter of Lordy'd transformation, its mentioned that the transformation is taking place after a long time. Wait, let me check.
Here it is...
Shadow was distraught. He knew what was happening. His master needed to be secluded. To be kept away from habitation. 
After many years, it was coming again.
                                                                                                              ... Chapter 170
@BothCan you both teach me how one can write so much on same topic? Well Hoopoe with teach me precision and shassy you just teach me how to blabber LOL 
Blame shass for that. She spoiled me... LOL I was happy writing crispy, super short comments on this tale. Its Shass who changed me and made you people's head spin after reading our looong discussions... Embarrassed LOL But on a serious note, thank you shass for visiting the inn frequently last week and taking part in the discussions amidst ur busy schedules. It felt so good after a long time... Love you both... Heart

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march2011 IF-Dazzler

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anyone knows when the next update will be although i know line refrian frm stalking but couldn't help myself everyday i am doing it...want to know what happens

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