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ArHi FF:7:The BEASTS and the BLEEDING ROSES (Page 114)

darya20 Goldie

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Posted: 26 August 2013 at 10:23am | IP Logged
Inshallah ur dad with gain his health back 
And dont worry about us we will wait no probpem :* 

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namita11 Goldie

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Posted: 26 August 2013 at 10:46am | IP Logged
Get your father better. We are not going anywhere

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angeldream14 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 26 August 2013 at 12:06pm | IP Logged
loved it

so she is d cure

she is indeed pretty brave

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Smrikta992 Goldie

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Posted: 26 August 2013 at 1:24pm | IP Logged
Its ok.. Right now your dad needs u.. Story can wait.. Take care of ur dad.. We all pray for him.. So dont worry.. We will wait.. Take care..

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dimishra Senior Member

Joined: 15 February 2012
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Posted: 26 August 2013 at 1:59pm | IP Logged
dear aquiline, hope ur dad gets better. dont worry, we can wait .

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shass IF-Dazzler

Joined: 24 February 2012
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Posted: 26 August 2013 at 3:07pm | IP Logged

Linny..i had promised you a post on the General.. but i never wrote it coz you gave ''the clash of intents''.. though most of what i believed in came true there, it still had a few things that got me frowning..

that chapter made me pause,rethink n re-consider all the facts.
but today i keep my promise.Embarrassed


Initially when i started reading this tale, i had a very high opinion about him coz i could see no flaws in him..

Originally posted by shass

           so far,i hv understood him to b a vry good man,he helped a simple village girl,saved hr life twice,while facing da danger directly.. he's brave,coz he fights fearlessly in da battle, marches ahead without thnkg abt da danger dat surrounds him..he's a General for sumthg,ryt?..he's compassionate coz he feels fr his men,his land n he values thm bcoz dats y he's here..his pride doesnt let him b dependent upon his brothr-in-law n wife.. esp,dat in ur previous chps lin [25 n 27] he ws offered to leave his current job coz lady anjali missed him he ddnt,yes she ws ryt,fr him thgs lyk honor n dignity means more thn nethg else.. he probably luvd his Lady Queen alot n pampered hr too,luvd living his lyf wth hr,da peace n harmony, bt all dat changed with khushi arriving on da scene! lyk lord Arnav,he too cn see into hr soul thru her eyes.. beautiful !! so he's not a shallow man..he's intelligent,intellectual n admirer of not only wt he cn ''See'' bt wt can only b ''Felt''  too..

 but with the passage of time,  i could see into his actions n how well hidden he was.. and my opinion about him changed especially when you gave the chapter ''trespasser''.. the way he made that proposal to khushi, i thought he didn't love her but wanted her only to cure his curse n since then i have only concentrated on his hypocrisy,selfishness n great manipulating ability.. you had said that there were two lies told by him there,n later confirmed the second one to be about ''his family''..which means he really wanted her as his heart's ''companion''. n i could not see that till  ''the clash of intents'' .. it was just not the ''intentions'' that clashed that night, it was the ''beliefs'' too..

What may have got him near the Raizada's n marry Lady Anjali, only time will tell.. but he never loved her..he cared for her just to keep his mask intact, he acted well,though.. n why that was important for him? too will unfold in due course.. but it seems he did have some superior reasons to play the role of  a loving husband.. very recently, i realized that he's not scared of Lord Arnav either.. n he kept things secretive from rest of the world until he could,for reasons only he knows.. but all this while one cant over look the fact that  Gen shyam is still a human being, n their are limits to everything..he must have his own uncertainties n fears n weaknesses to rule him.. he's not perfect.. neither in goodness, nor in evilness.

  He's the most complex of all the characters in your tale linny.. and i understand well,when you say that he takes all your strength to be sketched this way.. coz it takes all my strength to understand him.  n i love him just as much as i love Lordy's character.. coz he's been sketched perfectly with all that evilness residing within him.. his character has its own beauty n i could always see that.but i want to ask you.. HOW DO YOU DO IT?? HOW CAN YOU BE IN HIS MIND SO WELL??feel sorry that i have no other words to describe your God-gifted talent.. you are a ''GENIUS''!!ClapClapClap

.. there are people even in real life, where when we hear about their decisions & actions, we question their ethics n morals.. but we condemn them coz we look at them through our POV..but what will happen when we'll look at them through theirs?? Gen. shyam is also such a person,silently existing among the good people,pretending to be good, but hiding the darkness that rules his heart. because there's no other way to exist,as they need to be accepted by the world,how else can they be part of it? its very easy to judge him, but so hard to understand him coz we look at him from our own POV..we find him selfish, a liar n an opportunist,a hypocrite.. but when you look at him through his own eyes..  he lives his life according to his ''beliefs''.. n coz we think good/positively about everything, we wonder what may drive him to such an extend??but to him, he's right...

The ''trespasser'' has answers to most of what he really is.. All these years he was alone n lived with his own secrets that horrified him.. but somehow he felt he could not share himself with any one.. the reason why he says to lordy..

The General didn't see this, for he had turned his gaze back to the land before him, "It is the unseen and the unfelt that last...What is seen attains immortality when it becomes unseen."

i think here he was referring to the state of his heart.. his loneliness and the pain it causes him. its ''unseen'' n ''unfelt'' by the world, but its very real to him.. and coz he has seen it.he knows how dreadful it is .. and coz the world cannot see it n so cure it, it seems to haunt him forever.

i think he too had lost hope for any cure back then but then khushi entered his life.. he fell for her. n when he realized it,he started pursuing her..

After meeting her he kept thinking about her n his thoughts were also haunted by her face,like lordy's were..whether he was with his wife, on the battle field or with lightning he kept think n missing her..

Lightning's snout nudged his shoulder and he looked at her from the corner of his eye, "I cannot help it, Lightning. I cannot do without her."
Her Master looked across the land before him, pulling the grass near his knee, and spoke as if in a daze, "She is a bewitching young girl, pulling at the  fibres of my heart  with just those wondrous eyes of hers."

the tug at heart that both men felt, was itself explained by lord Akaash as..

Lord Akash shook his head at his brother's humor, "There is no such need of superfluous undertakings. The moment I see her, I will know it's her." And then he looked at his brother, "It's like''.one will feel this tug at one's heart if one ever chances upon the girl one is destined for."

i think that the two curses have the ''true love'' clause,as part of the cure.  lordy has been ''BLOCKING'' the words of the cure coz he never believed in true love,marriage,relationships,God or destiny.. for whatever events that occurred ten years ago,left him distrustful of the above... he thinks that there's nothing in this world that could be as selfless,pure n sacrificing that can cure him.. for him,the only relationship thats capable of all that is the one he shares with his sister.. though he loves khushi, he still does not realize he loves her, he always associates it with his ''weakness''.. but the day he'll realize it, he'll get one step closer to his cure.
But,the General believes in it so he's aware of such a feeling..

 the reason why he said to Lightning..

You'll carry me to love too, Lightning. to the end of this wretched curse,"
assured her rider, and the prophecy made upon the white horse lingered in the air, as the white horse flashed over the land, leaping in the bright light of the sunlight, its rider a dark silhouette upon her white form.

he has a very honest relationship with his mare.. n i have found him to be truest, when he's with himself or lightning... so he was telling her the truth.. he was going to meet his love, which is khushi.. n the true love will be his key to ''freedom from the curse''.

He tried every thing to impress khushi n to show how good he was. tried to woo her by first acquainting with her by writing letters to her, establishing friendship & trust..then when he was a little surer he proposed her by asking her to be his ''Companion of the Heart''. but he didn't calculate khushi's feelings  n a possible rejection , so the plan backfired. she refused n he got hurt.. but he never gave up, after all he's very ambitious n likes to win at all cost. he still thought he had a chance, he would have devised some new method to get her but destiny intervened, his mask was lifted n khushi found out about the truth.. he was terribly hurt that night,he cried in hopelessness before he planned the next step n burned the letters that lordy came to know about.. may be he was really going to abduct khushi that night, but she got married to lordy n her little speech n the hatred he saw in her words n eyes left him heartbroken.. he was horrified by the thought of hurting her while attacking lordy that night. his pain was real, coz after such a long time, he saw hope n happiness in the form of khushi but now he could see that there was a battle well lost.. she would never love him n he'll never get cured.. her loyalty will always be towards her husband now.

 somehow, for him love seems to be something he can possess,irrespective of what the other may think and feel.. i feel, he's one man who truly believes in..


... may be thats why he's so obsessed with getting khushi..coz the selfishness in him does not let him see the difference between right and wrong.. however, i'm more interested in knowing what formed such beliefs for him?? coz no man is born bad, his circumstances lead him to believe in certain things..those beliefs that are the basis for one's intentions,decisions & actions.

I had once said about the general...

Originally posted by shass

             to b in love isnt a crime n isnt sumthg u cn control what choices u mk , mks u eithr good or bad.. he's cursed indeed..he's in love; a curse dat vl eithr bring out da beast in him n he'll b consumed by selfishness n wickedness or if he rises above all dat n proves himself of wt da world thnks of him for nw!! A better Person !!

And well, we finally know that he is consumed by not just selfishness n wickedness but obsession too.. when all that is present at the same time, one cannot see the wisdom in one's actions.. There has to be something within him, thats dark enough to earn him the curse.. so far his flaws justify it. but the ''real him'' has been so well hidden from the world. i feel its time LH unmasked him.. n so we see him fall for his own ''Destruction''...

PS;  thinking about souly's fragile nerves!
sorry buddy but i had to make references so it could not be done in a few lines.. btw souly, there are more coming your way...WinkTongueLOL

Edited by shass - 26 August 2013 at 4:08pm

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shass IF-Dazzler

Joined: 24 February 2012
Posts: 4069

Posted: 26 August 2013 at 5:48pm | IP Logged
Dearest hp.. thank you for telling me about the discussions on the last few pages of thread 5.. n in the words of linny,   it was sheer magnificence on you part !! loved going through what you,soul n sanu discussed.. n yes, i'll write soon, about the prologue with regard to the past connectionTongue.. i think what souly too thought of..

while going through it all, i wished i could have been there back then.. but there are times when i can't be no matter how much i want to or tried to..
i'll try to answer a few questions n skip others that am not sure about..Wink

this standing ovation is for you,souly n sanu..



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primisha Groupbie

Joined: 05 July 2012
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Posted: 27 August 2013 at 12:40am | IP Logged
hi, ur ff is amazing. my sincere prayers and best wishes for ur father's health. take care.

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