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ArHi FF:7:The BEASTS and the BLEEDING ROSES (Page 10)

Mouktika Groupbie

Joined: 11 September 2012
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Posted: 26 June 2013 at 3:58am | IP Logged
I liked the confrontation that too before she saves him .

But Iam waiting to know how will Arnav save Kushi & Anjali from such a strong enemy.somewhere I thought Shyam is more worried abt Kushis heart it's yet to be known if it's the flesh or the feelings he is worried for.

U made this one very interesting otherwise I was hoping this one and the family part to be little not boring but a normal one

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Jammy- IF-Dazzler

Joined: 16 May 2012
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Posted: 26 June 2013 at 3:58am | IP Logged
Holy Sh*t! I cannot believe this! She knows! She knows why he did this?! You are really writing your story aren't you?

I cannot believe what just happened!!!! I am too stunned for words! 

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gmsk IF-Rockerz

Joined: 11 March 2012
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Posted: 26 June 2013 at 4:27am | IP Logged
*pheww* This was really "clash of the intents"...
It was as if i was live watching sword fighting or better i was witnessing the whole forest scene in front of me hiding behind a tree :P
During the fight the convo between first lord & general was really fruitful cause lord arnav now knows the reason, why the general was after khushi..
"That village girl is my cure!" i just hope tht when he's little calmed down he does ponder over tht statment..
But the best scene award definitely & undoubtedly goes to ourjhasi ki raani  "LADY KHUSHI KUMARI GUPTA SINGH RAIZADA" ( awwit feels soo good to call her this, bt dont knw if she's gona address her self with first her full name like tht in the show or just her husband's name at last). 
 And i am not gona get biased here forgetting the way lord arnav held her securely due to the unexpected fall .. " HAYYEE BOTH ARE JUST MADE  FOR EACH OTHER Day Dreaming"
And the other best thing apart from this was the fact. that unlike in the show here Mr. JHA is definitely not after khushi for any disgusting reasons but only for his well being.. 
though i agree his way of approach to reach his goals was unacceptable but his intentions didnt seem to be bad.. AND AND AND during his sword fight and convo with first lord  he NEVER even pointed or tried to accuse khushi for any kind of unacceptable relationship betwn them both... I DEFINITELY LIKE HIM MORE IN THIS TALE AS COMPARED TO THE SHOW..
Thank u lin for this breath taking updating ( it actualy was during the sword fight :P  )

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-Farwa_Ibrahim- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 26 June 2013 at 4:34am | IP Logged
Loved it... Loved the effect of Khushi's veil and unwound hair caused on Lordy... They were so engrossed in their own thoughts dat they couldnt sense Lightening n gen approaching... Loved the way Lordy's arms encircled Khushi the very instant to protect her... Lordy lordy lordy tera kya karain u pretend to be so stone heart but u r not! If u were stone hearted u would have never cared for shadow... U just lacked the trust on others n love... Gen on ur face hmph now she is married to lordy *tongue out* oh he told him tht his interest in Khushi was just because of the reason of getting cured. Arnav's reaction was worth it and so was his belief was as we believed him to have... He is the one who has accepted his curse openly... So now he knows that gen was interested in Khushi just because of that... Loved Arnav's words I shall not let u harm neither my sister nor MY WIFE HAI SAKOON MILLA IS LAFZ KO PARH K LOLZ... EVEN WHEN khushi was described to b looking at Lordy aftre the fall u used the word her husband loved it... No doubt Lordy's sword fighting skills were no match to Gen's...well now what Khushi did was more out of love then out of WIFELY ACT... How these two always try to or simply do protect each other even now ... Loved it Lin I know I might not be able to pick what u wanted the readers to pick but I simply loved the whole update the fight sequence and everything

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zainza IF-Dazzler

Joined: 26 November 2010
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Posted: 26 June 2013 at 5:21am | IP Logged
Awesome Awesome chapter!
I just loved was so much better than the mu in the serial.

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crazy4ArnavSR IF-Dazzler

Joined: 14 April 2012
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Posted: 26 June 2013 at 5:38am | IP Logged
LINNY! LINNY LINNY! I so wanna crush u in  a big hug rgt now! U r Awesome ...dawesome! 

Honestly speaking...i m just dumbstruck after having read all those chapters! U really never fail to get a reaction out of me...everytime i read your narrations..either i end up madly grinning or blushing profusely or sometimes even feel resented or sad. and above all...i always  see an element of surprise. Even...though there were lot many things i loved in each chapter...yet like u said...i'll keep it to bare minimum of what i liked best! and i know it's still too long...just couldn't keep my fingers off. 

The forbidden at the Festival:

You're''" Kush struggled to find words, and then she gritted her teeth, "I hate you. I always will."

"And I will keep you that way," said Lord Arnav, "I will like nothing but hatred from you."

"Oh really?" she smiled, "Are you suggesting that I should change my tactics then?"

"Do you think I am?" said Lord Arnav casually, crossing his arms before his chest.

Kush blinked, "No, I meant are you'.." She paused and then frowned, "You're snide, you are! Talking in circles and trying to trap me by my own words!"

"Trap you?" Lord Arnav gave a deliciously innocent look and Kush felt her heart skip, "Why would I try to trap a girl who voluntarily makestraps and falls into them herself?"

Wretched Worries: totally had the image of worried Khushi...and liked especially this part-

"Worried?" he was amazed, "For me?"

"Yes, for you, you foul heartless Frankenstein!" she yelled, "Do you not care for those who care for you that you must go and torture them so?!!"

He stared wide-eyed and then his lips curved to a pleased smirk, "This is strange indeed'..."

Teasing nd toying: The sliding finger along the wine glass..the whole scortching fingers scene...quite a sensational episode.  

Biased choices: Honestly...i couldn't help wondering about the gown of his dreams..after he had "helped" khushi pick up the gown.Embarrassed


Night before Wedding Night: Then i loved Payal's words abt hw khushi's husband should be.

"Well," Payal laid her head on Kushi's lap this time, "if I am to find the man who is marry my little sister, I would want him to be someone who would let my sister be young and childlike at heart even when she is expected to be all wifely and motherly. I would want him protect you from hurt for you are someone who is willing to sacrifice all your happiness and trade it for pain so that others around you can be happy. I want someone who will defend you and take good care of you even when you fall into little mischiefs of your own making."
"And above all, Kushi," Payal whispered, cupping her young sister's face, so that they were looking into each other's eyes, "I want you to be wedded to a man who will love you like no one has ever loved you before. You deserve the best man there is to exist, my little sister."

and I know it may be a silly thing to point out...but I really enjoy reading everytime u make lordy stand at the doors of stable and shout out " shadow". WinkLOL 

And even though, i didnt hv time to read all the comments, still i did read shahin's message posted by u...and I hv to say lin u hv found yet another very talented reader...someone who is definitely grasping the story in just the way it should have been. and I m indeed very
astonished seeing her pick up just the right point despite never having come across Ipk. 

i was genuinely smiling ear to ear the minute I read following lines-

"Lady Anjali:  "But I know just the girl fit to be your wife."

He paused and his eyes were curious, "You doWho?"

His sister's eyebrows shot up in mock amazement. "Oh! Are you in earnest to know?" she teased.

"No, I suppose not. I couldn't possibly be interested," said her brother, turning to head for his room.

"Of course and it is good you are not that interested," said his sister, watching him slowly climb the steps, "Because that girl deserves a man who will sincerely love her and since you claim yourself heartless, I don't see how I will be helping her fulfill HER dreams. Nonetheless, I am certain after her sister is wedded off, her parents will immediately set out to seek a worthy man for her."

A Ritual out of the Blue: the best thing about this chapter was offcourse the unexpected happeninng...tht lord Arnav went to ask for permission of Master gupta for the wedding.

The Weddding: I think this chapter was one among the best reads for me so far. there are only few times when i feel deep sensation like tht of a gripping heart. and this one particular definitely did tht too. I liked the whole Lock-dropping thing. and the Kiss...well, i m sure not one person had left it mentioned. and neither will i. It was just marvellous. the second half of the kiss part totally blew me away. and then...Khushi..seeing the love in his eyes..and above all realizing it...well tht was something totally unexpected. but then offcourse...she was forced to believe otherwise. Ane not to forget the hemit-Arnav clashing. LOL loved the way the hermit was delivering bk to lordy. LOL

Acting on her Words: Loved the Conclusion master Gupta reached to...for handing off his daughter to Khushi.

The Clash of Intents: Khushi jumping in to save Arnav..*whistle* and scratch tht..ordering General to Leave *double whistle* Wink LOL and arggh! Lordy is so busy fanning his anger tht he just didn't care to focus...tht Khushi just landed herself in danger to save him. Feeling exactly the i used to feel everytime arnav used to fail to notice what he should have noticed on the screen...and words of cursing just tumble out of mouth and i sit cross-fingered hoping tht somehow he pays attention to it NOW.   

And i also noticed u mentioning tht the story had now reached the point from where u'll take the reins totally in your hands...and so i wish u loads of good luck for ur journey of this ff ahead and if it can make u feel even a little bit more assured...I just have to say I trust you best'..and i know none else will be able to bring out the charm to this story the way u have brought out! so loads of good luck to u. Smile

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-DobByDoDgeR- IF-Dazzler

Joined: 28 May 2012
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Posted: 26 June 2013 at 5:44am | IP Logged
Well done
Loved it
Great that khushi found out

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A_Soul IF-Rockerz

Joined: 18 August 2012
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Posted: 26 June 2013 at 5:44am | IP Logged

Chapter 175: Acting On Her Words

Every emotional update.. Shashi uncle star of the epi..!! 

"Why! Its little Ram! I was wondering where he'd disappeared to!" Lady Anjali stepped forward, seeing the little boy run up the red-carpeted flight of stairs to the Temple platform, "But whatever is he looking so pale for?"

Lady Anjali & Ram the most waiting connection for me…. Linn what have you hide in your brilliant mind!

"That is all that is needed," Master Shashi said finally. He looked at them fixedly, "Let the marriage begin."

Love the way shashi was asking the questions.. all silly one but it was stating his condition and his thought that we should not wait when all required ppl are here..!
Knowing Shashi uncle, we can say he didn't say anything in anger, but ya with disappointment..!

Holding her bouquet in one hand, Payal pressed the other hand to her heart and looked up at the white ceiling of the Temple: Please Goddess Mother, watch over my little sister. May no harm befall her...may tears not mar her life anymore...This is the moment where I bind myself to a man and become his...I cannot be there for my little Kushi like how I could in the past. I wish I could run and find her for I know if she misses my wedding, she is missing it because something unwanted hinders her path to me...she would never choose to keep away. She loves me too much.

 With the bouquet held in one hand, Payal raised her other hand to move the curtain away, her mind flooded with only one wish, Please Kushi, come to me. I'm scared. I need you...

Touched touched touched… Lovely Linny Darling..!!
@Bold: in single sentence you said so much….!

"Divine!" smiled Lord Manohar, his tear-filled eyes on the couple at the altar, "My son is a husband at last."
Lady Manorama sighed, and tears filled her eyes too, but she said nothing.

This duo is something… It is always good to read them.

Babuji, No matter what happens, even if I am absent, the marriage must happen.
I love you, Babuji. I am scared. Lord Arnav

Why it ends on 'Lord Arnav..' was she going to write something more and didn't write? Or it I just simply typo from your end, instead of Kushi.

….Had he awakened a fiery volcano by his feather-tickle of a nod to let his daughter be wedded to the man she had always said she hated but had slowly come to admire?
He sighed. He trusted the First Lord. He didn't know why. …. On what sane reasons had he been willing to affirm his daughter's hand to the First Lord's sudden proposal?
There was something that was wrong in all the things. 

You are super cool dad I tell ya.. love ya Shashi uncle..!!

Whole scene of memory lane is so touching linny… loved it!
The way Shashi was calming her down… aaahh happy tears..!
Such scene speaks a lot about writer's personality & Maturity trait….

"And what did you tell the river?"
"You should have told it to go away," whispered Shashi.
"Tell the river to go?" Kushi looked up at his face eagerly.
"And what if doesn't go and it is still coming?"
Shashi leaned forward, "You can swim yourself through it."
"But I don't know how to swim..." Kushi's voice was feeble.
"Nonsense!" said Shashi firmly, "It's a dream. Everyone knows how to swim in a dream!"

Ooohhh this lines are my favorite, how innocently he taught her to fight back and not to fear… lesson for life through dream.. WOW!!
And that last (bold) line…. Hay haay Maar Dala..!!

Suddenly the clouds raged wild with the winds and the temple bells in the South Temple rang aloud. Everyone looked around as though sensing something sinister in the air.

If I visualize two chaps simultaneously (last one and this one) this is the time they got married… and effect of felt at south temple too..! 

The General looked back at the parrot, but the bird had already returned its focus on the wedding. 

Smart Boy… Fortune, not general..!!

"Worry not," said her husband, looking forward at the altar, "All is well." She didn't see the way he scowled for a moment.

He is saying to himself more than Lady Anjali… he he "All IS WELL"…!

"Lightning," he whispered anxiously, as he mounted on his white horse that was stationed near the forest, "Why do I fear I have judged their sibling-love wrong..."

Ha ha ha ha…. *Devil laughter*

Akash, Payal, Shashi Uncle, Garima, Madhumati, Nani, Mami, Mama, Anjali, Gen & Fortune.. everyone's concern over missing Lordy & Khushi is so distinctly shown..
Too Good!!








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