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Hello Everyone!

Welcome to a very Tenth Edition of Samjhe ya Samjhaun Weekly - the Newsletter for the Arjun Forum!

A huge thanks to all of the members who have volunteered! It wouldn't have been possible without you.

And here it is!  We hope you all enjoy it!

NL Team


Summary of the Four Episodes: (Starplus for now)
Avi of the Week:ll-Shilpa-ll

VM of the Week: -lisana-
FF/SS of the Week: samiya.059 Backup - shrutisweety
OS of the Week:
Rawte Moment of the Week:
-Carrie--Backup nikki08
Bromance Moment of the Week:
Scene of the Week:
Emotional Scene of the Week: haruhi26 Backup-despicable_me
Blooper/Loophole of the Week: -Carrie- Backup - kgmu86
Funniest Scene/Dhaasu Moment of the Week: _Tani_ Backup-despicable_me
Picture of the Week:
Character of the Week:
devildiva21 Backup- Love_Arnie
Dialogue of the Week: ..Naina..
Signature of the Week: ..Naina..
Rowdy Rathod Moment of the Week:
ll-Shilpa-ll-Backup nikki08
Chupke Chupke (Arakshi) Moment of the Week: ...Mithuz... Backup _Mohabbatgirl_

Chupke Chupke (Rayesha)Moment of the week- nikki08 _Mohabbatgirl_
Action Scene of the Week: nikki08-vidya.anand Backup- Love_Arnie

Reporter of the week- Vampire-queen Backup-devildiva21

Thank you,
NL Team

June 8, 2013-June 21, 2013

Credits: StarPlus

Case of Deshraj murder
Episode 82

The ETF investigates the case of Deshraj's murder. Arjun gets information about Deshraj's girlfriend, Anjali, from his employer, Gauri. The ETF comes to know that Anjali was a drug addict and enquires her father, Suhash. Using the clues and leads, ETF arrests Gauri. During interrogation, Gauri reveals that she learnt from Deshraj about the money that Anjali's father had hidden from her. She concedes that she killed Deshraj for the money.

Murder of Vishnu Pratap
Episode 83

Vikram wishes to sell his family's ancestral sword, but his father, Vishnu Pratap, denies. The next morning, Vishnu Pratap is found dead and the sword goes missing. ACP Arjun and his team interrogate the family. They find Vishnu Pratap's daughter-in-law, Sumitra, dead. Arjun suspects Vishnu Pratap's wife, Kalyani. Kalyani reveals that she could not see her children suffering, and killed her husband as she failed to convince him. She confesses to killing Sumitra for trying to steal the sword.

Case of Arti's murder
Episode 84

ETF investigates the case of Aarti's murder. Aarti's sister-in-law, Madhu, blames her mother for the murder. ETF learns about Aarti's husband's extra-marital affair with Tina, and suspects him. During investigation, Arjun learns that Madhu was having a relationship with Prabhat. He arrests Prabhat and interrogates him. Prabhat reveals that Madhu's mother, Nirmala, was against their relationship. He and Madhu planned to kill Aarti and put the blame on Nirmala.

Anjali's Murder
Episode 85

The ETF fail to save Anjali, even after learning that her life is in danger. They enquire Dinesh, Manisha, Deepti and Bhawna, who were present in Anjali's house. Arjun suspects that Anjali had died after consuming poison. He learns from the forensic report that Anjali's food was not poisoned. Later, he finds traces of poison in Anjali's nails. Meanwhile, the ETF finds the dead bodies of Ratan and Bhawna. Arjun deduces  that Anjali's sister, Pushpa, is the killer.

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Well there werent too many emotional scenes, ones which specially touch one's heart, but still i have selected this part as the emotional scene for this time:

Arjun interrogates Aarti's father about the flat, and then we get to know how Aarti was being tortured and constantly asked for money, and taunted to return back to her father if she's unable to bring this money.  What touches everyone is that a woman, who is supposed to understand the pain of another woman, yet her mother-in-law taunts her for money.  Why didnt the mother-in-law ever thought that she also has a daughter, how would she feel if her daughter was treated that way!
We got to see the helplessness of a father infront of his daughter's pain, how despite everything he gifts her a secret flat just in case her in-laws really throw his daughter out one day. Even Arjun and Sakshi's cannot be insensitive to this fatherOuch


We have got lots of very good scenes during our last episodes, among which we have lots of cute Arakshi scenes, hot dashing ETF team also, one scene where Arjun even promised Sakshi to make her run away, but among all these the best scene according to me is none other than this one, where Arjun comes back to interrogate Suhas Rane to ask him about the missing dher crores rupees:

How Arjun manages to get the truth about that money from this Suhas Rane, and that too with an Arjun in an angry mode and a gun pointing towards Suhas's head, and on top this dialogue, 
"Kya hein Suhas, mein ek police wala hoon, jail mein baith kar koi kissi ko kaise mar sakta hein, yeh bahut asaani se sabit kar sakta hoon, Samjhe ya Samjhaoon!" and points the gun at Suhas. We then saw a subdued Suhas, who finally starts to confess...


Dishum Dishum Moment Of The Week:

There weren't much of action scenes in the last 4 episodes but there were some fire cracker encounters between ACP Arjun Rawte and the negative characters...

And the best one of the lot has to be from Episode 82: Gauri Fish Corner (06/06/13)

Scene: Arjun goes to the jail again to meet Suhas who is believed to be the missing girl Anjali's father  to know the truth about the money which had gone missing long back!

Suhas refuses to open his mouth regarding the money...Then comes our ACP's first punch dialog which is more than warning!

Arjun speaks in a threatening tone, "agar tum kuch nahi bologe tog bina bole tum pe murder ke charges lagwaa doonga...aur waise bhi mujhe meri case mein wakeel ya judge ki zaroorat nahi padhthi...kyun ki yahaan main hi waqaalat kartha hoom aur faisla bhi main hi sunaatha hoom..."

Suhas mocks him and laughs out...He enquires how he would plan the murder when he is inside the jail...

Our ACP saab remains cool and casual despite the mock...Unaltered by Suhas's sarcastic laugh and dialog, he speaks up again, "Woh kya hai na SUhas, main ek police waala hoom...jail mein beitkar koyi kisi ko kaise maar saktha hai yeh bohat aasaani se saabit kar saktha hoom... Samjhe yaaa [taking out his revolver in his trademark style, he pulls the trigger and aims point blank at Suhas's forehead and then voices like a threat] Samjhaavum?"

All blood drain away from Suhas's face...All his smiles and laughs fade away...Like a obedient parrot, he spells out the entire secret about the money and how Anjali had come to him for the money!

Kamaal ke dialogs aur apne style mein ek SYS session deh kar Suhas se sacch ugalwaa diya! Humaare hot ACP ka dhamki sunn ke acche acchon ke hosh uddh jaatha hai phir yeh Suhas kya cheez hai!! Chaah gaye ACP saab! Day Dreaming

It was a brilliant scene and compensated the lack of a full fledged action sequence!

Credits: despicable_me

No bromance moment of the week.Ouch

Jusht kidding!Wink

Pity we didn't have any lovely banter moments between our favorite Specky Sen and bada sa Chotu. But fiqr not! Approve

ACP Arjun to the rescue..Udi baba!Cool 

Or maybe I should say, to torture our ChoRee.Silly

The perks of being a tech Expert.LOL

The best bromance moment of this week I thought was.. Arjun viewing the toll booth CCTV footage with Shree.. over and over again.D'ohAll night! Evil Smile

Poor Shree, he was dead tired but ACP Rawte wasn't. So, he made Shree to Pause/Zoom in/rewind time and again. Being a nocturnal man he is, Arjun made Shree work till morning. And not to forget, scold him when Shree kept falling asleep. *pouts*
But my heart went out to Shree when Arjun ordered him to find the red Maruti 800 and later on, go with Chotu to look for the car. Ouch

ACP Sahib, bacche k jaan loge kya?Shocked

It made me feel bad for Shree and at the same time, had me laughing out loud.ROFL

Must say, brilliantly enacted by Shaleen and Siddharth.Clap ACP Arjun was as usual serious; scrutinizing. And the look on Shree's face was precious. He literally looked like he would do anything to just retire to his bed. But he still did whatever Arjun asked him to. Depicts his dedication to his work and his respect for Arjun, no?Wink

That was indeed one brilliant SreJun bromance moment. WinkClap

Credits: Duttasweetheart

Rawte Moments of the Week

Gauri Fish Corner Murder

 "Agar tum kuch nahin bologe, 
   toh bina bole tum pe murder ke charges lagwaa doonga.
  Aur waise bhi mujhe mere case mein 
  vakeel ya judge ki zaroorat nahin padti,
  Kyunki yahaan main hi vakaalat karta hoon 
    aur faisla bhi main hi sunaata hoon.
   Kya hai na Suhas mai ek policewala hoon.
    Jail mein baithke koi kaise kisiko maar sakta hai
    yeh asaani se saabit kar sakta hoon"CoolThumbs UpDay Dreaming

Pure & unadulterated Rawte Moment! What a kamaal dhamaal bemisaal delivery! Every word dripping with acid & drove the point straight home.The scene was further elevated by the awesome performance of Suhas Rane.ACP Rawte had met his match in this wily & cunning car thief but Rawte being Rawte broke him with mere words delivered in his inimitable style & Rane started singing like a parrot.The whipping out of his gun was icing on an already droolicious cakeWink His eyes were venomous & he looked like an enraged tiger ready to spring.Superrr Duperr acting chops by dear Mr Malhotra!Muahlicious! Like, Totally!WinkDay Dreaming

Dowry Murder Case

"Tumhe paise ki zarroorat thi?"
"Tumhari problem solve nahin kar raha hoon!
  Sirf sawaal pooch rahaan hoon!" ROFL

That retort came out of nowhere & literally made me sit up.The sneer, the curling back of his usually stiff upper lip, the disgust & anger which his sarcastic tone were masking in his words really had me jump out of my seat clapping.It was one of those times when I wish I had learned to whistle.The subsequent interrogation of that creep blackmailer was a treat for Rawte lovers.Arjun was honestly charging the fellow with missiles through his eyes.I am sure he had wet his pants, the slimeball.Truly truly a Rawte moment.Thumbs Up

Scroll down fro more please!Smile

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Credits: ll-Shilpa-ll

Lately we have had many Rowdy Rathod moments of the week. Our Rathore sir has been on the roll, but the best moment of the week was from episode 85, Anjali murder case. I loved how he handled the producer Dinesh, and how he kept saying "Kya naam batya apne aapka?" I was literally cheering him on for putting the man in his place.

But...there is more, the moment that I loved was the expression on his face when Chotu found the two pink foil packets in the producers pockets during the search. That expression made me raise my brows at our otherwise serious chief.Big smile

Credits: ...Mithuz...


Love is in the air. Well, not exactly. Some seeds are being buried deep inside the soil, unaware to anyone except faith. These seeds are slowly growing (unknown to anyone, again).
But, we are given some hints to make our guesses.

Well, this times Chupke Chupke Moment was definitely the Arakshi scene where a dead lizard played a vital role.
Ek lizard ne toh yesa kamal kiya ki humari Sakshi madam toh  Arjunji pe baaro mein hi rahat ki saas lene lagi.

Well, Lage raho. Aaj Lizard toh kal koi aur laash la do. Anything to see our lovely pair getting cosy again.

Credits: _TaNi_

OMG i had an ear to ear laugh while watching the scene.  Both Arjun n Sakshi were damn gud. The scene was Arjun Asking for Sakshi to open d container n to take out a lizard 's dead body from it. Sakshi's behavior was quite funny. 
Here s d dialog update.

Arjun: Sakshi unlock the lock.
S: Main...
A: nahi yahan koi aur sakshi hain
S opens it n screams n hugs him   

next she says:"trunk mein lash hain"
Arjun goes n chek d lash (A dead chipkali)
Arjun:"Sakshi lash ko baahar nikaalo"
S: nahi arjun pls
Arjun: tumhein samajh nahi aata...ya ansuna kar rhi ho
S: Arjun main sher ko handle kar lungi ..par usko nahi


They say picture is worth a thousand words and our picture of this week is no exception. It shows a whole new different side of our hero that we have only gotten rare glimpse of in the past.
It is so very obvious in this pic how much our ACP loved his wife. Their love is almost palpable in this picture.

Credit to uploader and Gorky sir for capturing this moment.


Character of the week is our  one and only ACP Arjun Suryakant Raute.

His theories helped in  catching the criminals and solving the cases very quickly.
In the  last few episodes he had given mindblowing theories and used some tactics to identify the criminal and had been successful.His thinking and logics helped solving the cases quickly and nabbing the criminals on time.
He truly deserved to be the Character Of The Week.


Gauri Fish Corner

Aadhar Card is not village specific so it was not possible for ETF to zero in on the identity of the murder victim based on it.The logical thing would have been to focus on the community that speaks that dialect which was tattooed on his arm. As migrant communities are very close knit it would have been easy to see who has been missing for a couple of days.

Missing Poison

ETF had neither the address nor phone number of Anjali Sharma. They discovered both while travelling in the SUV.Then where exactly were they rushing through the night to save her?ConfusedLOL

Both unmarried sisters had different surnames.One was Anjali Sharma & the other was Pushpa Chabria.

Credits: ..Naina..

Dialogue -

"Afsos, apne parivaar ko khushiyan dene ki liye, aapne unhe sabse zyaada dukh paunchane ka raaste chuna...Kanoon ko apna haath me lena kissi bhi samasya ki samadhaan nahi hota hain" - Rathore (Sword Episode June 9th)

Well, I don't have an exact reason as to why I chose this dialogue this week, but for some reason, I felt like it summed up my feelings at the end of the episode really well. A person killing other members of their family for any reason is just so wrong, and she wanted to kill her own husband! How did she think this would help the other members? Ouch And I liked the way Rathod said it tooLOL

Scroll down for more please!Smile

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This time the ff chosen is "AN OEDESSY
OF LOVE" by prohelika .A beautiful
and romantic story.The story started
with Ariya's marriage where arjun in
order to protect the dignity of riya and
her family marries her.Shree and
chotu team up with rathore and make
them live under one roof.
Riya gets hurt during a case and arjun
remembers roshnis death and goes to
the beach where he realises his love
for riya.
The story has reached to the point
where riya after a brief illness joins
office back but the akdu ACP doesn't
like this.
A wonderful story indeed..welldone

Congratulations! Here is your winning siggy.


OS: do i even matter by Christee
The story was indeed beautiful. Started off with Ria behaving quite unusually in ETF. Her mood wings were every1's concern. Ever since she returned to ETF, her behavior was quite weird. The thing irking her was Arjun's indifferent behavior, n d way he was dealing with other ETF members. 
Arjun again scolds her for not taking proper care f herself , n she angrily breaks a glass on her already hurt hands. Before Arjun could scold her, there came d punch line from Ria. To know more on the line ...and to know the real reason of her anger do follow d work from the link

Congratulations! Here is your winning siggy.

Credits: ..Naina.


This siggy just really caught my eye...the use of the texture [love!] and the coloring looks great :)

Congratulations! Here is your winning siggy.

Credits: sips_crazy

This Summarizes the whole episode of the Missing Sword in one go and also it teh Arakshi scene minus the chipkali wala part ...
The scene was a hint from CV that no matter how hard Arjun pushes Sakshi away she would come back with double Venegence and prove her mettle and worth and still maintaing the smile on her face ...

Avis by Shreya


Congratulations! Here is your winning siggy.

Yoyo & Cici Emoticons 11


The first vm is be our very own ant talanted Saba-ramisa's "IshaqZaade". she manage choosing all good scenes + an awesome song which suits on the couple and the scenes match with the lyrics perfectly . she have added black and white + a texture of brightness on diff clips in the video which makes the vm Beautiful...
So here is her vm , you can watch it if you haven't watch it yet.

And the second one which i've choose is "Pareshaan" By veenisha. don't know which texture she have use on the clips but it looks amazing . the song selection and also scene selections are good.she's not active in arjun forum but still she have done a superb job with ArAkshi vm.
here is the link for her vm plz have a look if u haven;t watch it yet !

Congratulations! Here is your winning siggy.

Reporter of the Week


I choose MG2507 as the Reporter of the week.

As per the report, Shaleen Malhotra enjoys rain very much and we also get to know about the poet and writer inside him.he shared his childhood memories, the way he used to play football in the rain. He aslo He also wishes to publish his poems, writing pieces in book. He enjoyed coffee and pakodas in this rain.
But he gave perfect dedication to his work and being a believer in punctuality he sets off an hore or two early so that he can reach the sets in time.
It is happy to know the inner talent , and a creativeness of a person behind the face of a stern face.

Link to the post:::
Shaleen Welcome monsoon

Congratulations! Here is your winning siggy.

Thank you all very much on behalf of the entire NL team.Smile

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And there it is 10th edition of our NL  Sajhae Ya Samjhaun Weekly.

Sorry for the delay in post, please do leave your reviews and comments.

Congratulations to all the winners.

Thank you all once again from the entire NL team.

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Congratulations winners! awesome work!

Great job NL team! 
Feels good to be part of it!

Thanks B1 for giving me the opportunity to contribute to it!

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Well done,Shilpa  & Naina Clap

Congratulations Winners & Thank you, ContributorsEmbarrassed

@vampu: Welcome to NL.Hug I too loved that rain article on Shaleen.Day DreamingThanks Mahek & congo on being Reporter Of the WeekSmile

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i hav been waiting fr NL edition frm many days and wow this is super se upar wala edition loved it...
thanks shilpa di fr disSmile

gud job all the NL membersClap...congrats all the winners...ClapClapClap
welcome all the new NL members ...Smile loved ur wrks tooSmile

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