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Aansu- Tears of Sadness [Shah-Rani-Aamir-Preity] (Page 2)

Cutiepie Rani IF-Stunnerz
Cutiepie Rani
Cutiepie Rani

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Posted: 24 June 2013 at 6:13pm | IP Logged
Chapter 8:
[At home]
Priya - I'm still waiting for an answer Raj.
[Raj is quiet for a second. And then he slowly revels the whole truth to Priya. He does not hide a single detail. Priya is shocked and surprised.]
Priya - And Raj you never told me about this?
Raj - How could I Priya?
Priya - Raj...
Raj - I'm a murderer Priya...
Priya hugs Raj...
Priya - Raj what you did was wrong but after what her father did to you anyone in your shoes would have done the same thing...But now Raj we just have to be careful.
Raj - I know Priya.
Priya - And Raj do whatever Rhea says because if you dont listen to her she can do anything.
Raj - But Priya...
Priya - That's our only way out of this.
Raj is quiet.

[The next morning at Raj's office]
Rhea - Hi Raj.
Raj surprised. - Um hi.
Rhea - I know your surprised to see me here...
Raj is quiet.
Then Raj speaks up 
Raj - Look Rhea. I've made my family now. Please dont come inbetween.
Rhea - Inbetween? You think I've come inbetween? Oh...(walks away and leaves the room).
Rohan walks in.. - She's up to no good.
Raj - What?
Rohan turns around and walks away silently.

[Later in the afternoon Rhea decides to go to Priya's house. She knows that Raj is at work. She Rings the doorbell. Priya who is busy cooking comes and opens the door.]
Rhea - Um hi.
Priya - Hi...come in Rhea.
Rhea - How do you know my name? [she walks in and takes a seat]
Priya - Raj...
Rhea - Oh so he told you everything?
Priya - Yes.
Rhea - Look uh...
Priya - The name's Priya.
Rhea - Look Priya I haven't come here to take away your happiess or anything but please give me my Raj back.
Priya - WHAT?
Rhea - Please I've loved him more than anything.
Rhea shocked - You're pregnent?
PRiya - Yeah. Cant you tell?
Rhea slowly gets up... - I'm sorry...
Priya looks at her with curiosity - Its ok...
[Rhea leaves and Priya shuts the door.] 

Cutiepie Rani IF-Stunnerz
Cutiepie Rani
Cutiepie Rani

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Chapter 9:
[Rhea's compartment. she is with Rohan]
Rhea - That Priya ki bachi is pregnent.
Rohan - Have you thought about what you're going to do?
Rhea - Of course. I'm going to kill that baby.
Rohan - What? Rhea...are you crazy?
Rhea - In Raj's love.
Rohan - Rhea you're so bad...
Rhea - Shut up Rohan. Are you a friend or enemy?
Rohan - But Rhea why kill a little innocent life?
Rhea - Rohan that Raj killed my father...I would kill him if I could...But now i'm going to snatch all his happiness away from him. First the baby...and then Priya herself.
Rohan - Gosh Rhea...
Rhea - Are you going to support me or not?
Rohan - Rhea we're best friends!
Rhea - Ok then we got to get this all in action then.

[Priya and Raj's living room]
Priya - Rhea came.
Raj - What? What did she say? Did she insult you?
Priya - No she didn't insult me. She told me to get out of the way because she loved you so much.
Raj - Priya...ignore her. Dont ever listen to her.
Priya - are mine. And I wont let her threats get to me. And then when I told her I'm pregnent she just left.
Raj - Thank god.
Priya - But Raj I think she's up to something. I know she's up to something.
Raj - I'll try to find out.
Priya smiles - That's what I was just going to say. Please try to find out what's going on.
Raj - I'll try. Love you jaan.
Priya - Love you too.
[Raj touches Priya's tummy and puts his head on it.]
Cutiepie Rani IF-Stunnerz
Cutiepie Rani
Cutiepie Rani

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Posted: 24 June 2013 at 6:15pm | IP Logged
Chapter 10:
[Rhea and Rohan are near Priya's car. They know she will be going to the store to get vegetables in about 1 hour.]
Rohan - What are you going to do?
Rhea - Shh...I'm going to take the car's breaks out.
Rohan - What?
Rhea - Rohan shut up. [She succedes in taking the breaks out]
Rhea - Now lets wait and watch.
Rohan - Rhea...
Rhea - If I'm lucky I'll kill both that baby and Priya both. And then Raj will be mine!!

[Priya is about to leave her house when the phone rings. Priya runs back to pick it up.]
Priya - Hello.
Raj - Hey Priya.
Priya - Hi. How are you?
Raj - I'm fine. How are you?
Priya - I'm fine...
Raj - And our muna?
Priya smiles - He's fine too.
Raj - He? What if its a girl!
Priya - Still our muna nah! =) So Raj did you find anything out?
Raj - No hunny. She didn't come to the office today and I dont know where to find her. But you just be careful.
Priya - Dont worry about me Raj. I'll be fine.
Raj - Aur suno. Dont go anywhere.
Priya - Raj I have to get the vegetables for dinner tonight.
Raj -Cant you do it when I get home.
Priya - No Raj. Then it'll be too late.
Raj - Ok...well just be careful. I dont want anything happening to you or the baby.
Priya - You dont worry. Acha Raj I'm putting the phone down.
Raj - Ok...Love you.
Priya - Love you too. [She puts the phone down, gets the car keys, and steps outside the house. She walks slowly to her car. Rohan and Rhea are watching from far away. Once Priya gets in the car Rhea smiles and hugs Rohan. Priya drives as usual then suddenly when the stop light is red she tries to stop but she can not. She is scared. Her car keeps going. Her car comes head on head with a truck. Her car is hit and she is badly injured.] 
Cutiepie Rani IF-Stunnerz
Cutiepie Rani
Cutiepie Rani

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Posted: 24 June 2013 at 6:17pm | IP Logged
Chapter 11:
[After the accident Rhea goes to Raj's office. Raj still doesnt know about the accident.]
Rhea - Hi Raj.
Raj - Hi Rhea. You went to our house yesterday?
Rhea - Yes. You have a lovely wife. She's very sweet.s
Raj - Yeah...i know...
Rhea - I'm sorry for being rude to you and all...
Raj - Its ok Rhea. Hota hai.
[Suddenly the secretary comes in]
Secretary - Sir there's an important phone call for you at the main desk.
Raj to Rhea - Excuse me. [He goes out of his room to the front desk. Rhea follows from a distance.]
Raj - Hello?
Nurse at hospital - Hello is this Raj?
Raj - Yes. Who's this?
Nurse at hospital - Your wife has had a major accident. She is at Mumbai Hospital. Please come here fast.
[Raj drops the phone...He hurries out of the office at full speed. He gets in his car and speeds off to the hospital. Rhea follows from behind. Soon Raj reaches the hospital.]
Raj - Where is she? Priya?
Nurse at hospital - She's in the operation theater. You will have to wait outside.
Raj - But is everything ok.
Nurst at hospital - We cant tell. She has lost a lot of blood. She is very critical.
Raj starts crying.
Nurse at hospital - Please sir. Have faith. [She takes him to a seat and makes him sit down.
[Moments later Rhea comes in.]
Rhea - Raj what happened?
Raj looks up - TUm? Priya had an accident.
Rhea - WHAT? OMG. I Hope she's ok...
Raj - Me too.
[Hours later the doctor comes out. Raj gets up and runs to the doctor.]
Raj - Doctor. How is she? Is she ok? How is the baby?
The doctor looks down.
Raj - Why arent u saying anything?
Doctor - I'm sorry Raj. We tried our best but we couldnt save the baby.
Raj looks down as tears pour down his eyes.
Raj - Priya? Is she ok?
Doctor - She's stable.
Raj - Can I go meet her.
Doctor - Sure.
Raj goes into the room. He sits down on a chair next to the bed. He takes his hand in Priya's and begins cryinig.
Priya wakes up.
Priya - R..a...
Raj looks up...
Raj - Priya...
Priya - I'm sorry Raj.
Raj - Arey...I'm sorry for not taking care of you.
Priya - No Raj. Its not your fault at all. 
[They both start crying.]
Cutiepie Rani IF-Stunnerz
Cutiepie Rani
Cutiepie Rani

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Posted: 24 June 2013 at 6:19pm | IP Logged
Chapter 12:
[At the hospital 2 days later. Priya is still not well to go home.]
Raj - Priya...[almost about to cry]
Priya - Raj...its ok...all i need is you.
Raj - All i need is u too Priya...But how did this happen? I mean this accident.
Priya - Raj I dont konw but the brakes weren't good. I mean the day before I drove the car everything was perfect and then suddenly the next day they were...
Raj - Oh...[starts thinking hard.]
Priya - So...
Raj - I didn't get a chance to talk to Rhea. She came to the hospital with me. I didn't get to talk much with her. I was more worried about you.
Priya - I think even though she's very suspicious she's very good at heart.
Raj - As far as I've known her she is.
Priya - Raj you can go home now. I'm fine. You jsut take care of yourself.
Raj - No Priya I'll stay here with you. But I'll have to leave you a couple of hours. 
Priya - Koi baat nahi Raj. I'm fine now.
[The doctor comes in]
Doctor - Mr. Raj. 
Raj gets up to greet the doctor.
Raj - Hi Doctor.
Doctor - How are you?
Raj - I'm fine. Thank you.
Doctor - I hope you dont mind but can u leave the room for a few hours. We need to examine Priya thouroghly.
Raj - No problem doctor. I was about to leave anyway.
Doctor - Thank you Raj.
Raj - Bye Priya. I'll come back later.
Priya - Ok Raj.
[Raj leaves and the doctor closes the door as he leaves.]
Doctor - Hi Priya. How are you?
Priya - I'm fine doctor.
Doctor - Are you feeling any better now?
Priya - Much better doctor.
Doctor - Ok. Let me check you. [She first checks Priya's heartbeat.]
Doctor - Well your heartbeat is beautiful Priya. Now can you try first moving your legs as much as you can. [Priya moves her legs perfectly.]
Doctor - Very good. And now your arms. [Priya moves her arms perfectly as well.]
Doctor - I'm impressed Priya. You're doing wonderful. I have to examine your tummy now.
[Priya looks sad. A tear drops from her eyes.]
Doctor - I know how you must be feeling. Its hard loosing a baby. [She opens Priya's gown and examines her tummy.]
Doctor - Looking much better but we need to go through another operation to fix something.
Priya worried - Is everything ok.
Doctor - This operation is nothing. It'll all be over soon.
Priya - Can you wait till Raj comes please.
Doctor smiles - We wont start it without him sweetie.
[Doctor gets a thermometer and checks Priya's temperature.]
Doctor - Temperature is a little up. 100 degrees. [Then she checks her bloodpressure.]
Doctor - Blood pressure is a little low but nothing to worry about.
Priya - Thank you doctor for everything.
Doctor looks down - Priya. There's something I have to tell you. ANd its important that you know this.
Priya - What doctor?
Doctor - Priya your accident, your car brake failure wasn't because the brakes were bad...
[Priya starts getting up but the doctor makes her lie down again]
Doctor - I know I shouldnt' be telling you this when your condition isn't well. But now I have no other choice. Your accident was planned.
Priya - What?
Doctor - Someone purposely took out the brakes of your car so you would hit with an accident.
[Priya was shocked. She was speechless. She started crying. A while later she asked the doctor...]
Priya - Doctor...does Raj know about this?
Doctor - Not yet. But we'll inform him as soon as he gets back. [The doctor makes Priya take the medicine and then leaves.]
[Priya is in grief and in lots of pain. She starts crying all over again.]
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Cutiepie Rani
Cutiepie Rani

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Chapter 13
[The next day. Priya is back at home but has to stay in bed. The doctor has already told Raj that this accident was planned]
Priya - Raj...
Raj - Priya I'm going to find out who is behind this. They caused us so much pain.
Priya - I know...Raj I'm getting up...
Raj - No Priya. I'm not letting you do anything. Tell me what you want.
Priya - Raj dinner...
Raj - Dont worry. We'll order something/
[Suddenly the doorbell rings.]
Raj - I'll go see who it is. [Raj goes to the door and opens it.]
Rohan - Hi. We came to see bhabhi ji.
Rhea - How is she?
Raj [allows them to come in] - She's ok. [They both follow Raj into the room]
Priya - Arey Rhea. Hi. And you are?
Rohan - I'm Rohan. I work at Raj sir's office.
Priya - Oh ok.
Rhea [acting innocent] - How are you?
Priya - I'm fine. It was nice of you to come over.
Rhea - We were worried about you.
Priya - I'm fine now.
Rohan - That's great news. [Suddenly the doorbell rings again. Raj goes to open it.]
Raj shocked - Inspector sahab ap?
Insepctor - Ji. Raj do you know a girl named Rhea?
Raj - Ji...RHEA...
[Rhea comes to the door and is shocked herself.]
Inspector - Rhea you will have to come to the police station with us.
Rhea - What? Raj they are falsely accusing me.
Raj - Rhea listen to them. [Raj goes in the room and Rohan comes out. Raj tells Priya he has to go to the police station.]
Priya - Raj come back soon.
Raj - Dont worry.
[Raj goes back to the door.]
Raj to Rhea - I'm coming. Dont worry.
[Rhea, Raj, Rohan and the inspector leave the house.] 
Cutiepie Rani IF-Stunnerz
Cutiepie Rani
Cutiepie Rani

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Chapter 14
[At the police station]
Rhea - Listen I didn't do anything.
Inspector - You will have to answer our questions.
[Raj pulls the inspector to the side.]
Raj - What's up? Why are you accusing her?
Inspector - A neighbor saw her near Priya's car and is suspecting her.
Raj - WHAT?
[Inspector goes back to Rhea.]
Inspector - Now answer my questions truthfully. Where were you at the time of the accident.
Rhea - Raj...they are falsely accusing me.
[Raj's eyes are filled with hatred.]
Insepctor - Rhea. Raj wont be able to help you.
Rhea - I was at home. I dont even know about the accident. I found at when I went to vist Raj as work.
Insepctor - So if you were at home then why did we find a picture of yours lying near Priya's car?
[Rhea is shocked and she has no words.]
[Inspector looks at Rohan.]
Inspector - And you were with her too?
Rohan looks down - Yes.
Inspector back to Rhea - Did you take those brakes out of Priya's car?
Rhea looks down - Yes. BUT INSPEC...
Inspector cuts her off - That would be all. [He takes Rhea and puts her behind bars. He does the same with Rohan. Raj is furious and angry. He goes up to Rhea.
Inspector comes and takes Raj away.
Inspector - We will deal with her. You may go home now.
Raj - Inspector sahab that girl has made my life miserable. I will kill her... I will...[Raj leaves the police station in anger. He goes straigt home.] 
Cutiepie Rani IF-Stunnerz
Cutiepie Rani
Cutiepie Rani

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Chapter 15
[The next day. When Raj went home he did not tell Priya anything. But now he decided he should tell her.]
Raj - Priya...
Priya - Hmm Raj bolo.
Raj - The accident was planned by none other than Rhea.
Priya - WHAT?
Raj - Yes Priya she planned it. She cant see you with me.
Priya - Raj...[starts crying]
[Raj goes to Priya and hugs her.]
Raj - She's in jail now.
Priya - But we still lost our munna. 
Raj - I know. But whatever happened had to happen. Now I'm not going to spare that...
Priya - Raj...please dont do anything that can land you in trouble.
Raj - Priya i dont care about anything...i'm going to kill her.
Priya - No you wont Raj.
Raj - Priya she killed our baby. She almost killed you.
Priya - I know Raj. But by killing her nothing's going to be the same..
Raj - PRIYA. I KNOW VERY WELL WHAT TO DO AND WHAT NOT TO DO. [Starts getting real angry]
Raj - What Priya?
Raj [shocked] - Priya...
Priya - Raj please dont show me those fake tears. Please...:(

[At the police station.]
Rohan to Rhea - I told you not to get into this mess. Look what it caused.
Rhea - So what Rohan. The day I get out of the jail...
ROhan - THe day, the day, the day. When will that day come?
Rhea - You jsut wait and watch...and that day when i'm free from this hell i will kill them..
Rohan - THem?
Rhea - No I will kill Priya and then Raj will be mine.
Rohan - Another murder?
Rhea - Another?
Rohan - I know and you know that we are murderes. that's our job.
Rhea - So be it. We'll plan another murder. You know that Rhea never stays in jail for long.
Rohan - That's true!! [They high five each other.]

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