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Aansu- Tears of Sadness [Shah-Rani-Aamir-Preity]

Cutiepie Rani IF-Stunnerz
Cutiepie Rani
Cutiepie Rani

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Posted: 24 June 2013 at 6:00pm | IP Logged

Shahrukh Khan as Raj - Raj is a very loveable, charming, adorable man. He is the ideal husband. He is the husband of beautiful, sexy, glamours Priya. He loves his wife to death and cant see his life without her. Priya and Raj have a happy life until one day everything changes. All dreams are shattered. Everything goes wrong...

Rani Mukherjee as Priya - Priya is just like her husband. Loveable, charming, adorable and cute. She loves her husband more than anything and she cant think of living without him. Her life changes one day because of a girl...All her dreams are also shattered and she is left in tears...

Preity Zinta as Rhea - Rhea is a very self-centered girl. She will do anything to get her way. One day she comes upon Raj and falls in love with him not knowing that he is a married man. Her love becomes passion. She can do anything to get Raj...even if that means playing with Priya's emotions ...

Aamir Khan as Rohan - Rohan is Rhea's best friend and helps her in every way. One day a tragic accident happens to Rohan and Rhea takes great advantage of that...

This is a story that revolves around four characters. What happens that ruins Raj and Priya's happy married life? What tragic accident happens to Rohan? Why is Rhea playing with Priya's emotions? What will happen to Priya and Raj? Is there a truth about Raj that Priya is unaware of? Or is the truth a lie made by Rhea?
The answers to these questions are in this story. In order to find out read Aansu - Tears of Sadness...

Cutiepie Rani IF-Stunnerz
Cutiepie Rani
Cutiepie Rani

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Posted: 24 June 2013 at 6:02pm | IP Logged
Chapter 1:
[Raj & Priya's home]
Raj - Priya...
Priya - Arey coming baba. Why do you always need me?
Raj - I love you sexy!
Priya (blushes) - Uff...You're getting late for work.
Raj - Arey its ok. I'm going.
Priya - Ok...but Raj please eat something today and then go. Everyday you go without eating.
Raj - Nahi Priya. I'm not hungry.
Priya - Raj...
Raj - Ok fine...only because you're insisting so much I'll take an apple.
Priya - Apple? Raj I mean...uff never mind.
Raj [takes an apple] - Priya...Ok come on give me a kiss. I have to go now.
Priya [comes up to Raj] - You want a kiss huh? [She tickles him and then runs inside closing the door behind him. Raj leaves smiling]
Priya to herself - Pagal!

[In the evening after Raj returns home from work]
Priya - How was work?
Raj - Nice. Ok. Tiring.
Priya - Tea? Coffee? Water?
Raj [takes Priya's hand and forces her to sit next to him] - Nothing baby. Just sit with me.
Priya - Kya baat hai. You're being so romantic today.
Raj [sad] - Kya karu? I love you so much and dont ever want to loose you.
Priya looks at Raj - Aww Raj. I'll never leave you. And I'll never let anyone come in our way.
Raj - Priya always stay with me. I'll never be able to live without you.
Priya - Raj I will never leave you. Ok come on time for dinner.
Raj [gets up] - Ok...I'll freshen up and then join you at the table.
Priya [ gets up and smiles] - Ok. I'll set the table.
[Raj goes to freshen up while Priya sets the table. They finish their dinner]
Raj - Priya...
Priya - Hmm [washing dishes]
Raj - Chalo naa. Lets play football!
Priya - Football?
Raj - Yeah its a fun game...
Priya - Raj...I'm busy right now.
Raj - Oh ho. Always in the kitchen. Come on leave that stuff. [Grabs Priya's hand and takes her into the room. He closes the door]
Priya - Raj what are you doing?
Raj - Football please...
Priya - Bohot baadmash.
[Raj takes his clothes off...]
Priya - Raj what are you doing?
Raj - Priya come on be romantic.
Priya - Oh...[Priya takes her clothes off. Both go on the bed and they play football]
[scene closes in on them] 
Cutiepie Rani IF-Stunnerz
Cutiepie Rani
Cutiepie Rani

Joined: 14 June 2007
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Posted: 24 June 2013 at 6:03pm | IP Logged
Chapter 2:
[The next day]
Raj - Priyaa...
Priya [slower than usual] - Yes Raj.
Raj noticing that Priya is not well - Are you ok?
Priya - Yeah Raj. I'm fine.
Raj - Sure...Because if you're not then I wont...
Priya - No Raj. You go to work. Dont worry about me. I'm fine.
Raj - Sure baby?
Priya smiles - Yeah honey. You go to work.
Raj - I can stay home...
Priya - Raj...Kitne baar kehna padega...
Raj - Ok baby...[leaves the house to go to work]

[At office]
Secretary - Excuse me sir?
Raj - Yes?
Secretary - There's someone waiting to meet you.
Raj - Who?
Secretary - Pata nahi. His name is Rohan.
Raj - Ok send him in.
[Rohan enters]
Raj - Yes? Please have a seat.
Rohan - Thank you sir.
Raj - Bolo. Why have you come here.
Rohan - Sir. I've came hoping I would find a job here.
Raj - I'm sorry Rohan but we are not hiring or offering any jobs at this time.
Rohan - Please sir...
Raj - I'm sorry.
[Rohan gets up angrily and leaves the office]

[At home in the evening]
Priya - Raj...
Raj [sounding disturbed] - Hmm...?
Priya - Tum tik ho?
Raj - I'm fine baby. How are you? Better?
Priya - I'm fine...but you look a little upset.
Raj - Nothing of the sort.
Priya - Sure?
Raj - Yes. Dont worry.
Priya - Acha Raj. I will have to go to the doctor's tomorrow.
Raj - Kyun? What happened? [scared]
Priya smiling - Nothing...
Raj - Can I come with you?
Priya - If you can find time from your work. It would be best if you could...
Raj - Of course Priya. My first priority is always you...
Priya - THanks Raj...
[Lights dim]
Cutiepie Rani IF-Stunnerz
Cutiepie Rani
Cutiepie Rani

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Posted: 24 June 2013 at 6:05pm | IP Logged
Chapter 3:
[The next morning. Both Raj and Priya are still sleeping. Suddenly Priya's eyes open.]
Priya - Raj...Raj...
Raj - Kya hai. Let me sleep.
Priya gets up - Uff...come on sleepy head we have to go now.
Raj gets up - Where?
Priya shakes her head - You forget to easily. I'm going to go take a shower. You get up now! [She leaves and goes into the bathroom].
[Raj gets up slowly. He fixes the bed which he usually never does. Soon Priya comes out and is surprised.]
Priya - Wah!! [Smiles]
[Raj goes into the bathroom to take a shower. Meanwhile Priya is preparing breakfast. She sets the table. Soon Raj comes down all ready.]
Priya - Raj did you tell your work you'll be coming late.
Raj - Yes baby I told them I need a day off today.
Priya - Raj...I only told you to take off for 2-3 hours not the whole day.
Raj - Its ok baby. I want to spend time with you.
Priya - Raj tum bhi naa. Come on eat.
[They both finish their breakfast in a haste and then both get into the car and drive to the doctor's office.]
Priya to nurse - Hi. I have an appointment here at 11:00 am.
Nurse - Ok maam. Please take a seat and we'll call you.
Priya - Thank you. [Raj & Priya go sit down. Minutes later another nurse calls Priya]
Nurse 1 - Priya...
Priya to Raj - Raj you wait here...I'll be back.
Raj - I thought I was going to come in...[upset]
Priya - Uff pagal...[goes with the nurse 1]
Nurse 1 - Please have a seat in this room and the doctor will be in shortly.
Priya - Thank you. [10 minutes later the doctor arrives.]
Doctor - Hello Priya.
Priya - Hi.
Doctor - So tell me what's been going on?
Priya - Well..I dont know...i was feeling uneasy yesterday and I felt like throwing up many times. I also got dizzy once.
Doctor - Please lie down. Let me have a look. [The doctor examines Priya. Shortly after looking at all the reports she tells Priya...]
Doctor - Priya. I have great news. Your about to be a mother.
Priya shocked - WHat? Wow. THank you doctor.
Doctor smiles - Is your husband here.
Priya - Yes he's outside. May I go and tell him?
Doctor - Most certainly.
Priya - Thank you. [She runs out and walks up to Raj who gets up suddenly all worried]
Raj - Priya...what happened? Are you all right?
Priya smiles.
Raj - Tell me Priya. Dont kill me like this.
Priya - You're about to become a father.
Raj surprsied - What?! Wow! Priya...I love you.
Priya - I love you too!
[They both hug and the lights dim out]
Cutiepie Rani IF-Stunnerz
Cutiepie Rani
Cutiepie Rani

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Posted: 24 June 2013 at 6:06pm | IP Logged
Chapter 4:
[4 months later at home]
Raj - Priya you please take rest.
Priya - Arey Raj. Stop worrying. I'm fine. You just go to work now.
Raj - Its ok...
Priya - Wont you listen to me?
Raj - Ok...Priya...
Priya - Leave then Raj. And please dont worry about me. I'm only in the 4th month!
Raj [still worried but leaves smiling]

[At work]
Secretary - Sir...
Raj - Yes.
Secretary - Someone wants to me you.
Raj - What? Everyday someone wants to meet me? Whats up with that? If he or she is here looking for a job then send them away...I'm not hiring or offering any jobs at his point.
Secretary - She's making a fit and is saying she will not leave until she has spoken to you.
Raj [mad] - What the hell. WHo does she think she is? Send her in please.
Secretary - Yes sir.
[Rhea walks in]
Rhea - Hello.
Raj - What the hell do you want?
Rhea - To meet you.
Raj - What? Kya matlab?
Rhea - Well I heard a lot about you and your company and I wanted to meet you.
Raj - Well you've met me now. SO LEAVE.
Rhea [smiling] - Not so early Mr. Raj. Coffee?
Raj - I dont want coffee, tea, water, juice anything. WIll you get out or shall I call the guards?
Rhea - I'll go...but remember I'llc ome back...mark my words. I'll be back...[she turns around and leaves]
[Raj is furious. He calls for his secretary]
Secretary - Yes sir?
Raj - If that girl ever comes here again throw her out.
Secretary - Yes sir. 
Raj - GO NOW. [furious]
[Evening back at home]
Raj talking to Priya - What the hell does she think of herself?
Priya - Raj...its ok nah. Forget it.
Raj - Priya what do you mean forget it? She threatened me. She said she'll come back.
Priya - DOnt worry about her. Its ok...Nothing's going to happen.
[She hugs him]
Cutiepie Rani IF-Stunnerz
Cutiepie Rani
Cutiepie Rani

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Posted: 24 June 2013 at 6:08pm | IP Logged
Chapter 5:
[Raj's office]
Raj talking to himself - So much work so much work...
[Interuppted my a knock. Raj is annoyed by now.]
Raj - What?
Secretary opens the door - Sir...
Raj - What is it? Dont you see I have so much work here?
Secretary - I'm sorry sir...but that girl...
Raj - WHAT THE HELL? Didn't I tell you to throw her out if she comes again? you cant even do that? Then what's the point of having you're fired...
Secretary - Sir...please. She insisting too much and she's saying that if you dont meet her she'll call the police.
Raj - Shut up. I dont want to hear it. Call her in and you leave...
Secretary - Please sir...
Raj - Just go...I'm not firing you but I'm not liking this...
Secretary - You have a big heart sir.
Raj - GO...
[moments later Rhea walks in]
Raj - What the hell do you want from me?
Rhea - Your love?
Raj - WHAT...
Rhea [angry] - Raj...just shut up...
Raj - Excuse me this is my office and you do not tell me to shut up...
Rhea - What are you going to do? Huh? Call those stupid guards?
Raj - Just tell me what you want?
Rhea - I already said it once. I want your love. Raj...
Raj - SHUT UP.
[Raj looks up surprised]
Raj is shocked. He has no words. He cant say anything.
Rhea sad but still continues [she calms down] - Raj..I hate you...I really do hate you...but...but I love you too...and i cant kill you...[she runs out]
[Raj is totally shocked. He does not know what to say. He knows whatever Rhea just said was true but he had long forgotten it. ANd now he was reminded of it 5 years later.]
[Evenning at home]
Priya - Raj...?
Raj - Priya please can I be alone?
Priya walks away into the room and closes the door quietly.
[lights fade]
Cutiepie Rani IF-Stunnerz
Cutiepie Rani
Cutiepie Rani

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Posted: 24 June 2013 at 6:10pm | IP Logged
Chapter 6:
[The next morning. Raj is unwell and decides not to go to work. He is still sleeping. Priya wakes up. She does nto know that Raj planned to stay home and she did not know he was sick]
Priya - Raj. Are you crazy? Its 9:00 am and you have to go to work.
Raj is silent.
Priya - Raj get up. [she tries to wake him up.]
Raj [very weakly] - Hmm Priya.
Priya - Get up..[she touches his forehead and realizes he's very hot] - Omg're sick. Are you ok?
Raj - Yes I'm fine...
Priya - Are you sure? I can call the doctor. [She gets up but Raj grabs her hand]
Raj - I can bear this..but i cant bear to see you doing so much work in this condition.
Priya - Raj...Its ok...
Raj - No...Priya listen to me.
Priya - But Raj...I'm worried.
Raj - Dont be...I'm fine.
[Suddenly the doorbell rings]
Priya - I'll go see who it is. You rest.
Raj - Priya...if its for me then tell them...
Priya - I'll tell them dont worry.
[She goes to the door and opens it.]
Rohan - Hi. Is Mr. Raj there?
Priya - I'm sorry he is unwell. Can I take a message for him?
Rohan looks at Priya - No its ok. I'll come see him when he returns to his work. [Rohan leaves immediately. Priya is surprised at his behavior but closes the door and returns back to Raj.]
Raj - Who was it?
Priya - Pata nahi. He was aksing for you. I said you're unwell and I asked him if he wanted me to take a message but he said he'll meet you at the office.
Raj - Hmm...Kaun ho sakta hai?
Priya - Chodo na Raj. Ok Raj I'm going to get some food.
Raj - No priya. [He gets up and is still weak]
Priya - Arey Raj you rest nah. DOnt worry.
raj - No priya. What do you want? I'll go get it.
Priya - No Raj...
Raj - Priya please.
[Priya tells Raj what she needs and Raj goes and gets all the items and returns home]
Priya - Now you take rest. [Raj goes into the room and sleeps. Priya starts preparing dinner. The doorbell rings while she is preparing dinner. She goes to open it.]
Rhea - Hi...[is surprised to see Priya.] Is this where Raj lives?
Priya surprised herself - Yes...
Rhea - And you are?
Priya - I'm his wife...
[Rhea is shocked. She holds her tears. She is too surprised to say anything. She leaves the house quietly without saying another word. Priya looks at her strangly. She herself it quite shocked and surprised. She closes the door quietly and returns to her cooking.] 
Cutiepie Rani IF-Stunnerz
Cutiepie Rani
Cutiepie Rani

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Posted: 24 June 2013 at 6:11pm | IP Logged
Chapter 7:
[2 months later. Raj had hired Rohan to work at his office. For 2 months he had not seen Rhea or heard of her. But then after 2 months she came back]
Rhea - Raj...
Raj [he had no option but to talk to her.]
Rhea - Raj you married?
Raj - Yes...
Rhea [crying] - How could you?
Raj - What do you mean? I love Priya.
Rhea - But what about my love?
Raj - Look Rhea I dont love you.
Rhea - I have done so much for you and this is how you repay me...just wait and see...
Raj - Please understand.
Rhea - I dont want to...[runs out of the room]
[Rohan walks in the room]
Rohan - She has loved you more than anything...
Raj - What? How do you know her?
Rohan - We're best friends and she never hides anything from me...

[Back at home in the evening]
Priya - Hi Raj.
Raj - Hi Priya. How are you?
Priya - I'm fine...Raj...
Raj - Hmm...
Priya - Do you know any other girl other than me?
Raj is surprised at her question. He does not know what to say. 
Raj - Why hunny?
Priya - Nahi...Two months back a girl came here while you were sleeping. She seemed disturbed when I said I'm your wife.
Raj - WHAT? 2 months ago? RHEA CAME HERE?
Priya - Rhea? Who's she?
Raj - Priya...
Priya [angry] - Who is she?
[lights fade]

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