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honeyriaz IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 25 June 2013 at 7:56pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by delena90

Before I try predicting anything, I have to say that I am thoroughly enjoying this track. Both Asad and Zoya as characters needed this. They need to have their very cores shaken so that they can built back as stronger and more mature characters. This is where AsYa's love story actually starts.

The way I see it, I think Asad does believe that nothing happened between him and Tanveer. If he felt like he had betrayed and shamed his mother that much he would never have been able to face his mother or Zoya. The fact that he was determined to enter Zoya's room in the precap tells me that he wants her to hear out what he has to say. Yes he has hurt her but not in the way she thinks.

Ajmer will be where the healing process starts. Asad will possibly have to deal with the fact that Zoya wants nothing to do with him and will not/does not want to listen to him. This is where the redemption of the character starts. His will to fight fate and fight for his love will be what defines him and that is exactly what I think Gul has planned. Asad needs to come back a man who does not judge things at face value. He needs to see beyond appearances and learn that "tehzeeb and tameez" mean nothing if you do not actually practice it. Zoya in her jeans and yes mini-skirts has more tehzeeb in her little finger than Tanveer has in her whole person. Asad needs to learn that and he will.

For Zoya, Ajmer will help her shed her puppy-love. Asad up until this point could do no wrong in her eyes because she transferred latent feelings of abandonment from her father on to him. She needs to see Asad as a man who has his faults but does indeed love her. Asad never did anything to garner such trust from Zoya...which was Zoya's immaturity. She now needs to love Asad as the complicated, imperfect man that he is.

Coming to ZoYaan - I highly doubt this is happening. I would still watch QH if it did but I don't think it is. Ayaan is a bit of an idiot wrapped up in his own world. When he had his outburst yesterday he was talking about himself and not Asad. There has been no character interaction of any substance between Ayaan and Zoya so until that happens ZoYaan is definitely not a go. Also, with Razia making her re-entry Ayaan will be forced to go through with this engagement and marriage. Razia will make sure of it. The biggest vamp on the show isn't going to lose...at least not yet.

Ajmer may not be about a nikaah but it is about two people who needto shed their preconceived notions and learn to forgive so that they can move on to a better, stronger and more trusting relationship.

Same here! I am totally enjoying this track--finally something different to watch..the story has actually started moving--loving this new track..it's sad but good for the show!

I agree..AsYa's love story has just begun on a a deeper level..love was always there but it's just a new dimension of their love..much needed!

We all wanted a redemption track..and you are right..Ajmer is the beginning of Asad's redemption track..well, it actually started after Tanu and Asad bed scene in my opinion. We all have questioned Asad's actions..And now we know that Gul was just building it up for a stronger redemption track!

Asad has called Zoya a misfit in the past..but today Asad called himself a misfit for a girl like Zoya..loving the storyline!

My heart tells me there is no Zoyaan--but with so much speculations about Zoyaan..I just decided to keep my mind open and think about "what if" scenarios!

Thanks for the feedback! Loved reading your views!

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honeyriaz IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 25 June 2013 at 8:05pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Venma

Asya only will say qubool hai...qubool hai..

To love...
To understand..
To fight..
To tease...
To trust..
To pain...
To MU..
To destiny...

In all ways qubool hai

Yes yes yes! Big smile It's AsYa and only AsYa, always and forever! Party
honeyriaz IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 25 June 2013 at 8:09pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by kundra

Nice prediction everyonebut guys when do you think the truth will come out infront of Dilshaad and what will be her reaction after all the things she said to him? Will aapi be ok with everything once the truth comes out?

Thank you so much! :)
I have a feeling that Dilshad will get clues about Tanu very soon-she will find that Tanu is pregnant--Asad is in too much pain, guilt, and shame that he can't even think clearly and on the top of that..Zoya has disappeared..so it's gotta be Dilshad..her reaction should be a slap, lol! We all want Billi slapped no matter what! Aapi should be fine--Aapi is fine as along as Zoya is happy!

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Posted: 25 June 2013 at 8:09pm | IP Logged
i just dont want a love triangles, i know cvs are not gonna keep the story all happy and bubbbly but they should show something different never happen in television before. surprise us ! we dont want our prediction to be tue all the time 
honeyriaz IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 26 June 2013 at 12:00am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Rupunzale

Great post dear and very plausible theories...I have always maintained that for the story to move on Asya's marriage is very essential ( personally i don't want to see it because I cannot support a relationship where a woman has been slapped or abused)...so I think sometime in the future it will happen...I don't know see the nikaah happening in Ajmer...my reasons...Zoya is shattered ...she believes that Asad gave into Billo's seduction...she feels betrayed and abandoned...until and unless Asad proves his innocence or Billo spills out the truth she is not going to give in...forget about forgiveness...anyone who immensely trusted a man the way way Zoya trusted Asad...she wouldn't even want to look at him...I would like to share an incident with you ...in the shelter where I work I once had a discussion with a client ...she was cheated by her boyfriend of 9 years...they lived together for 7 years and have 2 children...she mentioned that after she found out about his betrayal...more than anger for her partner she felt that she had lost her identity...she felt that nothing could be true in life anymore because all this time she believed that her relationship was the only true thing that she possessed...in words I am trying to say is that Zoya has lost her identity once again...when she came to India although she had her Appi and jiju she felt a void...but slowly...gradually and eventually she found it in the khan house...a mother in Dilshad...a sister in Najma...her Mr khan in Asad...the khan house as her home...now she has lost it...it's shattered. This woman's pain is unfathomable...no amount of redemption will ease the pain...honestly what she needs is Asad's assurance of his undeniable love and trust on her...not through tears or his guilt or his display of pain...it's quite simple he just has to simply open his heart out to her ...cut off all relationship with his Tanu and bestow her with unconditional love and trust...so, coming back to to whether there is a chance for a Ajmer marriage or not...I don't know how long does Gul wants to stretch it...or will be able to cover it...showing them separately dreaming as part of dance sequences is not going to get them married or push them towards reconciliation...for that Billo's truth needs to be out and importantly Asad has to know the truth.

Zoyaan track...it's trashy but hey Gul tried to promote date rape as seduction...ofcourse she can try manipulating the viewers...

Asad Billo track...hopefully this is where all our complaining to BBCA will work ...we have complained about the date rape and they will be looking into it...I am afraid it's bad news for Gul because rapists seriously cannot marry victims...maybe it would have worked if they didn't drug him with Rohypnol or something similar to that...

Thank you so much!
Zoya wouldn't even allow Asad to ask for forgiveness..he will probably just beg her to hear him once so he can ask for forgiveness but wouldn't even give him a change to speak..that's when the redemptions track will start for Asad.
AsYa are going through so much..they both are completely shattered..they both need to help each other overcome the after-effects of Tanu's deeds! Only Zoya can help Asad and only Asad can help Zoya! Zoya can help Asad get outta misery, his shame, guilt, sense of dishonor, loss of dignity and respect and what not--and only Asad can heal Zoya's wounds--she has abandonment issues-longing for belonging-loneliness-First her father left her and her mom, then her mother left her and she ended up in an orphanage, and then she heard about her father's death and now she was betrayed by the love of her life--AsYa work as medicine for each other--they have such a deep connection--they understand each other's pain--When Asad was slapped by his mom, Zoya was the one who got Asad outta his shell-and when Zoya found out about her father, Asad was her support system--they complete each other!
Billi's days are coming to the end--even until today she's been smirking and enjoying her "victory" that just means that he downfall is right around the corner!!!
Thanks for the feedback!
honeyriaz IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 26 June 2013 at 12:12am | IP Logged
Originally posted by _vineeta_

Nice post..

The amulet was meant to strengthen their trust and faith in their relationship, now she doesn't feel there is one so she left it. It must break him more tomorrow, I am personally happy she left that place. First that billi is still there and everyone sorry eyes will never let her forget her fate. She need to rethink..

Same goes for Asad, the disappointment in others eyes for him, will just make him more guilty. So he need to get out..

I would really want him to go after Zoya, he lost so many chances to ask for forgiveness before, this time she doesn't feel he deserve any, but that shouldn't make him give up. He did hurt her and he can only make her feel better as she can only make him free of guilt, by exposing Billi

I am sure too that Ajmer wont heal all the wounds but maybe realize the importance of trust. I would love the scene to be played out as you wrote for Ajmer..

As for Ayaan, frankly to attack HumAyaan track they added blooper, he should have said Asad was rushed rather forced to marry. Now that is party true, they do love each other but 10 days are not enough to resolve every difference but then sometimes even whole life is not enough so whateverConfused.. But I am glad they stretched the marriage ceremonies for this long, Ayaan must be blind alongwith other of his siblings, if he didn't feel love. It was evident everywhere in air around them even..

Can they kill the innocence of their love so easily with Billi crap all the way, why they involved Razia atlast? Doesn't that mean Razia is reigning queen of all that goes bad in QH and Tanveer has to move out after giving battalion back to her..

I cant take Tanveer anymore, they cant play rape after she came back safe at home. Cant pass a three month pregnancy to just conceived, too creepy and yuck.. So she has to go and story has to move for AsYa..

Thank you so much! :)
I loved that scene-he can sense her actions now..they have such a deeper connection..he looked at her iPad, cellphone, and purse but the moment he looked at the band thingy, he knew that she had left--it did tear break his heart in million pieces..Yes, Zoya is hurt--her heart is broken..but Asad is by going through the heartache any less than Zoya! Poor AsYa are going through so much pain..
You are right about the distance aspect--they both need to get away to start thinking clearly again especially Asad..they guy doesn't remember anything and now he's believing that he did commit adultery..he definitely needs to get away so he can analyze the situation..
Ajmer track wouldn't heal anything--healing is a process--they will reconcile in Ajmer and that's where the healing process will began but it will take some time for both of them to completely overcome and get over the effects of the damage that Tanu caused!
Nobody can take Tanu anymore--we all are sooo done with her-she is definitely on my last nerve..I am sure that she will be exposed super soon!
Thanks for the feedback!
honeyriaz IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 26 June 2013 at 12:13am | IP Logged
Originally posted by --Kriti--


Thank you so much dear! :)
honeyriaz IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 26 June 2013 at 12:29am | IP Logged
Originally posted by hsvs

Lovely positive post, as always! I have enjoyed reading your and niki's discussions.

Hmm, i do not want to predict anymore. But i must confess that I am enjoying all the drama and the angst that is a part of the show now.

Asad and Zoya needed this shock treatment at this stage. till now their relationship did not have any strong foundations. Asad needed to let go of his preconceived notions about appearances and there had to be a trust in their relationship. Yes, Zoya trusted Asad but that was also because she had transferred all her feelings that she had for her absent father onto Asad. She needed to see Asad for what he was - a man with flaws!

In a way I am glad this happened now, cos when the Ghafoor truth shall be out, their trust and faith in each other will be unshakeable!!

I dont believe Asad thinks he is guilty. yes he feels guilty for not turning up at the nikah and for hurting Zoya and his mother. But he is under too much shock to analyse whether he did it or not. If he believed he had slept with Tanveer, he wont have gone up to Dilshad to apologise. I think Gul has purposely left his feelings ambiguous at the moment. The red tabeez will get him to start thinking hopefully when he decides to go to Ajmer for some peace of mind.

Regarding Ayaan, gawd, what a self centred idiot he is. He certainly doesnt know his brothers feelings and was just talking about his own situation when he was supposedly defending Asad. Humeira has gotten to know about Ayaans true feelings and good, I am happy she did. The harsh way in which he told Humeira that he doesnt love her seems to me that Ayaan may be in her position (unrequited love). He may fall for Zoya who will never love him.

I am enjoying the way - despite the cheap cringeworthy SR scene on Thursday- and am looking forward to how Gul takes this forward - Zoyaan or not.

What I do not want tp see is Billi succeeding in any way in Ajmer... it defeats the purpose and existence of the place... In the end it is ironical, Tanveer has lost. She will never succeed in replacing Zoya. She was stupid that she lost sight of her first goal - marriage to Asad and instead made it an ego clash with Zoya. Her plan of seducing Asad on his nikah night has made her lose face in front of Dilshad. The contemptuous way in which Dilshad threw her dupatta means that Tanveer will never be able to play her bholi, bechari act again in front of Dilshad... While Zoya may have left and to that extent Tanveer was successful, Asad will NEVER pick anyone over Dilshad. So with this she has sabotaged her chances of becoming Mrs Asad Ahmed Khan effectively!

Lets see how this story moves!

Thank you so much dear!
Same here--TOTALLY enjoying the angst too! Finally something different to watch in AsYa's love story!
I agree, AsYa needed this-this separation track is just gonna make their love stronger and deeper-new level/dimension in their love story..This is gonna bring maturity in both of them as individuals and as a couple! So glad this is happening before their nikkah!
Ayaan definitely needs to grow up-seriously-this guy needs a lesson too..it's about time!
Okay, so here I go again..hopefully I can remember to write everything that I wrote earlier and not clear it this time, lol!
Whether AsYa get married in Ajmer or not will give us somewhat an idea of the future track..I have decided to keep my mind open about Zoyaan! If no AsYa marriage happens in Ajmer then I can totally see Gul going Zoyaan route--but just a crush from Ayaan..and possibly a jealous Asad..but I am still gonna believe that AsYa will get married in Ajmer but my heart is ready to accept Zoyaan track too (again, only crush/infatuation).
Dilshad is done with Tanu..I have a feeling that Dilshad will figure out Tanu's real intentions soon..she will be the one to find out that Tanu is pregnant--Tanu's end is surely right around the corner!!
Thanks for your sharing your views! :)

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